Twilight is a massive reason for my love of vampires, I won’t even lie to you there. You guys know this about me.

Werewolves are something I’ve loved ever since I realized they were a thing, though. 

I was the weird wolf girl in elementary school. I had wolf blankets, wolf shirts, wolf socks, wolf everything. I went through a phase where I thought I literally was a werewolf for awhile.

The Twilight happened and I was like oh my god.

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Honestly, I don't think that waiting will worth it, really. Don't you think that we already spend so much time just waiting? And nothing happened, just a bit waste of 40 pages. I grew up reading this manga, I'm not a teenager anymore, but Hino didn't really care about her readers expectations (and their ages) I don't know how could she show us that Zero and Yuki have Ren, if they're not even in relationships with each other. And VKM already have 253 pages I guess Lala close it soon.but thank u

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I don’t think you get it, anon. It’s only been the second chapter. The SECOND CHAPTER. Do you really think Zero and Yuki are going to get together and have baby Ren in ONE chapter? That’s like skipping 60+ years in the timeline?? That’s not how stories work, or rather, successful ones. Honestly what kind of story would that be? And if you’re so worried about VKM ending fast, why do you want to skip that far ahead?? Hino already established the ending, you know they get together obviously so why are you even questioning how Zero and Yuki will have Ren if they’re not together??? WE ALREADY KNOW THEY DO JUST WAIT.

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And the 253 pages thing was actually the page number the chapter started in the magazine…not the amount of pages VKM has… 

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years and years ago i was writing a series of vampire stories featuring original characters. they would have taken place in the eighties and the premise of the stories was rooted in the concept that vampires would have dubiously legal blood banks similar to medical marijuana facilities. ANYWAY, they were great but mostly written in response to my ex-boyfriend loving vampire fiction and wanting to bring his collection of twilight novels in our then-shared home, which honestly should have been one of many red flags. so, last night i was telling @wortwood about this coulda-been series, describing the Lead Vampire as looking like “a young colin firth,” to which she responded NO, and then started drawing pictures of him in the car today. the first one she says is NOT inspired by 2005 pete wentz (liar) and the next she said was “his second season look.” i hate this.

That moment when you’re halfway through a book and you realize you’ve been spelling a characters name wrong the whole time.


Mod: I don’t have rl wife and I don’t want talk about Iris’ mother…for other daughters I do have others. With walking between worlds you tend to meet some ladies and lovely night or nights together…or scary night with Alina’s mother. Here is the four other daughters I have that with some lovely ladies and they work in my facility where I make worlds and creatures.

Name: Branna

Position: Soul Keeper - Keeps track of all beings in the facility and make sure they are in the right place

Race: Dullahan

Height: 4′4″ (headless) 5′4″ (with head)

Mother: Lala (monster musume no iru nichijou)


  • Madness Shadow - She can create anything with the blackness that come out her neck. If mortal touches it the ill effect may cause madness for short period.
  • Tracking - She can track down anything Cross makes and allows her do her job with easy.
  • Immortal
  • Traveling Between worlds

Name: Kiyomi

Position: Seamstress - Creates all the clothing for all the creatures that Cross makes that wears clothing

Race: Yuki-onna

Height: 5′10″

Mother: Shirayuki Mizore


  • Cryokinesis - As a Yuki-Onna, Kiyomi has almost complete control over ice at will. Meaning that she can freeze and then control any form of water and her attacks are all water or ice-based. She can create anything that she wishes and her ice usually takes the form of either ice claws or ice projectiles.
  • Immortal
  • Super strength
  • Madness Eyes - Her eyes is same as her father but no control of them and if you look into them you will either freeze in fear or go insane. The reasoning she has her eyes closed and even without her eyes’ effect everyone in family stiffen up in fear as it means she is angry.

Name: Maple

Position: Muscle - She is the one that moves things around when she is order to do and if larger creatures escape when Cross is away she is called to capture them.

Race: Vampire

Height: 4′4″

Mother: Seras Victoria


  • Immoral
  • Rivalry - To be bodily strongest thing in the room Cross gave her this ability and it makes her ten folds stronger than the strongest being in the room. If the being in the room is weaker than her base strength she will stay on her base strength
  • Superhuman speed/reflexes
  • Regeneration
  • Superhuman senses
  • Familiar summoning - From anyone she drank from and she often use them as lasso for creatures that escape.

Name: Alina

Position: Secretary - she keeps files in order and will try her best to make some kind of order in the madness of Cross’ filing.

Race: Fear Spirit

Height: 6′5″

Mother: Slenderwoman (rule 63 slenderman)


  • Invisible Tentacles/Limbs - From her back comes out invisible Tentacles/Limbs that allow her to sort through the files but also sneak attack an enemy or scare someone
  • Slender Walking - allowing her to teleport from one point to another virtually anywhere instantly and often without any physical indication of the teleportation.
  • 360 View - Her senses are so tuned it allows her sense everything around her and making it impossible to sneak up or around her.
  • Immortal
  • Short Invisible

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Lyric here, former SHSL Mythology Nerd. XD Headcanons for what the DR casts could be (warning, genders will not always match): Celeste - Selene (goddess/personification of the moon and 'mother' of vampires), Makoto - Caerus (minor god of luck and opportunity), Ishimaru - Eunomia (Minor goddess of law and legislation), Mikan - Asclepius (god of medicine and health), Yasuhiro - Maybe Apollo? (god of prophecy, sun, music, etc), Sakura - Nike (goddess of victory) (1/??)

Oh hey there Shark Mom <3 THIS IS COOL AS HELL LIKE? HOLY CRAP I really wanna read a Gods/Goddessess Danganronpa fic now WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Celes being the “mother of vampires”??? Nekomaru as Heracles?!?!!? AND YA BOI KAZUICHI AS THE GOD OF BLACKSMITHING AND FIRE???? HOW AWESOME IS THIS I WANNA TALK ABOUT THIS FOR 1000 YEARS PLS (bonus points if Gundam acts like a big deal even tho he’s only a minor God BLESS HIM) ~ Mod Oddish

Fanfic writers appreciation day

Rec list - part 2

(see part 1)

No particular order, one fic by author.

if you are not on that list or the other one, it doesn’t mean what you write is not good. I don’t have time to read everything, sadly…


Behind those Eyes by @plz-dont-call-me-val

Anders Johnson/John Mitchell

John Mitchell just wanted to be left alone; to have a quiet, peaceful life in New Zealand where he went to live after saving his friends but the human vessel of a certain Norse God wouldn’t leave him be. Anders Johnson had met an Irish man he couldn’t figure out; the brunet didn’t respond to him like a human should and Anders needed to find out why. (…)


Of Gods and Vampires by HelAuditore (@helswriting)

Anders Johnson/John Mitchell

They may be different worlds, those of Norse Gods and Vampires, but they have some things in common: Secrecy and anonymity. And what happens when these two worlds come together? John Mitchell and Anders Johnson might have the answers.


Devils of Truth by @saucywenchwritingblog

Fili/Kili (unrelated)

All Fili remembers is being a slave, a warrior and guard for his master. He has a new master now, and adjustments to be made.


The horror at Erebor Island by Chelidona (Hobbity) ,@mayyourbeardnevergrowthin

Garda Fíli Nolan is sent to the remote island of Erebor as a holiday replacement for serjeant Dori Kenefick.
Garda Kíli O’Shea, the second policeman on the island, is less than pleased to be given a guard from Dublin as a partner. But when dead whales are found on a beach, killed by a beast larger than anything that should be in the Irish sea, and resident drunk Bofur finds a monster in his lobster pot, Garda O’Shea might find that he needs all the help he can get to save his beloved island…