After the movie, Hank pulled Roosje to her feet. His hands went around her waist, bringing invading each other’s personal space. Roosje held her breath, expecting Hank to kiss her immediately. She was looking forward to it too, since he seemed to be so good at it. 

Hank: The way you ate that expensive popcorn made me want to kiss you even more. 

Roosje: Then kiss me. 

He did. 

Dear Future Boing

Look at me the way Riley looks at Lucas.
Look at me the way Lucas looks at her back.
Look at me the way Josh looks at Maya when she isn’t looking.
Look at me the way Josh looks at Maya when she is looking.
Look at me the way Maya looks at Josh.
Let’s drag each other out of the room like Riley and Farkle
Let’s have important talks like all of the pairings.
Let’s be smart together like Smackle and Farkle.
Let’s monkey around like Maya and Josh.
Let’s be forever like Corpanga
Let’s know we’ll never be Corpanga
Respect my friendship with who I choose to have as the thunder to my lightning.
Let’s be in it for the long game.

If you aren’t in it for the long game, it won’t work, but if you really are my future boing, you’ll be in it for the long game, and you’ll do all of the above.

I don’t count this as high standards. I count this as knowing my values, and knowing I don’t want to be treated any less than what I deserve.

If you can do all of that, then I am honored to call you my Boing.

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hansol 62

62. First time seeing each other naked 

This is like… somewhere between fluff and very mild crack, I hope you enjoy!

Admittedly, you had fairly often entertained yourself with the idea of how Hansol looked underneath all of his clothes, but you had never expected to find out the way you did. Somehow you had expected it to be when you were about to have sex for the first time or something, all shy and awkward but affectionate all the same.

What you hadn’t even considered a possibility, for one reason or another, was accidentally entering the shower while he was still in.

You had entered the bathroom while still more or less half-asleep, and blamed the humidness on that Hansol had probably had a shower a bit before you. After undressing and taking a quick look at the mirror, you had absentmindedly walked to the shower area, opened the curtain and stepped in, only to bump into Hansol’s back.

“Y/N?” he asked almost panickedly, both hands massaging shampoo into his hair as he turned around and looked at you with wide eyes, his mouth wide open. Suddenly you felt more awake than ever, your eyes moving up and down on him while you slowly processed the situation you hadn’t expected to be in for another few weeks at least, since your relationship with Hansol had only become romantic in nature a bit over a month or so earlier.

It took you a moment to process that Hansol was naked and his eyes were scanning you curiously even through the shock he was in, and you were naked and eyeing him up with just as much interest.

And you had bumped into him. Naked.

Shaking your head to get your mind at least somewhat clear, you covered your eyes with your hands. “God, I’m so sorry! Why isn’t the shower on? I thought you were in the kitchen or something!”

With his cheeks flushed, Hansol slowly tore his eyes off your figure. “Gotta save water, you know.”

You worried your lower lip between your teeth and slowly lowered your hands from your eyes. Hansol chuckled before turning the faucet on, a playful grin spreading to his lips.

“You covered your eyes but didn’t even think about covering your body?”

Blood rushed to your cheeks and you gasped at his words while he started rinsing his hair, the foamed shampoo coming off the rather short locks fairly fast.

By instinct, you brought your arms up to your chest, but realized almost right away that it was useless; he had seen everything. Moving your eyes a bit down on your body, you made a face. He had seen everything.

However, you soon moved your gaze back to Hansol and smiled a little - it went both ways, and there was barely anything you hadn’t seen of his body now. All the little beauty marks, scars and bruises, some of which he had told you about because there was a funny story related to them and some of which he hadn’t, were all for you to see, much like his shoulder muscles and slightly defined abs and everything else. You did your best not to think about what you had seen between his legs - you’d definitely appreciate that part of him a bit later, in more ways than one.

Turning the faucet off, Hansol turned around and did his best to keep his eyes locked on yours and not let his gaze - or his imagination - travel any lower. “So, are you showering or are you gonna keep staring at me until I’m done?”

You blinked a couple of times, brought back to reality by his question, and nodded fast. Damn, he had caught you. While Hansol snickered and grabbed his soap, you reached for the shampoo you kept at his place and squeezed some into your hand. He laughed a bit harder when you were starting to raise your hand.

“Shouldn’t you get your hair wet before that?”

Groaning internally (and quietly externally, too), you held your hand out and turned she shower on once you were under it, your out-stretched hand brushing by Hansol’s chest. He swallowed and moved back, clenching his teeth as his eyes took in the sight of you once again, this time with water running down each small curve of your body, all of which he was absolutely mesmerized with.

“You’re gorgeous,” he blurted suddenly, and winced once he realized he had spoken out loud. You turned the shower off and, while finally applying the shampoo to your hair, gave Hansol a small smile with your heart fluttering in your chest.

“Thanks. You are, too,” you said, a bit quieter than usual, but your lips soon spread into a grin; you had finally become more relaxed, “if you couldn’t already tell from how long I stared at you.”

He grinned wide enough to show all his teeth. “I kinda could, yeah.”

You enjoyed the rest of the shower together with lots of giggling and much less awkwardness than in the beginning, so at least it was partially like what you had expected; a bit shy and awkward, but still pleasant and affectionate. 

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Z got so much sexual control on P lmao. I wonder if Z ever feels Paulie hard on when they cuddle (pretzel) 😂

I mean look at the way Paulie gazes at her. Zakiyah has him weak in the knees and he just wants to pounce.

And he admitted that he goes to bed with night time wood and tried his damn best to resist lmao. I wouldn’t be too shocked if she’s aware of his “situation” during cuddle time. Both seem to love teasing each other, but it seems Zakiyah’s winning the battle (so far) when it comes to self-restraint.

Don’t be surprised if wet dream #3 happens soon 😏

She was like this walking dead person. She felt dead inside. And along comes Stefan - who you know literally is dead - and looking for a way to come back to life. And these two people, these two souls that were really, you know, out of breath found each other and learned to breathe again. And they fell madly in love. And from that, this epic love story was born.

Kevin Williamson talking about The Vampire Diaries (Stelena) in 2016.


The Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

Word Count: 1 210

Genre: flufffffff, tiny angst worm but it’s not even angst and it’s like 1 second

Warnings: idek, none I think; maybe slight existential crisis? Nothing specific or too in-depth though.


Dan and Phil didn’t have to say the three magic words to express their love. Most times, the inside jokes, smiles and actions were enough to speak for themselves.

Or: a quick look into their different ways of saying ‘I love you.’

A/N WOOO STICKING TO THE STATUS QUO - 1 every 2 weeks (it’d be more if I got some prompts *waggles eyebrows*)

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Rated - fluff and slight angst

Artist - IRON

Word Count - 1836

Hunchul and Y/N.

Y/N and Hunchul.

That’s the way it had been since high school when the two of you had just met. At first the two of you didn’t click. You were seatmates but rarely even looked at each other. It all started the day that you were sent to his home by the teacher to deliver him the homework because he had missed school for a week. You then found out that he had become a trainee rapper at an entertainment company called Big Hit and that’s why he had to miss school quite a lot.

After that, you would visit him more often, bringing him his homework and helping him stay caught up with the lectures.

When high school was done, you continued your secondary education by going to a university and by then, Hunchul was out of Big Hit but still in the road of pursuing his dream of music. Unlike what other people expected, the two of you still stayed close, supporting and cheering for each other on your ways to success. You were there when he first decided to audition for the rap competition, Show Me The Money. Always attending the live shows to cheer for him. Through happiness and sadness, you were the first arms he ran into after the SMTM final results were out.

It was Hunchul and Y/N against the world.

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Title: 29 Years
Author(s): patchfire & raving_liberal
Artist: FreakingPotter
Pairing(s): Finn Hudson/Noah Puckerman, Finn Hudson/Rachel Berry, Noah Puckerman/Original Character(s)
Rating: E (Explicit)
Genre(s): Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Domestic
Warning(s): Violence, some homophobic language and internalized homophobia
Wordcount: 41,767
Summary: Nearly eleven years after believing they had parted ways for good, in the most hurtful and painful way possible, Finn and Puck lay eyes on one another again in an elementary school classroom in Santa Monica. Their daughters, Pips and Moxxie, instantly become best friends, forcing Finn and Puck to finally look at the ways they’ve hurt each other and the ways they can heal. Precocious Parent Trap–style matchmaking is just icing on the cake.

29 Years by patchfire & raving_liberal 
Digital Art by FreakingPotter

zeke-the-wolf  asked:

Hey Chai I was wondering if you know ways where I can kinda help cope with being away from my boyfriend. I finally got to meet him. He doesn't live too far but just far enough to not see him regularly. And I'm having issues coping. Can you help?

I can feel this for real since Amber has just returned home after us being together for three months, heh. I think what really helps me, at least, is to remember what an amazing experience being together is and to look forward to the next time that it’s going to happen. Getting to meet each other is a huge step of progression for an ldr, and your meetups will only get longer and more frequent as you guys continue to develop a relationship together.

I’d also include to just talk to your partner! Even though it’s not the same as physically being together, spending time with them does help comfort the ache. It’s natural to have issues coping, especially after the first meetup - I cried like nuts after Amber went home the first time she’d come to see me, and it took me a few days of laying in bed and not doing a whole lot before I got back on my feet. But spend time with your partner, talking or gaming or chilling or whatever your go-to thing is. Doing those lil things together give you fuel, they keep you going. 

As you meet more, it gets easier, trust me. You’ll find that the bitterness of parting turns to a confidence that says you’ll meet again. And look forward to the future where you’ll get to see their face again all the time, without them having to go.

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One thing that I really like (even as a Lucaya shipper) is Joshaya in this episode. They look comfortable with each other (in a way that Rucas never is). If Lucas don't wake up at time... I think that Josh could be a really big obstacle (more than Riley).

Ohhhj Josh is goanna be a big obstacle, hes not going to let lucaya go easily like i said lucas is goanna suffer hes an absolute idiot hes a bout to have his straw ripped out from him, his hands ripped and his body in flames

Oops poor guy oh welll onto the next thing

January 26 2014

is when two identical parts work in the same fashion, same environment, as one.
When two poets write about one another do we become mirrored beauty reflecting off of one another?
Or are we two giant lies trying to fit together when we both know that poets do not work together?
We do not hold hands because we know the secrets of metaphors and the skeletons in personification.
We do not fall in love with one another because we know the tricks of the trade,
how we bend over backwards for similes that rhyme with the way we use words like “heart” and “ribs” to mean something more than just body parts.
We know that dusk is symbolism for great endings that we can never get back and
we know we will never use dawn to describe each other because poets do not have beginnings,
only slamming doors and speechless lovers trying to use their hands to talk.

We can live on the same floor of the same duplex apartment,
with doors looking across from each other
and say, “hello, sunshine” on the way out for groceries
and act like we don’t see the cramped fingers and bags under our eyes,
begging for poetry to embed into our skin.
We can have a smoke outside together and talk about the darkness of the daylight,
but we can never become a duplexity,
a unit of “i love you”
or anything more than a source of inspiration.

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I think the part of that video that always hurts me the most is not Harry breaking away from the group hug to hug Simon first, but the look on Louis' face before Louis hugs Simon… You can tell he really really wanted to love him, respect him, be like him, and then totally had his world turned upside down by him. Compare that to how he was looking at him on America's got talent and you can see how much has changed.

Fuck, I know. It fucks me up so bad because they had no idea what they were getting into. I’m sure that if you write down the good and the bad things that happened since that TXF house hug, the good side will win, but they weren’t prepared AT ALL to face the ugly ones.

It just makes me happy that they have each other the whole way. That even when he is being fucked over, Liam takes his time to take care of Louis, Niall, Harry and even Zayn when he was around. That Niall loved all of his boys unconditionally from the start. That Louis held them together, that he was there to support each of them and make things comfortable for everyone specially when it wasn’t easy for him. That Harry, even after being forced away from his bandmates to legitimate an ugly “solo Harry” narrative against his wishes, fought for his band and his boys. He showed continuosly and in every way he could how much he loves them.

They looked up to someone, they were grateful and the second after those hugs ended, Simon stabbed each of them in the back, but joke’s on him because those five kids are stronger together than anyone could have possibly imagined watching that hug happen in real time.


Or, five times Belle and Rumplestiltskin saved each other.

This is a gift for the lovely @kamdensl! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, and I hope you enjoy this story. The prompt was “we saved each other”. This is posted in a multi-chapter format on Archive of Our Own, but in one post on tumblr under the cut.

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Race Against Time

After he heard the killer’s last words, Will ran out of his dorm room in a panic. “We met here to get to know each other..” He muttered, his voice a bit higher than normal, and his breathing uneven. “The library!” He almost shouted, running as fast as he could towards the library. As he made his way through the dark and deserted campus, his eyes darted from side to side, keeping an eye out for Ghostface. He gripped his phone tightly, his heart pounding against his chest. “Hold on, Issac, I’m almost there.” He whispered softly. As he finally reached the library, he quietly opened the door, looking around carefully.