Let’s get serious…

Why are people shitting on the writers when Glenn’s death happened in the comics? Why is everyone playing the race game when STEVEN himself said he wanted Glenn and no one else but Glenn to have this iconic moment?

Why are people blaming Daryl for something that was already written YEARS earlier? Why are people saying it’s out of character for Daryl to react the way he did when he loves his family so much he’d do ANYTHING to defend them as anyone would in his place? Especially in a dark moment like that… No one in his place would be able to think straight when you’re seeing your loved ones being fucked with like that.

The one thing I am a bit upset about is them killing Abe to throw a little more suspense into that comic book scene. I get that they wanted to surprise the viewers and I get that Abe had to die eventually (because he does in the comics) but I just wish it was a little more his own? But I am happy he went out like the boss he is.

Both Michael and Steven gave BEAUTIFUL performance’s and I couldn’t be more proud of those two. Same with Jeffrey and Andy… Who were beyond flawless as well! I AM SO READY FOR THE REST OF SEASON 7… EZEKIEL AND SHIVA… I NEED THEM IN MY TV LIFE NOW!!!

i understand why daryl did what he did, i understand the reasons behind his actions, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. i understand negans actions, but that doesn’t mean i’m not angry that he brutally murdered a character i love.

it’s not okay that he reacted that way at the worst possible moment. it’s not okay that everyone else managed to stay put, even the youngest of the group, and yet he couldn’t. it’s not okay that a poc character died because of the actions of a white fave. that’s not okay. that’s all people are saying.

you can understand a characters actions and still be angry. people have the right to be angry. no one is saying glenn’s death was entirely his fault. negan was holding the bat, negan killed him. but daryl was the catalyst for it.

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I do understand the outrage and pain. I wish I could help to heal those hurt by the octotroll. But, I don't think it's reasonable to expect Sam & others to disengage or apologize. All they can do is minimize damage by keeping interaction superficial, spreading it out amongst the cast, and enjoying a sarcastic dig here and there. Otherwise, they're inviting full on narcissistic rage over years. It's so not fair, but the only way to handle this personality disorder is avoiding perceived insult.

honestly, I said this earlier, I don’t understand why people are so afraid of Shatner. It actually really angers me when people say the cast needs to placate him. No, they don’t. He’s the fucking Donald Trump of Hollywood. The more you let him yell, the more people will realize he’s a loose canon. So let him yell and scream all he wants, maybe someone will finally take his computer privileges away. I’m tired of people excusing the banter as placating. It’s not. What Sam was doing yesterday was straight up banter like it was earlier this year. 

I think it’s entirely reasonable to expect Sam to disengage. If you don’t agree, fine. But Sam brought him into this fandom, Sam needs to be the one to push him out. And quite frankly, I think Sam knows very well the hurt Shatner has caused and the fact that he has seemingly done nothing to stop it but instead continues to talk to him? That’s not ok and I don’t understand how anyone can excuse this behavior anymore. Enough is enough

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Do you think chapter 686 was a joke by Kubo or no? I have no idea because the cover for the newest volume has ichiruki on it and I do not know if that implies something or if kubo is just trolling.

Dear anon, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, 686 was a deliberate and systematic, brutally efficient dismantling of everything Bleach stood for, ever. A joke, I suppose, if you look at it that way, but a joke in awful taste. I speculated several options for why Kubo decided to do this, including a ‘fuck you’ to wsj for cutting his story off to ‘maybe he literally doesn’t care about bleach anymore and wanted to go out with the biggest shitstorm in history’.

The cover confirms NEITHER options, but I personally have always leaned more towards (and the cover tips me over a fair bit too) the first option. I don’t think Kubo was SO MALICIOUS that he literally just wanted to see EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE burn. I think he had it out very specifically to TRASH HIS STORY bc the one he ACTUALLY WANTED TO TELL was cut off, and he didn’t want to half-ass his actual story. It’s just unfortunate that a certain ship (IR) was tied in SO INTEGRALLY to his story that to trash the story meant trashing the ship, too.

Basically, I think kubo gave wsj 686 because he wanted to preserve the integrity of his ACTUAL untold story. Rather sacrificing it to an unsatisfactory ending in 5 chapters, he decided to completely fuck it over instead in no uncertain terms. And then I think that everything ELSE kubo is going to give us – cover, poem, whatever extra pages the volume will have—will do its darndest to point out the fact that kubo DELIBERATELY trashed the story, that this was NOT HIS ORIGINAL INTENTION. After all, there’d be NO POINT in deliberately trashing the story if NOBODY UNDERSTOOD HIS INTENTIONS. If they all saw the trashy ending and thought ‘oh he was just a hack writer after all’, if they thought that was the intended ending all along when it WASN’T, that would completely miss the point he was trying to make. No, he needs everyone to understand that THIS WASN’T HIS ORIGINAL INTENTION AT ALL, and hence the massive discrepancy between chapter 686 and the cover.

(I mean, this still doesn’t excuse him for deciding on this route, stabbing ur fandom in the back like that is still shitty, you could be a mature adult about it and maybe like EXPLAIN ur getting cut off and like put out a databook or smth but, whatever)

And, of course, I could be wrong and Kubo just likes stirring up shit bc it’s something to amuse himself with in his retirement. Who knows with this man tbh I refuse to come to any definitive conclusions until the volume 74 is out, translated, and this shitstorm is done lmao

Don’t Yell (Luke Hemmings)


“Luke,” you whined out in a nasally voice. “I need more water please,” you sniffled, grabbing his arm and tugging slightly.

Without saying anything, Luke sighed and pushed his laptop off of his lap and got off the couch. He came over and grabbed your glass before making his way into the kitchen. You snuggled back into your blankets and closed your eyes until you could hear him coming back.

“Here,” he said blankly, setting the water on the table for you.

“Thanks,” you sniffled again, sitting yourself up and moving yourself closer to him.

He was already back on his laptop, his eyes glued to whatever he was working on. You slipped your arm through his and cuddled up into his side.

“Don’t,” Luke muttered and tugged his arm away from you.

You frowned at him and recoiled your arm away from him as well. “Why?” you asked and sniffled again.

“I don’t need to get sick and it’s hard to work with you clinging on me,” he said impatiently. “So just move back over to your side and leave me alone.”

For a minute you sat quiet and stunned. “Okay… fine…” you muttered. “You don’t have to be rude about it.”

“I’m not being rude,” he grumbled.

“Yes you are,” you managed out before blowing your nose into a tissue.

“Don’t start with me, seriously (Y/N),” Luke pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I’m not starting anything, I’m not the one being rude,” you muttered and gathered up all of your blankets. “I’m going to the bedroom so I won’t bother you anymore.”


You started to head upstairs to your bedroom, hearing the tapping of his keyboard. Falling into the bed, your stomach started to growl and it was not one of those ‘I’m hungry’ growls. You pushed yourself up off of the bed quickly and barely made it into the bathroom.

You felt disgusting as you lurched over the toilet, your stomach clenching as it fought to get rid of anything it could, despite it being practically empty.

You didn’t realize Luke was in the room until you felt his hand on your upper back. Pulling your head back slightly, unsure if you were done yet, you looked over at him.

“W-What happened to not wanting to get sick..?”

Luke shook his head slightly as he rubbed your back gently. Before he could talk again, you groaned and hunched back over the toilet, your body jerking forwards slightly as another round came on.

“I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have been so rude…” he murmured out softly, pushing some of your damp hair from your cheek.

Your hands shook as you let go of the sides of the bowl. Your eyes felt so heavy, but your stomach had some relief. Overall, you just felt weak and tired. Luke stood up quickly  and wet a face cloth, bringing it back to the back of your neck. He knelt back down next to you so you could take your time getting up.

Getting back onto your feet, you flushed the toilet and turned the faucet on to wash your hands and brush your teeth. Luke sighed softly and grabbed one of the cups you had in your bathroom, filling it with water and handing it over to you before going into the medicine cabinet.

“I don’t want any medicine,” you croaked, shaking your head quickly.

“But babe…”

“It’s hasn’t been helping,” you shook your head, grabbing another tissue.

“Okay,” he nodded and shut the cupboards again.

“Sorry for being clingy…” you sniffled, wiping your nose.

“No… No, don’t, it’s not your fault at all okay?” he spoke softly, sliding his arm around your waist. “I shouldn’t have said anything, I know you’re sick, I should’ve been taking care of you,” he frowned.

You leaned into him and closed your eyes, sipping on some of the water before setting the glass down and curling your hands against your chest before turning into him.

He put both arms around your body and dragged his hand over your upper back.

“Did you wanna go see if you can sleep?” he asked softy.

“Yeah,” you nodded, making sure to grab a couple more tissues before the two of you headed back into the bedroom, both of you lying down and hoping sleep would wash over you soon. “You don’t have to lie with me.”

“I want to,” he responded quickly, pulling the blankets over the both of you.

“Okay,” you nodded again, cuddling yourself into his side and resting your head on his shoulder.

“Do you want the steamer?” he asked quickly.

“No…” you shook your head. “Don’t move.”

“Alright,” he smiled to himself, kissing your farm forehead and keeping your hair away from your face the best that he could. “Just let me know if you need anything at all.”

“Mhm…” you murmured, your eyes closing as you tried to get some much needed sleep.

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Imagine you're dating Harry and every time he tells you something like "make sure you bring a coat" or "you shouldn't do that" things like that you're just like "okay dad" in a really sarcastic way and it just drives him crazy. And he's just like "how many times I've got to tell you not to call me dad?" " you don't like when I call you dad?" "No not really love" "Oh I see. What about daddy hmm? Do you like it when I call you daddy?"

“Shut up.”


And he just slides his hand over the back of your neck and gives a little squeeze. “Cause daddy said so.”


2016 Ghana chocolate CM with Yuzuru.  
This video combines the CM, the making-of, and the interview after the shoot.

During the CM-making, after he tried doing the OK sign, he said “I’m embarrassed.” (@4:14).
I think that’s why he was laughing so much when the director asked him to do the OK sign, first with one hand, then with two hands. :D

@4.30: “I really like Ghana a lot.” Takes a bite of choc. “Delicious!” (he said “oishii” in a very cute way because of the chocolate in his mouth)^^

@5:11 Parts of his SP ‘Let’s Go Crazy’


Q: During the shoot, you were told by the director many times, “With an expression of enjoyment”, which is different from the 'performance of emotions’ for competitions, how was it for you?

Y: Mm.. yes it was difficult. But for competitions, depending on the music and the programme, there are fun programmes, and also some that have sad expressions or strong expressions. You need to do different expressions to suit different programmes, so in that way, it is very much like figure skating.

Q: Your most enjoyable moments on ice?

Y:   Times that I enjoy it….. It is what made me start skating, the difficulty of jumps, what you can’t taste in normal life, things that are unthinkable on land, like doing jumps and the feeling of speed, the joy when you achieve things like that, these are the moments that invigorate me the most.

Q: During the shoot, we saw you giving suggestions many times to the director. How is it normally?

Y: In figure skating, the feeling is very important. 'Can I do this movement’ or 'can I do that movement’, which kind of movement can be seen as beautiful, I was thinking about these things as I did the filming.

Q: What would you like the audience to feel through your skating?

Y: Well, there are fun programmes, and there are also those with sadness or joy. Figure skating is something that has all the emotions, so I hope I can convey some of my feelings, even if it’s just a bit. But for example, even with a fun programme or fun music or sad music, each person will feel it a bit differently. So I can’t say that I want you to feel this way. But even though I am the one skating, the feelings of the person who created this music, the feelings of the teacher who created this programme, they are all in there, so from within this, I do hope the audience can feel some of it, even if it’s just a little.

Q:  What about the awareness of skating “smoothly and gracefully” while performing?

Y: Especially when I feel that I matched the music, the way I use my edges, the way I use my knees, the way I use my arms/hands, although there are still many rough parts, I am paying attention to these areas. About skating smoothly, I feel strongly about a sense of continuity (of movements).  If I do it one by one, it will not look smooth at all, so everything is connected and I pay a lot of attention to this while skating.

Q: In the CM, there is the phrase 'tokimeki’ (t/n. heart beating/heart pounding). What are your heart-pounding moments on ice?

Y: During Sochi Olympics, at the competition venue, I had the chance to practise together with Plushenko-san whom I have always looked up to. That was the most heart-pounding moment of my skating life.
(**haha…. he is such a fanboy ^^.  And never too proud to pay tribute to the skater he has looked up to since he was a kid.   Now, many junior skaters must be feeling the same when they skate with him!)

-translated by me.  Alternative video with Chinese subs: here.

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lol wtf Sasuke is the biggest Gary Stu ever, and you call Hinata Mary Sue? Hinata actually has lots of flaws, not being strong enough for successor for one. Sasuke is perfect in every single way. All boys want to be him, all girls want him, many characters note how pretty he is, he is labelled as a genius and he is infallible in every single way. You're just biased because you like the character.

I really fail to understand why an antagonist who’s portrayed as wrong all the time and who’s arrogant and reckless can be considered “gary stu”?

I think you got the wrong blog. I don’t remember I called Hinata Mary Sue. I said she’s a selfish bitch all the time. Which part of that assessment imply “mary sue”? and I strongly disagree with blogs who call her “too perfect”. She doesn’t even has positive qualities, how is she remotely close to perfect??

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Damn Im not even in your fandom and i think you should shut up. If he died that way in the comics shouldnt he die the same way on the show? Dont most of you bitch about how things arent accurately portrayed anyways?

lmao some of you are like…so goofy!!!

like you said you’re not even in the fandom so don’t worry about it and stay out of my inbox lol!!!

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Hello fried! ty for all your hard works writing!! Could I get #20 with Genji, please?

Requests are open for Halloween prompts!
#20: Person A gets genuinely afraid– to the point of a panic attack– and Person B takes them away and calms them
Thought maybe something a little different this time? I’ve done something really similar where reader has a panic attack and Genji consoles them so like… why not do the other way around?
Also this ended up not being Halloween-y but I got carried way lmao

He’s not entirely sure when everything got to be to much– maybe it’s from the looks that have been thrown at the two of you all night, or maybe it was when you leave his side for just a minute. It might be when a server scowled at the two of you and said they don’t serve Omnics here.

Most likely it’s when he overhears the group of people just a few tables away, talking about the two of you in low voices. All he picks up are bits and pieces, but it’s enough. 


Not right. 


He tries to convince himself he didn’t hear a death threat thrown in just for good measure.

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Here’s the thing: you can argue that Sherlock said girlfriends aren’t his area because he’s never had one. You can argue that Sherlock knew gay underwear trends for the case value. You can try to argue every single TJLC point into the group and make a case for why none of them mean something gay.

But even if you argue every single point, you still can’t argue with the fact that there are so many points!!!!!!! That in and of itself proves TJLC. They’ve specifically said they don’t do cheap gay jokes. So even if every point TJLCers make can be seen some other way, the fact that there’s SO FUCKIN MANY POINTS cannot be seen any other way. It’s a fuckin gay show.

know you so well

read it on the AO3 at

by rydian

“Why did they tell you to come to me?”

“They said they thought you could help me,” she says, “the guy said you were friends with Magnus Bane, and that he helped you, and that he thought you would be the perfect person to help me.”

“Okay,” he says – he still doesn’t fully understand why, but he knows that he has to help in some way – she reminds him of something, deep inside and buried. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“I don’t think I’m a girl, or anything,” she says. “I just feel kinda… like, I don’t know, like I’m nothing.”

(In which Raphael is gay, trans, and in love with Simon. Together, they’re the go-to people for every downworlder kid that thinks they might be LGBT. It’s beautiful.)

Words: 1470, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 15 of little bits of stardust

read it on the AO3 at
What now? - Chapter 1

Cameron Dallas fanfic - Sequel to I’m not that kind of girl

Word count: 1′653

A/N: I recommend you to read I’m not that kind of girl before reading the sequel if you haven’t yet. It won’t make sense if you don’t know how the story evolved up until this point. Hope you enjoy it :)

two years later


You were walking down the streets of New York. Yes, New York. After you came back from your somewhat european trip you decided to study photography and film, with the focus on photography. You just started your third semester. You were on your way home when you got a call.

„Hello.“ You smiled answering the call. „Hi babe. When are you coming back to Cali again?“ You could tell he was pouting from the way he said it. „Probs never. Why?“ You joked. „You’re such a bitch sometimes, you know that?“ He laughed as did you. „So tell me, why are you asking?“ You reached for the keys in your bag. „ I miss you.“ He simply said. And there it was, silence. „Isn’t that enough of a reason for you?“ He filled the silence. You opened the door to your apartment. 

„I was just there and I’ll be back for thanksgiving and the entire winter break.“ You put your bag down looking around your apartment. Observing the photos hanging on your walls. „I just can’t get enough of you than.“ You lightly smiled as you sat down on your couch. „Be patient boy. Don’t be needy.“ You giggled as he groaned. 

„Y/N. This distance is really killing me.“ He groaned. „Luke. I don’t care. Either way I can’t change anything about it. You’ve been up my ass about it since I started this semester. You knew I won’t be home. Boy it was summer break!“ You were annoyed. He was always talking about how he missed you, it wasn’t like you didn’t miss him. It just annoyed the fuck out of you. He groaned again. „It’s not my fault for falling for you girl.“ You sighed. „I’m sorry but you know it’s hard for me too.“

The silence. Again. There was a lot of silence between the both of you. It never bothered you it was just so… present. „If I was in New York right now. The things I’d do to you.“ You heard him say. „You better be thinking of giving me a nice back massage. I’d need that.“ You chuckled. „Don’t worry. That and way more things that will relax you.“ You could imagine the smirk on his face. „Maybe you’d even be sore the next day of how relaxing it was.“ You bursted out in laughter. „Too far.“ You brought out. „Alright alright. I gotta go though. Got things to do for class. Love you babe.“ He quickly said. „Bye Luke.“ You simply answered as he hung up.

You went into your kitchen, opened the fridge and got out the chinese take out you didn’t finish yesterday. While eating you checked your mails and went on photoshop to edit some photos for your new project. 

After a while you checked your phone and checked social media. On Instagram one specific photo caught your attention. Sam posted a major throwback. It was a group picture from graduation. All of you in your gowns and the thing that caught your eye was Cameron holding on to you. Holding you tight into his chest. „Fuck you Sam.“ You mumbled to yourself. You had to talk to her.

After a few rings she picked up. „Sup my lil’ professional photographer.“ You laughed. „Hi. How are you?“ You strolled through your kitchen. „Good good, What about you? How was the start of this semester?“  She sounded tired. „I’m fine. It’s good, same people as last semester. You sound so off, you alright?“ Your concern grew. You knew she had an argument not long ago with Ethan. Did something happen? „Yeah I’m fine really, just tired. I had early classes today.“ You nodded your head aware that she couldn’t see you. 

„So… That picture you posted…“ You trailed off. „Really? Are you fucking kidding me?!“ She suddenly was wide awake and didn’t sound tired at all anymore. „Come on. You know me!“ You defended yourself. „Y/N. Get over yourself that was nearly 2 and a half years ago. You have a boyfriend and don’t forget how you left for Europe.“ She went on a rant. „Okay yeah true. BUT I can’t help and think about what could have been. I mean look at him now he blew up like a fucking rocket ship.“ You sighed. „So? Where’s your point?“ She asked. „I don’t know. I should just stop thinking about him.“ You leaned against the kitchen counter with your notebook in front of you. Checking a new mail you got from one of your professors. 

„Good idea. YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND STOP THINKING ABOUT YOUR EX.“ She started to shout. „Okay chill. How would you live if your ex was getting big on social media and everything you see is him doing this and that and getting all these great opportunities and than there are these OG fans who even know me and than they tag me in shit and it’s not easy okay?!“ You let out a loud sigh as you tried to calm yourself. 

„I get it but think about Luke.“ She was right. I have to get over myself. „Okay. I could just shut social media out of my life for a while, right?“ „Goooood girl! Now I gotta go. Ethan is gonna pick me up in a few.“ You smiled. They are cute. „Okay. Thank you and have fun! Love you.“ You said. „Bye. Love you too.“ She replied before ending the call. 

You opened the mail from your professor.

Dear students

I am glad to inform you that you will have the opportunity to go to an early screening from an independent movie. Also you are invited to go to the pre-event where you’ll be able to ask questions and see snippets of the movie.
More detailed informations will follow shortly.
As attachment you can find questions which you should be able to answer. Take notes and bring them to class!
Have a nice evening.

Kind regards
John Hidigen

„Sweet.“ You said shutting the notebook and going to bed.

Cameron’s POV

„Yeah mom.“ You said wondering around your apartment. „But will you come home before your premiere in LA?“ Your mom asked. „Sure. I should pack though. I have an early flight tomorrow.“ You smiled to yourself. My second movie. Woah. „Alright. Have fun in New York! I love you.“ She said. „Will do. Love you more.“ You said and before she could reply you hung up. 

You checked your Instagram before packing. Than you saw it. Sam posted a picture back from graduation. And there she was. You were holding her tight.


„Okay lets take a picture guys!“ Amber shouted giving her phone to her mom. „You look pretty good.“ You whispered in her ear pulling her closer into your chest. „Cam…“ She giggled. „I love you.“ You whispered in her ear before turning your head smiling at the camera. „I love you too.“ She blushed as she said it. You couldn’t get enough of her saying it. She turned around wrapping her arms around your neck pulling you closer. „You’re probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.“ You whispered before smashing your lips onto hers.

Flashback over

You threw your phone on the bed. Ignoring your thoughts and emotions, starting to pack everything you needed for New York. I can’t bother with this. It was such a long time ago. She hates me anyway.

two days later


You got up and got ready for class. Come on today’s Friday, you thought. You sighed. You took your bags and left your apartment. You decided to walk. It isn’t that far, you thought. 

You walked around the corner as you saw a group of girls standing in front of an hotel entrance. They were pretty calm. You were actually just about to pass them when they started screaming. „Oh my god.“ Your tired self mumbled. You held your head trying to get past the rest of the girls who where pushing towards the scream trigger. 

You didn’t even bother to see who it was but than you heard his name. 

„Cameron!“ One of the girls screamed at the top of her lungs bringing your body to halt. You were frozen. You couldn’t bring yourself to even glance back for one second. You suddenly started to sprint down the street until you were around the next block. 

Totally out of breath you leaned against the building slowly sliding down to the cold concrete. Your arms leaning against your knees. Your hands holding your face as you took deep breaths calming yourself.

The adrenalin has worn off and you got yourself to stand up again. Slowly you made your way towards your destination. Deep in thoughts. You pulled your phone out looking for her number.

„Hello?“ Sam answered with a raspy voice. „Sam I…“ You stuttered. „Do you know it’s like 5 am in LA…“ Sam was pissed. „Cameron.“ You managed to say. „What’s with him?“ She now sounded confused. „He’s here. In New York. I walked past his hotel when he walked out. And these girls they were screaming and…“ You started to just go through everything you just experienced. 

„Wait. What? You met him? Did he say anything?“ She was now for sure wide awake. „No. I was already past the group of girls when they started screaming and calling his name out. Than I fucking ran bitch.“ You were nearly in your class. „Really? Did he see you?“ She asked. „I don’t know?“ You mumbled sitting down in a seat near the back of the room. 

„What now?“ She asked again. Only questions. But what did I expect? „I don’t know? I guess I won’t go that way anymore… at least for a while. But hey I gotta go. Sorry for waking you. Love you.“ You whispered as the class started. „Fuck you. I hate you.“ She said and hung up.

What now?

A/N: There it is. The first chapter… It took me way too long. Sorry. Thank you for being patient! Important: Please tell me what you thought of it! I love you guys so much! Have a great day :)

My Nemesis part 3


“I am really sorry, I woke up, wasn’t anywhere I recognized, and kind of panicked, Peterbitch said he was going to bring me to some dude who would enjoy experimenting on me, he was wondering why I survived rolling down that tumbling hill, and that statement from him didn’t settle too well with me,I thought I was possibly in that dude’s lab. But after I had about half the equipment off I remembered you guys drug me out of the hot seat, Thank you for that by the way, I don’t know how I could ever repay you guys” She looked sheepish, and her voice was unusually small.

Sage stayed still so she could be rehooked back to everything, yes, even for the accursed heart monitor, she looked at the suction cups with a little distaste, it couldn’t be helped. Since purple mask was doing everything in a professional manner, she wasn’t embarrassed about being a tiny bit exposed, usually if a dude got this close to her she would slap them silly and then some. She finally looked at the blue banded turtle.

“And I am feeling good blu tartaruga, and very much alive, how long was I out?” Sage rubbed her head. She still felt tired, and man was her freaking head was throbbing like a mother.  

Min Yoongi, the dangerous man

Say something that would make me flush
Yoongi: You wanna come to my house

Is there any similarities between oppa and me? ㅠㅠ (please)
Yoongi: The fact that we love each other

Yoongi oppa! Every time I see you, I just end up complimenting you! Why am I like this?
Yoongi: Because you have fallen for me

I went to the Mokdong fansign event, but I couldn’t speak properly since my bias is Yoongi. I could’t even make eye contact with him, he noticed and looked at me from below. He said: “are you really not going to look at me in the eye?? Huh? Look at me ㅇㅇah~” I nearly screamed and my face was burning hot. 

Yoongi: Welcome~~
Fan: My bias is you oppa ㅠㅠ I came all the way from Busan (rural area) by the intercity bus to see you guys. Oppa, I bought some bath bombs for you but I don’t know if you’d like it or not, please take it. 
Yoongi: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ omg, you know that I like taking baths?
Fan: I heard about it so ㅠㅠ 
(suddenly teared up because I was so happy and Yoongi was startled) 
Yoongi: Don’t cry don’t cry, it’s true that I like taking baths. I like it so I’ll use it well. 
Fan: Oppa, you have to remember me ㅠㅠ! 
Yoongi: Of course I will remember you, you’re so pretty.
(Thinking about it now still makes my heart flutter. Everyone, Min Yoongi has gone crazy and next fansign Min Yoongi you said you will remember me)

This was my first time going to BTS fansign, so I was really nervous and my hands were shaking. When I was in the queue to get my album signed, I really wanted to run away but it was my turn to get signed from Yoongi. I was shaking so much I couldn’t even flip to his page, then he said he will do it instead and he asked: “why are you shaking?” I replied: “because I’m really nervous.” Then he said: “it’s not easy to come (to an fansign) won’t you be upset if you didn’t even look at me, let’s look at each other for 5 seconds.” So I made eye contact with him, my mind went blank and felt like my heart was going to jump out. Suddenly, Yoongi said: “you didn’t know that 10 seconds have passed right? See, you can look at me in the eye.” When he was signing, he asked if I had anything I wanted to say to him, so I confessed my love to him in a goat’s voice. He said: “since you’ve practiced with me, don’t be nervous when you go to the next member and say what you want to say to them. I’ll keep watching you.”

Yoongi actually remembers the people who came to the fan signs
Fan: Oppa, do you remember me?
Yoongi: ?? You’ve never attended (unconcerned)

Complied by: -某霏-
English Trans: KIMMYYANG


So, for the record guys, this is what happens when you’re a queer person in this community who tries to deal with a straight person who is making them uncomfortable and tries to talk about important issues regarding allies. This is what happens when a queer woman in this community tries to use their voice in their terms. 

After two days of ignoring my concerns and explanations about what he was doing wrong, only to ask twice to be spoken to privately, Ben asked me again to speak to him in person. Which I said no to. because I won’t. 

And this is the backlash that has now been coming into my twitter mentions non stop:

But don’t forget to keep asking over and over why queer people in your community aren’t speaking loudly. Take a look at the way this goes down. Take a look at who wins here. You know who wins? Straight ally Ben who gets to sit there and paint himself as the calm, rational, positive, all loving straight hero. He wouldn’t be this crazy. He wouldn’t say mean things. He’s certainly not as irrational as that girl who won’t talk to him privately. He’s such a  big person. And just like that, the cycle continues. He keeps baiting you, he keeps using you, he goes on thinking he’s the end all be all of allies who deserves to be elevated, he never learns to correct himself or be better, and we have hurt ourselves within our own community, again. 

Wellbeings || Closed with dont-call-me-emmett


Ellie looked pained, “he told me to stay with you, I don’t know why I am listening to him, it’s insane..but he said, ‘stay with Jessica and keep her safe for me’ and…I am apparently listening to that. He didn’t bark at me, just said it really soft, and like he really cares for you…”

“I am sure we’re going the right way this is the way I came in,” Trish said in a near whisper, “I can hear more people coming…” she cautioned, holding her arm out as if to shield Kilgrave from harm.

Jessica struggled to see how this was right. Of course Emmett meant to say it with every good intention, but the look on Ellie’s face sent a her wave of sympathy that nearly overwhelmed her. If she rushed in there to help Emmett if he was in danger, Ellie would be compelled to run after her and risk her life just to keep her safe. It was a double-edged sword, and one that many, not just them, can suffer from. She swore suddenly under her breath. She suddenly stepped away from Ellie and strode over to where Emmett was. As she did so, she recomposed herself and kept herself to herself. As she approached him, her gaze was hard. “So what’s the situation?”

Kilgrave stopped as her hand was held up in front of him. “What, you expect us to play as the helpless scientists?” he muttered under his breath. He flickered his gaze to Rick and then back to Trish. “Should I send him in? What should I make him tell them?”