Hello again, writers! Here are your journal prompts for July! I hope you enjoy them. :)


1. In a journal, write a simple entry of your response to the prompts for each day. You can incorporate art and different styles if you like!

2. Tag (or mention) #journaling-junkie, and #2017JulyJournalChallenge so we can all share our stories and reblog and like your wonderful creations!

3. Most importantly, be creative and have fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to write me a message. I’ll do my best to help!

Hope you all have an amazing summer! Happy writing!


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happy [redacted] month 🏳️‍🌈

although it’s nearly over… whoops

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I was tagged by @thevortexofourminds and @amillqvist thank you for thinking of me! Answer 20 questions and tag 20 people. Thank you for thinking of me!

Name: Lourdes Payne

Nicknames: “Lou”

Zodiac Sign: Libra the sign of balance. Yeah Right! 

Height: 5'3"

Orientation: straight forward, don’t ask me for directions.

Nationality: Mexican and proud of it :)

Favorite Fruit: Ripe strawberries

Favorite Season: Spring ahead, Fall behind

Favorite Book: Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

Favorite Flower: Magnolia

Favorite Scent: coconut oil

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Animal: Furry animals

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: coffee

Average sleep hours: I’m a night owl but I sleep between 6-7 hours.

Cat or dog person: Both…..

Favorite fictional character: “Jessica Jones”

Number of blankets you sleep with: One

Blog Created: November 2014, deleted and restart three times

Number of followers: 2,200 +. Who’s counting😬

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Important Concept:

elderly lesbians & bi women being in love & spending their lives together & becoming bickering old ladies who know everything about eachother & have loved eachother for 40 years who have wedding anniversaries and are known by the whole town as a duo and who can’t imagine living without eachother

anonymous asked:

Even cis butches/butches who don't identify as nonbinary can want/get top surgery and T. Not saying anyone claimed that, but I just thought I was nb for a long time because of dysphoria until I figured out that I don't have to identify as nonbinary to want and seek out those things. I am a cis butch woman who fully intends to get top surgery and testosterone as soon as I can figure out how.

Being a girl, doesn’t define how you feel about your body! 
-Mod t