Everyone’s talking about how they want a beach episode for Voltron, but all I really want is an episode where they go to a space theater and see this dramatic, unrealistic space odyssey about their lives and adventures.

And as they leave, grumbling the whole time about inaccuracies, Hunk chimes in with “At least the effects were decent!”


HELLO!! my family is really struggling with overdue bills and as lots of u know i am poor as hell so i’m opening commissions!!!!


  • nsfw
  • nudity
  • animals
  • complicated designs
  • mecha
  • heavy gore

if you have any questions feel free to drop an ask! 

contact me at oneeyedf@gmail.com(note tht this is not the paypal address, just somewhere we can discuss about the commission)

paypal address is  jremonde2000@yahoo.com

tips are very much appreciated!! thank u for reading♥

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i'm mildly confused (but also only recently finished LOK), what was so problematic about book 4? not a criticism, honestly just curious since i haven't spent much time looking at it objectively :)

hi! okay so this opens up a huge can of worms but I’m going to try and keep it to the main points about korra.

the most important thing to note is context. korra is a brown, bi, and gender nonconforming woman. she is brash and stubborn and sometimes overly self-confident, so many things that girls and women are not allowed to be. she is a rare character in the face of western tv and she was groundbreaking.

she is also a character who was relentlessly shat upon during books 1-2. She was whitewashed in fanart, she was sexualized and made a slave in AUs online, people wanted her to be more like aang or asami, she was called a bad avatar because she couldn’t connect to aang right away and unalaq destroyed her past lives, etc.

so, book 4:

  1. she was sidelined. not enough time was dedicated to her story and emotional arc and too much time was spent on the antics of varrick, zhu li and prince wu and while they might’ve been entertaining, more time should’ve been spent on the protag in the last season of the show
  2. the way her conversation with tenzin in the finale is worded implies that she needed to be tortured and almost killed by the red lotus in order to be compassionate. which is bullshit because korra was compassionate from the very beginning.

that second one is the most important. some quotes first:

Mako: Do you think you’re finally able to forget about what Zaheer did to you?
Korra: No. But I am finally able to accept what happened and I think that’s gonna make me stronger.


Korra: …I finally understand why I had to go through all that. I needed to understand what true suffering was so I could be more compassionate to others, even to people like Kuvira.

it’s one thing for a real life individual to accept something that happened to them and realize that they are now a different/more experienced person because of it. it is a completely different thing for the idea that you have to go through trauma in order to learn a lesson to be consciously written into a woc’s final narrative arc by male writers.

suffering is never ever something that you deserve. it is not something that NEEDED to happen to you it is something that DID. korra already knows what “true suffering” is; she already got her bending taken away and lost her connection to her past lives. and she felt bad for tarrlok even before all that shit happened.

and unfortunately lok is not the only case in western tv of woc getting sidelined and brutalized (see: abbie mills in sleepy hollow, raven reyes in the 100). there was an opportunity to avoid falling into this trap/trope and the showrunners didn’t take it.

if you feel like reading, there’s a really great reblog chain here that goes more in-depth into the problems with korra’s narrative in b4 and how it failed to critique (literally anything) but particularly power fantasies. Which was, imo, an important part of korra’s character. power fantasy characters ’’’’for girls’’’’ should exist without them having to be knocked down a peg.

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tip from someone who works for an airline: don’t pack medication in checked bags. seriously, don’t do that. the chances of your bags getting left behind when you get on your flight are always high, and if by some chance you have medication you’re going to die without at that moment, you’re out of luck.

pack your medication in your carry ons.

stop using ‘[role] coding’ in your transformers fanfiction

listen. i don’t ever want to see anyone talk about ‘x coding’ or 'x programming’ in transformers fanfiction or meta again. that sounds harsh. here’s why

when you say something like “brainstorm is inherently violent because of his MTO coding, he has a constant urge to kill” or “ratchet/first aid is better at surgery and diagnosis because of his medical coding,” you’re doing a number of things

1) you’re straight up accepting the logic of functionism as it’s presented in the text. you know, functionism, the evil oppressive regime we see in flashbacks, the one that megatron fought a revolution against because voiceless millions were being murdered because of their shapes? the one that says you’re nothing but your body and your body wholly defines your worth, identity, and abilities? ’____ coding’ logic is fundamentally the same as functionist logic. it says that your body dictates your being.

2) you’re taking a leap from THAT and going into the logic of REAL WORLD ability and disability by implying that brainstorm, for example, is violent/crazy/[inhuman] for having MTO coding, or ratchet is more intelligent/skillful/useful for having ambulance coding, or a police officer is more protective/powerful for having x coding, or any number of variations on this i’ve seen.

by linking “is a surgeon = is naturally better at surgeon related skills,” or “was put into a combat situation at birth = more naturally violent,” you’re naturalizing these links in ways that people do **in real life** to marginalize disabled people further. people already treat disabled and mentally ill people like those things define who they are entirely lol. this is toxic. this should not go unchecked and that’s why i’m commenting now; it hurts me, as a disabled and mentally ill person.

the most egregious example, obviously, is slave coding. it’s the most blatant case of dehumanizing (for lack of a better word), objectifying, and fetishizing someone’s lack of agency, but at their root, 'coding’ and 'programming’ tropes are all based in the idea that i’s frame/function that is determinant of identity and ability.

besides all that, nothing is just… biology. people have an incredibly complicated relationship to society and social roles and history, so this is just reductive. for example, i don’t think rewind has 'dataslug coding’ that would compel him to compulsively save every scrap of information, but his relationship as a dataslug to history and his personal life would leave him with a particular relationship to his alt mode and abilities that might yield a similar result???

please just think about it for a minute in a way that doesn’t just involve concluding “oh, that must be PART OF HIS ROBOT DNA.” it’s just not necessary in any way and i think you can do better. ‘it’s just for fun’ is a shitty answer when it comes to you riffing off people– people like me– supposedly existing entirely as a function of **society voice** the disorders. so.

if anything here needs clarification or elaboration, lmk.


i’m glad dva had such supportive parents growing up

yeah i know she was a starcraft champ but idk the lingo and wow is probably still gonna be going with a 160 lvl by this point in the future