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Alright but those matching LADS/GENTS tattoos - they totally got those when there were just six of them, pre-Jeremy. And its not like it’s the crew symbol, some initiation all members go through; It was something of an in-joke, the product of years of camaraderie, of absurd stories and silly team names, of family. Not the kind of thing you just fob off on whatever new guy comes along and joins the crew. So for the longest time Jeremy’s knuckles stay bare.

Even when it becomes clear that he is one of the Lads, accepted into the group, brought along on all extracurricular adventures, the whole nine yards, it doesn’t come up. Time passes, bonding happens, and eventually they can barely remember what is was like before Jeremy was with them; but now that it might be appropriate it seems like kind of a weird thing for them to offer. A strange uncomfortable conversation no one wants to have, so no one does.

And it’s not like it’s something Jeremy is sitting around waiting for, not something he thinks of as a stepping stone he will eventually earn; it’s not exactly something he can just ask about, really, and at the end of the day they’re just tattoos. Its just, its hard not to think about it sometimes. When the other Lad’s knock together matching letters in victorious fist-bumps, or Ryan pointedly drums his fingers when Gavin’s trying to boss him about or some observant asshole flat-out sneers at Jeremy’s bare knuckles. Not important, exactly, but still something. A point of separation he’s totally unbothered by except for the darker moments when he’s not.

So when a particularly nasty job finds Jeremy waking up in Caleb’s make-shift hospital, familiar cotton-brained fog of painkillers blurring his mind, he doesn’t take any more notice of the unusual way his knuckles are burning than he does any of his other aches and pains. Honestly barely registers the dull throb underneath the sharper notes promising breaks and burns and what is quite possibly a bullet wound. It’s not until he lifts his hand, the only wrapped part of his otherwise uninjured arm, that an inkling of disbelief edges into his clearing thoughts. An unbelievable thought Jeremy almost instantly confirms when slowly peeling back the edge of the wrap reveals that familiar lettering, unmistakable after all the time he’s spent trying not to stare at them.

And god, isn’t that horrifying. A complete trespass on his person, unnecessarily invasive and nothing if not a chilling reminder of just what kind of people he’s thrown his lot in with. Lacking even a fundamental understanding of boundaries, unhealthily possessive and darkly loyal, a twisted kind of affectionate Jeremy really shouldn’t be comfortable with.  

He’s clearly been out for a solid stretch of time; if the new ink wasn’t obvious enough the state of the darkened room, scattered with various pieces of familiar debris would have tipped him off. The wastepaper basket is overflowing with cans of energy drinks and diet coke, a variety of clothing odds and ends have been discarded on every flat surface and there’s an abandoned glass half filled with what looks like whisky sitting next to Ryan’s rubber skull and the tatters of what was once a Hawaiian shirt. Even the torn sign prohibiting weaponry in hospital rooms, written in Caleb’s slanting scrawl, has been sloppily defaced and skewered to the noticeboard with a hot-pink butterfly knife.

It shouldn’t be as comforting as it is, these unintentional marks of stress and impatience, the clear signs of exactly who has been around, evidence of even those who are no longer here. Because they haven’t left Jeremy to wake up all alone, oh no, that’s just not the FAHC way.  

The only somewhat comfortable looking chair in the room, a small love-seat that’s been dragged over to the bed, is pulling double duty; two sets of legs dangling over one arm, a shock of blonde hair mashed carelessly against brown leather, Michael’s arms, locked tight even in sleep, the only thing keeping Gavin from tumbling to the floor. Not to be out done, there’s a lump curled up on the bottom shelf of one of the cabinets, doors propped open and medical paraphernalia shoved carelessly on to the ground to make room, Ray’s identity distinguishable only by process of elimination and the bright purple hoodie currently serving as a make-shift blanket. Uncomfortably contorted, dead to the world and doing a piss-poor job of keeping watch; here lie the three likely culprits of Jeremy’s unsolicited new ink.

Maybe it’s the drugs talking but as he flexes his hand just to feel the skin stretch the only thing Jeremy finds himself resenting is his own inability to grab his phone and take some cheeky blackmail photos. Already imagining the world of teasing he sees in his future Jeremy closes his eyes, involuntary grin pulling at his lips as he lets the sound of three idiots breathing lull him back to sleep.

Galavant is such a good show.  It’s on Netflix now, in case you missed it, and it’s not long–literally just took me two nights to go through the whole thing (it’s only 6 hours of show, compared to say a regular single season of an hour format show is like 16 hours) and IT’S SO GOOD AND PURE AND HAPPY AND WITTY AND CLEVER.  Go watch it.  It will fill your heart with joy and also songs.

if they’re going to kill off jasper i’m personally gonna visit the writer’s room and put a spear through their chests so they see what it feels like


A collection of Genga Animatics from one of my absolute favorite animated shows this year, “Space Dandy.” It makes me happy to see this kinda content is still all done on paper. No Command Z. Japanese 2D TV animators continue to inspire me beyond no end. featuring some of the work of key animators Tadashi Hiramatsu, Yutaka Nakamura, Norifumi Kugai, Gosei Oda , Bahi JD and others!

  See you, Space Dandy…


Hey PZeeps,

I’m making this announcement to let you know that the second season of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero will be the final season of the series.

We are finishing up the story we began telling in 2014.  New episodes will air through 2017, leading up to our series finale.  I’m really excited for you all to see our big, bombastic, super funny, visually purty, exponentially musical, big-time exciting and emotionally everything season 2.

(Enjoy these sneak peek images; just a small taste of what’s in store…)

The team at Disney TV Animation and Disney XD continue to be great partners; supportive of the vision Jared and I shared for the show since the beginning.  I’ve enjoyed so much trust and creative freedom throughout this journey.  I was free to build the team we needed to create something truly unique.  Watching it all evolve and grow into an actual TV show that’s 100% for real on TV continues to be a thrill for me.  It’s been a gift to collaborate with the most amazing people ever.

As you know, two seasons of a good show isn’t the most uncommon thing in the TV animation industry.  The truth is the network has always been happy with our show.  Our ratings have been great from the start, and we held solid with all our season 1 premiere episodes…. and we continue to do well with our repeat airings.   The network has always been supportive of our show, and ordered two seasons.   In that time we’ve been able to tell so many great and varied stories.  And so many more on the way…

Would I have liked to make more episodes than fit into two seasons?  Yes.  Am I satisfied with the stories we’ve been able to tell with Penn and the rest of our amazing characters in the two seasons that we got?  Hell yes.  Are there killer moments and crazy cool and fun new characters coming your way in season 2 that will make you smile and laugh and make your jaw drop in a totally excited-as-a-fan way?  Damn straight.  Are there familiar Season 1 characters and worlds that will return in very surprising ways like what?  Yeppy.  Will I ask myself more consecutive questions and then answer them in this paragraph?  Certainly.  Would I have had extra ideas that would never have made it on the air, even if there were 20 seasons?   Probably.  Will I talk about a few missed opportunities that never made it on the show, someday in a bar at San Diego Comic-con?   I’d take that bet.   Did I have to sacrifice a fun episode or two to make room for a few important heavy-hitting, super cool mythology building/continuing story episodes that lead to our giant season 2 finale AKA super duper series finale?  Yes ma’am and/or sir.

For fans, the very good news is…

We found out about the end of the series early enough to devote quite a few episodes directly to the emotionally sensitive business of concluding this big story.  The season 2 story threads its way into many episodes, including our 5-consecutive episode series finale, which kinda feels like a big movie…

My friends at Disney TV Animation and Disney XD have given me the time and episodes I needed to give the story a fitting finale, and they continue to support me in post-production.  I am grateful to them and if you’re a fan, you should be too.  There is a lot of variety on Disney XD and Disney Channel, and I’m glad Penn Zero continues to be part of that collage of shows.

While it has been honestly sad for me to see my PZ crewmembers roll off the show, one by one… the bright side for you guys is most of our amazing team of super smart writers, brilliant artists and production geniuses have migrated to exciting new Disney TVA series.  In many respects, they are building on the creative ground we first broke on Penn, and carrying it forward to new projects.  

At the moment I’m intimately involved with all the season 2 finale stuff.  I will say confidently, that once you watch season 2, and consider both seasons together, you will feel like you have seen quite a lot of the Penn Zero Multiverse.  In two seasons of Penn Zero, I will boldly claim that you will have seen more unique and wonderful worlds, and will have met more unique characters, species, cultures and societies than many other longer running shows give you in 10 full seasons.  And I will overconfidently and perhaps irresponsibly claim that you will never see such variety in any TV series ever again on Earth, or any planet, in any galaxy ever.  Trust me on this.

There’s a story Jared and I wanted to tell from the beginning.  It was about Penn and his friends and what they wanted to accomplish against challenging odds.  And it was about this villain Rippen and his minion Larry and their goals too, and what makes them tick.  It’s about Penn’s poor trapped parents… and it’s all headed somewhere very…interesting.  This story could have been told over a longer time period than two seasons; that was certainly our initial plan.  But I will honestly say that the way the story is being told from season 1 through season 2… and into our series finale is exactly what I wanted it to be.  I love it.  And I hope you do too.

I have so many people to thank.  My partner and co-creator, Jared Bush.  My line producer Tara Badawy, my directors, Adam Henry, Tom DeRosier, Kathleen Good, Chuckles Austen, my Co-Producer/story editor Jeff Poliquin, my Lead Editor Jhoanne Reyes, Co-Art Directors Benjamin Plouffe and Chris Whittier, Character Designers Tim Moen and Joe Moshier, Animation Co-Supervisor Matt Williames, Composer Ryan Shore, Executives Jay Francis, Matthew Siegel, Jonathan Schneider, Dave Wright, Aaron Drown, Michele Mazzano, Khaki Jones, Lisa Salamone, Eric Coleman, Marc Buhaj and Gary Marsh.  I have always felt support and encouragement from all of these people, and so many more I can’t name here because we all need to go to sleep eventually.  Who could ask for a better studio and crew?

And then there’s our spectacular cast – Thomas Middleditch, Tania Gunadi, Alfred Molina, Larry Wilmore and Adam DeVine – who could ask for a better cast?  Recording these guys has been such a privilege.  They’re all immensely talented and are each exceptionally warm and fun people… And also the guest voice actors have been such a thrill (some fun surprises for season 2)… Thanks also to Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, my VO director and my lead recording engineer Mark Kondracki at Outloud Audio, who are both such a big part of all the great voice acting performances we capture.

And most importantly, I want to thank you.  Who could ask for better fans? Seriously, I love you all and I thank you for all your drawings, your posts, your OCs and fan fiction (honestly haven’t read much of that at all – for reasons – but maybe I will soon?)…. I’m excited each time I check in on your art posts, and always enjoy reblogging you guys!

The most exciting part of making this show has been to see it resonate with an audience.  To know you dig what we put into the universe is honestly the biggest gift.  We made this stuff for you.  And you’re inspired and make your own stuff because of what we did.  And that truly inspires me.  Thank you all.

I hope you enjoy Season 2 as much as I’m enjoying making it.  We are completing the story we want to tell.  Lots more laughs, thrills, chills and…. maybe a few tears are on the way for all of us.

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero will be at San Diego Comic-con next week!  Lots of new stuff to share!

Friday 7/22 2:30-3:30pm room 5AB  (panel)

And we have a signing later that day.  If you’re in San Diego, stop by and say hi!

Thank you and…

Good Luck!

~Sam AKA Phyllis


Yet another stellar collection of Genga Animatics from one of my absolute favorite animated shows this year, “Space Dandy.” It makes me happy to see this kinda content is still mostly done on paper. Respect to Japanese 2D TV animators and those who continue to inspire me beyond no end! 


“My friends around me watched, took the photos of ruined Youngdal-ie on the TV, and sent me continuously saying it was interesting. My family set their SNS profiles with the photos. Although I don’t know what kind of scenes I will act in the future, every time if there are scenes which I ruin myself, I think it will be this way. If you’re able to find enjoyment from the drama, even if it is a bit, I’m satisfied if the viewers laugh when they watch my ruined image. I’m anticipating more for the future.” - Kim Jaejoong

Teach Me (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

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Request: can you do a liam imagine where he teaches you how to kiss because you haven’t had you’re first kiss and you’re going on a date and then he gets jelous idk

A/n: hope you like it love!

I think i’m the only 16 year old girl in the world that hadn’t had her first kiss. Everyone of my friends always brags about how they had their first kiss or how they made out with a random guy at a party. I wish i could say something like that, but if i would. It would all be lies. 

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Normal people : *watches an episode of a great  TV show* this is a good show *continue his life normally*

Me : *watches an episode of a great TV show * OH MY GOD! *falls in love with the show,goes online,finds out everything about the show,watches all the previous episodes and then cry because now you have to wait every week for a new one,finds and learns names of the whole cast and crew,downloads all the pictures,gets posters,watches all the interviews,makes a tumblr account,start reading fanfiction and then write own,daydream about being on the show,slowly destroy my own life*

The Hannibal TV show really is pure poetry. It continually leaves me in awe and seems like a dream come true. I really couldn’t ask for more from a work of art or from this stellar fandom. I feel lucky to have basically stumbled upon this beautiful gift that pulled me out of an emotional and creative darkness and inspired me to be passionate and make my own art again.

Together, part three

Monty Evelyn Green - ”  Bellamy started furiously.

“That’s not his middle name.” Miller supplied in a monotone voice, his eyes never leaving the TV screen.

“ - do not tell me,” Bellamy continued through gritted teeth, “that you told Jasper that Clarke and I are dating.”

bellamy convinces clarke to move in with him while octavia is away, and now everyone thinks they’re dating - which strangely works out for both of them. 
part one | part two (or on AO3)
part four

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