THE TELEVISION for me continues

Ahhh. It’s so very, very nice to see...

…that despite the episode having barely begun, we’re already gettings scenes…

…such as Shaggy’s shirt absorbing a massive puddle in 1/12th of a second.

The classics. They just don’t disappoint.

Did Goober and the Ghost Chasers have hyperabsorbant t-shirt continuity? I think not.

Reddie First Kiss

The color of the sky outside of Richie’s bedroom window was a hazy orange, the color of watered down soda at a cheap diner. Staring out at it calmed Eddie’s nerves as he sat on the edge of the bed waiting for the other boy to come back from the kitchen with the snacks he had promised. Eddie couldn’t quite understand why he was so nervous, he was 16 for Pete’s sake and had been in Richie’s room too many times to count.

And yet here he was staring into the sheets of Richie’s unmade bed halfway between wanting to take a puff from his inhaler to get over what a mess it was and wanting to bury his head in the covers just to get a hint of the soapy smell of Richie’s hair. Dizzy with indecision and the plaid of the pillow cover Eddie heard Richie’s voice shout from the hall and felt his heart rise up in his throat, he pushed it down quick almost wishing he didn’t have to.

“Okay I will!…No they’ll be over later!…No!…NO. MOM NO WE’RE PARTNERS…It’s a project!…They’ll ring the bell!…Thanks mom!”

The door slammed open and Eddie mentally slapped himself to get back into character, the mild-mannered best friend working on a history project; stressed out, distant, and occasionally conversational. Also very secretly in what Bill called ‘love’ but Eddie wouldn’t believe that for a second. In love with the Trashmouth? Give me a break—

“What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” Richie said walking into the room carrying a box of cookies under one arm and two glasses of milk in his hands. He pushed his glasses up on his nose with his wrist and smiled that goofy crooked smile that made Eddie’s heart sing.

Holy fuck.

Eddie cleared his throat and pulled his eyes back to his notebook where he noticed a old doodle on the bottom corner of the page of his and Richie’s initials inside an arrow-impaled heart. The book was closed and thrown in his bag to be burned at a later date.

“Well you were the one in the kitchen,” Eddie said ignoring how close Richie decided to collapse next to him. It took everything he had to keep from moving the strand of hair that was stuck to the side of his glasses. “I thought you were bringing saltines.”

“Yea I thought about it and then I remembered that saltines are for losers, Eds. This stuff is the real deal.” He said handing him a glass of milk, Eddie rested it on the side table next to him. “Besides, I love you.”

The world spun out of control as Eddie fell off the bed onto the hardwood floor. Gripping his inhaler he took a swing panting only half aware that Richie was trying to hoist him back on the bed.

“Jesus Eddie, are you okay?” Richie exclaimed sitting the smaller boy down next to him. His eyes were non-comical, edging with concern, Eddie felt a bead of sweat run down his forehead. This was possibly the worst feeling in the world.

“Sorry, I just—I fell.”

“No shit Sherlock,” Richie chuckled giving his shoulder a tight squeeze, he turned a got a cookie from the box and handed it over. “Here, chocolate is great for this kind of light headedness stuff.”

“Thanks,” Eddie said, his nerves jumped when he touched the tip of his fingers. “What did you say before?”

“That the brand is new?” Richie answered confused, Eddie sighed almost happy and sad at the same time turning back to his textbook. Eddie had been acting real strange lately, Richie hoped it wasn’t because of him.

Jeez was it slipping out that he liked him? He hoped to god not, he’d been trying so desperately to keep it under wraps but then he’d say shit like ‘what’s cookin’ good lookin’’ and want to shoot himself. Way to keep it on the DL Trashmouth, way to go.

Richie decided to keep things as undramatic as possible taking the other textbook in his lap and highlighting short paragraphs. Being absolutely silent was preferable to confessing his annoyingly prevalent crush, his motormouth was not to be trusted.

After a while Eddie couldn’t take it anymore, he looked up from his own book and risked a glance over to Richie who was leaning against the pale blue wall behind the bed, eyes on his book stuffing cookies into his face on occasion. He looked so peaceful, his chest rose slightly with each breath and he twiddled his highlighter around his fingers like a drumstick, Eddie wanted to scream. He slammed his book shut and stood from the bed.

Richie jumped slightly and tried not to focus on how adorable Eddie looked with his arms crossed against his chest, eyebrows furrowed in intense concentration and more on why he was so goddamn upset all of a sudden.

“Hit your head, Eds?” Richie chuckled nervously, going back to his highlighting. Perhaps if he pretended nothing was wrong, then nothing would be wrong. Of course that approach was massively unsuccessful when he tried to block out his feelings in the first place but hey, second time’s the charm. Eddie reached out and grabbed the book from his hands throwing it onto the nightstand.

“Don’t call me Eds,” Eddie said cheeks burning at the nickname that he secretly adored. “You’re being weird, Richie.”

“Weird? Eds, you had a fucking asthma attack when I brought up cookies!”

“Stop calling me that!”

“I’m sorry it’s a habit!”



“STOP SHOUTING UP THERE!” Richie’s mom called from downstairs, they remained dead quiet until the mutterings of the afternoon soap opera continued on the television.

“Eddie you’re giving me a heart attack what’s wrong with you?” Richie whispered violently.

“What’s wrong with me?” Eddie threw his head back laughing. “Rich you just said the word ‘considerate’ with absolutely no joke attached who are you?”


“No! You’re so nice all the time these days’s I don’t understand you’ve just changed.”

“Well you keep tripping over your words whenever we hang out Eddie—”

“I know,” Eddie hissed. “I can’t help it, I’m a social disaster.”

“We’re both different if anything and I have no idea why I’m so nice to you but I can’t stop it’s awful I hate it.”

Eddie looked to the ceiling and sighed before he heard Richie laugh from the bed. He was trying to contain himself and failing horribly causing Eddie to start laughing despite their situation.

“What is it?” Eddie managed through his smile, Richie only laughed harder. “Rich what the fuck man this is a very serious thing.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said calming down slightly. “When you put the book down on the nightstand some of the milk splashed up and it landed on your pants and it looks like you peed yourself a little.”

Looking down Eddie saw that that it could be a common misconception that his bladder had given way a little and besides everything, started to laugh again. Richie leaned over to the nightstand and handed him a tissue. Wiping it only caused it to spread to an even more sizable spot.

“It’s gigantic now,” Eddie complained unconsciously before he noticed what he’d said.

“Hey that’s exactly what your mom said last night,” Richie said, Eddie looked up from the stain and smiled back at him.

“There you are,” he said happy to see his Richie finally sitting on the bed, a faint blush spreading over his cheeks.

“Just sit down with me it’ll dry itself off, you look like an idiot standing up there,” Richie assured him. Eddie sat crosslegged facing the other boy, the box of cookies between them.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so nice to you,” Richie said turning a cookie over in his hands. “I’d like to be an asshole again but, I don’t know it’s stupid.”

“What’s stupid?” Eddie asked taking a bite, the cookies were incredible.

“I’ll be myself around everyone else and then I’ll get to you and I’ll just feel the need to take care of you Eds-Eddie. I know you’re not a weakling but you’re my best friend and this is going to sound weird but I almost feel like I want you to be more than that sometimes. It scares the hell out of me. Do you see what I’m saying? Please tell me you see what I’m saying—“

Eddie leaned over the cookies and wrapped Richie in a hug which was immediately returned. They stayed like that in the quiet holding onto each other as if the world depended on it for the next few minutes and that almost felt like everything that needed to be said.

“I was talking to Bill yesterday and he told me I’m in love,” Eddie said over Richie’s shoulder, Richie blinked.

“Heavy stuff,” Richie croaked, Eddie stifled a giggle.

“Yea I know.” They broke away and sat down again. “But he was in love with Beverly so I guess he knows a thing or two. All I’m saying is that every time I see you I just get so overwhelmed, my heart does this weird fluttery thing and at first I thought I was dying.”

“Oh shit me too, fuck Eds are we dying?” Richie asked concerned. Eddie shook his head smiling. How did he live before meeting this boy?

“No, no, apparently that’s what you feel when you love someone. And if you’re with that person then the fluttering stops eventually and you’re just calm for once and happy.”

Richie felt hope swell in his chest for the first time in months as he watched Eddie’s hand float over his own on top of the box of cookies. Could this be it, was he in love with Eddie and the stress weighing down on his shoulders could finally disappear? Richie bent his fingers and rested Eddie’s hand in his own giving it a squeeze.

“Now I think Bill is mostly crazy, and I don’t think I love you. But I do like you kind of a lot, more than anyone I’ve met in the world, that must mean something.”

“Ugh goddamnit,” Eddie sighed looking at Richie’s face disappointed. Richie blinked.

“What ‘ugh goddamnit’? We’re having a fucking moment here Eds.” Eddie laughed.

“No it’s just you have cookie crumbs all over your face,” Eddie said picking out a tissue from the table.

“Shit, where?”

“Just close your eyes it’s all over your face I’ll get it.”

Richie obeyed without argument, he wouldn’t have the first real moment he was having with Eddie Kaspbrak be ruined by some sort of mess on his face. Then suddenly he felt a gentle pressure on his lips that didn’t feel at all like a tissue. Opening his eyes he saw Eddie’s face closer than he had ever imagined a person’s face could be.

Holy shit we’re kissing, this is a kiss what the shit?

He moved the cookie box aside and shifted himself closer closing his eyes again as he found that it was actually easier to kiss that way. Eddie pulled himself away to see if he’d gone too far with this whole kiss thing only to see Richie smiling wider than he had ever seen before.

Richie held the sides of Eddie’s face gently and went in again, this time in a way where their noses weren’t squashed together. After a few minutes of trying different things they pulled and leaned against each other and the pale blue wall, breathing a bit heavier than before.

“That was fantastic,” Richie laughed lightly. He didn’t think he’d ever been so happy in his life.

“Oh my gosh you wouldn’t believe it, that’s exactly what your mom said last night,” Eddie said. Richie looked over amazed at the unbelievably smug boy sitting next to him and rested his head on his shoulder.

“Yea I take it back I love you,” Richie said, Eddie kissed the top of his head.

“I love you too.”

Alright but those matching LADS/GENTS tattoos - they totally got those when there were just six of them, pre-Jeremy. And its not like it’s the crew symbol, some initiation all members go through; It was something of an in-joke, the product of years of camaraderie, of absurd stories and silly team names, of family. Not the kind of thing you just fob off on whatever new guy comes along and joins the crew. So for the longest time Jeremy’s knuckles stay bare.

Even when it becomes clear that he is one of the Lads, accepted into the group, brought along on all extracurricular adventures, the whole nine yards, it doesn’t come up. Time passes, bonding happens, and eventually they can barely remember what is was like before Jeremy was with them; but now that it might be appropriate it seems like kind of a weird thing for them to offer. A strange uncomfortable conversation no one wants to have, so no one does.

And it’s not like it’s something Jeremy is sitting around waiting for, not something he thinks of as a stepping stone he will eventually earn; it’s not exactly something he can just ask about, really, and at the end of the day they’re just tattoos. Its just, its hard not to think about it sometimes. When the other Lad’s knock together matching letters in victorious fist-bumps, or Ryan pointedly drums his fingers when Gavin’s trying to boss him about or some observant asshole flat-out sneers at Jeremy’s bare knuckles. Not important, exactly, but still something. A point of separation he’s totally unbothered by except for the darker moments when he’s not.

So when a particularly nasty job finds Jeremy waking up in Caleb’s make-shift hospital, familiar cotton-brained fog of painkillers blurring his mind, he doesn’t take any more notice of the unusual way his knuckles are burning than he does any of his other aches and pains. Honestly barely registers the dull throb underneath the sharper notes promising breaks and burns and what is quite possibly a bullet wound. It’s not until he lifts his hand, the only wrapped part of his otherwise uninjured arm, that an inkling of disbelief edges into his clearing thoughts. An unbelievable thought Jeremy almost instantly confirms when slowly peeling back the edge of the wrap reveals that familiar lettering, unmistakable after all the time he’s spent trying not to stare at them.

And god, isn’t that horrifying. A complete trespass on his person, unnecessarily invasive and nothing if not a chilling reminder of just what kind of people he’s thrown his lot in with. Lacking even a fundamental understanding of boundaries, unhealthily possessive and darkly loyal, a twisted kind of affectionate Jeremy really shouldn’t be comfortable with.  

He’s clearly been out for a solid stretch of time; if the new ink wasn’t obvious enough the state of the darkened room, scattered with various pieces of familiar debris would have tipped him off. The wastepaper basket is overflowing with cans of energy drinks and diet coke, a variety of clothing odds and ends have been discarded on every flat surface and there’s an abandoned glass half filled with what looks like whisky sitting next to Ryan’s rubber skull and the tatters of what was once a Hawaiian shirt. Even the torn sign prohibiting weaponry in hospital rooms, written in Caleb’s slanting scrawl, has been sloppily defaced and skewered to the noticeboard with a hot-pink butterfly knife.

It shouldn’t be as comforting as it is, these unintentional marks of stress and impatience, the clear signs of exactly who has been around, evidence of even those who are no longer here. Because they haven’t left Jeremy to wake up all alone, oh no, that’s just not the FAHC way.  

The only somewhat comfortable looking chair in the room, a small love-seat that’s been dragged over to the bed, is pulling double duty; two sets of legs dangling over one arm, a shock of blonde hair mashed carelessly against brown leather, Michael’s arms, locked tight even in sleep, the only thing keeping Gavin from tumbling to the floor. Not to be out done, there’s a lump curled up on the bottom shelf of one of the cabinets, doors propped open and medical paraphernalia shoved carelessly on to the ground to make room, Ray’s identity distinguishable only by process of elimination and the bright purple hoodie currently serving as a make-shift blanket. Uncomfortably contorted, dead to the world and doing a piss-poor job of keeping watch; here lie the three likely culprits of Jeremy’s unsolicited new ink.

Maybe it’s the drugs talking but as he flexes his hand just to feel the skin stretch the only thing Jeremy finds himself resenting is his own inability to grab his phone and take some cheeky blackmail photos. Already imagining the world of teasing he sees in his future Jeremy closes his eyes, involuntary grin pulling at his lips as he lets the sound of three idiots breathing lull him back to sleep.

treasure each day

For several weeks, I have struggled to find my place in our Outlander fandom, and I haven’t said much publicly. Selfishly, I suppose, I’ve kept quiet because I want the story of Claire and Jamie, the story I first met nearly 20 years ago when I was quite ill, to retain its magic and to continue to be a haven and refuge, like all truly good stories we encounter and find life-changing. And so it has…the story of Claire and Jamie, whether in book or TV form, continues to be magical for me.

I have been in northern California for the last 10 days, spending time at a place and with people I dearly love, amongst the giant coastal redwoods and douglas firs in the area known as “The Lost Coast.” This part of California is far removed from the large cities and hectic pace of life characteristic of much of this enormous and diverse state. 

The overwhelming message I have received during these glorious says in northern California is “treasure each day. TREASURE EACH DAY.” One day last week, within about a twelve hour period of time, the weather here went from blizzard like conditions…

to bright sunshine in the redwood grove…

to the sun shining so brightly on the Pacific that it seemed as though there were diamonds on the water…

I have not been on line much during this trip, so friends have sent messages to keep me up with the OL news. As I read the messages, always sent along with questions about my days here, I’ve come to realize that the relationships and friendships we’ve formed here are where the real magic lies. We’ve listened to one another, helped one another, laughed with one another, delighted in the creative gifts discovered and shared, prayed for one another, and been a source of inspiration and strength to one another. Some of us have, unintentionally I believe, hurt someone(s) among us. Like any community, we are a microcosm of humanity, so painful experiences and anger have been present among us as well. 

I think we all stay because we know there is magic here. It has touched all of us in various ways. I hope we will always treasure the magic that exists right here, each day. For this, my friends, is where the real magic lies. Not in a story, but in our lives. Treasure each day, TREASURE EACH DAY. 

Imagine: Tyler Seguin - Hickey Prank

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Smut: Yes | No

Word Count: 1,618

A/N: I wrote another version of this on my other account, except it was a Kol Mikaelson imagine, and I really wanted to do it again, but with Tyler, so here it is! I was thinking I could do a part two for this maybe? If you guys want it inbox me!

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hey pan, why don't you review "who wants to be a superhero"? It was a reality tv show WAIT, let me continue, reality tv show about people dressing up as their OC superheros and battling in challenges. Its hosted by Stan Lee and the winner for each of the two seasons gets their own tv movie, comic book, and action figure. Erin Esurance was actually featured in one of the challenges (season 2, episode 4). Also, there's a hot artsy girl who's superhero name is Basura. Skimpy leather costume 0u0

I freaking loved that show

But I remember the prize was getting a comic and to be featured in a movie!…. A Sci Fi Channel original movie for like a 30 second cameo in a Giant Snake movie. FeedBacak won season 1
Why Ariana Grande's music is so important
It transcends generations.
By Rachel Thompson
On Monday night, Ariana Grande fans — AKA “Arianators” — excitedly gathered for a shared purpose; to watch her perform the songs they love. But, the awful events which transpired that night meant that some of those fans didn’t make it home.

Grande fans are now mourning the loss to their fanbase; a community whose shared love of her music spans several generations. And, that curious ability to transcend generations stems from her own evolution from an innocent teenage Nickelodeon star to a grown-up pop star who appeals to adults and children alike.

Grande found fame as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon television serious Victorious, and later in the show’s spinoff Sam & Cat. As she evolved into a pop star singing songs with distinctly adult themes, Grande struck a fine balance that so many teen stars have struggled to achieve. She managed to hold on to young fans who grew up watching her on TV.

“That’s what her music comes down to for me. It’s inclusion,” Joffe continued. “Catch me blasting her songs in my earbuds on my way to and from work for many years to come. I feel connected to her in a way I don’t with other pop stars because of her inclusive nature.”

For 19-year-old Ellen McArthur and her 11-year-old sister Freya, Grande’s music resonates for different reasons. “For Freya, being a fan of hers makes her feel cooler and it’s something she can talk to other people at school with,” says Ellen. And while the sexy undertones of Grande’s songs are very obvious to Ellen, they go straight over her younger sister’s head.

“It’s because her lyrics are totally open to interpretation. The songs are meaningful to adults, but to younger children they’re cute pop songs you can dance along to,” says Ellen.

For other super-fans, Grande represents strength. “Ariana’s music is more than just someone singing over a musical beat. Ariana’s music is strength, love, empowerment,” says 17-year-old fan Stephanie. “She has songs like "One last time” and “Thinking of you” which now hold such a strong meaning to our fanbase since the Manchester tragedy.“

Grande’s music is meaningful because of its ability to include, empower and entertain fans of all ages. Sadly some of those songs have taken on a tragic dimension this week.  

But, the response by ‘Arianators’ shows the community spirit is strong. And, that spirit will likely grow even stronger in years to come.

Dean Ambrose - You Are Ridiculous.

Dean Ambrose - Prompts #87, #95 and #96: “You owe me big time”, “I don’t know how you convinced me to do this” and “Is that…is that my bra”. 

Request for -  Anon

Warnings - Swearing, 

Word Count - 

Originally posted by theb2knetwork

I flopped back down on the crumpled bed sheets next to my boyfriend of 8 months letting out another exasperated groan. “DEAAAAANNNNNNNNN” I whined throwing my head back against his muscular chest and looking up at him. He raised an eyebrow at me before turning his attention back to the shitty film running on the TV. I sighed and sat up; moving to straddle him, his eyes widened as my barely clothed frame came down on top of his.

“Can we please go to this fancy dress party that that Naomi and Jimmy have organised? Pleaseeee” I begged with my best puppy dog eyes as I lightly rocked back and forth on his waist, supporting myself with my hands placed on his chest. He rolled his eyes as he placed his hands on my hips to keep me still as he cocked his head to see past me to continue watching the TV. I pouted my lips and moved my body so it fully covered the TV. “C’mon Dean, it’ll be fun; Roman’s going and you haven’t seen him much since the draft” I pleaded in a last hope. I saw his eyes light up a little at the mention of seeing his ‘brother’, which reignited the hope I’d basically lost after asking for the 50th time.

“Fine. Fine! I’ll go, but you’re gonna have to get me something to wear…unless you want me to go as a nudist” he smirked as your lip curled up in sheer displeasure at his suggestion

“Eh, no thanks babe. You’re hot ‘n all that but, I don’t think everyone else would appreciate your junk just jiggling around all night. I’ll go out after I’ve showered to get you something and I’ll take my costume ‘cos me and all the girls are getting ready at Lana’s” I smiled rolling off of his hips. I squeaked as he placed a hard slap on my ass as I stood up; another cheeky grin lacing his face.

You owe me big time baby. Also do not buy me a ridiculous outfit; like if you buy me a fucking huge egg outfit or something” he warned and went to continue before I burst out laughing

“ AN EGG? Who the fuck dresses as an egg to go to a party? Where the fuck would I even find an egg costume?” I practically screamed through my hysteric laughter as tears rolled down my rosy cheeks. Through my tear clouded eyes I could see the rather amused expression on my boyfriends face as he watched on in bewilderment  as I continued my fit of laughter. “Right, right I’m going for a shower now!” I snorted as I stumbled into our en suite still laughing even as stepped into the shower.

When I came back from my shower Dean was still laying in the same position I left him; limbs sprawled out over the king sized bed covering the various scattered items of clothing from the night before. “I don’t know how you convinced me to do this” he muttered as he shook his head, sitting up from the bed slightly. “You know I despise these fancy dress parties” Dean frowned as he pulled me back down onto our bed and tickled my sides lightly. I squealed as his fingers attacked my sides, my hands rapidly slapping his arms in a largely in vain attempt to get him to stop. Once he finally stopped i resumed my previous position perched upon his waist, my hands resting lightly on his chest.

“I manged to convince you because: one, you loved me and two, you get to see Roman and you two haven’t seen each other properly in ages” I smiled as I towel dried my hair, still sitting on top of him. “Anyways, I need to head off. How about you head over to Jimmy and Naomi’s ‘cos i know Ro’s already there and I’ll bring your outfit when me and the girls arrive?” He nodded lazily as I climbed off of him. “Sorted!” I cheered as I bent down to kiss him just before I headed down the stairs and towards our car; leaving him to hopefully shower before he leaves.

After a stressful twenty or so minutes hunting around for a costume and another ten minutes sat in the shitty city traffic I had just arrived (fashionably late) at Lana’s house; where the (unnecessarily expensive) champagne was flowing, make up artists where rushed off their feet, the whole house was filled with the smells of about twenty different fragrances and costume elements laying around the entire space.

“Sup my bitchessssss” I screamed, wrapping my arms around the first people I saw, which just so happened to be Charlotte and Becky. All the girls cheered back, a mixture of different greetings reverberated around the room, I grabbed a glass of the champagne off the side and necked it. “I need to get ready for this partayyyyy” I once again screamed into the girls’ ears as I yanked my very stereotypical ‘sexy’ cat outfit from my duffel bag and headed towards one of the many bathrooms hearing Charlotte and Becky shake their heads with fond giggles at me.

After a painful 10 minutes of trying to squeeze myself into the ludicrously tight PVC one piece, I was finally dressed; now just to get one of the girls to do my make up and whiskers. I sauntered out of the bathroom and into the living area where all the girls where pretty much ready apart from Becky who was having her hair done and Lana who was having some sort of drama-queen meltdown over her glittery tutu.

“Meeeooowwww” Naomi purred with a comical cat claw motion aimed in my direction and a series of wolf whistles echoing throughout the room. I smirked and went and sat down in front of Leslie; who instantly began fixing my hair as another girl began on my eyes. “Gurll you look hot as fuck!” Naomi spoke, quite obviously already tipsy as she grabbed another glass of champagne and chugged over half of it with in 10 seconds of having it in her grasp. I laughed whilst trying to keep still as I sat patiently in the chair. Lana had just about finished her diva meltdown as the girls finished off my make up and hair; the drawn on nose and whiskers the only thing left to complete my outfit. In the short five minutes it took for everyone to grab their final touches to their outfits my whiskers were done and this sexy cat was ready to get absolutely wasted.

The girls and I all jumped into the luxury, completely pimped out limousine - complete with a rather attractive chauffeur. The traffic filled drive would definitely have been painful if the girls and myself hadn’t got caught up in the fancy limo treats, the music and the alcohol. Oh and gossiping about our men; that was pretty common occurrence between us lot anything from how annoying they’ve been lately to something we’d done in the bedroom.

Finally, the limo pulled up outside Naomi and Jimmy’s house; you could hear the bass of the dance music from at least 200 meters down the street and the crazy coloured disco-like lights were peeping from every window in the entire house.

“Oh my god! Naomi the house looks fucking amazing” Nikki gasped as she was the first to exit the limousine. We all followed suit muttering various thank yous to the driver who just nodded back. Naomi chuckled.

“It was all Jimmy, he went out and brought all the lights” she smiled proudly she was about to speak again when Tamina interrupted.

“Yeah, just wait until you see the billion glow sticks in colours I didn’t even know could glow in the dark that she made me pick up” Tamina grunted but with a slight laugh to her statement. All the girls laughed back as Naomi shrugged mumbling at her to ‘feel the glow’, which cause another wave of giggles of us girls.

Naomi threw open the door to her house; the blast of the loud music a shock to our ears as the group of us made our arrival known with loud screams of various words along with the shout of Jimmy as he swooped Naomi up and almost instantly began kissing her.

“Jesus you guys, get a fucking room” I spoke my voice becoming higher, they both shrugged and ran up the stairs much to the bemusement of the other girls and I. After that one by one the girls were collected by their men; Tamina and Nattie had gone off to the garden due to their other halves not being here and it just left me and Charlotte still standing in the entrance of Jimmy and Naomi’s home.

“Hey Y/N, where the hell is Dean?” Charlotte questioned me. “Didn’t you say he was going to be here” I nodded and checked my phone as I clutched the policeman outfit in my grasp; Hey, it was simple and not embarrassing. I pulled out my phone as saw the text Dean had sent me telling me he was here.

“Well, he’s here somewhere he text me, how about we go get drinks then go and find him?” I questioned in which Charlotte responded with a nod. We headed towards the drink room where we both made ourselves a Malibu and Coke. “Right, drinks sorted now time to track down that idiot” I chuckled, as Charlotte and I began making our way through the large house.

“Where the fuck can a 6′4 guy hide, for fuck sake” I flailed my arms in exasperation shouting to Charlotte over the loud music. After we had been looking for him for over twenty minutes.

“Oh sweetheart are you looking for Dean” a soft voice came from behind me; barely audible over the music. I spun round to Roman’s wife standing with Nia. I nodded my head rapidly. “The last time I saw him he was with Roman in the garden but I’m pretty sure Ro said something about the kitchen” she informed me with a heartwarming smile.

“Oh my gosh, thank you so much; knew them two would be together” I chuckled before scurrying off into the direction of the kitchen - Charlotte right behind me having said a short goodbye to Nia. We both stood in the doorway of the kitchen, only for our eyes to land straight upon my boyfriend standing practically naked, on the kitchen island dancing to ‘Hot in Herre” by Nelly. Worst of all was he - was he wearing a bra?

“Well, found him” Charlotte snorted taking a sip of her drink as I gave her an unimpressed raised eyebrow look for her remark as I shoved my drink and the costume I was holding into Charlotte’s arms.

“Yeah no shit, woman” I snarled at her comment. “Dean what the fuck are you doing?!” I screeched, marching closer towards the kitchen island; standing in front of Dean with my hands placed firmly on my hips. Whilst I could see Roman out the corner of my eye in a hysteric burst of laughter along with some of the other superstars. My boyfriend looked down at me and began to laugh as he jumped of the counter and landed next to me.

“Hey Babyyyyy” he slurred wrapping his arms around my waist, pressing his lips against my neck. The smell of liquor; mainly Jack Daniels radiating off of him. How the fuck was he already this drunk I thought to myself. My train of thought was broken when I saw a closer up the bra that he was sporting.

“Dean, is that…is that my bra” I questioned, pinging the strap harshly onto his bare skin; his facing scrunching up at the sharp pain. After the small sting had gone from his skin he started to laugh manically along with the rest of your friends who were all still doubled over laughing. I rested my head in my hands as i slowly shook it from side to side in some sort of embarrassment. “You’re literally ridiculous” I giggled, ripping the bra from his chest; effectively breaking the clasp in the process. “Go and put this on you fucking idiot” I laughed shoving the outfit from Charlotte’s hands into Dean’s”

“What ever you say sexy” he smirked, as he stumbled out the doorway. Bumping into a rather flustered looking Naomi and Jimmy; their outfits kinda askew and their faces flushed. Everyone in the room burst out laughing as the stood there in confusion whilst my head made it’s way back down into my hands.

Jesus Christ, this was already one hell of a night, and it was only 10.30pm. God help us for the rest of the night.  

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Apologies/Archie Andrews x Reader

Pairings: Archie x Reader


Recently Archie has been trying to keep himself busy by writing music, continuing to play football and taking part in the ‘Red Circle’. This is ever since Fred got shot.

I’ve had various cancelled dates due to him being busy with any of the before mentioned activities and it has left me feeling like he’s ignoring me.

Tonight is another date that has been cancelled. Well, not cancelled. Just me sitting in Pop’s by myself looking lost.

I decide that enough is enough and make my way to Archie’s house after paying Pop for the milkshake that I asked for.

“Archie I’m getting sick of this.” I say, storming into his house and see him watching TV with his feet up and a pencil and paper in hand, writing music.

“Why bother telling me that we’re going out for a date when you keep leaving me in places alone. I look pathetic sat there waiting for my boyfriend to turn up.” I continue and his gaze turns from the TV to me.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.” Archie replies.

“Not that big of a deal? I’ve been there for you through everything and yet you can’t even bother to show up for a couple of hours. I thought better of you Archie.” 

“Stop being so clingy. You don’t need me around 24/7.”

“I am not clingy. I can’t believe you couldn’t even text me to tell me you want to reschedule or whatever.”

“Just go away, you’re starting to annoy me.” Archie shouts and tears start to pool at my eyes.

“Fine. I will.” I shout back and storm out of the house, noticing Fred is on his way in.

He takes one look at me crying and storms inside to Archie as I run back home.

As soon as I reach home I go upstairs to my room and curl up on my bed, crying.

It’s been a few hours since I left Archie’s house and I haven’t had any texts or calls from him. Just from Betty as I’m guessing she seen me leaving.

I hear the tree outside my window shake and see my window being lifted up by a red head. Archie.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.” he says, climbing inside my room.

“You’re not annoying. You’re far from annoying. I know I’ve been pushing you away lately and honestly, I have no idea why. I don’t mean to. I’m sorry.” he continues and I turn around to face him.

“Why did you say those things though?” I ask him as he takes a seat on my bed.

“I don’t know. I’m just stressed at the moment and I guess I let it out by pushing you away and ignoring you.” Archie replies.

“I’m sorry.” he says again.

“Archie, it’s fine, just don’t take it out on me again.” I say and he nods, pulling me in for a hug.

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