I woke up today at 2:30 in the afternoon, immediately thinking “GOD I love JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure but I feel strangely frustrated about it right now” so y’all are getting a wall of text about it.

I will forever be disappointed in the way Araki wrote Jotaro before part 6.

I did like Jotaro during parts 3-4 (mainly because a) he’s attractive, b) he’s voiced by Daisuke Ono, and c) his assholeish/badass moments were so tropey and over-the-top that it was amusing) but I never truly LIKED him as a character until part 6, when we saw how his stoicism and overpowered stand completely backfired on him and made him weak and more realistic.

Most of his character before part 6 consists of random quirks that made him a tiny bit more interesting than just a typical “jerk with good intentions” archetype: he likes the ocean, he fusses a lot over his clothes, he’s a bit softer towards children, etc. But he barely got any depth in terms of his character or just how he felt about the shit that was happening to him, because Araki either doesn’t write out his thoughts (and when he does, he’s just thinking about how to get out of the situation he’s currently in, like “when DIO resumes time I’ll beat the shit out of him!!”) or just skips over the parts where Jotaro might’ve had some genuine feelings about something other than getting angry, profusely sweating, or going “yare yare daze.”

Jotaro could’ve been so much better as a character if only Araki paid less attention to him being badass and more attention to how he felt on the inside. Seriously, part 3 is about him as a 17-year-old boy going through all this heavy shit like his mom being on the verge of death and half of his squad dying, yet his reaction to any of this was just a zoom in to his face and him going “tch.” You could argue that this was his thing, that he’s supposed to be inexpressive, and that little reactions like this were how he showed he cared, but listen: clearly this didn’t work out because half the fanbase thinks he’s a stale piece of bread because of how stoic he is. 

There’s just so many things that Araki left open that would’ve given him some much-needed characterization:

  • Was he ever concerned that any member of their party could die at any time?
  • Since he and Kakyoin were both Japanese high schoolers, how close was their friendship?
  • Did he ever see Kakyoin’s corpse after the SPW foundation recovered it?
  • When he went back to school, did people ever ask him where Kakyoin went?
  • How does he feel about owning the same stand that killed Kakyoin and almost killed Joseph?
  • How does his relationship with Holly improve after part 3? Did he ever apologize to her?
  • What was his relationship with his dad and do they ever see each other again?
  • How close did he and Polnareff get after the Egypt stuff, since they were the only crusaders left other than Joseph who was becoming old and fading?
  • How did he feel when Polnareff was “killed” by Diavolo?
  • Did he ever learn that Polnareff was alive the whole time but is now trapped inside a turtle as a spirit for the rest of eternity?
  • How did he meet his wife and why did he marry her?
  • What was he feeling when Jolyne was born?

TL;DR Jotaro is the poster boy of JJBA so he should have and could have been the best JoJo in my eyes, but he wasn’t, and for a teenager who can’t write for shit I have unreasonably high and unrealistic expectations for a manga about dudes fighting each other with punchghosts that was literally written as it was being published weekly.

Me to myself after writing this and feeling like an absolute fool:

(( speaking of madoka here’s a thing I never finished for that little au ))

(( Rowan was an older magical girl who knew he fates of children who made contracts. To prevent horrific disasters they hunted and killed those with the potential to create powerful witches. Since Chara had their soul gem collection they had the potential to create a massive chain reaction when they turned. Thus they became a target for Rowan. ))

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Envy: “I spoke too soon. Damn this entire building and every door in it. And every doorknob in the entire Unova region and beyond, now and until the end of time- so says I.”

Wooded hallways had– quite distastefully– cut off at the threshold of a sterile white hallway leading to the impromptu and poorly-planned White Forest Research Laboratory. Though Envy had been able to spare his dignity with the pokedoor at the front of the house, he had overlooked one fatal detail in his plan. And here it sat, mocking him at the last leg of his quest. A keypad. Not only another doorknob but a keypad.

Defeated, Envy knocked his forehead against the glass, hoping that his trainer could hear him.


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