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MARS Space Tourism Travel Poster

Once you get past the deadly temperatures, the lack of oxygen, and the killer sandstorms, Mars is really…quite nice.

Fourth (or sixth, depending on where you started counting) in a series of space travel posters! I’m really proud of this project, and your guys response has been amazing.  Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm, it’s been wonderful.

[Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Cassini/Saturn, Solar Eclipse]

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Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the sign of hard work and social status. Capricorn people tend to focus objectively in their goals better than the other signs.

In the house where Saturn is positioned, it will be an area of life where the individual have to learn their lessons in order to end Saturn’s negative effect. The individual will struggle with the house where Saturn is in.

Saturn in…

1st house: struggles with their identity, have to learn who they are.

2nd house: struggles with possessions, have to learn avoid the pessimism about their wealth.

3rd house: struggles with communication and thoughts, have to learn how express their ideas.

4th house: struggles with family and roots, have to learn nurture themselves.

5th house: struggles with interests, have to learn to be more spontaneous.

6th house: struggles with habits and work, have to learn the right time to stop working.

7th house: struggles with relationships, have to learn to build relationships.

8th house: struggle with changes, have to learn that transformations and changes are good.

9th house: struggle with other’s beliefs, have to learn to be more open-minded.

10th house: struggles with career and responsibilities, have to learn not to use their career as a identity and not to carry too much responsibilities.

11th house: struggles with social groups and friends, have to learn to live more with people and that they can be unique even when they belong to a group.

12th house: struggles with spiritual growing and loneliness, have to learn to live in the reality.

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“Whilst the extent of Cho’s abilities was unknown, she did learn how to successfully conjure a corporeal Patronus in her sixth year, which is a very advanced piece of magic and a sign of superior magical ability. Her Patronus took the form of a swan, which can be symbolic for her love for Cedric in that swans mate for life.”

Virgo & The 6th house 

Ancient medical astrologers long associated Virgo and the sixth house with nerves, eating habits, and the digestive system. Mercury rules Virgo and information is broken down in the brain in the similar fashion to minerals being broken down in the intestines. Recent scientific studies point to the evidence the gut is a ‘second brain’, and this ties in with the mental (Mercury) and intestinal (Virgo) sixth house area. Psychological symptoms, especially nerves can manifest through stomach aches, gastrointestinal upset, and strange food cravings and eating habits. Fears or trauma in the individual, these being unconscious if placed in the outer planets can also contribute to gastrointestinal distress. The sixth house relates to disease and neuroses, a sort of mental and physiological breakdown after the enormous swell of the last five houses. With planets in the sixth house, the individual may develop symptoms that evade physicians or have no organic causation, many of these relating to the stomach or the mind. The individual can into extreme eating habits, especially when powerful planets like Saturn or Pluto fall here, or the ruling planet makes many aspects. The Moon rules Virgo in esoteric astrology, and the Arterial System of astrology suggests that Virgo relates to the flora and fauna aiding digestion. Mercury is the ruler of parasites and bacteria, and also the health of a fetas, who is in less eloquent terms a parasite on the mother until birth. A baby is held in the stomach, sharing the zone with Scorpio. The digestive system absorbs nutrients the same way Virgo absorbs information, as a form of nourishment and enrichment.