THE TELEVISION for me continues


This whole thing is inexplicable to me. This reel of American ads includes:

- Rosie O’Donnell singing (!!!) about Christmas at K-Mart

- Ads for Space Jam, Jingle All the Way, and Mission Impossible

- BB King gushing about Wendy’s (!?)

- Some kid wishing for Huggies with a lamp

- Bored people vox-popped at Burlington Coat Factory

This is why American culture is weird to me as a Brit.

The Colorful Mind of Sarah Jolley and “The Property of Hate”

We know how most stories are supposed to start. A child is given a choice to  leave their home in favor of a fantastical journey that will forever change them.  This is known as the call to adventure.

In Sarah Jolley’s The Property of Hate, that call is made by a sardonic carnival barker with a television set for a head. Still with me?  Good.


JB: The moment you know he loves you so much

Jaebum: “What if we never met? ” he would chuckle at your question which was literally out of the blue. “Why would you ask that?” he would smile down on you on his lap while playing with your hair “I don’t know .. I just ..” you would sigh, realizing how stupid your question was “Nevermind” you would say turning back into watching TV “Ofcourse everything would be different ..” he’d continue “It scares me by just thinking about it” you can hear the sadness on his tone, you’d smile “Yah .. I’m right here. That’s impossible. Forget about that question” you’d sat up looking into his worried eyes “Jaebum-ah, it was just a question. Don’t think about it too much” you’d say smiling, he would pull you into a hug saying “You’re not thinking about leaving me, aren’t you?” you would smile at how cute he sounds as you hug him back

“I’m not gonna leave you”

“I promise”

American Crime | Gay Storyline | Watch all 05 parts
Part 05 - openload | |
The investigation continues as the police questions Joey about the night of the rape. Meanwhile Taylor reveals even more layers to the secretly gay life he’s been living. 

The curse of remembering useless information

The curse of remembering useless information

OK so I have a problem. I do not like continuity issues with television and movies. They irk me…even more so when it is a show or movie I love. I feel disappointed in the writers. Like seriously people! Why can’t you remember the details? I can! And I didn’t even write it!

Why does this come up now? I’m going to tell you.

So I am binge watching “Frasier” on Netflix (Delightfully funny!) and Jean…

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Me: *is watching tv with daddy*
Daddy: “You like this show kitten?”
Me: *Nods and bites lip while staring at daddy*
Daddy: *Continues to watch tv*
Me: *Grips skirt and squirms while looking at daddy still*
Daddy: “What’s wrong baby girl?”
Me: *Takes daddy’s hand gently, slipping it into my panties* “S-sorry daddy..”
Daddy: *Chuckles and rubs clit slowly* “My…isn’t my princess a horny mess.”

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“Continuate a strappare ragazzi. Questa è una battaglia, una guerra e le vittime sarebbero i vostri cuori e le vostre anime. […] Armate di accademici avanzano misurando la poesia. No! Non lo permetteremo. […] E ora, miei adorati, imparerete di nuovo a pensare con la vostra testa. Imparerete ad assaporare parole e linguaggio. Qualunque cosa si dica in giro, parole e idee possono cambiare il mondo. […] Ho un segreto da confessarvi, avvicinatevi. Avvicinatevi. Non leggiamo e scriviamo poesie perché è carino: noi leggiamo e scriviamo poesie perché siamo membri della razza umana, e la razza umana è piena di passione. Medicina, legge, economia, ingegneria sono nobili professioni, necessarie al nostro sostentamento, ma la poesia, la bellezza, il romanticismo, l'amore, sono queste le cose che ci tengono in vita.”

John KeatingL'attimo fuggente
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how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks

i have struggled with these to major things for almost my entire life. and i think i have picked up a few tricks, on how to deal with it. no keep in mind a lot of people struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, and your not alone!

so a few thinks i like to do is to take a long drive and relax, for as long as i can remember my parents alwasy had to drive me to no where, just so i can finally fall asleep, and man did it work all the time. if driving relaxs you, then this tip should help!

another thing is to watch some tv or listen to the rain on a continues loop…trust me it helps. eat some food cause food always helps. and escape from all the bad things in your life ti could be a bad friendship, reationship and ect. it could be anything. if those are some of the things i listed than leave them, trust me if you tell them how you feel, and how their damaging you, they will understand and maybe stop doing whatever they were doing before.

i’m not preacher to the south but i do hope that some of these things helped and if none of these things helped then please don’t comment about how i didn’t help you please and thank you. 

please share love, not hate.

African Union Concerned About Potential Civil War in Burundi
Press TV has interviewed Abayomi Azikiwe, an editor of Pan-African News Wire, to discuss a recent summit of African Union leaders in Ethiopia.The following is a rough transcription of the interview. Press TV: Well tell me overall, we are looking… Continue Reading →
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remember? omg im pretty much caught up and iT GETS SO FRKN WORSE D: LIKE ID BE SCREAMING AT THE TV. everything makes me so mad but i still continue to watch it lol

OMG I KNOW! ITS SO ADDICTING!!!!!! LOL I almost smashed my laptop while watching ep 4.

field notes, january 28th, 2016

pase el dia en espanol. otro bus que no llego. i walk
to the next parada, and the next, and the next. “restaurante chileno.”
i open the door and for the first time in america see childhood sweets, sit down.
it feels like i am with my aging parents on camano island, washington
(their own private araucania) watching TVN. que horror, que espanto,
i moan, watching the reporter interview chilenas returning from brazil
about the zika virus scare. chile? chile’s desert is the mightiest in the world,
la television me cuenta. of course nothing will happen in chile. meanwhile, i
continue to be bombarded by images of favela poverty and the brazilian flag.
my recorder is on. siempre pienso en surveillance. la waitress me mira.

“así que eres chileno.”
“si, de santiago. y usted?”
“ay papi, soy colombiana. todo aqui es chileno,
menos yo.”

una empanada de mariscos bien grande y una soda nacional, pap.

later i am walking down la roosevelt, as the mejicanos, the andinos call it. it is cumbia, sirens, radiators, women juicing fruit in the cold. then i think of
satellite television, spanish dubs, mexican dubs, caricaturas, oye! arnold!
en la ciudad, en los 90s, en vitacura. it was through la tele, when it would shout
a las 21 horas en chile, 20 en brazil! when i first learned about brazilians.
entre la hora y la cordillera, me perdi. to believe i was so much closer
to brazil than to nueva york. yet all i thought about was oye! arnold.

in the city. en la roosevelt.