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Hi, (PRAISE TIME), You answered my question on creating species yesterday and I just want to thank you so SO much as with your help I managed to create a really good mental image of my draconian species & give them a really cool name ('Seryptines' - I love it!) from the word generator you linked me to. Anyway, yes, with a little push I managed to sort literally EVERYTHING out in under a day, although it still needs a little tweaking. THANK YOU!!!!! Keep up the fantastic work on your blog!

Yay! This news brightened my day. I love to hear that the blog has been helpful. I’m so glad that I helped you make progress on your story! :) <3

question for boys: do u not realize how feral it is for u guys to talk about ur porn habits or do u jst not care about how others don’t want to be assaulted w/ mental images of u jacking it

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I had a dream about Ed Miliband wearing french maid outfit last night and by now I'm utterly scared for my sanity. The more disturbing thing is that I was actually turned on by that dream. What should I do?

You have a few options, but if I were you… I would try to get my hands on a photoshopped pic of Ed in a french maid outfit as soon as possible… before the mental image goes away.

What you do from there is entirely up to you.

So. See this picture. This is a picture of me in 2011, in Ireland. It was the best thing I’d ever done. I was seven kilograms lighter and I seriously thought I was fat. That’s what having a warped mental image does. I was a lovely size twelve, could even fit into jeans! XD 

My parents knew that my health was going to decline, so they decided sending me overseas while I was still able to cope with it would be good idea. (Had to pay Dad back though. That was very important to me.)

Guess what I did? I tore the ligament in my left knee the day I arrived in England and ended up in hospital at midnight. LOL. I was on crutches the entire month I was on tour. Though I had much sympathy from all my ‘adoptive grandparents’ on the tour with me. It was awesome! Many free meals for me. ^^

Tomorrow, almost five years later, I am finally having surgery to correct my knee from this trip. It’s only really become a problem now because I am trying to become more active, I’m starting to jog again, something I never thought I’d do…ever…again. (I used to be big on jogging, before I got sick.)

While my health is declining, yes, as my parents and I knew it would, I am getting stronger in my spirit. I am learning to cope and therefore, I am able to say to myself, “Walk/jog/run not because it will ever make you feel better, (because it doesn’t, it makes me feel worse) but because you have to.”

I may never be better, I may never be pain free again, I may never live without fatigue again – but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let it beat me. Marathon’s here I come. Well. After about two weeks of sitting on a couch moaning about an arrow to my knee… XD 

- –{ because not so much typing with the sausage finger, my creative juices will be squirted (?) randomly at people and i am going to make stuffs.  
1. i take no responsibility for being slightly high on painkillers and producing crack!graphics.
2. you are welcome for the mental image that accompanied sentence numero uno  :3 }– -

casaeroticisms ;; from here.

    [ the mental image of his charge bumping uglies
    with Luci certainly was making his wings twist in
    knots; he could use some mental bleach right now. ]

                                                                     “ —– thaaat’s sexy.”

     ❛ why?      WHY must you go there? ❜

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i don’t read much silmfic anymore, but when i do it’s usually yours- so yeah i’d be interested :)

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idk but i love it all <3

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I acknowledge how horrible and terrible such a series would be, but my brain saves me from crying forever at the mental image of “Melkor flouncing in to be evil”, which conjures images of tutus.

I never said there would not be tutus. What a glorious image!

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It would be absolutely heart-rending. That said, if ever you should feel like writing such a series, I’ll gladly read it, so yeah, sure, count me in.

Aww thanks guys! So, seemingly there is interest in such a soul-shattering venture, and so certainly I will consider it. I cannot guarantee results, but I will give it thought and see if anything leaps up and screams ‘I WOULD BE GOOD IN A SERIES!!!’

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Thank you, the mental image of Pavel actually chasing a garbage truck has made my day infinitely better!

//Excellent. Glad I could be of service, anon. As his mun, it’s easy to say that he probably belongs there thanks to his vile behavior. 

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“White cis man” summons a fedora’d neckbearded guy for me, which is an association I hate on so many levels (associating appearance with politics, all white men with vitriolic Nice Guys, etc.) I don’t like that this is my go-to image. Thanks SJ :(

Yeah. I’ve noticed that since SJ I find myself kind of… pausing with curiosity when a man says something clever or cool. Like there’s this moment of uncertainty in my mind where I have to make sure there is no second meaning to what he said because of his pronoun, or something. I hate that I do that. So much.

Relatedly, my image of “cis gay man” (when used in a particular sneery way) is Dan Savage. 

Who I used to think was irreverent in a particular way and that was his schtick, and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, but a schtick is a schtick so whatever. 

And he’s where I first heard that being “GGG” was a possible virtue – that maybe me asking for weird kinky stuff wasn’t the end of the world, and maybe it would all be okay because maybe I wasn’t imposing that much. 

And who, when he got a bit older and more responsible, tried to pay it forward by getting a huge critical mass of adult gay and trans people to say “For a lot of us, becoming more independent as we become adults saves our lives. We’re here, we’re waiting, and we love you.”

Where now, even though my actual opinion of him is pretty much the same (other than a couple “wow shit that really was bad, dude, no”s), my mental picture of him is as an eternally angry-browed meanie who is trying to deny the pain of queer youth because he thinks mean stuff is funny.

Ugh, thanks, SJ.

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Omg I couldn’t help picturing that but I don’t know what you look like so defaulted to your icon so now I have the mental image of Anders poking a penis and running away.

Omfg okay at least when I was envisioning it, it was actually me. I forget that most of you think of me physically as Anders because icon XD Jfc I can’t stop laughing now oh my god

Okay so I’m watching an episode of Supernatural and in the room is Cas, Uriel, Sam and Dean. Only Sam hasn’t spoken in like 4 minutes they haven’t shown him in a shot either and I just have this mental image of Sam in the background twiddling his thumbs and waiting for someone to ask him his opinion xD

last night someone mentioned dave covering karkat with his cape so that they can have a goodbye conversation without everyone watching them and it was such a cute mental image i couldnt help but doodle it

(everyone can still hear them karkat is loud) 


Hey sixpenceee
I thought this might be something you’d be interested in. This is a movie I found on Netflix that is extremely disturbing and somewhat comical about a stick figure man named Bill. The movie starts out okay but within 10 minutes it starts to spiral out of control, hinting at Bill’s unstable mental state, flashing disturbing images and describing strange visions and sensations that Bill is having while a strangely calm narrator relays what is happening. It’s very entertaining but frightening none the less and I think you should really check it out.