I am frustrated with the second season of Agent Carter

And the thing that frustrates me the most is how great it could have been and how they messed it up. The first part is obviously the glaring hole that is the lack of Angie. And that’s not about shipping. This is about the importance of Angie as a friend and confidant to Carter.  The friendship between Angie and Carter was beautiful and very much the heart of this show and now they want us to pretend like it never happened. Even if they include Angie later on the damage has already been done. I don’t believe for a second that Carter wouldn’t call Angie at the first opportunity to tell her about Hollywood.. Instead we have Carter not even acknowledging tha Angie has existed a  person looking like a kicked puppy and pining over fucking Sousa(who I usually like but the premiere soured him for me)

The second even more frustrating part is the treatment of Whitney Frost. Now in case you don’t know it Whitney Frost was based on a real person. A genuis inventor who also happened to be a top notch Hollywood actresss.. She was called Hedy Lamarr. She was a badass and incredible woman and essentially she was Stephen Hawking /Elon Musk…in Angelina Jolie/Natalie Dormer’s body

They could have easily made  Whitney Frost be Agent Carter’s helper. A woman’s who’s intellect was equal if not superior to Stark . Someone who could bond with Peggy about how hard it is to succeeded in the sexist climate of their respective friends and help her with inside tips on Hollywood and the power players  and of course science . Instead they made her the villain. Now I know what you are going to say. “Dude duh. A smart female villain to match Carter and Stark. This is meant to be empowering dude. Chill”  Except that this is bullshit. Let’s face it. The reason why the fictional version of a legendary figure like Hedy Lamarr was cast as a villain was simple. They wanted fuckingromance for Carter. They wanted it bad and that’s why they made her a villain all so that the good pure hearted, genius veteran Jason Wilkes can shine and impress Carter and we can finally see Carter having a romantic interest. Hell they didn’t evne bother being subtle about their desire to do a pathetic love triangle between Carter, Wilkes and Sousa.

So yeah I am frustrated. In fact I am rather furious that the writers threw away such an important piece of why we loved this show in the first place just so they shove some romance down our throats. I used to expect every new episode of Agent Carter with eager anticipation. That’s gone now. I still like it but the writing makes me roll my eyes and I only enjoy the brilliant acting from actors who are indeed excellent to manage and bring so much joy with this mediocre story line

Although props for keeping Thompson as a spineless dick. Fuck that guy

Little Flower

Little flower, patterns green
Most beautiful I’ve ever seen.
Little flower, strong and mighty
Always wanted to go and fight.
Little flower, soft and fragile
Yet energetic and pretty agile.
Little flower, making me smile
Letting happiness last for quite a while.
Little flower, dancing with the wind
Always been such a good friend.
Little flower, slowly going
Never showing hurt so I won’t be worrying.
Little flower, now you’re gone
And I see things I’ve done wrong.
Little flower, my best friend
I’m afraid this is the end.
Little flower, last thing to do:
Always loving and waiting for you.

Pisces Perspective on Aries as Friends

Good: Pisces and Aries can and will be best friends. With my own experience I am most compelled to gravitate towards Aries.  With the Aries friends I have, I feel we compliment each other perfectly. The Aries will help me to not be scared and to show my emotions rather than hide them and act like everything is okay when it is not. Aries are blunt and Pisces can help them to dull that down, we show them that they are great and we see past the “hot-headed” stereotype. Pisces find the beauty in Aries and lets them know how important they are. Aries will deny it, but the attention and love they receive from the Pisces means a lot in their friendship. Aries can be the Pisces rock and help them see the reality in things. These two as friends are inseparable, they will do anything together and have the most fun no matter the setting.

Bad: Not all signs have the exact same personality. Pisces crave attention and don’t want to be alone, however they sometimes need time away. As a “dreamer” the other signs need to understand that Pisces are unpredictable. When an Aries friend and Pisces friend are not good it is when that “hot-headed” stereotype  comes out and they become angry with the Pisces for being unpredictable and unreliable. Aries are not afraid to show their emotion and they will easily take advantage of the Pisces vulnerability. The Pisces will secretly hurt but not act on anything because they feel it isn’t worth it. Aries can be insensitive and won’t give Pisces the chance they deserve.  Aries and Pisces can easily crash and burn due to their great differences; and not finding the line of acceptance that you need in a friendship.

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leslie knope and ben wyatt

i’m allowed to do them together right because they’re married and a beautiful perfect unit

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  EACH OTHER #life goals #wife goals, am I right??

friendship them with:  well CLEARLY we have to friendship Leslie with Ann I mean come on if you have ever seen one single interaction you know Leslie loves Ann the most even more than Ben; one of my favourite scenes in all of parks and rec is the in the finale when Ann shows up and Leslie literally shoves Ben into a wall so she can get to Ann

edit: ALSO LESLIE’S FRIENDSHIP WITH RON also one of my favourite scenes in all of parks and rec is also in s7 when leslie and ron are locked in the old parks and rec office overnight and she poorly sings “we didn’t start the fire” at ron until he shouts ENOUGH and runs across the room to turn it off

edit #2: i keep thinking of more things LESLIE AND APRIL BECAUSE APRIL LOVES LESLIE AND THINKS THE WORLD OF HER and omg when she talks to leslie about emotional things she makes her turn around so she doesn’t have to look at her WOW i love them

and also I value Ben’s friendship with everyone, but specifically Donna and Tom when they take him out for treat yo self day and he ends up wearing a full body batman costume

general opinions: I could probably write several essays about Leslie Knope and also at least one about Ben but suffice it to say I love them very much and they are everything to me

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Salvador Dali x Disney - Disney & Dali: Architects of the Imagination ‘Dreams of Dali’

The Dali Museum in Florida has launched a brand new interactive exhibit called ’Disney & Dali: Architects of the Imagination’ in which they explore the fascinating yet unlikely friendship between the two; Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. 

On display are various sketches, artwork and videos showing how these artists used their imagination to propel themselves in their respective careers. 

This clip; ‘Dreams of Dali’ is taken from the exhibit which is a 360 video (It can be watched on a desktop or Google Glasses/Oculus Rift). This video takes the viewer through a journey of some of Dali’s most famous art pieces and is entirely fascinating, inspiring and simply put; beautiful.

Have a look, and if you’re in Florida; check out the exhibit.

I whole heartedly hope that everyone in this world gets to experience a friendship like the one I share with this girl. I’ve never loved a soul so truly, a beautiful soul at that. She is my family, and you don’t need matching DNA to show that. We embody so much of each other that thinking back, I forget most of the time that it’s only been five years with this girl. It feels as though I’ve known her my whole life, and that’s such a warming feeling. To know each and every detail and quirk of somebody from when they were a child to this very day.m, it’s really cool. And I’m so lucky to know her and have her play such a big role in my life. You’ve taught me so much over the years and you’ve supported me through every hardship and every weird phase and me being a psychopath 99% of the time and I just can’t thank you enough. It’s a beautiful thing, to be so genuinely in love with the person you’re best friend has blossomed to be. Again, I hope you all get to experience a friendship like this. At least once. I know she’ll stay until the end. I love you, Ali. #cornysappybaby

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Hey darling, I'm feeling you about what happened with your friends. Something similar happened to me recently and I love the way you reacted. Lots of love, I wish you brighter friendships, the most beautiful one with yourself. May the bridges you burn light the way c:

Thank you so much, it sucks but not everything is meant to be permanent in life. I had experiences with these people I’ll be forever grateful for, but they showed me people change at any time. And I feel like that’s a constant factor that ends most relationships. I’m so sorry you had to go through it too, but I know brighter days lay ahead for both of us.

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood” - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

I’m stealing my thing today from Tim Ferriss. One of the questions Tim has possibly the best interview style podcast on the planet. Today I’m asking you one of the questions he asks the guests on his show. Here goes: “Tell me something you believe that everybody else thinks is crazy.”

That’s all.
I found this question really rewarding to chew on. Especially when choosing the people I spend most of my time with. It’s also a helpful to remember when I come across someone I disagree with. I’m probably ape shit to a lot of people!

I hope this has some value to you. If you like what I share here, please share it somewhere. That would mean a lot to me.

“Live long and prosper. ”



Michel Gaubert & Fashion’s Favorite Puppet

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is upon us. And in keeping with the flourish and expense of the event, it would be natural to expect beautiful ads showcasing beautiful people in beautifully abstract ways.

Instead, the luxury auto brand’s new spot is refreshingly clever … and features a puppet.

The ad stars Michel Gaubert, sound director for most high-profile fashion shows, along with his mini-me puppet/personal assistant, Petit Michel (operated by Victor Yerrid, a Jim Henson puppeteer). It’s an endearing and entertaining three-minute story of friendship and shiny cars.