First set of sketches done! I knew it took me so long just to do four and the results definitely weren’t worth the wait, but I have several WIPs saved and will try to have them finished by next week! 

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Your stupid and no one likes you

See now, I actually would have tried to feign like I had been insulted by this had you put effort into using the correct form of “you’re” here.

But seeing as you took time from your clearly horrible day to come to my inbox and leave me some hate, I’ll entertain your desperate cry for attention with the following response: I could give you a list of 10,541 people who would probably disagree with you.

For what it’s worth, I hope you have a better rest of your week and a wonderful weekend! 

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I mean there was some roman baths active, I know a few around where I live, but I also live in south Spain and we are deeply influeced by moors and let me tell you, THEY ARE THE BEST THING OF THE MIDDLE AGES and if someone knows smth about islam and moors, they should know water and being clean is very important 

Also the way they did agriculture was much more efficient and healthy than the rest of europe. and their diet much better. And a ton of things idk how to explain in english

Agreed that the Ummayad Caliphate introduced a lot of good infrastructure, and the fact that Muslims are supposed to wash themselves before praying definitely helps. But what I meant was more that people saying ‘Europe didn’t know how to bathe before that’ were inaccurate because as we know Roman bathing culture existed before. And it also depended on which part of Europe- in many Slavic countries that weren’t colonised by Rome & the Byzantine Empire, regular bathing was clearly still a thing. And as @diocletianscabbagefarm​ mentioned, the decline was due to logistical things like aqueducts getting cut off, also just the fact that urban centres started declining, there being no more money to upkeep public buildings, now that the empire’s massive trading network needed to support it was in pieces. 

So in that way, imo the Ummayad Caliphate brought back the large scale planning and resources needed to maintain public buildings, and of course that period was also the Islamic Golden Age whereby many Muslim rulers lavished funding on education, science and culture etc. The truth is that you often needed quite a large state & resources (and so, an empire) to fund such projects, to have the govt apparatus to support and maintain it. 

Hiking up to the 412-meter summit of Mount Srd was definitely worth it. As the sun set over the Adriatic Sea, the colours were so incredible and I was able to watch the sun as it dipped below the horizon. When I came back to the hostel, I ate half a loaf of bread and fell asleep straight away. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since Budapest four days ago (three hours at my first hostel before waking up early to head to Plitvice Lakes, and two 4-5 hour overnight bus rides these past two days which was terribly broken sleep… Tip: Don’t do this to yourself!). Anyways, now I’m better rested and ready for another day of exploring Dubrovnik! 🌄✨😄

updates, updates..

i wrote to the videogame store that i denied and begged them to take me back haha i hope they say yes lmao rest in pieces

also ive caught the worst cold but im feeling better by tonight i can stream the knife of dunwall speedrun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i really want to stream it so imm try me best to feel better ahahah

Everyday the past couple weeks i think “fuck, i cant do any of my essential tasks today, i can barely move i cant do ANYTHING… but maybe if i rest today, i will feel better tomorrow. And then i can do essential tasks tomorrow”

So i try to rest but i wake up the next day in just as much pain and its not any better and i dont know what to do any more

More thundershocks
  • Mareep Maxine:*sneezes more, sending out thundershocks*S-Squeeee...*sniffles*
  • Aggron Subaru:*grumbling under his breath*Tch idiot...I could be doing something else instead of taint care of you.
  • Mareep Maxine:*sneezes again*Sowwy Suba...*has a light blush on her face and coughs more*
  • Aggron Subaru:Just rest until I find something to make you better.*heads out of the cave*

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So I sent you an ask about using words like abuse to talk about tag invasions and I sent it because I've been through abuse and I hate seeing people use the word abuse to talk about things that aren't. So to watch you and other blogs talk about how much of a joke it is to ask that made me feel like my abuse was a joke. I thought this part of the fandom would be better than the rest of it but you're just as bad.

That’s not how the post was received. We Rumbellers are too used to having attacks on our ship–and personal ones, too, just for being fans of it. I’m sorry the response was not what you were expecting. Did you happen to read my more detailed response (after the first one) or our “about” page?

I take accusations of physical or emotional abuse very seriously, as well, particularly within the fandom, and I agree the word is often misused. That being said, the use of the word in our description is also in its broader sense.

I certainly would welcome further conversation on the topic.

~ Princess

I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  


giving peridot a tablet was a stroke of storytelling genius

such an excellent way of showing us her thoughts and feelings and how she processes and deals with the world around her and what does and doesn’t come natural to her and her frustration when she can’t find an answer to these questions