Just for one second, please try and remember […] what it feels like. All of those times in school, when you see him standing down the hall and you cannot breathe til you’re with him. Or those times in class when you can’t stop looking at the clock because you know that he’s standing right out there waiting for you. Don’t you remember what that’s like?

maybe lydia will finally find out what that feels like, s o o n


hart of dixie season two ↦ lemon and wade

‘Us. Together. Lord have mercy.’


Goodbye Pawnee

Just a small note to thank the cast of Parks and Recreation for giving us such an amazing seven-season ride. I think I speak for everybody when I say that this show will be missed dearly, and the people who made it possible and what it was deserve all the kudos in the world.

Thanks to:

  • Amy Poehler for lighting up everybody’s lives with Leslie Knope, one of the best female characters ever to grace our television screens.
  • Adam Scott for the ultimate nerd, Ben Wyatt, gracing us with a great portrayal of a “geek” and also his fantastic butt. And for giving calzones the recognition they deserve.
  • Rob Lowe for the up-and-down energy of Chris Trager, showing us that it’s okay to be happy and it’s okay to be sad, so long as you find the right balance.
  • Rashida Jones for Ann Perkins, a beautiful land mermaid who shows us the true value of friendship when it’s needed the most.
  • Aubrey Plaza for actual witch April Ludgate-Dwyer, who shows us that is okay to not care about anything and to scare small children, as long as underneath it all you have something you actually do care about to keep you going.
  • Chris Pratt for showing us through the medium of Andy Dwyer that as long as you’re kind-hearted, fun and happy- then you don’t really need to grow up. And for gracing us with the excellence of Johnny Karate, a role model to children everywhere.
  • Retta for bring class, elegance and most importantly, fabulousness, to us all by bringing to life the character of Donna Meagle. Thanks for showing us the importance of knowing that it’s okay to Treat Yo Self every once in a while.
  • Aziz Ansari for the pure swag of Tom Haverford, showing us all that you really can have it all if you work hard enough.
  • Nick Offerman for the manliest of all men, Ron Swanson and his Pyramid of Greatness. I’ll be sure to always avoid the Skimmed Milk.
  • DAMMIT I forgot Jerry. Thanks Jim O’Heir for giving us the lovable, yet disastrous Gary/Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry Gergich/Gengurch, and for showing us that even if you’re a bit of a klutz and things go wrong, so long as you’re surrounded by the people you love and are doing something you love- everything will turn out great in the end.

I can’t think of a TV show that has had such exemplary role models, not only to young people, but to people of all ages, and it’s such a shame to see the end of Pawnee, but thank you all, and the rest of the cast and crew, for gifting us with 7 seasons of amazingness, awesomeness and brilliance.

Goodbye Pawnee, you truly are the Greatest Town in America. No, in the world :)

"Always Within My Sight" - Digital Oil Painting

I know they’re married to other people, I still like the *idea* of them being together. In an alternate universe.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

I seriously can’t stop talking about Bamon (forgive me) but don’t you think that if the writers ultimate goal was to have Bamon as bffs, this hug would be kind of premature?
Let me explain myself. If at the end of the series Bonnie and Damon are going to be the best of friends and nothing more, don’t you think we should have gotten this beautiful hug towards the end of the series? This would be the perfect way to consolidate their bond as the show ends for good. Friendships, just like love stories, are told as a journeys and the final stop for a beautiful friendship between a man and a woman would probably be a hug like this, since it’s most likely the most intimate situation two friends can ever be in.
But no, they gave us this NOW. I can’t help but wonder if their journey is far from being over. They reached the final stop for their friendship and now they can only move forward and fall in love. 😉

blk0912 asked:

So I don't watch the vampire diaries (i think that's the show name), but I keep seeing the gifs of that bamon (is that right?) hug and I have to say, that doesn't look platonic to me. At least not sibling like. I like their smiles before the hug most

Oh, yes it’s called Bamon (Damon + Bonnie). And thank you. It means a lot coming from someone who is not biased about the show, since doesn’t even watch it (I think good for you in this case, bc this show… only Bamon saves) 

Unfortunately our fandom is being incredible attacked by DE shippers (who by the way until the begining of s6 said kept saying our ship doesn’t exist, disiked Bonnie character for free, said they hate each other, and now claim they are the most beautiful friendship/brotp ever - ???- and we shouldn’t ship and try ‘destroy’ that?? -when actually Bamon is one of the only, if not by now, the only HEALTHY relationship/build up this show ever had), and they’re trying to put us down basically saying we can’t ship what we ship - since S1!!! and it’s even canon in books- bc they are like ‘sibilings’ now, it will never happen and that they don’t have romantic chemistry at all. (wtf?)

It’s really tiring. So see your message in my inbox really, REALLY, made me smile. (by the way, the only sincere, real and basically most human smiles that vampire Damon Salvatore ever had in this show, were always towards Bonnie)


Showing Hate vs Showing Love

Treat everyone the same, respect everyone the same. Don’t judge anyone by their looks; they may have the most beautiful heart and manners, much better than the best looking person in the world. Give confidence to everyone, extend your hand out to every person for friendship and give everyone confidence that they are just as good as the person sat next to them.

thank you parks!! thank you so much. thank you so much for showing me weaknesses and quirks can be your greatest strength, and the most beautiful things about you. that life may be difficult, but it does not have to be lonely. thank you!!! for jokes, and sweetness, and happiness. thank you for friendships and love in every shape and size and color. 

thank you!!! thank you so much, leslie and ron and donna and tom and ben and april and andy and gary and anne and chris. thank you <3

thank you thank you thank you <3

When I was little I used to put on ‘funny shows’ on the playground for anyone who wanted to watch and so, I spent my time making people laugh and in return I was always happy. So whenever I feel down, I remind myself how many times I’ve made someone else smile and laugh and like magic I’m happy again. Kindness, care and consideration are 3 of the most beautiful, selfless acts you can do for another person that will keep benefiting you years after the act has been done. Stay happy, be kind and always be content.

I don’t know what will happen next, all I know is that this was one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen on TVD and I’m so grateful for it. This, for me, was the most special hug I’ve ever seen on the show (just like Defan’s one on 6x05). Damon and Bonnie’s friendship is so precious just like Ian and Kat’s :). I adore this for sure and I can’t wait to see these two working more together :) #iansomerhalder #katgraham #damonsalvatore #bonniebennet #bamon #friends #love #6x15 #tvd #tvds6 #bamonreunion #bamonhug #hero

2014 Year In Review

Wow! Where to even start!

This year has been a whirlwind of ups and downs, new beginnings, and many stretching opportunities! 2014 marked the first year I chose to do photography as a full time career, which propelled me into one of the busiest summers of my life! I had 25 weddings booked with numerous portrait and engagement shoots. I am SO thankful for each and every client who trusted me with their most important day. I am so grateful for that and never take that lightly! Looking over these images brought back so many feelings of gratitude, adventures had, tears of joy, and new friendships made. I was so fortunate to shoot weddings at a variety of venues! I believe I only repeated once or twice! That variety kept things interesting and new, I had so many amazing couples who really valued expressing themselves on their wedding day and planning a day that best showed them and their relationship. Each one unique and beautiful! After attending so many weddings, they can often feel repetitive! But looking back through these images made me realized how lucky I was to have such a packed year of awesome individuals and couples! My season was kicked of with a workshop called Photo Field Trip. I met some incredible people here, and networked with some incredible photographers. There was so much talent and so many awesome people in one California campground :) I know for a fact that this workshop really helped to boost my confidence, build connections, and encourage me as I went forward into my first full-time season.

I was so blessed this past year to have many opportunities to travel, having had weddings out of state and out of country! Being able to travel and shoot makes my heart beat! I’m easily restless and in need of exploring new places, having clients spread across the country makes this so much more fun! Having my husband Eric as a second shooter and being able to travel and photograph with him is a gift I am so grateful for! He made the best assistant during this busy season, capturing some of my personal favorite images! He always is one step ahead, grabbing a water bottle for the bride or blotting some sweat off the grooms forehead. Rest assured, if you hire us two you’ve got a pretty steller team coming your way! So thankful for his help and support throughout this past year.

Owning your own business is rarely often what you expect it to be, and though I was told that, I still had to learn the hard way that it takes time, time, and more time. When you work from home it is so hard to leave work at work. It is also hard to get yourself out of bed in the morning when you literally can see your desk from your warm cozy sheets. I have spent way more hours in front of a computer than I would have liked, spending hours upon hours of editing photos and corresponding through email. This aspect was one of the most stretching for me during this past year. By nature I am a more visionary person who enjoys the idea side of things and the artistic brainstorming, but lacks the discipline to get things done. I have never been one to be very task orientated! haha! Setting deadlines and being diligent to get work done without distraction was something I had to learn, and still am! Pretty sure I still suck at it most days :)

This may look like a post of glory moments below, but let me tell you I had my fair share of mistakes this year! Truth be told I lost the brides handwritten vows 10mins prior to the ceremony starting (praise the lord they were found just in time!) one grooms sunglasses got misplaced, a brides dress got slightly dirty while I was taking photos of it, I totally forgot to take pictures of the groom with each of his guys at one wedding, and my flash didn’t fire during a few crucial moments at another wedding! I let myself get burnt out, I didn’t put enough emphasis on staying inspired and working on personal projects, I overworked, I procrastinated, I let my stress and anxiety get the best of me, I gave into feelings of loneliness and depression, and I let myself get overwhelmed one to many times. But we are all human right? And we all make mistakes! Things happen and thats okay, you learn from them and you move forward (THIS article was a good read if your in a similar boat! ) I am learning how to push myself but know my limits. I know things I need to personally improve on to have a healthy state of mind for next season. I’ve made some changes for this coming year and plan to only book a limited amount of weddings, and focus more on editorial projects. I now know that I CAN handle a full season and I’m pretty stinkin proud of myself for it!! Heres to all that has transpired in 2014, and all that lays ahead in 2015!!


// Below are a few of my favorite moments from this past season of shooting! Scroll the whole way to the bottom to see more personal accomplishments, online features, etc.

// stay tuned! There are still a few shoots from last season that have yet to be fully blogged! :) Enjoy :)

2014 STATS :

// 3rd year shooting weddings

// First FULL TIME photography season

// 25 total weddings

// 1 out of country (BC, Canada)

// 4 out of state (Idaho, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland) 

// First workshop - Photo Field Trip in Cali

// Multiple features (see below)

2015 GOALS : *dreaming big*

// Be featured internationally

// Shoot more editorial work

// Open a studio

// Collaborate often 

// Book an international wedding 


Contributed in all 4 printed issues of Deeply Rooted Magazine

Bridal Portrait used in Dream Weddings Magazine


Italy photographs & written essay featured on Trouve Magazines online blog


Ever Ours

Ever Ours : Friday Picks

Ever Ours : Best Of Bridal

The Lovely Find

Junebug Weddings

                         A huge thank you to all my amazing clients!! 

watching the last episode of parks and rec

and i did hop on the bandwagon pretty late—i only started watching this past fall.  there was a lot of binge watching, of course, but it got me through an exhausting semester.  never has a show portrayed friendships of all different kinds so beautifully.  it’s made me laugh and cry and i love it so much.  

and the series finale was the most beautiful thing ever.  i love these people so so much.  i’ll rewatch it and rewatch it and laugh at the same jokes over and over.  i’m sad that it’s over but i’m so glad i discovered this show just in time.


-My best male friend makes me feel more beautiful than any females do, and shows more affection and truly apologizes when he jokes around.
-he talks to her more than me and idk why she flaunts it to me
- ay-mxria is my fave 100% and I feel like I can relate to her the most.
-she still cares about my friendship but my pride and cowardness doesn’t want me to associate with her
-I’m still accepted
-they don’t desire me.
-the younger hearts are the most acceptable, loving ones
-teachers are the best supervisors in their student’s actions and how it relates to their feelings
-he does actually worry about me and my personal feelings not just school
-I don’t want to think my teachers are the only people I can vent too
-my mother is recently showing symptoms of anxiety
-I’m the favorite.
-I’m showing symptoms again


handan. the name of the person who loves me the most, who is the most childish woman I ever know, who shows the real face of mine, who exaggerates my pros, who is the real friend, who is the source of happiness, whose sign Aries, who encourages me to get my wishes, who is very very generous, who is pure, who is beautiful…

thank Allah I have this friend, sister and mentor. I have this reason to believe in people for trust and friendship. She is the coolest person I ever know. She is in some kind of depression but still cool. Who isn’t in?

she is not reasonable person too :D Lets be honest which reasonable person would love me? I respect myself when she is around. She loves me. That is the point.

She would laugh if she read this. She would say, “come on, I am not beautiful at all”.

A little late but nonetheless I’m still gonna do it coz its important 😊 Here’s a big big thank you to everyone of my 3035 current followers for your love and support! 😙😘😚 Hugs and kisses to all the lovely IG girls I’ve met and known along the way and gratitude to all the opportunities that had opened up for me 💓 Here’s also playing a tag to show my most liked photos for the past 1 month by @musicalhouses and @itsrainingmakeup 😘 Cheers to friendship and looking forward to knowing and discovering more friends, beauty and makeup! 😁 Tagging @dailyvanity @lynettejoie and @mybeautyroad to show your most liked photos for the month! 💓💓💓

Thank you, for being my best friend. For getting me to believe that everything happens for a reason, but that in the end it will always get better. Thank you for showing me that there is beauty inside myself, and that it is possible to have a lifetime friendship. Thank you for showing me that no matter how little we may talk or how busy our lives may get, that we will always be best friends. And thank you most of all for being who you are, and never leaving during those moments I just felt so broken and alone.

You will always be #irreplaceable. :)
Thank you, #bestie
#nightlythoughts #thanksforlettingmebeawierdo #andspamyourfbandpinterest #bestfriendsforlife