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I want to see more of your supercorp fic! It's amazing!!

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine, part ten,  link to ao3

“what the hell were you thinking?”

“i don’t want to talk right now.”

“well you’re going to—hey!” alex yelps when kara pushes past her, walking a little too fast for alex to keep up with comfortably. she feels better—well, no, she doesn’t actually, she feels terrible but her powers aren’t cutting out on her anymore. instead, it’s like they’re demanding to be felt, demanding to be used, and kara isn’t about to ignore that. doesn’t want to ignore it. “oh no you don’t. vasquez, lock the training room after me,” she says into her comms and kara spins and blocks the door easily. “i see your powers are back.”

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🔥 Chanyeol and Baekhyun ✨ 161204 Hat’s on Anniversary Fansign

*slams hand on table*

*immediately pulls hand back & winces in pain, muttering about not learning lessons*

because here’s what i don’t understand: we all knew he was going to apologize & make amends.  even those of us who were/are furious knew it.  that’s his way.

so why was anyone defending what he did?

why agitate people who are already agitated? 

why deny them their emotional response to a visual/auditory stimulus that has caused them distress?

if he’s the man you think he is then there would be no reason to.  let them be upset & voice their frustrations & then let him answer for himself. 

he’s not a child.  he is 26.  & he can’t learn if you won’t let him.


5 4 3 2 1 Thunderbirds are Go!

No one knows who they are or where they come from, but come they do and help they bring.  Reposting as a set now that they’re all done.


im finally doing this after 200 years Wow!!!!

im doing these character commissions!! i can draw ocs and fav characters and stuff

contact me:
-here via tumblr messenger or ask (off anon please unless u have a general question)
-email me at
-OR if u wanna add me on skype/discord for this please hmu off anon (dont just ask for them pls say if its for commissions)

in ur email /ask/whatever please have:
-your tumblr or name or someway i can remember u lol
-your paypal address
-what type of commission you want
-any details for the picture (bg color, poses, expressions, etc.)
-please have the word “commission” somewhere in the subject (ex: “Commission Request”, “Full Body Commission Request”, etc.)
-whatever email you want me to send the final piece to  (otherwise ill send it to the email i received the request from

this is getting long so pls read everything else below or check out the FULL COMMISSION PAGE ON MY BLOG HERE

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*slides in Glitter and NC for ultimate bitchy child*

  • Name: “Cosette” 
  • Gender: Doesn’t matter, they’re still way more beautiful than you could ever be.
  • General Appearance: Beautiful hair and flawless skin. An actual model.
  • Personality: Selfish, spoiled and a total bitch. Only cares about themselves and their parents. Totally a queen bee type.  
  • Special Talents: They’ll make your life miserable if you make even the slightest mistake ;)
  • Who they like better: Why choose? Both of their parents are great.
  • Who they take after more: Glitter!
  • Personal Head canon: They only own clothes/accessories made by fashion designers.