For the last week of #ProjectHome I just wanted to thank the boys and one direction in general for everything they’ve done and everything they’ve taught me in these 3 and a half years that I’ve been a fan. 

Thank you One Direction for always being my safe spot and creating beautiful music that moves me (sometimes to tears). Thank you for showing me what pure friendship looks like and for being the down to earth lovable boys that you are. Thank you for being so thankful for us and never degrading us or putting us down as a fandom because most of us are teenage girls. Thank you for everything. 

Thank you Liam for showing me that persistence can get you anywhere. Thank you for showing me that it’s okay to fail, but to always try again. Thank you for your smile which makes me smile evey time I look at it. Thank you for inspiring me to get past my medical problems just like you did and not let them define my life. Thank you so much for being so kind to all us fans and just being you.

Thank you Niall for being the brightness I need when everything else seems too dull or depressing to make me happy. Thank you for your laugh which will never fail to make me smile. Thank you for your guitar skills and for teaching me that there’s never too much happiness and laughter in life. Thank you for showing me it’s okay to not want to see people all day or to stay holed in inside for ages. Thank you for being the lovable ray of sunshine that you are in my life. 

Thank you Louis for showing me that sticking up for the people you love is the right thing to do even if you get in trouble for it. Thank you for teaching me how important loyalty is. Thank you for your soothing voice which always helps me sleep. Thank you for making me laugh with your sass and your witty jokes. Thank you for taking all the shit the media throws at you, yet still staying humble. Thank you for being the angel that you are.

Harry, thank you for making me feel validated. Thank you for all the rainbow flags you waved around and all the support you’ve given to the lgbtq+ community. Thank you for teaching me to not give a fuck what people think and just be myself. Thank you for teaching me to be kind to everyone I meet no matter who they are. Thank you for being stupid on stage and interacting with so many fans. Thank you for being the adorable dork that you are. 

Most importantly thank you all for existing because without this fandom I never would never have met some of the most amazing friends who I met through one direction. 

@baby-larry-love: V!!!!! You make me so happy and you are one of the most hilarious and beautiful people I have ever met. You make the group chat lively and you never cease to make me laugh. You’re the only one who answers my posts and I love you for it. You’re so very wonderful I’m so glad I met you and we became friends. 

@stylestomlinsin: Kenya!! My light, babe I love you so much. Thank you for yelling with me about headcannons at every hour of the day and reading my writing and just everything. I love you to pieces. And that artist fic is going to be finished one day!!! 

@conf3ttif4lling: Sarah! Thank you so much for always being there or me and giving such amazing advice all the time. You’re like the big sister I never had and I love you so so so so much. 

@stylinson-rendezvous; Haley! Thank you for always making me laugh and being my second mother lol. You’re so beautiful inside and out! You are always there when I need you and you’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. You’re honestly one of my role models. So yeah, thank you!

@shadowscaptive: Lacy!!!! I love you so so so so much. You’re also like my second mother (third?) whatever. Thank you for always making me smile with your snapchats and your sass. You’re one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met and your songs are so beautiful. You are my inspiration. I love you! (I hope there were no grammar mistakes in that lol)

@larry-is-killing-me: MAR!! My best friend, my buttcheek, my other half. I could write an entire essay for you but I’ll try and keep this short. You’re my best friend and I’m so thankful for meeting you. You’re the only person in the world who knows every single thing about me and I trust you with my life. I love you to the moon and back babe and I’m so glad we met. You make me smile everyday and when we don’t talk for a while it feels weird because you’re my other half. I’m convinced we’re soulmates (yes there is totally a such thing as a platonic soulmate). Skyping with you is the highlight of my day and seeing you smile is one of the best things. Making you smile is even better. You are my favorite person and always will be. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for being so strong and so lovely. I love you. 

All of you thank you for making me feel like I’m never alone, honestly you’re the best people in the world and I love you all to death! 

#YoullNeverBeAlone: Home Month -  Week 4 (I’m sorry this is so sappy)

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people only use the "what happened to friendship" card when they dont want them to be romantic. the mcu is not even romantic at all.. and stucky could be the most beautiful tragic love story yet here yall talking about friendships as if steve doesnt have that with everyone of the avengers (to an extent). the mcu is FILLED with friendships

Honestly when are these people gonna show me the gay friendships that are apparently RUINING FRIENDSHIP :/
Community Post: 10 Moments That Proved That Evanstan Is The Ultimate Bromance
Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan have one of the most beautiful friendships on screen and they showed that they are actually really good friends in real life as well. Here are some proves that their ...
By MartaLorena97

Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan have one of the most beautiful friendships on screen and they showed that they are actually really good friends in real life as well. Here are some proves that their friendship is the cutest.

I don’t blog much about the show New Girl but I have Very Intense feelings about it.

Winston Bishop is the most precious beautiful wonderful ray of sunshine with his pranks and Ferguson and bird shirts and former Latvian pro basketball playing. I love Winston. I want to be his best friend. His happy grin is too much to handle. I want Winston to have all the stories, he’s Schmidt’s groomsman and CeCe’s bridesman like and his friendships with everyone are so great. He is ridiculous. He is so funny. Seriously I was not kidding, I want to befriend a Winston so hard. I JUST REALLY LOVE WINNIE THE BISH SO MUCH OKAY.

Meanwhile I like Nick okay but. I have never been more attracted to a character in my life, like it makes me ANGRY literally full of RAGE I am that attracted to him, I am watching him on screen snarling because I am consumed with lust and GODDAMN HE CAN GET IT. I have never found the actor playing him that attractive in literally anything else WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME WHAT IS ACTUALLY WRONG WITH NE.


I can’t sleep. Every time I close my eyes I see my last day here and it repeats itself over and over again. I remember the first day I moved in to this house, it was so beautiful. A clean slate for the brothers to live in, for us to hang our charter in. What a beautiful time that was. The most amazing summer I’ve ever had and the greatest most eventful year I’ve had here at UCSB as well. 2 years ago I was lonely and depressed looking for some sign, something that could show me the way. Kappa Sig welcomed me with open arms and while I was hesitant at first, I’ve come to cherish my brothers so much. That’s why no matter what happens through all the ups and downs I’ll always be there for them because they were there for me when I was at my lowest. The friendships I’ve made this year are ones that I’ll never forget. But every time I look at my friends and brothers something inside me keeps telling me to hold back because this wasn’t going to last forever and that it would eventually come to an end. Well here it is. As much as I’ve been trying to avoid it my days here are coming to an end. 19 days left and there are still so many things I want to do and see. I’ve been spending every night going over my days, over and over again until I remember every single detail because I never want to forget what it was like. Is this what it’s supposed to feel like? This pain that’s radiating through me at the thought of leaving all my memories behind? I should be happy right? Somehow I can’t bring myself to feel that way. It just hurts too much. Maybe I’m not sad about leaving, maybe I’m afraid that they’ll all forget about me. I don’t want to be alone again.

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sorry it's been awhile but.. I don't rlly have an exuse, anyway I've had a crush on this guy that I'm rlly good friends with for awhile now and a few days ago.. he confessed! He was super nervous and he did it via Skype message because he was too nervous to do it face-to-face and it was rlly cute and it turns out he had a crush on me too! only issue is he's not a v touchy person and not only am I a cuddly person who's just too shy to initiate them but he is also my dream ler ^-^ lots of love ~

this is amazing??? friendships that develop into mutual crushes that actually work out are the most beautiful and lucky and rare things ever wtf i’m so happy for you!!! it sucks that he’s not touchy but maybe when he shows affection he will be? i dunno i wish u so much luck though and hope things are good!
ChanSoo: Love & Love
D.O. loves Chanyeol very much, but is a silent struggle he keeps on his everyday life. Song: Love and Love - Baek Ji Young *For entertainment purposes only* ...

I’m back in this week with a new video! As expected is about ChanSoo, this time I go for angst as a main theme, that attempts to show the struggle that is keeping in silence your love for someone else —in this case D.O.’s love for Chanyeol— be seen as a cold or heartless person, but keep in deep the most beautiful of the sentiments. Kyungsoo doesn’t expect Chanyeol to know and also doesn’t expect to be loved back, but surprisingly he is and although their love is not entirely allowed or easy, the fact that Chanyeol loves him without expecting anything in return —not even love or thankfulness— from Kyungsoo, eases the heart of the smaller man. He will never need to tell what he doesn’t want or is not ready to, in order to be loved by giant lovely friend.
Hope you like it! I also hope that ChanSoo fanfic’s writers have more stories about this beautiful pair to tell (There are not so many fanfics about them TT_TT). Maybe in the next weeks I will prepare a fanfic —I already write stories, but not fanfics, so I would be new in this area— let me know if you are interested and probably I will prepare a work. Since I’m “free” for now I’m very excited about my future projects in relation with ChanSoo & KyungSoo. See you around!

Concerning Ships, Part 1

I wish people would stop shipping Pete and Myka

I have a lot of problems with “Pyka”. The obvious one is that they took away Bering and Wells, which is an amazing ship that the actresses themselves were playing toward without the consent of the network and most of the writers. But the one that runs far deeper for me is that for four beautiful seasons I got to see one of the deepest and best-portrayed non-romantic hetero friendships ever. 

And then in a move that was rushed, poorly written and out of character for both of them, they were suddenly in love and that’s how they ended the show: with a kiss that I felt as wrong from the first time I saw it.

“Proving” once again that men and women can’t possibly be friends without falling in love and wanting to bang each other.

I’m aromantic asexual. I’m also a hopeless romantic who is hoping for a semi-romantic relationship someday. But I will never, ever understand romance the way I understand friendship. And I need other people to understand it, too.

I need to stop seeing something get shipped because “they’re way too close to not be in love!” A prime examples of this happen in the Lord of the Rings, specifically between Sam and Frodo.

(Johnlock is another prime example, but I don’t necessarily have anything against the shippers. Though the ship can be upsetting for me, I believe the show has been shamelessly queerbaiting for a long time, both in the traditional sense and in an unintentionally asexual and aromantic sense through Sherlock himself. I need for Johnlock not to be canon, but I don’t hold it against any of you.)

I need friendships respected. I need my platonic ships respected. I need more people to admire and strive to be like Steve and Bucky as friends than theorize about subtext.

I need Pete and Myka to be friends.

I wish Pyka had never happened.

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🌺 take! the! flower!


          “i’m honored!”

          her fingers brush his cheek as she withdraws her hand,
          and the contact is warm on his skin, unfamiliar. it was a
          simple cornflower, deep blue petals against red hair,
          contrasting sharply. prosperity. fortune. friendship.

          “a flower from the most beautiful woman in the army.
          how should i show my appreciation?”

Most Beautiful things to see in Budapest

Most Beautiful things to see in Budapest

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Written by Kent Austin from Budapest is home to so much beautiful scenery that it can’t possibly be contained in a single post. Here are some of the notably stunning locations to visit, all very different and all very beautiful. Fisherman’s Bastion Located in Budapest’s castle district, the panoramic view from this Bastion is one of the best in the city, providing a stunning view of…

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