The Night Before

A/N: This little blurb crawled into my head and wouldn’t leave until I wrote it down. It has a small link to this story but can be read alone too. Thank you to my beta Alex @niallandharrymakemestrong who is always my friend and biggest supporter, thank you my friend. 

He lay in the dark, listening to her breathe.

She was asleep of course. They had talked for hours into the night analyzing the plan of attack for the next day.

It was going to start with the interview.  

It wasn’t live, was in fact recorded weeks ago, just him and his mate chatting as they often did.  

But this time it was different.  

It was a proper interview - he had talked about his break, his film, his career. This interview was all about him.

He wasn’t sure he liked it.

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anonymous asked:

do you think The Night Before is a mclennon song? i think it's about 'the night they cried'

The song was written in February 1965, and the “here today” moment happened in September 1964, few months had passed, so it could be. I never thought of that, because it’s a catchy song with a happy tune, so you don’t focus on the words much. If you don’t know how the songs sounds and you just read the lyrics, you might imagine it’s a sad song.

We said our goodbyes, ah, the night before
Love was in your eyes, ah, the night before
Now today I find you have changed your mind
Treat me like you did the night before

Were you telling lies, ah, the night before?
Was I so unwise, ah, the night before?

Last night is a night I will remember you by
When I think of things we did it makes me wanna cry

I know that this song was mainly written by Paul, in ‘Many years from now’ he says that John didn’t add much, and I don’t know if this means that it was 100% his work or at least John helped a bit. In 1980 John said that it was all Paul’s work, but I don’t trust John much when it comes to remembering who wrote which song, because he often gave different opinions about the same song through the years, and not because he liked to lie, but because he genuinely didn’t remember. That’s why I trust Paul more.

The thing is that this song has a very specific theme, which makes me think that it wasn’t a “filler”song, one of the songs they wrote without any particular meaning just to finish the album, because it’s like a detailed account of what happened “the night before”. Paul had a beautiful and intense night with someone, feeling that ‘love was in your eyes’, and the next day this person is completely different, has changed attitude towards him, so he wonders if all the beautiful things they said to each other were lies.

Paricularly important is the line “When I think of things we did it makes me wanna cry“, because in my opinion it doesn’t fit with his apparently happy relationship with Jane Asher. John and Paul, on the other hand, had known each other long before, and had to deal with a lot of difficult moments that had lived together, the loss of their mothers is one of these, and this is the kind of memory/fact that in my opinion can justify that line. So yes, it fits with the ‘here today’ night.