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Please pardon me (or ignore this) if this goes against protocol for an ask; I largely try to stay away from the (apparent???) morass that is Voltron fandom, but you’re one of my favorite Voltron writers, and I’m enjoying (/am comforted by) seeing you comment about the current season. I noticed that the show’s main producer also, coincidentally (or not), helmed a Justice League episode in which the Flash nearly is lost to the Speed Force and temporarily disappears from normal reality... [tbc]

…(actually physically vanishes and needs to be retrieved by his friends). Do you think that this has any relevance to/bearing on what’s in the writers’ heads/that Shiro could be, vs. dead or elsewhere and maybe captured, just displaced from normal three-dimensional space (perhaps in some way that connects with his growing bond with the Black Lion and his recent experiences in what I can only describe as some sort of astral plane, for lack of better terms)? (Again, please ignore if imposing.)

Well, first of all: Thank you!   And yeah, tbh, I don’t know if I blame anyone from staying away from this fandom.  Can’t we have nice things, guys?  Why is it always like this?


I’m not sure that specific example is necessarily a reason why Shiro might not be in the physical plane at all anymore?  For one, I’m not sure who exactly you’re referring to, here: if it was Dos Santos or Montgomery, I’d lean a bit toward ‘maybe’, but if it’s a producer-producer rather than an executive producer, I’d say it probably doesn’t have much bearings at all (they don’t usually have much to do, other than ‘I like that’ or ‘I don’t like that’, from what i understand).

However, I do think this has canonical basis.  With the other lions, eeeh, but the Black Lion especially seems to have some sort of connection like that.  Such as, yes, during that astral projection fight where Zarkon just ran his damn mouth (seriously dude, the lion can HEAR you, you might wanna at least fake some concern here), and also how that ENTIRE THING was a hallucination.  (Also, not sure if that’s a good idea for the guy with PTSD flashbacks?  Just sayin’, Black, maybe don’t mess with his sense of reality too much).  We assumed he was just… chillin in Black during all that, but hell, for all we know he’d sorta blipped outta existence there for a bit.  Who knows?

From a writing standpoint that’s actually really useful: Shiro gets to go on a spirit journey, and can probably keep tabs on everyone and maybe even be the mentor-in-a-bottle for Keith.  And man I wonder what that would be like when they’re forming Voltron?  Everyone trying for the first time, unsure with Keith in charge, also unsure with Allura onboard, it’s all so different and then ‘oh hey guys’    ‘SHIRO WHAT THE ACTUAL SHIT??’    ‘Uh so I think I kinda… ascended?  Sorry didn’t pick this but I’m Working on something ttyl’

Basically this means I could treat Shiro like Season 6 of Stargate with Daniel Jackson and I’m so very okay with that, especially if he later de-ascends with either plot convenient amnesia for an episode, which would be amusing.  Double points if he de-ascends naked too.

Then again, I’m okay with anything I can make into a Stargate joke.  So.  I’m just easy.

-massive shrug-

We shall see!  I actually put this one on the likely-ish scale??  You could at least claim it was set up by the writers.


New NieR Automata Taipei Game Show Info from Chinese Media Interview:

  • Each area surrounded by a certain boundary that can’t be passed. The only way to travel through areas is by passing through a connection point between one area to another area, similar to the first NieR.
  • Most area will have 1 connection point, but some areas will have multiple connection points such as the sewer area shown on the TpGS demo
  • There’s flying vehicle that can be used to explore certain areas
  • You can travel through areas without loading
  • No PC Demo version of NieR Automata planned on near future
  • Chinese version of NieR Automata will be released on March 28
  • Chinese version of NieR Automata will come in both Standard and Limited Edition

FIDEL CASTRO NEVER had to face what he did to his people, he died a rich man while people in cuba ate rice and black beans, while women had to prostitute themselves to make a living, he killed those who opposed him, arrested them, tortured them.

People had to leave the country in inhuman ways, risking their lives at the sea, knowing that as long as this person lived they wouldn’t be able to see their relatives, people left Cuba and never saw their relatives again; he lived 90 years, 52 in power, only to step away beacuse of health problems to give his brother the reigns of the country, call that nepotism.

As I write this, people in Cuba sleep, they have no capacity to be connected like I’m am, like you are: No twitter, no cellphones, no WiFi, no cable tv… Cuba, for the most part, doesn’t know what’s going on.

This man was no saint, let’s not allow media, political parties or personal believes re-write history and make him something he wasn’t. Revolutions can be bad, hell is paved with good intentions, power makes people sick if they stay long enough, the good things he did, I’m no one to deny them but make no mistake: Fidel castro was was a dictator and he died as such.

When you left I completely broke down….
I felt like a puppet you had suddenly cut the strings off and I collapsed in a heap and couldn’t move for days.
Sometimes I wondered if that’s all I’d ever been to you… A toy you could play with while it suited you and then discard when you decided you didn’t want me anymore. Weather it’s true or not – that’s certainly how I felt at the time.
You up and left so fast… cut the ties between us with such precision, yet I still felt connected to you because the one thing you could not sever was my heartstrings…. only I could do that for myself. The relationship was over but my love for you continued, even though it was causing me so much pain I could hardly bare it.
It wasn’t easy for me… and I know that there’s still a long way to go - but I know in my heart that I’ve taken my first steps…..
I’m cutting the strings; I’m closing my heart to you….
I’m starting to move on.

Full Moon Clarity Tarot Spread
1: what’s been hidden
2: what’s ahead for you
3: what’s influencing you
4: what’s led you to this point
5: what’s left for you to do

This spread is to help use the full moons light to illuminate some questions you may have been having and what you need to keep in mind for the coming cycle!

This is just a quick easy spread you can do every full moon. Keep track of your progress and see how it connects for your year, January’s full moon is the perfect time to start and a good opportunity to get your baseline done…that way you can only improve.

A few people have asked me for the meaning of this line:

So I figured I should probably make a post about it before the new episode drops.

First of all, we need to look at it in context.

It only makes sense if we connect it with the previous line:

In simplest terms: Victor believes that the easiest way to get a gold medal is to skate as best as you can, to skate so that you know you gave it all you had, to skate well enough to be happy and proud of how you did even before you receive the points.

Basically he’s saying that if you feel you did well, everyone else including the judges will feel you did well.

Which is actually a pretty valid message, if you ask me. Do what you do so that in the end you’re happy with how everything went and everyone else will also notice and appreciate it.

Hope I could make this scene a little clearer~

TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "Service"

An imagine about the 4th episode of Season 7

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (as for episode 7x02)
part 4 is about the third episode of season 7

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

“Alexandria’s fucking calling!”, you heard Negans voice say before he entered the room that was yours since he had taken you with him after the line up.
It had only been a few days since you were here but it felt like an eternity for you.
“What a great fucking day to get some shit!”, he said with the same exited glance in his eyes as children had on christmas day.
As you walked out of the Sanctuary you felt divided.
Of course you were extremely happy that you could finally see your friends and your home again, but at the same time you knew that Negan would terrorize them again once you’d arrive.
To that came that you didn’t know how Negan had treated your brother Daryl after he had refused to become one of his puppets.
At that time he looked already bad and sickly pale, who knew what would await him after talking back again.

You entered one of the trucks with Negan as you heard the motors of the other trucks starting.
He got rid of the stuff laying on the bench at the end of the trucks interior and  let himself fall on it and opened his arms wide.
“Come here sweetheart”, he said smirking on that weird cocky way at you. 
You hesitated, you could think of way better things than cuddling with Negan in a truck, especially because you still had Glenn and Abraham on your mind.
“Come on”, said Negan again. 
You sighed before you let yourself fall into his open arms. You heard him chuckle as he moved his head against yours and placed his lips on your temple as you stared out of the window, while the truck drove through the woods.
You liked the woods, they had something of freedom for you, but since this whole thing started, they were also incredibly dangerous not just because of the walkers, also because of the humans.
After a while, as you saw trough the front window the gates of Alexandria you jolted up and your heart began to beat faster.
“Oh..Someone’s fucking exited”, you heard Negans voice chuckling say. You knew that this place would be different to the last time you’ve been there, but it was still the place you called your home. And it was also the place you wished to be at the last few days.
The truck stopped shortly before the gates as you looked at the sign that hung next to the it “Mercy for the lost. Vengeance for the plunderers”.
For now it didn’t seem like that… 

You walked out of the truck, but before hopping down the stairs of it you saw Negan holding his hand up for you to take it.
“I’m still a fucking gentleman Sweetheart, dont forget that!”, said Negan keeping his hand up.
Before you could take his hand you saw Daryl standing behind a few saviors. You didn’t know that Negan would take him with him to Alexandria.
He looked even worse than the last time you saw him. His eyes were red and swollen and his face covered with bruises. 
As you saw how his shoulders slightly shook and he trembled you felt your heart hurting.
What the heck did they do to him after he turned down Negans offer?!
You pulled your hand back and hopped out of the truck glaring at Negan.
”He had his choice Sweetheart”, said Negan chuckling while you glared angrily at him.
You didn’t care if he had his choice, he had the choice between three horrible options and he had chosen to keep his free will, what made you on one side proud on the other really worried..
And now even more because it looked like they let him pay for his answer…

Negan grinned at you before he walked over to the fence that was protecting Alexandria swinging his bat.
“Little pig. Little pig…LET…ME…IN”, Negan yelled after he hit his bat against the door of your home.
“I have something precious with me”, he yelled again and turned around winking at you.
The fabric fence was slid away and you saw into Spencer’s face that looked asking at Negan, behind him stood Rosita who was looking worried up and down on you.
“Who are you?” asked Spencer.
Was he fucking serious right now?
”Are you fucking joking ?”, asked Negan before you saw Rick coming to the fence.
He looked sickly pale and totally done with everything.
”Don’t make me ask for it”, growled Negan, before Rick finally opened the gates, looking at you, then at Daryl.
”You said a week. You’re early”, muttered Rick glaring at Negan.
”Missed ya”, said Negan chuckling before he turned around and command Rick to look how he bashed a walkers head in.
”Easy Peasy Lemons Squeezy”, shouted Negan amused as if he just saved everyone from a giant disaster.
”You see what I did there? Did I become angry about him?”, he pointed at Spencer. “No! I saved you! That walker could have killed you! That is service!”, said Negan bowing theatrically before Rick.
You all had killed hundreds of walkers together as they walked into Alexandria after the wall broke.
Walkers were your smallest problem right now.
”Hold this”, said Negan pushing Lucille into Ricks Hands who stared in disbelief at it. 
”Im so sorry…”, you said to Rick after Negan had walked into Alexandria. 
”Don’t worry”,  Rick answered, trying to force a smile upon his lips. 
You walked sighing into Alexandria, Negan walking over to you and slinging his arm around your waist.  
You turned around seeing Daryl walking into Alexandria and so did Rick.
”Daryl?”, you heard Rick asking your brother.
But Daryl said nothing, he just stared at Rick.
His glance filled with emptiness.
You felt how your heart cramped together seeing Daryl this way.
”Do not talk to him or you will see the consequences”, growled Negan at Rick before shouting that his people should begin collecting.

”Show me fucking everything!” said Negan amused as he walked through Alexandria.
The most people were standing before their houses, looking either at Negan or the Saviors that carried their stuff out of their houses.
“Got something that might interest you”, you heard a Savior say that brought a camera to Negan.
It was the one, Deanna had used to record your interviews on shortly after you’ve entered Alexandria.
“Well, well, what do we have here”, said Negan eying the camera.
You saw Ricks video playing.
“Is that you under all that man bush?! Shit…. I would not have messed with that guy!“, said Negan laughing at Rick.
It seemed again like seeing someone suffer gave him something.
“But that’s not you it?”, chuckled Negan pointing the recording camera at Rick. “NOPE”, called Negan looking amused into the camera.
“Is there a video of her to?”, Negan asked the savior looking at the camera and pointing at you.
“I guess”, the man shrugged with his shoulders.
After all what we’ve been through no one of us honestly thought that there were good people left. There are horrible things happening out there…We got betrayed so many times. I don’t want you to think that we don’t value this place, we all do. It just seemed so unreal and we learned to be warily. Because anything else means death out there…but I am thankful for this I really am and I think I can speak for my whole group with this…”, you heard your recorded voice say.
You still hear the slight happiness in your voice, you remember that it forced a smile on your lips.
Alexandria was finally a place you hadn’t have to leave after one night.
You saw Negan smirking while he stared on the screen of the camera.
“You should smile more often Sweetheart,… Looks fucking good on you”, Negan said as he looked grinning up from the display.  

You remember the day you entered Alexandria.
You remember how divided you felt before you could be sure that this place was safe and not filled with cannibals like terminus or other monsters.
Especially after Terminus you were warily but you were also one of the ones who wanted to give Alexandria a chance, because you wanted a place to rest and feel home again for you all.
And now was this place everything else than a place to rest, it was a place terrorized by the man looking smirking at you.

Did you kill people?”, said Deanna.
“Oooohh it’s gettin’ interesting!”, said Negan chuckling while his eyes lightened up.
So…When or why did you kill people”, you heard Deannas voice say.
You knew how uncomfortable you felt being asked this.
The people from Alexandria didn’t know how it was out there. How could you explain to someone who hadn’t gone through this that there was sometimes no other option.
Only when I had to. When I had to protect my group or myself…humans were often more dangerous than the walkers…I killed when there was…when there was no other way..”, you heard your voice say.  
“No other way…yeah”, muttered Negan grinning.

As you saw how some saviors carried furniture and mattresses out of the houses you looked bewildered at Negan.
“You’re taking the mattresses too?”, you asked him.
“Yeah Sweetheart, I mean…we could have so much fucking fun on each one”, said Negan chuckling as he saw your angry face expression.
He looked over to Rick who was already breathing angrily and heavy about what Negan had just said.
“What Ricky boy? Huh? I don’t like that fucking way youre looking at me right now”, he paused before raising his voice again. “I got an idea…Sweetheart, why don’t you tell Rick about our fantastic night together”, chuckled Negan.
You had agreed to sleep with Negan only because you had hoped that it would lower his anger against your group and also to not make him more furious about them than he already was.
You looked bewildered in Negans eyes that were filled again with this weird glance , then looking at Rick eyes you shook slightly your head.
You didn’t want to tell Rick this, he was a such a real close friend of yours and you knew that it would make him even angrier.
Before you could answer Negan with a “No” he seemed to have seen what you wanted to say and began to grin.
“I do not wanna hurt anyone of your friends so…”, he said grinning. “Rick…I..I.”,you stumbled you didn’t want to tell him and you didn’t really know how.
“Did he force you..?”, you heard Ricks voice say quietly..
“Wait Rick! Who do you fucking think I am?! We’re all trying to build up a relationship and that’s not the trust we can build it on”, said Negan more serious.
It seemed like he was actually offended.
You saw in Ricks eyes and knew that you had to be the one telling him.
“He didn’t…”, you said as you felt how your body trembled.
”You heard what she said. I didn’t. I think she actually fucking enjoyed it…”, said Negan sneaking up behind you and slinging his arms around your waist from behind.
Your hands formed into fists while your breath got heavier. 
You looked desperate in Ricks eyes that looked the same way back at you.
He seemed to know why you did it.
He knew you and you knew him.

”So I’ve seen almost everyone of your group here. Almost. I need to keep you all in line so…Where is your girl? The one with the dreads?”, asked Negan. “She…she is hunting”, said Rick after hesitating for a second. 
”And the sick one?”, asked Negan.
”Would you care to pay some respect?”, you heard Father Gabriels voice. 
”Holy crap! You are creepy as shit! Sneaking up on me with that collar and that freaky-ass smile”, said Negan turning around actually shocked. 
Negan, the man that were like the devil himself to your friends, shocked because of a priest.
Kind of ironic.

With every step you got closer to the graveyard you felt more uncomfortable. Daryl was stumbling before you and seeing him this way was like torture.
Negan had thought that it was a great idea to visit the graves of the ones that he had beaten to death personally. 
As you finally stood before the graves you just stared at them.
You still didn’t really believe that they were dead, probably also because you didn’t want them to.
You didn’t want to believe that they would never come back.
You heard Negan talking that the first one was caused by him the second one…because “someone” forced him to.
All you could do was thinking about how Daryl must feel.
And now he had to stand before Glenns Grave.
You looked over to the grave Rick called Maggie’s.
You were sure that she wasn’t dead. You knew Rick. You knew the others. If she would have also died they would be different.
You assumed that they could have brought her to Hilltop where you wanted to bring her even before you had to meet Negan. The baby needed a doctor and after this stress more than ever.
You heard Negans voice again.
“Maybe I would have asked her to come with me if I wouldn’t have found this fucking precious Sweetheart among you..I mean Rick…what would I want more”, said Negan smirking, first looking at Rick and than winking at you.
You saw Rick glaring at Negan what caused him laugh more than he already did.
“Well…women who just lost a loved one…especially their husband…well… widows are some kind for themselves”, said Negan chuckling.
You shook your head in disbelief, could he even be more morbid?
“Oh Sweetheart you don’t have to be jealous, you’re my fucking number one”, said Negan chuckling and smirking over to you.
”Well…she’s fucking unique, Rick. And thats why she’s mine, only mine”, Negan said smirking at Rick before you heard a gun shot and Negans smirk turned into a dangerous glance.

When you walked into Ricks house you already heard Carls voice.
“They are taking all the medicine, they said they would take only half of our stuff”, said Carl pointing a gun at the two saviors as Rick begged him to lower it. “Of course…really kid?”, Negan asked Carl.
“You should all go before you find out how dangerous we all are”, Carl said keeping the gun up.
“Well, pardon me, young man. Excuse the shit out of my goddamn french…but did you just fucking threaten me?”, asked Negan Carl raising his brows.
Carl just kept staring at Negan.
“Negan please, at least leave some medicine for them…remember?…they can’t work and provide for you if they’re dying of illnesses and injuries”, you said calmly. You knew that that was not the most safest move but you had to do something.
Negan turned around to you and looked smirking at you, you swallowed but you knew that you shouldn’t and also wouldn’t give in now.
“Your words”, you added looking into his eyes.
“Alright”, said Negan smirking and still looking into your eyes. “Leave some medicine here, but kid”, he said turning back to Carl.
“Put that goddamn gun down. I like you. But don’t make me kill someone again”, urged Negan dangerously. 
Carl put the gun scowling down before Negan took the gun and turned back to Rick.
“Well Rick, that just made fucking crystal clear that you have way to many guns. And for that what your boy just did, you’re gonna pay with giving me all of your goddamn guns”, said Negan.

You went over to the garage where the guns were held.
You saw Olivia opening the gate and you could see in her eyes that she was already scared.
“Sweetheart, I think I need to fucking talk to Rick alone, but don’t worry I’ll be back soon”, he said smirking and leaving you outside of the garage.
You sat down on a small wall and looked around seeing the Alexandrians watching how the saviors took their stuff.
Mattresses, armchairs, simply everything they saw and liked.
You saw Carl coming over to you and sat down next to you.
”Thank you for the thing with the medicine”, he said.
”No problem…I don’t want him to take even more from us”, you answered looking at Carl.
“Did he hurt you?”, he asked swallowing hard.
“No he didn’t…but I don’t know what he did to Daryl. He’s not himself anymore”, you said worrying.
“I know thats not the greatest question to ask now but how have you been?”, you asked Carl. 
It only had been a few days since Glenn and Abraham had died and you knew that you weren’t the only one grieving.
“It was hard, it still is and we all wish that you both would be with us again”, Carl sighed.
“Me too, Carl, me too”, you said before you heard heavy steps on the ground.
“Young man, you’re not where you should be. Go back to your house”, said Negan standing before you and Carl. 
Carl didn’t move until Rick raised his voice, he stood up growling, glared at Negan and walked over to his house looking a last time at you.

You went over to the door where the saviors and your brother carried guns out of the storage.
His glance was still empty and he didn’t even look up when you stood before him.
Negan took one of the guns Daryl was carrying and grinned. “Lets see if you’ve been taking care of my guns!”, chuckled Negan amused.
He took the gun up and pointed at Daryls head. You glared at him, before he  pointed up and shot into a window.
“Feeeells good!”, called Negan amused, before he admired some other guns the saviors were carrying out.
You heard Olivias wimper before a women dragged her out with her.
“Arat, we don’t do this…unless they do something to deserve it”, said Negan warning to the woman that still had a strong grab around Olivias arm.
Actually that surprised you a little bit.
The woman explained that two guns were not there and Negans glance changed.
“Is that true?”, asked Negan serious.
Olivia nodded whimpering, before Rick tried to explain that some people were out of town. 
“So you’re saying Olivias doing a shit job, right?”, asked Negan before Rick tried to deny that.
Whoever had taken the guns, it wasn’t Olivias fault, she had always done a good job, she knew about her responsibility.
Negans voice became more angry while he talked about that he couldnt let them get away with that.
He talked about not enjoying killing women and came closer to Olivia, who whimpered even more.
She was a good person, she didn’t deserve to be treated that way.
“We can work this-”, tried Rick to say before Negan interrupted him angrily. “Oh yes we can! And I am fucking going to!” 
You looked worried at Olivia who kept looking frightened at Negan.
Not another one, please not.
“Find the one who is fucking responsible for this shit, or someones gonna meet Lucille”, Negan growled at Rick.

“While Ricks talking to all those possible thiefs…why don’t you fucking show me the room that was once yours”, said Negan after Rick had left.
“Alright”, you muttered after hesitating for a second.
Actually it wasn’t alright for you, your room in Alexandria was one of the only places you had felt kind of safe from walkers and humans in the last months when not even longer.
The moment Negan would enter this room it could lose all this.

You walked up the stairs and entered the lightflooded room. The comfortable bed with the uncountable pillows on it faced the leather couch Negan let himself fall on.
“Fucking comfy in here!”, said Negan laughing and looking around in your room. For you it was still yours and since the last time you left nothing had changed. Negan got up and walked over to you smirking, his eyes not leaving yours. You always felt an indescribable feeling coming up in you when he looked at you this way.
“I’m not gonna sleep with you in here”, blustered out of you.
You could clearly hear some fear in your voice even if you tried to control it.
You couldn’t do this, at least not here and while all your friends had to fear out there that he would kill another one just to get two damn guns.
“Oh no, we don’t have enough privacy for that…”, said Negan grinning as he stood right before you, he took your head into his two hands and kept staring into your eyes before he pressed his lips on yours.
If he wouldnt be the man who killed two of your friends, threatened to kill another one and was responsible for your brother being a mess, maybe you could enjoy kissing him. 
But he was this man, so all other feelings you had right now were overwhelmed by the feeling of guilt. 
He let go of your kiss and smirked at you. 
“Missed your lips”, said Negan grinning, licking over his lower lip. 
“We have the guns!”, you heard Ricks voice outside of the house. 
“Finally!”, Negan chuckled and pulled you with him back outside.

Ripping the little sack out of Ricks hand and looking at the guns inside them made Negan smirk.
”So would you fucking tell me which one of your folks cost Olivia almost the rest of her fucking days”, asked Negan.
”That doesn’t matter”, answered Rick.
”Oh it does. Everybody has to be on board Rick. Or we have to go back to the fucking beginning”, said Negan raising his brows.
You saw in one of the trucks right before you that was filled with all of the guns they found and that was quite a lot.

You walked over to the gate, while you saw in every face of your friends.
You didn’t want to go.
You wanted to stay here with them and not go back to the sanctuary where you felt everything else than home.
You saw how Rick looked over again and again behind you. 
You turned around and saw Michonne standing in a little house outside the walls of Alexandria, observing the scene.

After Rick had to beg Negan to go over to the house he came back with Michonne who carried a dead deer over her shoulders.
”Like I said…she was hunting”, said Rick, while your and Michonnes eyes met.
Her angry glance turned into one that looked supporting at you.
And you valued her extremely for that.
She knew that you were someone that stood up again when you fell.
Rick said something to Michonne who now went closer to Negan and let the deer fall on the ground making him chuckle amused.
“Please…can Daryl and (Y/N) stay”, asked Rick.
You heard Negan chuckle. 
“Well for him…Daryl, do you want to stay” asked Negan looking at Daryl. 
Daryl said nothing. 
And again you asked yourself what Negan had done to him after he had turned down the offer.
That wasn’t the Daryl you knew and that also wasn’t the Daryl that had answered with his own name when Negan had  threatened him. 
It broke your heart over and over again when your eyes and Daryls met and all you saw in them was emptiness.
All you hoped was that he hadn’t broken him completely. 
That Daryl was deep down still himself. 
“Well…you see. And about her… I can’t give her back to you. I won’t do that Rick, I won’t fucking do that”, said Negan determined.
Negan went over to another walker that came close and bashed its head with some stump, you saw how Ricks grab around Lucille tightened but loosened up as Negan turned again.
”Say the two words Rick”, urged Negan
Rick sighed before he said “Thank you” and you could see how much he hated that.
You saw how the Saviors lead Daryl to another Truck and loaded him up, while he was just looking at the ground.

Before you entered the truck you looked once again in all the faces of your friends.
You missed them already. 
But you would come back.
For sure.
And you couldnt wait for the moment you could see them again.
Then you entered the truck and after Negan came in and sat down next to you it started driving away, while you kept looking at your friends that became smaller and smaller.

Suddenly the Truck stopped. You couldnt already be at the sanctuary, you had been driving for only a few minutes.
“We’re not done yet”, said Negan chuckling and pulling you with him out of the truck.
Right before you, the saviors build up a pile with all the mattresses they had taken away from Alexandria. 
“What are you doing with them?”, you asked Negan glaring at him. 
“Just wait”, chuckled Negan while the saviors began pouring gasoline over the matresses.
“Are you serious?”, you growled at Negan looking bewildered at him. “Oh yeah!”, Negan said grinning at you.
Taking the mattresses with them had already been crappy, but instead of using them burning them was just disgusting and disrespectful.
You knew that you shouldn’t be surprised by them but they did it anyway over and over again on a real negative way.
“Whoooo gets the honor to burn them?” asked Negan amused swinging around Lucille and walking from savior to savior until he stood before Daryl.
Negan took out a lighter and threw it to Daryl who catched it.
“And now, make some fucking cozy fire for us!”, shouted Negan laughing.
You felt your stomach cramping together as you saw Daryl going over to the mattresses and began to burn them without any protest.
How much had they tortured him to get him to that point?
Negan walked back to you grinning, while you kept glaring at him.
“Don’t worry Sweetheart, we have enough mattresses left to have fun on”, said Negan smirking before going back into the truck.

part six

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For all wlw, media repeatedly drives home that reciprocated love for women will be temporary and come with consequences. We’re taught that from childhood through every single story that involves two women loving each other, only for one to die. It’s one part of compulsory heterosexuality. 

For bi women, often there is a ‘moral’ lesson, ending in them finding a lasting happiness with a man afterwards. This version of compulsory heterosexuality is very blatant and biphobic– you must choose a ‘side,’ and there is only one ‘right choice.’ I’m certain that this hurts bi women in ways I can’t fully understand or feel the weight of. 

For lesbians, there is a different lesson– just by existing we are wrong.  By loving other women we are harming them. They are only free when they can “move on” from us. We do not get forever-love, every connection is temporary and fleeting; we do not get to envision ourselves making it to old age, much less with a partner. 

Even though I know this is just homophobic cultural messages at work, even though I know this is pure media bias, I still can’t help but partially internalize it. 

The first time I saw a happy wlw couple in their 50s, I was stunned. My whole world opened up realizing that it was possible. I had never seen an example of myself lasting past 25. It was unthinkable to me that lesbians were even allowed to have a sense of “future” to hope for. 

When everything around us tell us that we are only good for a chapter in someone else’s life, only a moral lesson to overcome, that we are destined for loneliness and early death and causing others pain, it’s not a surprise that so many lesbians struggle with self-worth and depression. Of course we do. 

Cage of Fire Spell

Many witches hold that your actions return to you threefold. I myself have never believed this, having never witnessed anything of the sort born out in reality. Nevertheless, the idea of reaping what one sows is powerful, and most people have some concept of it in their minds. This makes it an excellent concept to utilize in defensive magick.

With this spell, you can create magically-induced consequences for a person’s malevolent actions. The spell will only take effect if the person continues their abhorrent behavior. If they do, it provides immediate repercussions that are difficult to ignore. Ultimately, the person will hopefully make the connection between the misfortune they’re experiences and their own behavior, and change their ways.

  • Large Pepper.
  • Tobacco (or another baneful herb that you’re comfortable using)
  • Sharp nails or other pointy objects
  • Something to represent the target
  • A small pouch or bottle.
  • Gloves
  • Plastic wrap or a container

Don gloves to keep the pepper and tobacco at bay!

Begin by cutting the top off the pepper in such a way that it can be replaced like a lid. Then, hollow out the pepper as best you can, taking care to leave it as intact as possible. Then, very carefully, begin to line the edges of the pepper with the tobacco, packing it into the crevices as best you can to create a small layer of the herb just along the inside of the pepper. Be sure to leave the center of the pepper relatively clear.

Now, put the taglock inside the pouch or bottle.

Gently place the bottle containing the taglock into the center of the pepper. Add more baneful herbs to cover and surround it, stuffing the pepper until it is mostly full. Then, close it up by putting the top back on the pepper.

Next, take the nails and, with slow deliberation, stick them into the flesh of the pepper one by one, but be sure not to press too hard and damage the pepper. Once you have four or five nails stuck into it, you can begin empowering the spell.

Hold the pepper carefully and visualize the spell’s target as existing within a cage made of flames. They are quite safe within the cage, but if they move from it or attempt to strike at you again, they’ll surely be devoured. Once you have this image fixed in your mind, imagine the essence of it flowing out of your hands and into the pepper. Your spell is cast.

Disposing of the pepper and everything in it can be tricky. When I performed this spell as a teenager,  I saved the pepper for a few weeks in a safe place,  then buried it pepper in the forest near my college. This allowed the natural effects of decomposition to take effect, thus putting a realistic time limit on the spell and not turning it into some kind of life sentence within a fiery prison. There are ecological issues to consider, as well, though, and if you are not comfortable burying it, you might simply throw it away after the spell has produced the necessary effects.

The only way out of the madness of this world is to connect to the pure energy and vibes of nature, or pray and mediate. Find out which keys work for you and use them. Otherwise you get drawned in the confusion of this hectic and insane world.
—  Sereno Sky, author of the hippie novel “Lonely Traveller”
It doesn’t matter how great of a person you are, if the person you are interested in has not made room for you to be in their life, it just won’t happen. You owe it to yourself to pour your effort and energy into someone who is actually ready for love. When you feel like you are forcing your way into someone’s life, it’s time to step back and reevaluate some things. Love never works when it’s forced. It only works when the vibe, the connection and the feelings are mutual.
—  IG@woodtheinspiration
The First Date (part 1)

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2,216

Warnings: fluff, implied masturbation, Castiel’s first date/kiss, I’ve never written Castiel before so…

A/N: Written for @quiddy-writes for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 gift!

When he first fell to Earth, Castiel was not very accustomed to human tradition, much less human behavior. As an angel, he’d “grown up” to think that touching of any kind was foreign, strange. He barely understood a handshake, much less a hug or kiss. He often looked down at couples as they touched each other, not understanding why they felt the need to touch each other so intimately. He’s listened to the exploits Dean bragged about, caught glimpses of explicit pornography on Sam’s computer, left open as the man showered, but the only person who ever caught his interest enough to compel his curiosity was you. 

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You are not "Fake" PSA to my Mixed peeps

Things that are fake: 

  • Fox News
  • Reality TV
  • Things that pretend to be things they aren’t

You are not a “watered down” version of your X heritage.

You are not appropriating part of your culture/heritage when you try to connect/engage with it.

Even if:

  • You haven’t been able to communicate with different parts of your family and culture
  • You weren’t raised with those cultures, because of assimilation or otherwise
  • You are “only a fraction”
  • You can’t speak the language
  • You don’t feel enough?

You are still X heritage, no matter any of the above. It is your choice to try to connect to your culture in one way or another, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a part of your heritage.

If somebody disagrees, even your own family who don’t understand, it is really only up to you to figure out how you identify.

So I remember your mom’s love for the singer Prince, her crying the day he died, how your heart broke too.

I have your sister’s birthday memorized. I still remember that picture you sent me from when she made your hair look ridiculous, with the tiniest ponytails. And I’m sorry I can’t forget the night when you texted me at 1 am, and how by some magical love connection, I woke up too. I remember you telling me you were only up so late, because you were helping your sister with a project. I really wanted to know everything about her; I loved the way she had your entire heart.

And I’m sorry that I know all of your favorite songs like the back of my hand. But thank god for that because like you said, I have terrible taste in music. But you don’t. And I’m sorry but I had the tune from the very first song you made me listen to stuck in my head for 9 months straight.

“Never Not Looking” by Boy/Friend.

And I don’t think I ever told you, but I wanted to meet your grandfather, ever since July when you told me he believed you were in love with me.

I’m remembering everything tonight, all the promises and plans we made. Did you forget all the ways you let me into your world? I can’t I’m sorry

— I saw my whole future with you

How to record Instagram’s live videos on iOS X

So, as a lot of you know, our dear Co-Captain Floriana Lima has a liking for going live on instagram, and so do we. Only problem is, the lives don’t stay up, and it is not possible to watch them again on instagram once they end. The only way to rewatch them are by actually recording them while they’re streaming. Luckily, there is a way to record your phone’s screen, and we’re going to show you how! 

Don’t forget, she did say she would go live with Chyler soon, so keep an eye open, and a computer nearby ;)

 Here’s how to record your screen: 

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anonymous asked:

It's healthy for couples to show affection and express verbally how they feel,sakura has low standards in that dapartment.Sasuke can barely utter I love you,Sasuke doesn't like physical contact,Sasuke doesn't like feeling vulnerable,how did they bond

Saying “I love you” isn’t the only way you can express your affection verbally. Or did you completely miss when Sasuke said his heart was connected to Sakura’s?

He has his own way of verbally expressing affection, and just because it may not contain those 3 words doesn’t make them any less meaningful.

Secondly, I’d love for you go to Japan and tell a woman that she has “low standards” simply because her husband isn’t keen on explicit verbal affection, because you’d get eaten alive. Your ignorance of Japanese culture and customs is on full display here.

Lastly, who says Sasuke doesn’t like physical contact?

Why are you making up bogus facts about him for the sole purpose of bringing SS down? He’s demonstrated on more than one occasion that he’d be happy to initiate intimate physical contact with those that are dear to him.


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 92

This week we want to show you the bus terminals of our home towns. The first photo shows the bus terminal in Cologne and the second photo shows Munich’s.
To travel by bus may is not the fastest way, but it’s one of the cheapest ways - from Cologne to Munich for example, it takes between 8 and 10 hours by bus. By train it’s only 4,5 hours, but there are not always direct connections between two cities, so sometimes the bus has not only the better price, it also has the better connection. But I think if you ever travel from Cologne to Munich the best way would be by train.
This week’s praise to all the bus and train drivers and the pilots who are working while we can enjoy our travel.

We’re all seeking that special person who is right for us. But if you’ve been through enough relationships, you begin to suspect there’s no right person, just different flavors of wrong. Why is this? Because you yourself are wrong in some way, and you seek out partners who are wrong in some complementary way. But it takes a lot of living to grow fully into your own wrongness. And it isn’t until you finally run up against your deepest demons, your unsolvable problems—the ones that make you truly who you are—that we’re ready to find a lifelong mate. Only then do you finally know what you’re looking for. You’re looking for the wrong person. But not just any wrong person: it’s got to be the right wrong person—someone you lovingly gaze upon and think, “This is the problem I want to have.”

I will find that special person who is wrong for me in just the right way.

—  Andrew Boyd, Daily Afflictions: The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe
Attention, The 100 Fans

Hey, followers;

We need you all to do something for us. We need you to create tumblr, twitter, reddit, and facebook accounts - in fact, make sure you have a least one of each. 

Then, we need you to like, reblog, and tag #the100 as MUCH as you can with EVERYTHING connected to this show. Every tweet and every post should have #the100 tag on it… NO MATTER WHAT. Many of my followers don’t even ADD tags to their posts!! MAKE TAGS! It’s the only way we get our content out, guys. Tags are really important. USE THEM! 

Basically, we need to make more noise. Why? Because we need to make sure that our favorite show survives. Sure, it’s looking good right now. The trailer has got a lot of likes and views (4.8 mil on Facebook–crazy!), and it’s consistently trending on Netflix (awesome!). BUT, this doesn’t mean that we’ve got enough support to make sure the CW doesn’t cancel our show. With the current ratings… our show is sort of toeing the line on being cancelled, so we can’t get complacent. 

We need more noise. We need to make so much noise that we bring in more people. We need to convince our friends and family to watch the show. We need to LEGALLY download and watch the show (watching it live would be even better). 

If we want this show to continue, you NEED to get involved more. I know for a fact I have A LOT of followers who don’t even have accounts…they’re just casual observers checking in on the noise, so we need you guys, too.  

Btw, you don’t have to be involved like me and some others. You just need to have an account and just like, reblog, and tag stuff. That’s it. Please, consider it. 

This is an awesome show, peeps. It has everything I/we love (something which is difficult to find): mystery, adventure, sci-fi, fast-paced action, amazing stunts and choreography, morally ambiguous situations and events (while still maintaining the hope for something good and right), long-game story structure and thinking, and slow burn ships. 

Do you really want to lose that? I sure don’t. So, please, get involved. Make some noise when you can, wherever you can. We could potentially lose our favorite show if we don’t… at this point, we DON’T know anything. So better to be safe than sorry, right? 

Much love,