Imagine meeting Allah and having done everything right and you’re about to enter Jannah. But then Allah reveals to you the people you’ve wronged. One person you may have joked about in a prohibited way. One person you backbited because everyone else in the gathering was doing it. One person you had an argument with and raised your voice at. One person you got into with on Social Media. One person you were really shady with. One person you thought was more wrong than you, so you avoided righting your own. Even worse, what if it’s the people that loved you or those who Allah placed at your mercy? What if it’s a brother/sister who was there for you in your time of need only for you to repay it with betrayal?
At that point, do you think winning the argument would’ve been worth it? That extra dollar or even a thousand? Was the joke really that funny? Was your unrelenting ego worth the loss of Jannah?

Think long and hard about it. When you meet the Most Merciful on the Day of Judgement, let it be in a way that you only have to answer for your personal shortcomings. Allah can forgive any sin you’ve committed so long as you’ve sincerely repented. But when it involves wronging people, Allah will give them their right in full. You know why? Because He’s not just the Most Merciful to you, but also to the people you’ve wronged.

May Allah forgive us for all the times we’ve wronged others or wronged ourselves by turning away from His guidance. amen

- Omar Suleiman 

A Grave Predicament

@mamin-the-troll’s art of smol fox Newt fucking slayed me. It also made me think of Percy in a similar predicament only he has black lynx/wampus ears and tails. So this is for her! *blushes and dies*

First ever Gramander fic and I have no idea what I’m doing so… *dumps unbeta’d fic here and scurries back into her hole*

Tags: Possessive Percival, Fluff, Crack, Mentions of erections.

“Mr. Scamander. Please kindly take your jaw off the floor.” Graves is immediately annoyed when his newly acquired ears flatten in displeasure at the sight of Newt looking so shocked. His tail flicking in agitation doesn’t help much either. He hates it, how transparent these appendages make him, no matter how temporary they are. He can’t stop them from twitching and every barely there noise catches his attention, causing his work productivity to cease altogether.

He’s been turned into a fucking wampus. Or at least, partially so.  

He’s taken to hiding in his office, and growling at anyone who attempts to take a peek at his altered state, but no amount of glaring and growling would deter Newt who practically rushes into his office the moment he has word of Graves’ predicament.

“Mr Graves. W..what happened?” Newt asks, stepping closer, his blue eyes bright with curiosity and more than a touch of concern.

“There was an confiscated artefact that wasn’t properly purged of hexes. Needless to say the person responsible for such incompetence has been properly reprimanded.” It’s really hard to think straight, because he’s just suddenly so aware of how good Newt smells. He smells like so many creatures, of rain and freshly dug up dirt and the underlying hint of honey milk tea.

“Ah. Do you know how long it’ll be?” Newt’s staring at his ears, mesmerized. He’s noting every twitch with the same intensity that a cat would a mouse.

It’s the longest Newt’s ever been able to look at someone’s face, Graves notes. “Not soon enough,” he says with an annoyed huff. He’s trying so hard not to lean into Newt, to rub his face all over and leave his mark to stave off anyone else that might have unsavoury intentions towards his intended mate.

His tail flicks again, angry about the animalistic thought that sneaks up on him. Intended mate? Honestly…

“M…may I?” Newt asks, fingers already reaching upwards with barely contained excitement.

“I’m not one of your creatures, Mr. Scamander.” But he acquiesces, surprised when Newt doesn’t immediately reach for his ears but instead, places his hands on Graves’ face.

He’s been trying to show his intentions towards Newt for months now. Months. Every attempt so far has been foiled by nothing more than Newt’s own obliviousness. The man wouldn’t know a request of courtship if it came to him in the form of a howler and smacked him on the nose.

“I wonder what else has changed,” Newt murmurs, fingers running along Graves’ jaw with a gentleness usually only afforded to his beloved beasts. Newt even runs a thumb along his lips, pressing against them just enough to reveal abnormally long canines. “Oh that’s lovely,” he croons.

Graves shivers at the slow drag against faint stubble as those fingers travel upwards and over the area where Graves’ human ears once were. “The typical wampus colours haven’t transferred over. You’d be considered very rare,” he murmurs “In the wild I mean. If you were a black wampus.”

“Enough to end up in the black market?” Graves muses. He’s not prepared for when Newt actually touches his ears because Sweet Mary Lewis. ‘How does it feel this good?’ His knees are practically melting away under him and he has to resort to placing his hands on Newt’s trim hips to steady himself; claws digging into the blue woolen fabric.

“Most undoubtedly so.” Newt doesn’t seem to mind the touch, he probably doesn’t even realise. Too enamoured with the velveteen ears. He’s playing with the edges, thumb rubbing full circles at the base. “Don’t worry. I’d rescue you.”

“Much Appreciated.” Graves is actually… enjoying himself too much now, the thrumming of arousal low in his veins. He has to chide himself, he’s nearly 40 damnit, he can control himself. But then Newt presses down on a sweet spot and he feels as if he’s fifteen again, having just discovered that his penis does in fact, have more purposes than just for urination.

To his utter horror, a soft, deep rumble erupts from his chest and he groans. He’s purring, actually purring. Could this get any worse? The erection that’s threatening to rise within his pants tells him that yes, it very well can.

“Newt…” Graves says, voice hoarse as he brings his hands up to rest on Newt’s shoulders. It never ceases to amaze him, how all consuming his affections towards the magizoologist is. He wants to kiss him, to count and cherish every freckle, to covet his attention and to offer him everything.

“Hmn? Is there something wrong?” Newt asks, so endearingly, infuriatingly oblivious that Graves can’t help but be both exasperated and fond.

When Graves leans in, it’s with the intention to kiss Newt, but the wampus instinct within him makes him do something else. It doesn’t even make sense to him, but it feels right somehow. He licks Newt near the corner of his lips, and when he draws back, the soft sheen of saliva makes his chest rumble in pride.

Silence feels the room as Newt flushes a bright plum red that spreads across his cheeks and downwards. Graves is torn between wondering how deep that blush goes, and instant concern because maybe he’s gone too far? Maybe this has been one sided all along and his advances have been unwanted? Maybe he’s just ruined one of the first friendships that he’s had in forever, but then Newt’s mouth gapes open and shut a couple of times before he buries his face in his hands with a small sound.

“Mr. Graves? W..would you please kindly… close your eyes?” he asks, voice muffled by his own hands.

Graves is concerned, but he does as asked. His hands are still on Newt’s shoulders, and he can feel the slight tremors. Is… Is Newt afraid of him?   

“Are they closed?”

“Yes.” Graves replies, and then, after a moment, says “Mr. Scamander. I apolog-” but there’s a soft wetness at the corner of his lips and his brain short circuits because Newt just licked him back! He just responded to his request of courtship with acceptance and not only did he say yes, but he did so in a way that his the wampus within Graves leaping in joy. Sweet Mary Lewis is this what complete and utter happiness feels like? It feels like he’s soaring.

Before he can say anything else, or even open his eyes; Newt lets out an embarrassed, strangled noise and gives him a kiss on the lips. Then, he makes a hasty excuse about needing to meet the Goldstein sisters and apparates out of the Graves’ office, MACUSA rules be damned.

Graves is happy, blissfully so. He can’t stop his tail from lazily swishing back and forth. He knows that courting someone like Newt would be a slow process but would taste all the more sweeter for it. Perhaps this curse isn’t so bad after all, he’s determined to use it to his full advantage for as long as he’s able to.

He’s going to ask Newt out, on a proper date, but first, he needs to have a plan.

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 10

Kiss Me

Negan x Addison 

A/N: ( ̄ω ̄;)( ̄ω ̄;) – i’ve pretty much outlined my chapters up to this point, so it may take me some time before I post the next one, depending on how bad the writer’s block is hahaha xx 

Chapter 9 || Masterlist 

(gif by @normannipples

“What are you two doing here?” 

Naomi and Jade both stood in front of my door with mischievous smiles on their faces. Jade was holding onto three glasses, and Naomi revealed a bottle of wine she had hidden behind her. “We call it the new wife initiation” 

“New wife initiation?” I laughed. 

“Yep, you’re one of us now. I think that deserves a toast”. They walked inside, taking their seat on the floor. One of us now. That still sounds weird to me. Jade poured the drinks, as Naomi handed me a glass. 

“I just want you to know that you’ve got friends here” She admitted. I gave her a smile. She’s been so supportive and nice to me, even when I haven’t exactly reciprocated the same kindness. “You guys are awesome” I replied.  

The three of us toasted, taking a sip of our drinks. We were having a great time talking about life, love, and all the things we missed about the old world. The night and wine eventually turned us into three giggling girls, time passing by quickly without any of us realizing it. 

“So, have you and Negan…?” Jade raised her brows suggestively at me. 

“” I admitted taking a sip of the wine, nervously tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. 

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Friends; Remus Lupin x Reader

Word count: 2,065

This is trash but I wanted to upload it anyway.

A frustrated groan left your lips as you attempted to study for your upcoming charms test. You were usually a pretty good student. Maybe you weren’t top of your class, but you had never failed a course. Charms was considered by many to be an incredibly easy class so you couldn’t help but berate yourself for struggling with it. You weren’t sure what exactly tripped you up about it. Maybe it was the pronunciation you couldn’t get right. It could have been the exact wand movement that your wrist couldn’t seem to emulate. It seemed sometimes that you couldn’t even remember what half the spells in your textbook actually did. How could attend one of the greatest schools for Witches and Wizards when you couldn’t even memorize the spells?

You had been sitting in the library for hours now and you had made very little progress. You were starting to feel very uncomfortable after being hunched over your textbook so you decided to call it a night. There was no way you were going to be able to retain anything at this point. You closed your book with a huff and trudged back to your common room deciding to get some sleep and leave your frustration for tomorrow.

Professor Flitwick has always been a kind man. You liked him and most of your classmates did too. The next day you decided to approach him about receiving help in the subject. He was more than happy to suggest that you should be tutored by another student. He joked that someone younger could do a much better job at explaining it and making it far more interesting. You had to admit, it didn’t seem like such a bad idea. You were willing to take any help you could get.

“Who did you have in mind Professor?”

“Ah- Well, I think Remus Lupin would be an excellent choice. He seems like quite a friendly young man and the tutoring counts as extra credit for him, so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”


Of course, you knew who Remus was. You’ve had a few classes with him over the years and he could usually be found in the company of James Potter. You had spoken a few words to Remus but you’ve never really had a proper conversation with him. He seemed incredibly kind; you had never once heard a bad story about him. Even though you were sure he was a nice guy, you couldn’t help but feel… nervous? You couldn’t deny that he was definitely attractive. Most girls around the castle seemed to be interested in his friend Sirius Black. Every girl wanted a chance to be on the receiving end of his signature smirk but that didn’t really appeal to you. However, Remus mesmerized you.

You couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that he would say no. You barely even knew each other. What if he wasn’t interested? Of course, Professor Flitwick had said that it would count as extra credit for him. Even that seemed off to you though, you were sure Remus was one of the brightest wizards in your year. Why would he need extra credit?

Nevertheless, you found your feet carrying you in the direction of the marauders that afternoon in the Great Hall.


He turned his head to meet your eyes and nerves flooded your stomach all over again. You tried to ignore the looks of James and Sirius. They were no doubt wondering what exactly your relationship was with their friend and why they hadn’t seen you around before.

“Y/N? Can I help you?”

The words were stuck in your throat and you felt your face heating up. You didn’t think this was going to be a big deal but now that he was in front of you with his messy hair and beautiful eyes, you felt frozen.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” He seemed concerned. All of them were staring at you now and you mentally cursed yourself for getting so nervous over nothing.

Say something.

Say something.

I-I’m failing charms. Well, I’m not really failing… yet but I am struggling with it. Professor Flitwick said that you could tutor me. He said you could get extra credit for it. Of course- you don’t have to, if you don’t want to. I just thought I would ask.” You trailed your sentence off in a whisper.

“Um, Sure. We could start tonight if you want. I’ll meet you in the library at 6?” His cheeks were slightly flushed and he was rubbing the back of his neck. You couldn’t help but think that you had never seen a more perfect sight.

“That would be great, Remus. Thank you so much.”

You hurried out of the Great Hall before you could make out what exactly his friends were saying. If they were back there laughing at you, you definitely didn’t want to know about it.


Maybe you were doomed to fail. It all made perfect sense to you when Remus explains it but when you set off to try it on your own, you can’t get it right. This was your third day studying with him and to say you were frustrated was an understatement. Remus, of course, was incredibly patient with you. He was just as lovely as you had imagined he would be. Admittedly, sometimes it was hard to focus with him sitting so close to you. Your senses were filled with the scent of chocolate and firewood. He would congratulate you when you got something right and reassure you when you messed up. Lately, he seemed to only be reassuring you. It was a Saturday and everyone else was off at Hogsmeade. Your mind began to drift off and Remus’ words became white noise in the background.

Your roommates were probably off drinking Butterbeer right now. You tried to picture yourself there with them but you couldn’t really imagine having a good time. The rest of the Marauders were probably there too. James was probably unsuccessfully flirting with Lily, Sirius was most likely chatting up some Ravenclaw and Peter was probably just happy to be there. Then there was Remus, he was stuck here in the library with you. He was stuck tutoring you even though you both knew it was a lost cause. You looked over at him and took in his appearance. You focused on the light scars on his skin, the slight blush on his cheeks, and the way he bit his lip. He truly was beautiful. You felt tears start to prick and burn at your eyes and before you could do anything Remus looked over to see it too.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” You heard Remus’ voice reach your ear and his fingers intertwined with yours.

“I-I’m s-sorry.” You started to wipe the tears from your cheeks and tried to pull yourself together. You always hated crying in front of people and you didn’t want to make a fool out of yourself even more.

“It’s okay. You don’t need to apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong.” You suddenly became aware that he had now wrapped his arm around you. “Do you want to talk about it?”

That was all you needed. Once you started speaking, you couldn’t seem to stop. Everything was just coming out at once.

“It’s just- I’m terrible at this. You are a fantastic tutor, don’t get me wrong. Every time you explain this to me it finally starts to make sense but when I try to do it on my own, I can’t handle it. I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I wake up in the middle of the night and I can never go back to sleep. I’ve been having a lot of nightmares lately too. I just get lost in my own head, you know? I start overthinking everything. I feel like maybe I’m not good enough for… anything. I don’t have any close friends either. I mean there’s my roommates and their nice and there’s friends that I say chat with over dinner, but there’s no one that I can really talk to. Every problem and insecurity I have, I just bottle it up and push it down because there’s no one to share it with. My life feels so mundane. I just wake up, go to class, and eat meals and go to sleep. It all just feels like this endless cycle. I just feel like I’m stuck. I don’t even really have a right to be complaining, do I? I’m sure there are people that have legitimate problems and I’m crying because my life is too… boring? I feel ridiculous. Then there’s you, you could be in Hogsmeade with your friends right now but instead your stuck with me. You’re stuck teaching me this impossible subject that I’m clearly never going to understand. Maybe there was a mistake, like they got my Hogwarts letter mixed up with someone else, maybe I’m not even supposed to be here. Maybe I’m just a complete…fraud.”

The silence that followed was the loudest thing you’ve ever heard. Your words hung in the air and you started to wish you could take them back. How could you spill everything out like that to a guy that you barely know? You didn’t want to know what he was thinking about you right now. You wanted to run back to your dormitory and bury yourself away. Finally, Remus’ voice pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Is there anything else you’d like to get off your chest?”

You furrowed your eyebrows. “N-No. I said far too much already. I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have freaked out on you like that.”

“No, It’s okay. You’re wrong though, love. You aren’t a fraud. You’re incredibly bright, I know it. Everyone struggles with something; you can’t beat yourself up over that. You’ve been trying so hard these past couple days and I am so proud of you. It’s okay to feel lost sometimes. Everyone does. If anyone ever tells you they don’t then they’re lying to you. You’ll find yourself. You’ll figure it out. I promise. You also shouldn’t feel bad about me missing out on Hogsmeade, okay? There’s nowhere I’d rather be than here. You said you understand the content when I walk you through it, right? So we’ll keep working on it. We’ve still got some time until your test and I will spend every night in this library if that’s what it takes to prove how wonderful you really are.”

“Thank You.” You felt speechless. This boy had nothing but sweet words for you. Surely, you didn’t deserve this.

“You’re Welcome. For what it’s worth, if you ever need to vent, you can talk to me. I think it would be a privilege to be your friend.” His hand intertwined with yours and a rare, genuine smile graced your lips.


“Remus!” You jumped into his arms and he caught you in his embrace.

“Hey, sweetheart. So, how did the exam go?” He softly kissed your temple and sat you back down on the ground.

“I passed! Can you believe it? I actually passed!”

“I knew you could do it. Do you have any idea how proud I am of you?”

You gave him a soft smile. “Well I did have a pretty good tutor. They say he’s the best of the best.”

“Oh, is that right?” Remus chuckled.

“Yeah. His name is Remus Lupin. Do you know him?”

“I think I’ve heard of that guy. Rumor has it, he’s like the coolest guy in the castle.”

“Definitely.” You leaned up and whispered in his ear, “He’s really hot too.”

You couldn’t help but smile at the blush that flooded his cheeks.

You didn’t feel lost anymore. Every time you had a nightmare, you could run to him. If you ever doubted yourself, you had a shoulder to lean on now. He shared your highs and lows and he knew secrets that you never told anyone else. He truly was your best friend. When you were around him you wondered why you ever thought you would be better off alone. You couldn’t seem to shake the idea that home could be a person instead of a place made sense every time you saw the sunset reflected in his eyes.

‘Shattered’ - a Sherlolly fic

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 Day 5 // First Fight

thanks to @strangelock221b for being my first beta reader ever!

               “Sherlock, this isn’t working. It’s never going to work,” Molly told him solemnly. Sherlock tried but could not hold back his tears any longer. They fell down his cheeks. They had their first big fight erupt from months of little ones.

               “Molly, please,” he begged. “Please don’t leave me.” His voice was breaking. “I know I don’t deserve you but I am trying my best.”

               “I had wanted this—us—for so long,” she continued. “It’s just not what I want anymore.”

               “Molly,” he spoke in a whisper, then his voice became stronger. “What else am I supposed to do? I’ve done everything I possibly could.”

               “It just happened all wrong, Sherlock. Just because your sister forced the words doesn’t mean this is right; doesn’t mean we are right,” Molly countered. Sherlock felt as if he had been stabbed in the heart.

               “Maybe you’re right,” Sherlock concurred.

               “I—what?” Molly asked.

               “I was a fool; I’ll never make this mistake again. Romantic entanglements are, and always will be, nothing but a joke,” Sherlock sneered. “I no longer want any part of it. I’d rather go back to who I was.”

               “Sherlock,” Molly spoke softly. “That’s not what I—“

               “No, congratulations, Molly Hooper, you are the only woman who has ever broken my heart. I assure you that I will not allow it to happen again,” he told her before turning to walk away.

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Pairing: Steve x reader

Request: @thecoffeestudyblr​ : hey can i request a Steve Rogers imagine where the reader is super shy and anxious and is Tony’s niece who interns at the Avengers Tower for her college since her college requires an internship program and during the Civil War she has to decide what side she will be on and she has a huge crush on Steve but she also works for Tony but her and Steve rlly hit it off when they first meet and he becomes rlly overprotective and understanding of her so she sides w Steve and Tony is mad. Angst + Fluff?

A/N: so, I did it. I had no fucking inspiration and wanted to throw all this away but no, I did it. I have so less time these days but I think I am doing just fine, thank you all for being there. This one’s another Steve fic, I don’t know how this turned out but I think my writing is getting better and actually has gotten a lot better from before.i recently got my sould removed so the author’s note aint really a note. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): angst, crying, self-criticism.

Word Count: 1403

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

You were pacing to the lab with the files and papers tony and Bruce had asked you to bring immediately. You were only a few feet away from the lab before you tripped over something and fell almost face first on the floor. ‘ouch.’ You said with your face in the papers. You sat up and found the culprit; a prototype hand of Tony’s new suit. ‘damn it, uncle tony.’ you muttered and started to gather the files before you heard a chuckle.

‘yeah, he’s kinda messy.’ Steve said before kneeling in front of you. he started helping you gather the papers and you passed him a quick, shy smile. you couldn’t believe CAPTAIN AMERICA was helping you. that or a gorgeous man was helping you.

‘thank you.’ you muttered.

 ‘no problem.’ He got up with a bundle and offered to help, which you didn’t deny. ‘you’re (y/n), right? Tony’s niece?’ he asked as you carried on your way.

‘yes, how do you know?’ you asked.

‘tony being tony, held this meeting and very politely threatened us all to act nice to you. he especially told the guys that if anyone flirts or tries to trouble you he will kill us.’ he said and you chuckled.

‘he’s a bit overprotective.’ You said.

a bit?’ he looked at you and you playfully rolled your eyes. You both entered the lab chuckling and tony quirked a brow at you two.

‘is that star spangled specimen trying to get it on with, my niece?’ tony wondered.

‘seems like it but they can just be friends.’ Bruce replied.

‘I said that out loud?’ tony asked and Bruce nodded.

‘you need sleep, tony. you are sleep deprived. You have lost control’ he whispered dramatically and tony punched him lightly. ‘you don’t wanna anger the other guy.’ He warned sipping on his coffee.

‘hell I don’t.’ tony walked towards you both and Bruce shook his head at him. ‘hello, capsicle,’ tony gave Steve a sarcastic smile. ‘(y/n),’ he gave you a genuine smile. ‘why are you holding all that?’ he took all the files from you and handed them to steve without sparing him a look. ‘you liking it here?’ he asked.

‘yeah, it’s really nice. The people are great.’ You looked at Steve and he smiled back. Tony shot Steve a sharp look and he looked down.

‘great, now why don’t you go talk with Natasha or someone else, huh sweetheart?’ he you. you nodded and left.  ‘my niece, rogers. MY NIECE. She’s young and an intern, don’t you dare-‘ tony started but steve kept the files aside and decided to interrupt him.

‘can you not? We were just talking. You are just stressed with the recent events, I think you-‘

  ‘guys, we don’t need this okay? Bruce interrupted. ‘lay it off. They were just talking and (y/n) is mature enough to understand what’s right and wrong. you have to stop acting like this tony, alright?’ bruce kept a hand on tony’s shoulder and he nodded.

‘I’ll, I’ll just go.’ Tony took a deep breath and left.

You were getting along great with Steve and the others. It wasn’t like you were an intern and working there. You felt like you were around family and friends, work wasn’t work it felt like all play. Steve and you were getting closer each day, and you didn’t mind it, you had always had a big crush on him. he was smart, dorky, funny, and not to forget gorgeous. He was one of a kind, he would read with you, talk to you about his past and everything he wanted to. With him, you felt like you weren’t some extra puzzle piece, he made you feel like you fit, like you were good enough just the way you were no matter how shy or weird you were. Everything was going great. It was all falling into place before everything started falling apart.

The cracks formed between the avengers post that conference. Oh, how you wished it had never happened. Only if there was no dispute over the sokovia accords. It seemed like it wasn’t that big a problem, it seemed like it could be mended but things got worse. Steve found bucky, the cracks got deeper. And as the situation worsened, when you thought it couldn’t possibly happen, the cracks weren’t there; the team had been split into two.

‘I cannot believe you are having second thoughts about this, (y/n)!’ tony cried, hurt heavy in his eyes and voice. ‘you are my blood! I have treated you like my daughter, haven’t I?’ he stepped closer to you. there was a lump in your throat and you couldn’t look him in the eyes.

You were terrified to say the least. It wasn’t just right or wrong you had to choose in this situation, it was love and blood, it was being loyal or judicious. You had to choose a side. You had to decide.

‘(y/n), look me in the eyes and talk to me. is it going to be me or him?’ he asked, his voice growing angrier.

‘him..’ you looked up, your voice barely above a whisper. Tony was taken aback. You too? Was there no one left of what he called his family he could trust? he felt like someone had punched him in his tear ducts.

 An ‘oh’ was all that he could muster. ‘uncle tony-‘ you started to speak but he silenced you by putting forward a hand.

‘don’t. leave. just leave.’ he looked away from you. you bit your bottom lip and violently wiped the tears off your face. you slung your backpack and started to leave. ‘(y/n)?’ he asked and you faced him. ‘don’t call me uncle ever again. don’t come back.’ He said and your heart dropped to your stomach. You turned away and left. Tony couldn’t see your tears, neither could you see his. Both of you lost something precious that day.

You were running nonstop. You couldn’t stop, you couldn’t stop until you saw Steve’s face. only he could help you calm down, help ease these achy feeling, help heal your broken heart. It was all so overwhelming, what have you done? You stopped when you saw Steve standing by his car anxiously waiting for you. he straightened up when he saw you. you crashed into his chest and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around you protectively and rubbed your back.

‘shhh.. doll, it’s okay. I know it’s hard but it’ll all be alright.’ He tried to calm you.

‘I hurt him, Steve. He said- he said that I can never call him my uncle again. He looked so broken, I am so selfish.’ Your voice cracked. He pulled back and put his hand on your shoulders.

‘you’re not selfish, you are not wrong. you are doing what’s right.’ He wiped your tears with the pads of his thumbs. You didn’t know how to react so you just stared at him blankly. He sighed quietly and opened the door of the backseat. He got in first and then made space for you to lay on top of him.

You lay your head on top of his chest, listening to his heartbeat. You had both forgotten about everything else for a while before he broke the silence.

‘everything will be alright. I know it will.’ He said mostly to himself and you hummed in response. ‘I am sorry I –‘

‘it was my decision.’ You kept a hand on his cheek and ran your thumb on his cheekbone. ‘please don’t make yourself go through all this.’ You said and he kept a hand on your hand. He gave you a small smile. ‘I don’t know what to do, neither do you. guess we’ll just have to..’ you looked for a word but couldn’t find one that would fit.

‘guess we’ll have to help keep each other afloat.’ He gave you a small smile. you nodded before resting your head on his chest again. He kissed the top of your head and started to soothingly rub your back again. what was coming ahead didn’t seem good, things were surely going to take a bad turn. But at that moment you didn’t care, you didn’t care about the broken ribbons or the ones that would break ahead. you for now, had to be strong, for you knew nothing else of what the future might hold.

As The Snowflakes Fall

Hey! I’m back! I hope I can make your Sunday better by uploading a new oneshot based on one of the first prompts I found around Tumblr and I never got to writing it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and well, as always, any type of feeedback is welcome.

based on this prompt: Imagine Person A of your OTP unexpectedly slipping on the snow/ice while going on a stroll with Person B.  Person A is embarrassed because they fell in front of their crush and got snow all over themselves but Person B just brushes off the snow and gives them a kiss.

summary: Dan is late to his second date with Phil and is convinced he has ruined all of his chances of being with the blue eyed by slipping on ice and embarrassing himself in front of him.

words: 1.8k

no trigger warnings

“Why did we decide to have our second date in a park when it’s freaking December?” Dan wondered out loud, searching for the coziest jumper he could find and putting it on.

Dan knew he was late. It was his second date with Phil and he was going to be late. Great, just what he needed. He picked up his phone to warn Phil but it was dead. Fine. He didn’t have enough time to charge it now. Everything was going perfectly for Dan today.

He and Phil met last month thanks to a blind date their friends had managed to organize and somehow get them to agree to it. It had turned out more than okay since they had agreed on going into a second date. They both felt a bit awkward to jump into the dating area yet only after one date so Dan was really hoping whatever they had now escalated into more because he really liked Phil.

And he was going to ruin his chances of it by being late.

He had spent too much time straightening his hair only to get it curled by the small slowflakes that were starting to fall down.

“Too much effort for nothing.” Dan said to himself as he looked the small white dots slowly touch the pavement from one of the windows of his apartment.

He grabbed his big coat from the entrance only just to have to turn back to his bedroom so he could pick the black wool beanie he owned and rushed out of the door.

Dan could only hope the beanie would protect his hair enough so it wouldn’t show his ‘hobbit hair’.


Phil was sitting on one of the cold park benches waiting for Dan. He kept looking at his phone to see if Dan had sent him a message or something, to tell him that he couldn’t meet today or even to tell him that he was going to be late to their date but nothing popped up.

He was sure they had the right numbers. They had been texting each other non-stop since their date and Dan seemed interested enough to agree to have another date and see where they could end up.

Phil sent him a few texts and then called, but Dan’s voicemail turned up instead, saying that the phone was turned off. There was no way of contacting him now. He would have to sit and wait at least till he couldn’t feel his butt anymore.

A few more minutes passed and Phil was starting to give up hope. Dan wasn’t interested and wasn’t going to show up. He had been stood up and he had to accept it. At least the fact that it was snowing would cheer him up a bit.

Phil stood up from the bench and started making his way out of the park when he heard a loud call from behind “Phil wait!”

He turned around, only to find a panting Dan at the other side, a small smile showing onto his face. “Dan!” Phil shouted back, waving at him, happy to see that his date was just late and hadn’t decided to leave him alone in a freezing park.

Phil saw Dan running towards him, not seeing the small puddle that had freezed during the night and had made the floor slippery. “Dan, watch out!” Phil tried to warn him so he wouldn’t slip but it was too late.


Dan saw his life flash in front of his eyes. One moment he was running to reach Phil and before he knew it he was slipping on ice and falling down on his bum, hurting his lower back and palms in the process of stopping the impact from being to harsh.

He heard Phil warn him but it was already too late. His jeans were wet, his body hurt and the worst of all he had embarrassed himself in front of Phil, making a fool of himself by falling down because of the ice.

'Why can’t I do anything right? Why do I have to ruin everything even before it starts? I hate this. I always fuck up’ were the thoughts inside Dan’s mind, making him look down to his lap as he felt his eyes water. 'Great. Now I’m about to start crying. How can anything else go wrong?’ but before his thoughts could get deeper, he heard Phil’s worried voice calling him.

“Dan, hey, you okay?” Phil asked once he approached him, crouching down to his level.

Dan just nodded, not looking at Phil so he wouldn’t see his watery brown eyes. He didn’t think he could handle Phil laughing at his tears, because he was sure he would. Who wouldn’t laugh at Dan’s ridiculousness, huh?

He tried to dismiss Phil by lifting his right arm and waving his hand but he hadn’t realized his wrist hurt so he let out a little scream, and tried to still it with his other hand but before he could even lift it Phil had gently grabbed his forearm to look at the sprained wrist.

“It’s not broken, but maybe needs to be bandaged.” Phil commented, “let me help you up, okay?”

Dan considered getting up by himself, but he realized he might fall back down since he had such weak arms so he just nodded.

He felt Phil’s presence behind him, putting his long arms under his armpits and easily lifting him, stilling the both of them on dry ground so they didn’t slip.

“You think you can walk? I tried to warn you about the ice but it was too late…” Phil said, taking a few steps so he could be in front of Dan, who was still avoiding his gaze by looking down to their feet.

“Yeah, my legs are fine, my butt hurts a bit and also does my lower back but it will be fine.” Dan said in a small voice, trying to mask his pain, hoping Phil wouldn’t catch on it.

“If you are fine why does it look like you are about to cry, Dan?” Phil asked in a caring voice, putting his hand’s on Dan’s biceps so he could comfort him a bit.

Dan couldn’t believe it. The one time he didn’t want to be noticed while he was about to cry was the time he had the most caring man in front of him and he had ruined all chances of being with him by being such an awkward human being.

He sniffled and lifted his left hand to brush away a tear that had escaped from his eye, “Because I’m so embarrassed I cannot even look at you. I’m sorry I ruined our date. I fell down on ice because I wasn’t looking and I ended up with wet jeans and a sprained wrist in a span of a minute. I’m such a fuck-up. I’m so sorry Phil.”

Phil just stared at him. How could Dan think he had ruined their date by falling down? It wasn’t his fault the ground was slippery!

“Hey Dan,” Phil called for him in the sweetest voice, bringing one of his hands towards Dan’s chin, moving Dan’s head so he would look at him. His eyes were red from tears that were about to fall down and Phil really didn’t want to see the beautiful man in front of him cry. “First of all you are not a fuck-up, okay? Don’t ever say that again.” Dan was about to speak so he could deny everything Phil was saying but the blue eyed beat him to it.

“No, you don’t get a saying in this.” Phil lifted his index finger to Dan’s lips, shuting him up for good. “Also, you haven’t ruined anything. People fall al the time and this time it happened to be you, so don’t worry; I just want to make sure you are okay. I really want to continue this date so if you feel up to it we will go back to my apartment and bandage that wrist so we can continue it, what do you say?” Phil said, reassuring him that it was fine; that him falling didn’t change anything.

Dan just stared at him not really knowing what to respond. He didn’t feel like going out again, even if it was with Phil. He had had enough of snow and cold for today.

“We can stay inside if you prefer.” Phil suddenly said, as if he could read Dan’s mind. “I’ll make popcorn and we can watch a movie while bundled up in blankets on my sofa, okay? I will lend you some pyjama pants to wear so you can be more comfortable. What do you say?”

He looked at Dan with what the brown eyed could call “puppy-eyes” making it impossible to deny Phil’s request. Movie and blankets sounded really nice to be honest. He felt Phil’s fingers lace with his, making him take a step closer so they could look at each other better as he felt Phil’s thumbs caress his cold skin.

Dan smiled a bit at the gesture but didn’t respond. Phil was such a sweet man it almost made his heart melt.

“C'mon, Dan, I will let you choose whatever movie you want!” Phil said as a last attempt of convincing Dan to continue their date.

“Any movie I want?” Dan couldn’t help but blurt out the question to Phil, who eagerly nodded.

“Any movie, I promise.”

“Okay. But only because I get to choose the movie.” Dan said in a happier tone, starting to feel a bit better.

Phil grinned and untangled their hands, lifting them towards Dan’s beanie, brushing a few snowflakes that had fallen down on it before pulling it over his ears so they wouldn’t get colder than they already were.

“Now we can go if you want.” Phil said in a really quiet voice, as if it was a secret only for the both of them.

Dan nodded again, a silly smile on his face, a complete loss of words because of the gestures of the man in front of him. So he just laced his left hand fingers with Phil’s right, giving him a hint of what he wanted.

“Well then, show me the way.” Dan whispered in the same tone.

Phil looked at their hands and then into Dan’s eyes, which still were a bit watery so in hopes of making Dan a bit happier he leaned in and softly kissed Dan’s cold cheek, which now was getting red with the faint blush that was starting to appear.

Dan ducked his head, trying to hide his now red tinted cheeks, but as soon as he lowered it he had to lift it again, because Phil had started to pull him to the exit of the park towards his apartment, not giving him time to feel shy about it.

If Phil asked, he could say that his red cheeks were from the cold, but he was sure the blue eyed wasn’t going to believe it anyway.



Intro: Okay so I am super excited about this fic, I love it so much and am quite proud of it. 

The idea for it came from @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse​‘s fic, Imagine Fainting in the Medbay (go read it it is absolutely amazing).  So all the credit goes to them for writing the original story, but as I read it one part really inspired me: 

“You’d been sent on away mission, and come under fire, and when you finally beamed aboard, all in one piece except for some bruising, Bones had grabbed you roughly by the upper arms and admonished you never to terrify him like that again. And then he’d kissed you. You’d been inseparable ever since” 

A story started forming in my head as soon as I read it so I asked if I could use that snippet and make it into a full fic.  

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 2169

Triggers: being shot at, description of a wound (that’s about it)

Summary: see above snippet from the original story. Because I just took that idea and made it longer and with more detail. 


The sound of phaser shots rang out around you and you ducked as one landed near your head, making the stone crumble above you.  Adrenaline coursed through you and you felt your heart racing as you attempted to make your way over to the unconscious ensign with a large gash in his chest.  He was about 50 feet away when your com beeped.  Your eyes continued to survey the scene and you put one foot in front of the other as you flipped open your com, clutching your your med kit to your chest as if it would protect you from the aliens.  

“Y/N!” You heard someone shout from the other side of the com. 

“I’m here!” You said back, yelping as another shot hit the ground a few feet in front of you. 

“Are you alright?” The voice said, and you now recognized it as Leonard. 

Leonard, aka Dr. Leonard McCoy, Chief Medical Officer, was your boss and one of the best doctors you ever worked with.  As a nurse you were usually under-looked and underappreciated but since the day you first met Leonard, he always respected you and treated you like an equal.  Well almost always.  And when he didn’t you made sure you set him straight.  

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

“Thank the stars.” Leonard’s voice sounded strained. 

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Klaine one-shot - “Organized Chaos” (Rated PG13)

Kurt comes home one night to find his husband in desperate need of his help … but will Blaine let Kurt help him? (2292 words)

So, I re-wrote this, playing off the idea that Blaine may also have suffered from OCD, kind of the way Kurt did, but as an extension of PTSD (seeing as the meta exists that Dalton!Blaine was actually the facade, and the Blaine we see at McKinley was the person he actually was). I based this off of my own personal experiences with OCD and PTSD. The cleaning, the disposable pens, the paper towels, and the obsession with vents, those are personal to me, as is the way Blaine’s grandmother passes away.

Read on AO3.

“Sorry I’m late, sweetie,” Kurt calls, juggling his messenger bag on his shoulder, a narrow paper bag with a bottle of Riesling in the crook of his arm, and two way-too-thin plastic bags, both trying, with little success, to contain the multiple cardboard containers of Thai food inside, “but when I went to get our food, they messed up our order … again!” Kurt shuffles in, the door refusing to open more than a few inches because of something lodged on the opposite side. “I mean, I know you love Pok Pok, and I know it’s our Thursday night tradition, but I really think that … whoa …”

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Don’t be afraid

Word count: 2165

You and MF gang share your opinions on Kai

You stumbled over your own feet, walking into the Salvatore’s house and closed the big, old door behind you, your feet taking you into the living room where you stopped, completely befuddled because everyone was there and it looked like they were having a deep conversation about something, and you were about to find out about what they were talking.

‘Hello, guys’ you muttered and jumped over the back of the couch, plopping yourself on the sweet and soft cushion and on the free spot, next to Elena and Bonnie. Everyone looked serious, as they were afraid to tell you what the conversation was about. This was the first time, because they used to share everything with you, without being afraid something would go wrong if you accidentally over heard what they were on about.

'What’s this all about? Why are you all so quiet? It’s me, you can tell me what you’ve been up to.’ You acknowledged, waiting for any of them to answer you. Bonnie shifted in her seat, looking over to Damon who walked to the fancy table where he kept all of those expensive drinks and poured some bourbon into the specially carved glass.

'For god’s sake, guys, we’ve been talking about Kai.’ Elena stated, looking towards you as you looked at her wide eyed, not because you were shocked when she said they were talking about Kai but because everyone acted like you were suddenly the big enemy. You’ve always been extremely close with all of them, so this was something new to you.

'Really? And you didn’t want to tell me because?’ You talked back at them, Damon’s gaze meeting yours.

'We know you’re a little bit closer with Kai than all of us, so we thought maybe you would, I don’t know, freak out or something.’ Damon stated, his voice a bit raspy as he took another sip of the bourbon that was in his glass, wiping the corner of his mouth with his thumb.

'Seriously? And? What do you think about him?’ You stated the question and shifted in your seat, pulling up your legs on the couch and placing them underneath your butt, sitting on your heels.

'I think he can’t be trusted.’ Bonnie said abruptly, making you role your eyes at her comment. She was always like this and a part of you understood, but part of you didn’t. She was acting like a child and it was kind of annoying.

'Oh, wow, Bon Bon. I totally agree.’ You said it sarcastically and rolled your eyes at her, making her turn her head away from you and look into one spot in front of her on the wall.

'So, what? Do you want to say that I’m overreacting and that we should all be besties with him?’ Bonnie said with obvious anger in her voice, her eyes piercing through your skin as you refused to look at her in the eyes. 'Of course she’s quiet. It’s because she doesn’t think the same and she never will.’

'What do you want me to say, huh? Oh, let’s all start hating Kai and shut him out of our lives, or, wait wait, even better, let’s throw him back into the prison world where he belongs. C'mon, Bonnie, don’t make a fool of yourself.’ You answered her, unable to hide the sarcasm in your voice.

'So you just expect from me to work with him? Go on trips together and stuff like that?’ Bonnie stood up from her seat and took a few steps towards Jeremy, who was standing next to the fireplace, his hand placed on the brick surface of it.

'No, I just expect you to try to give him the second chance. He’s done n-’

'Nothing wrong? I almost killed myself because of him and don’t even make me start on what he did to me when I was stuck in there with him.’ Bonnie stated, constantly repeating the same story about prison world and all the things that had happened there.

'I know that by heart, Bonnie.’

'And should I mention how he killed Jo on her wedding day or did you forget about that? Everything happened beca-’

'Because you didn’t want to give him a second chance and you left him in 1903 prison world all alone. You weren’t so good yourself Bon Bon.’ You bursted out, running your fingers through your hair roughly, unable to hide how angry you were and how sick you were of the same thing happening over and over again. You loved Bonnie, but sometimes she was wrong and she never wanted to admit that someone else might be right.

'He deserved that.’ Bonnie uttered out, raising her voice.

'He wanted to change!’

'So did I. And I did and it helped me, while he-’

'He ended up alone again. You left him there without and explanation and he just wanted a chance. He wanted to help you all.’

'Ok, that’s enough.’ Damon stated, grabbing onto your arm and pulling you back a little bit, the grip on your arm getting tighter as all you wanted to do was get closer to Bonnie and tell her everything you had in you right into her face.

'It’s not enough! Bonnie he saved you. He helped Jeremy and Elena and Damon to bring you back and you should be thankful, but no, you just stabbed him in the back. Literally.’

'You know what, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I have to go.’ Bonnie trailed off and took her jacket of the big couch and walked into the hallway with dimmed lights as she twisted the door knob and let herself out, the silence unbearable in the living room when she left. Everyone was lost for words or everyone was scared to say anything after the fight you just had with Bonnie.

'Well, that was something.’ Stefan claimed and came closer to you, his hands placing on yur shoulders and squeezed them lightly, the tension in your shoulders obvious under his touch as he kept massaging them. You sighed deeply and furiously scratched your forehead and placed a lock of your hair behind your ear.

'What is up with you and Bonnie lately? Or more accurately, what is up with you and Kai? You seem to be pissed off everytime someone says something bad about him or does something you don’t like. I think there’s more of a story here than you lead us on. What’s going on really?’ Elena asked you, her eyes focused on you as she sat closer next to you on a big couch, pulling her legs towards her body and hugging them with her arms.

'Nothing. And there really isn’t anything more here. I’m just angry because if I could give him a second chance, then so can Bonnie and he’s in fact a really nice person when you get to know him. He is a little tough and everything, but he has a good side in him and I’m not gonna throw that away just because he made mistakes in his past.’ You claimed and stood up, fixing your hair and taking the glass out of Damon’s hand, taking a sip of the cold and refreshing alcoholic beverage.

'Yeah, but his mistakes were merciless and it’s not like he didn’t have a choice, right? And all the things he did to me, kidnapped me and then practiced his magic on me, I can’t get over that thát easily. Maybe you’re right about him, I don’t know.’ She stated and looked in your direction, her face not moving an inch, as if she was waiting for you to react differently.
You gave Damon an empty glass, placing it on his palm and took a deep breath before you slowly started walking towards the front door, but before you reached the hallway, you turned around on your heels and ran your fingers through your hair, everyone in the room shooting their gaze toward you.

'Just give him a chance. You won’t regret it.’ You claimed and turned around again, walking through the hallway and letting yourself out. You spent the entire afternoon walking around Mystic Falls, just to clear your mind and almost forgot you and Kai were supposed to hang out. You quickly ran home, stumbling on the couple of stairs that led right to the porch, a single light burning above the front door. You reached out your hand and twisted the door knob, finding a dark hallway and a light breeze coming through the window next to the front door. You took your shoes off and threw them next to the small table where you kept some of the things that were kind of irrelevant. You walked through the narrow hallway and reached the doors of your room as you opened them slowly and turned the light on, throwing your jacket on the chair next to your bed but right at that moment, you saw Kai sleeping on your bed, curled up in a little ball, his hair perfectly messy and looking soft as usual, his lips lightly parted, him altogether looking peaceful and so soft. You turned off the light and reached into your closet, taking out the softest blanket you had and spread it, placing it gently over Kai’s body, making sure you were being careful enough not to wake him up. You looked at him one more time and smiled as you walked out of the room and closed the doors, heading to the guest room, plopping yourself onto the bed. It didn’t took you long enough as your eyes started closing, your eyelids getting heavier and heavier with each second. You jumped under the covers, tugging on it light as you pulled the covers up a little bit, covering yourself up all the way to your chin and drifted off to sleep.

You woke up around 7:45 am in the morning and looked around, realizing you were in the guest room and not your own, remembering that Kai fell asleep on your bed. A smile appeared on your face at the thought of that, making you happy for some reason. You got up and headed to the kitchen, making some pancakes, your stomach growling from the emptiness. Your phone was in your pocket, headphones plugged in and your favorite song playing loudly enough for you to get into the rhythm and start dancing. You completely lost track of time and got into dancing, loud music blasting through the headphones stopping you from hearing anything that was happening around you. You suddenly turned around and saw Kai standing in front of you, wearing only his jeans as his upper body remained shirtless, making your breath hitch.

'Good morning!’ Kai muttered as you took off your headphones, stopping the music and placed your phone on the kitchen counter, still close to you. You swallowed hard, deep down knowing Kai has seen a lot, including your awkward dancing which you always did when you were alone.

'Morning.’ You said and flipped the last pancake, putting it on the plate and placed the plate in front of Kai. His toned torso was distracting you from focusing on his words, but somehow you managed to snap out of it.

'Did you sleep well?’ You finally asked him, a smile lighting up his face.

'Like a baby. Although, I don’t remember covering myself up last night.’ Kai said, putting a small piece of pancake into his mouth, his eyes never leaving yours.

'Yeah, about that. I covered you with that blanket.’


'Because I thought it was a nice gesture.’ You replied, sitting next to him on one of the stools, view of Kai’s bare torso distracting you again.

'And you didn’t want to wake me up, even though I did  hear when you walked in and when you covered me up.’

'Why didn’t you say anything?’ You asked him, his eyes looking directly into yours.

'Because I- I was afraid. No one’s ever done something like that and it was new. Everything is new to me and I’m just trying to fit in.’ Kai stated and showed you a weak smile, cutting the pancake into dozens of pieces but didn’t take any of them.

'Well now you have me and I’ll always take care of you. I’m gonna help you, ok? That’s what friends are for.’ You trailed off and hugged him, his strong arm wrapping around your body.

'Thank you. For being my friend. It means a lot.’ He said and smiled at you again.

'Always.’ You said and kept looking at him until he looked away as you tried to calm your heartbeat a little bit. You were happy to have a person like Kai in your life and you were ready to do everything to make the others see what a good person he is and how much he actually cares about people who also care about him.

The Rooftop

This is written for the #ChoicesCreates round 18. This will be my first time writing in this fandom. 
After reading @angelschoices​ ‘s fic, the set up kinda stuck with me and I found myself writing this. (I hope you don’t mind it.)
Book: The Royal Romance
Pairing: DrakexMC
Summary:  “Well, what can I say, you pushed your luck too far, this is now what you get, a big softie asking you what’s wrong.”
[Side Note: I will be using Riley Whittmore for the MC’s name. And the story takes place somewhere closer to the Prince’s coronation. @hollyashton @kittenmusicals ]

There was something comforting in the big dark sky, even if the stars weren’t shining. Especially after she left New York. Because no matter where she went, she could always carry the sky with her. Somehow, at some point she forgot about it, in this insane competition to set her entire life before her. Riley wasn’t a girl who lived a life with strict future plans, big committed relationships, all she wanted was to live every day to the fullest. And there she was in a small fairytale kingdom, competing not only for the most committed relationship she was gonna have with someone she met recently but an entire country. She forgot about her sky.

Until somebody reminded her again. That day, in the woods…

And there she said it. Not only she said it on the horseback riding, she screamed later again in her room to Maxwell. She was unsure of what to do. Once started falling there was no way up.

Raven haired girl stormed off, knowing she didn’t have any right of doing so. She furiously walked through the endless corridors until she came across to a door which let to the rooftop.
It was nice to see something familiar. She sat down and rested her back on a downcast.

“Hey Whittmore, you shouldn’t be here.” Riley startled with the familiar voice. As he sat down next to her, she found herself answering with a witty smile on her face.

“Neither should you.”

“Fair enough.” Drake gave a half smile. He paused for a moment and looked at her face long enough to make her feel vulnerable. “Are you okay?”
“Oh wow,” she said in a sarcastic tune. “I must look really bad or you lost your rough edges all together.”

Drake chuckled and leaned closer to whisper. “Well, what can I say, you pushed your luck too far, this is now what you get, a big softie asking you what’s wrong.”

She looked away and locked her dark blue eyes on her shoes. “Perhaps I did.”

“What?” He asked right away.

“Pushed my luck too far.” She was frowning while gazing into the distance.

Drake caught himself thinking how adorable she looked like that, so he stopped looking at her direction. By habit he started playing with the last button on his denim shirt and finally answered. “Depends. People like us only survive by pushing boundaries.”

Riley looked at him. “What kind people are we, Drake?”

He refused to look back. “Existential crisis is not good look on you, Whittmore.”
She ignored the teasing in his voice. “Drake… I mean it.”
He took a deep breath and turned his head to her. “We strive, Riley”  He paused for a moment as if he was trying to find the right word. “ We fight. We are commoners, we weren’t born into wealth, adequate, curtsy.”

“So you too think I can’t be a queen.”

Drake looked at her like she just insulted whiskey. “On the contrary, Whittmore, I think nobody could be a better queen than you.” He grumbled. “Who says that anyway, Olivia?”

“I do.” After a silent moment she confessed half of the truth. “ We had a fight with Maxwell.”

Prince’s best friend looked rather amused and waved his hand as if it was nothing. “He’s gonna be fine, he lost his ability to hold grudge at some point in college.”

She finaly broke into a smile.

“There you go.” He muttered softly.

“He is too nice.”

“I know right?” They shared a big smile that slowly faded away.

There were a few stars showing up that night. It was somewhat a cloudy night. Usually it bothered Drake, not being able to see all the stars because it would upset his sister when they couldn’t. But this time he didn’t mind it, actually he found it quite peaceful. He seemed to be getting to this conclusion whenever Riley was around. It was almost like she had a super power to make everything bearable. Drake wanted to hate that feeling. He really did.

All of a sudden she filled the silence. “I can’t do this, Drake.” Her hands were shaking so she tried to hide it. “I can’t continue.”

He was caught off guard. “You can’t.” He stuttered. “You can’t leave Liam. You can’t abandon Maxwell to his brother, or Hana in the warzone.” or me alone. “It’s not you.” He saw a spark in her eyes as he finished his sentence.

“What do you know about me? Do you know anything about who I was before this competition, do you know where I grew up, my family, what were my dreams, how many times i left, or i was abandoned?” She couldn’t manage to lower her voice.

He couldn’t get away, it felt like a magnetic pull, gathering them closer. She was somehow out of breath and there was something in his eyes that she couldn’t understand. After a moment felt like couple of centuries and the quickest seconds at the same time he managed to stop staring.
“We are made of all those who have built and broken us.” He quoted. “I don’t know who you were, but I know who you are. Your past, i’d be here to listen if you wanted me to.” Drake gathered the courage to look into her blue eyes again.  “But you can’t go.”

Riley leaned closer. “Then ask me to stay.”

“Stay.” he whispered.

“Ask me to stay for you.”

He gaped, frowned, forgot to breath. And all left into a stern expression within seconds.  “I can’t.”

“Why?” she asked hoping maybe he would convince her, prove her feelings were misplaced but mostly she hoped he’d return those feelings. She didn’t wanna think how wrong this was nor how right it felt.

Drake, on the other hand, wanted to let everything go. The guilt, the desire, the hope, the affection, everything… He wanted to be able to say the way he feels instead he said something else. “Don’t let the pressure of the court misguide you, Whittmore.” There was the Drake she first met, his soft looks turned into unwelcoming ones. He pulled himself back barely. Prince’s best friend didn’t know if he could leave. His voice cracked. “I should go.”

“Yeah.” she murmured. “You should.”
So he did.

hotackermantitan  asked:

Hi mama. I was wondering.. Do you know things to do when you're feeling bad? Things have been happening lately and it's really starting to make me feel quite worthless, actually.

Oh no, love! You’re an amazing person and you’re definitely not worthless! Remember that it might seem like that for now, but it’s just a moment of your life. Future will bring new perspectives and new chances that you can take! When I feel bad I usually sleep it off, but that doesn’t work for everyone. So what you can do is not letting the thoughts of self depreciation get you down. When you get thoughts like “I’m useless” try to battle this thought by saying to that voice in your head “No! That’s not true! I’m a human being and I can take action in my own life even if stuff looks bad right now!” there is nothing wrong with feeling down from time to time especially from outer circumstances, but please always remember that you’re worth everything! You’re amazing! You’re you and no one else is and that’s so great! So please fight those bad thoughts! If it doesn’t get better soon, please see someone about it though, like a therapist or anything. I love you! Please stay safe and take care!

What Are You? Part 4

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader (Friendship) Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing so far.

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A/N: This chapter is more about (Y/N) and Steve’s relationship, things will pick up with her and her abilities as the chapters continue. Just laying a base work of her life she has now.

The sound Matt’s face made when you sucker punched him made your stomach twist, not exactly in disgust, but not fully in excitement. You see out of the corner of your eye Sam is running towards you, pushing Matt’s hand off your arm as he holds his face, cussing you out.

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iamemeraldfox  asked:

Ugh, I'm writing a fic and I can't decide if I want to write in past or present tense. And some things sound weird in present, since I'm still not used to writing in it. So i wrote a 1.5 page in past tense, and it doesn't flow right. I don't know, do I change it? Do I leave it? Ugh. Any advice on writing present tense? How to express tone of voice and all? It's third person, from single character's perspective. Sorry for rambling, but this is so frustrating. Thanks :)

I’ve been writing in present tense for so long that everything else just feels wrong to me, so I’m not sure how much I can help. I would experiment, maybe try rewriting just to see what you think - present tense is much more immediate, and it can lend a feeling of the reader actually experiencing things/being there. If that’s the tone you’re going for, it’s great, but if you want something a little more divorced, past tense might be your best bet. 

#211: He Forgets Something Important | Part 2


Part 1 can be found on this link 

Y/B/D: Your Birth Date

So here’s the part 2, it’s been highly requested since I posted the first part and it’s also been a while since I’ve made a multiavle parts preference. Much more to come in the future :-) x


”Wait, before you leave you gotta remember this. I know, it wasn’t on the wish list but I think she will like it very much.” Luke furrowed his eyebrows confused by Ashton’s sudden words, watching him reach down in his pocket to take a small box wrapped up in paper and a small bow on top. He pushed it over the bar table with a happy smile on his face, but his face changed when he saw the confusion on Luke’s. “What?” He questioned when trying to read Luke’s face. “What’s the occasion?” The blond haired boy questioned and fiddled with the small gift between his fingers. “You’re kidding, right?” Ashton was smiling but only because he thought Luke was joking, the smile fading away when Luke shook his head. “It’s Y/N’s birthday.” “No it’s not.” Luke highly disagreed after taking a sip on his beer. “Her birthday isn’t until Friday, I’ve already planned out everything. But I will make sure that she will get this then since I assume you won’t be available to come?” Ashton’s eyes widened further and further as Luke kept on talking, his jaw falling slightly. “It is today, Luke.” Michael chirped in from the other side, having the same confusion on his face and furrowed eyebrows. “No it’s not the Y/B/D until Friday I just told you.” It was as if he was starting to become angry by them rooting against him but he became completely quiet when Michael grabbed his phone and showed him the calendar. No words were spoken for a full minute before Luke’s eyes widened to the point of popping out of his face, almost knocking down his beer in the process. “No fucking way!” He had to control the volume of his voice, looking between them in disbelief but they nodded their heads in agreement. “Why didn’t you tell me anything!?” “Well I didn’t expect that I would have to remain you of your girlfriend for two years’ birthday?” Ashton’s disagreed with wide eyes, watching Luke furiously stand up from his bar seat and pulled his jacket over his shoulder. He barely got the chance to say the slightest goodbye before he had thrown cash onto the counter, probably tipping a bit more than usual but he didn’t have the chance to look. He needed to get out of his place as fast as possible in search for you.


“Man, what the hell is going on with your phone it keeps buzzing all the time. Did you forget to turn off all social media notifications after switching your phone back to our Australian one?” Michael questioned with his eyebrows furrowed, he had been listening to Calum’s phone buzzing in his denim jacket for the whole right from your house, it was starting to get on his nerves but he had kept quiet at first. “I don’t really know but I also received a few phone calls this morning, sadly I missed them because I slept through my alarm. Just take it out and turn it off sound it’s totally disturbing my concentration on the road.” Calum replied back, hands on the steering wheel and moved his hand down to switch the gear. Michael did as told with a satisfied smile on his face the second he had Calum’s phone pulled out from his jacket. He used his thumb to turn off the sounds, but that was when he accidentally turned on the screen and furrowed his eyebrow confused. “What’s with all these congratulations? Is it yours and Y/N’s anniversary? If so, congrats mate!” Calum looked away from the road just for a short moment and furrowed his eyebrows confused. “What do you mean it’s our anniversary, it’s not May the-, Oh my fucking god it’s May the 2nd!” It was as if time froze completely by his realization, his feet literally hammering down onto the break and took a sharp turn to the right by a gas station. Michael made a huge sound by the sudden action, his whole body falling forward in his seat and eyes looking over at Cal wide eyed. “Are you kidding me did you fucking forget your first anniversary? Dude that is so wrong on so many levels.” Michael’s voice was only faint in the background to Calum, he didn’t have the time to think, everything seemed to crash down at him at once. He had totally forgot, he wasn’t supposed to but it had slipped out completely. The pain in his stomach couldn’t compare to anything else and he reversed the car around the gas station to head back from where they had started. “What are you planning on?” Michael questioned, grabbing harshly onto the handle above the window by Calum’s speed. “Forget about the recordings. Flower shop, now.”


“There’s this party that I’ve been invited to on Friday, it’s this really random one down by the beach but beer is free and I assume everyone will show up in their bathing suits so that is kind of cool. Who wants to join?” Ashton questioned and looked between the three with a promising smirk on his face, wiggling his phone in the air that showed he had been invited over a Facebook event. “I’m in.” Calum replied and sat up to look at his phone as well. “Sure, why not.” Luke agreed, feet resting on top of Michael’s lap and his head laid on the armrest of the couch. “Which day is it?” Michael asked just to be sure of any planning that evening, his eyebrows furrowing but before one of the guys got the chance to answer anything his eyes widened and his jaw fell. “Oh no.” He mumbled quietly to himself, he almost couldn’t believe it. “What’s wrong?” Luke asked confused and eyes widened when Michael rose up from his seat and barely cared about his legs. He paced around back and forth in confusion without saying a word, too stunned to believe his own mistake and ran his hand through his hair repeatedly. “It’s April the 16th!” He exclaimed loudly as if it was supposed to ring any bells, the boys looking between each other in confusion. “She’s sitting there-,” Michael paused to take a breath, he couldn’t figure out what to do with himself. “She’s sitting under the cherry tree and she’s probably waiting for me I’m not even sure how long and if she have been waiting for hours I can’t-,” He looked up at the clock to see the time, it was almost passing by nine and he mentally kicked himself not noticing it. He had been aware of the date all day, a few days before he had even made sure to plan everything out but the days had come before him. “Does anyone know what he is talking about?” Ashton questioned confused to break the silence, the others shaking their heads because they had absolutely no clue. “I need to fix this mess before it gets worse.” IT was as if Michael had completely forgotten they were there on the couches and he rushed towards the fridge to open it, taking out whatever Calum and Ashton had before he was out of the door.


“Can you make that an octave higher? I just want something to blend out in the background.” Ashton sat carefully with his fingers pressed into his chin, listening carefully what the producer had to say and watched Luke inside of the booth nodding his head agreeing. They had been sitting like this all morning, the progress was really slow and safe to say, Ashton was starting to grow bored. His fingers were swinging around the drumsticks in the air, sometimes drumming down on his leg and swirling around on his chair. He had been waiting for his turn all morning and it was a satisfied smile that came to his face once Luke was done. “So,” The blond haired boy questioned the second he was out of the booth. “How was Daniel’s first day of school?” “What?” Ashton was quick to answer, stopping with the air drumming. “Daniel? You know your son? Y/N just posted a picture of him on Instagram, I saw it while being in the booth?” Luke leaned his head on top of Ashton’s chair to show him the photo, the curly haired lad rising up from his chair in one fast movement. “That was today!?” The confusion was clear on his face, his jaw almost touching his feet. “You didn’t know?” Luke questioned and had to take a step back. “Does it look like I remembered?” Ashton’s voice rose an octave and he hurried towards the couch to get his jacket. “What did it look like on the photo? Was he inside or what because maybe I can still make it in time.” “But Ashton, we’re far from done with the recording we haven’t even started with you yet!” The producer argued, not that he thought it would have any impact because Ashton was already heading towards the door. “This is my son we’re talking about and this is one of his most special, most important but also one of his most scariest days in his life! And until now I’ve totally forgotten about it so now I have to not only deal with a son that is most probably sad but also a girlfriend that will rip my head off in the process. We can do the recordings later, tomorrow, the day after or next week I don’t care.” Ashton took a deep breath to calm down and opened the door. “But I need to be there now!”

Fool Me Once | Zen/Hyun Ryu x Reader

RATING: General | GENRE: Angst/Hurt/Comfort | WORD COUNT: 1,256
SUMMARY: You’re scared of Zen and how he might hurt you; he reassures you that there’s nothing to fear.
NOTE: This is more of a vent fic because I’m sad, so I’m not entirely sure if the story actually makes sense? I’m sorry ;;

Who knew that such a beautiful and perfect being could strike so much fear into you with just a single glance?

Who knew that such feather-like touches could burn your skin like the sun?

Who knew that falling in love would be so terrifying?

Zen doesn’t know what to do. The two of you have confessed to sharing your feelings for each other, so why is that you would always recoil away whenever he tried to touch you? Maybe you just weren’t ready for physical intimacy, no matter how small, and Zen was more than willing to give you the space that you wanted. He was willing to wait until you were ready to have him stroke your cheek, or pat your head, or hold your hand. That wasn’t the problem.

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No Easy Way Out (F!Corrin x Leo)

A submission by @maroon-kirisame

A/N: This is such a mess and I blame Rocky IV. I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

Corrin knew this was a difficult decision, siding with Nohr. She knew this wouldn’t be an easy route. In fact, she was sure that siding with Hoshido would be just as difficult. However, if she had chosen Hoshido over Nohr, she wouldn’t be constantly tormented by Garon’s lackeys, nor would she and her family have to resort to subterfuge to keep him from discovering their motives. And Yukimura was actually an honest man, unlike Iago.

She could’ve spent time flying over the Hoshidan countryside on Hinoka’s Pegasus. Learning how to use a bow and arrow with Takumi. Helping Sakura with her confidence issues. Reminiscing about old memories with Ryoma.

But that wasn’t happening, nor would it likely ever happen. She didn’t choose Hoshido. How could she choose a family that felt like complete strangers to her? Part of her wishes she had. The recent battle against Takumi emotionally exhausted her. He wasn’t acting right. She understood his anger at her betrayal, but what of everything else? His odd behaviour had thrown up numerous red flags that something was wrong.

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I Don’t Love You Like I Did Yesterday (Andy Biersack)


ALSO, Half the credit for this imagine goes to @bands-are-my-life–kimberly for idea, thanks love. <3

You pull away from James, squeezing your eyes tight before opening them. The brown eyed boy gave you a confused look. You sigh and look down.

“Still thinking of him?”

“I’m sorry.” You mumble, turning away.

“It’s okay, but look Y/N…..”

“I know, I know….. I need to tell him.” You whisper ashamed. You couldn’t believe that you were doing this. You always swore to yourself that you would never cheat, you had seen it happen many times and saw how hurt one person or both got in the end, yet here you were.

You tried to convince yourself it wasn’t cheating for a while. You told yourself you had just fallen in love with someone else, and that you would tell him and everything would be okay.

Except you didn’t, and here you were, knowing even knowing who you were anymore.

You had been with Andy for a few months before meeting James. You always felt happy around Andy, he had been your best friend and you two decided to try dating, and it went great for a few weeks until it started not feeling like a relationship to you. It felt like you somehow went back to being friends that hugged and kissed sometimes. There was no spark, and you had no idea if Andy felt the same, he always smiled and was pretty happy around you, but you had seen him in past relationships like it as well.

When you met James, he was a coworker at the bookstore you worked at. He helped you learn the guidelines and helped put away books with you. He never asked if you had a boyfriend and you never bought it up. You find yourself developing a small crush on him and you shook it off, telling yourself you had Andy, and that he was just attracted, you knew that from the amount of girls that was no so cluelessly ask him where a book was just to walk with him and make a small conversation. It was one Saturday night you had to work the late shift and James offering to take you for coffee, that’s when he kissed you and you kissed back, damn it.

That kiss made your knees tremble and you didn’t want to leave him that night. You didn’t realize how horrible it sounded until you got home. You were sleepless that night and you went along with it. Eventually, James found out about Andy when he surprised you at the store with lunch and pecked your faces with kisses before leaving. But instead of James freaking out, all he asked you was if you loved him, and before you could even think, the word fell off your tongue.


You told James you couldn’t tell him, not now, that it wasn’t a good time, and you found yourself saying that more and more with every date you had behind his back.

You felt it eating the insides of you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell Andy, you couldn’t break his happiness, and James surprisely accepted it, telling you to take your time, but he thought it’d be best to just tell him and save him from getting hurt worse if he found out that you had been dating James for almost a month.

“You’ve been holding off for a week now Y/N. You told me you’d tell him last Saturday when he invited you over for movies.”


“It’s making me question if you actually love him.”

“No! I don’t I- I meant…. I know that sounds horrible of me but, I still care about his feelings. James, I’ve been there for Andy through some of his toughest times and he gets hurt so easily. I told myself I would never hurt someone so important, but here I am being a whore.”

James wraps his arm around you.

“You are not a whore, listen, you can’t help who you fall in love with! Just… tell him that you wanted to give it some time, that you wanted to wait and see if it would work out but you just haven’t felt anything and…. You found someone you think you love.”

You knew it was the truth, but why did it feel like lying?

“I know I just….” You phone buzzes and you quickly unlock it, seeing it’s Andy.

“He wants me to come over and hang out in an hour.”

James squeezes your arm. “This is your chance to tell him Y/N, You need to. You need to stop holding it off.”

“I know, I know.” You ran your hands over your face. How did you get yourself into such a mess?

“Go, it’s okay. Just tell him.” He presses a kiss to your head as you get up, slipping on your shoes and jacket, texting a reply to Andy as you head out the door.

You knock on the door, taking a deep breath. You felt your knees shake, in the bad way. You felt sweaty and felt like you could vomit at any moment. Tears were stinging your eyes and you squeeze them shut. You swore you weren’t going to cry. You wanted to make this hurt him as least as possible, and you knew that was going to be hard.

Andy opens the day and smiles, pulling you into a hug. “Hey love.”

You give a small smile. “Hey.”

“I know it was kind of random, I just wanted to see you. We can watch some movies if you’d like, or go get something to eat.”

“Actually, I…. I have to go in a few, I forgot there’s some… stuff I have to do but…. Can we talk?”

Andy’s smile disappears and is replaced with a serious and worried face.

“Yeah, of course, come sit and-“

“I’d rather just tell you here and now.”

He frowns deeper. “Is everything okay, are you okay? You seem really-“

“Andy I-“ You felt something sting your throat and you were hoping it was just nerves and not puke.

“I…. I can’t do this….” You feel your voice tremble and a tear slip down your cheek.

“What? Do what? Y/N, what’s wrong?”

You let out a small sob as you wipe at your face quickly. You’re already fucking up Y/N.

“Y/N, please talk to me.”

“I…. I don’t…. Andy I….. I found someone else and I… I don’t love you. I can’t….. I don’t know how to tell you any other way then just spitting it out but…..”

His face whitens and everything goes silent.

“You…. What? What do I do wrong?”

You shake your head, more tears slipping down your cheeks. “You didn’t do anything but try to be an amazing boyfriend but Andy I…. I haven’t really felt anything since that first week we started dating, I’ve never felt any…. Any spark with you. I just feel like we’re friends that kiss.” You let out another small sob.

You see Andy’s eyes water slightly.

“I…. I can try harder, I can-“

“Andy, no. You don’t understand. You can’t make someone fall in love with you and just…”

He begins to shake his head. “No, please….. I love you, I’m in love with you. You didn’t force me to….. I did, it was all me please….” His voice starts going quiet and you know he’s going to start crying.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I’m fucking this up, I’m so sorry that you fell in love with me but Andy I just…. I can’t see myself with you and…”

“I need you though.” He whispers, looking straight at you. You look down and wipe your eyes again, knowing it’s not going to probably do any good.

“Andy I…. I find someone else, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“But clearly I didn’t do something right.” His voice cracks and it makes more tears form.

“Andy, please…. You did everything and…. Some girl is going to be really lucky to have you it’s just not going to be me. You will find someone so much better than me, in every way.”

“How the hell am I supposed to do that when all I can think about is you?” He sobs out, looking at me. I break eye contact, he takes a step forward.

“No, Y/N look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want me, that you don’t love me.”

How the hell were you going to do that when you couldn’t even look his way.


“Tell me, do it.” He begs. You look at him, tears streaming down your face.

“Andy I don’t love you.”

He looks at you another moment before sighing, turning around.

“Andy, I just want you to know that you didn’t do anything wrong, okay? You are a great boyfriend, I just don’t want to be with you in that way. I… I know it’s probably a horrible idea but… I still want you to be my best friend because I don’t want to lose you, I care about you.”

“How the hell am I going to do that? Only be friends with the girl I’m in love with? Knowing I fucked up my chance with the girl that’s in my head all day and night?”

“You… You didn’t fucked up Andy, I just….”

“You should just go, go be him, make him happy, be happy with him.” He blurts out, not turning around.


“No.” He turns around, bloodshot eyes staring daggers into yours. “All I ever wanted was for you to be happy and… if it’s not with me….. fine. Go.”

“Andy I…. I don’t want you to be hurt over me.”

He gives a cold laugh. “I’ve been hurt before, I think I’ll be okay, or even if I’m not, who cares.”

“I care.” He shakes his head, turning around. “You should go.”

You stand there shocked. You wipe your eyes more. “Andy please I-“

“You should just go.” He repeats.

You swallow and nod sadly, even though he can’t see it.

“I hope you don’t hate me.” You whisper, turning around and walking out, shutting the door and letting out another sob of sadness as you go to your car.

Andy stays inside, he could go after you. He could run, grab you by the arm and kiss you. But he doesn’t because he can’t. You are someone else’s now. He wipes his eyes quickly, sighing.

“I could never hate the love of my life.” He thinks, before walking back to his room.


I hope you guys liked it though, feedback is always nice and I could possibly do a part 2 if you want? Like me know! (:

Imagine Request - Pregnancy Problems

Your such a good writer ! Do u think u can do an imagine on where your in second trimester and your having some pregency problems and u have to be in bed rest and Justin really worried

“Obviously, this isn’t a positive situation to be in during pregnancy; the mother shouldn’t be feeling this much discomfort at this stage.” The doctor looked at us both sympathetically.

“S-So, what does this mean?” I hesitated, gripping onto Justin’s hand while he looked down and ran a hand through his hair with the other.

“We’re going to make sure everything’s okay by keeping you here for a few days. Is that okay?” I sighed and nodded, but smiling weakly. “You’ll have everything you need while you’re here, and whenever you want or need anything, you can press the buzzer. I’ll be back in a few moments.” He smiled at us and headed for the door.

Once he was out the door, I turned to Justin who hadn’t spoken in a while. “Justin?” I whispered, not being able to see his face from where I was sat on the bed.

“I can’t deal with this, [Y/N]. What if something’s really wrong? What if they can’t help us? What if-”

“Justin, it’s going to be okay.” I interupted his rambling. “Come here.” I opened my arms for him. He stood up and embraced me gratefully.

“I just want this so much.” He mumbled into my hair. “This was meant to happen, I know it was.” He tightened his grip.

“We’re going to have this baby, maybe they’re just a little eager to get out.” I smiled and shrugged, looking up at him as he smiled.

“I love you both so much.” His hands trailed down my body and to my bump. “You gotta stop hurting mommy, you’re getting us worried.” He got to his knees and whispered to my stomach, making me smile.

“We love you and we can’t wait to see you, but it’s not time yet.” He pecked my stomach.

“You’re so cute.” I smiled warmly down at him, running my hand through his hair.

“I don’t know what I’d do with myself if something’s wrong.” He quietened down, resting his chin on my thigh. “We worked so hard for this, I can’t lose it.” His voice broke mid sentence, making my heart strings tighten.

“If something is wrong, we’ll fight through it like we do everything. Right?” I looked down at him to see him with his eyes closed.

“Mhm.” He breathed out. The air was soaked with tension and worry, neither of us spoke; we didn’t know what else to say.