things I need to see in a httyd wedding short

…because it’s unlikely that we’ll see it in httyd3 other than a proposal:

  • Berk in a hullabaloo (more than usual)                                       
  • Valka and Gobber fussing over Hiccup before the ceremony 
  • some mother/son bonding moments
  • Toothless accidentally slobbering all over Hiccup in his enthusiasm moments before it starts
  • Toothless sneaking fish off the banquet tables
  • Toothless’ prosthetic fin saying ‘just married” (based off that awesome fanart)
  • more Toothless antics in general…and the other dragons
  • Astrid’s family
  • Astrid’s dress…hair…face…
  • Hiccup’s face when he finally lays eyes on her. Gods, what an expression that’ll be. *fans self* All the different emotions he feels will be so perfectly captured, like an open book (bc dreamworks animation bruh)
  • Hiccup and Astrid both being adorably flustered, but utterly transparent in their adoration for each other
  • just…those two. I need moar of the tenderness and easygoing flirtation that so defines them
  • Snotlout also getting rather emotional
  • some Rufflout pls
  • Tuffnut
  • Hiccup showing Astrid the new additions to his house, and their swanky new bedroom (which he redesigned to accommodate everything she’ll need)
  • Instead of spending their honey-month on Berk, perhaps they’ll leave after the feast on their dragons to a nearby islands (because these doofuses like to explore)
  • no pun intended on the previous point :P

This is about as PG as I can think to make it, so!!! DreamWorks!!! Please!!!


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ellas-oc-party asked:

*A strange girl with horns and grey skin sits on a park bench, waving to anyone who passes. She smiles and giggles, her ears wiggling when she does, but she has weird ears that look like fins. Magenta freckles cover her face and she smiles, her razor sharp teeth showing. She smiles as you pass, saying a quick, bubbly* Hello!

He stood for a moment looking her over, he has never seen anyone look like that before “hiya….what are ya?”

also i just started Outlander (I’m on ep 4), and things I enjoy are:

-women getting shit done

-Claire being like “hello 1700s let me YELL AT ALL OF YOU” love you Claire you beauty I love you

-Claire’s face & hair & boobs

-It’s really nice of them to let the actor who plays the husband play the villain so he’s not unemployed A+ casting dept

-music is killer


-that jamie fella is damn damn cute & also looks at Claire’s face the way I look at her face

-Claire’s witch friend [they better make out sometime] [they probs won’t but a girl can dream]

-Mrs. Fitz being like “fuck you father mcmisogyny this MY HOUSE”

anyway yeah i’m having fun.

Olicity: Sexual Frustration

Anonymous said:

I miss the sexual tension of S3, could you write something where Felicity is unknowingly turning Oliver on and it starts to become very obvious… if you know what I mean ;)

Originally posted by verdantarrow

“So, what’s with the ‘grr’ face?”

He looked up when he hears her voice, astounded that he was so lost in thought that he hadn’t heard the clacking of her heels against the tiled floor. He sighed heavily, leaning back and running a hand over his features. “I don’t have a ‘grr’ face,” he grumbled defensively.

“Yeah, you kinda do,” she teased lightly, approaching his side, setting her hand on his shoulder. “What’s the problem? Are you neglecting my babies?”

He turned his gaze back to the computer screen. Neglecting wasn’t strong enough word. He’d probably murdered them. “Kinda,” he confessed.

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Good For You Pt 12

He finally pulled away and simply stared in her eyes.

I shot Nash a dumbfounded and confused look.

Nate dropped his hands from her face and said; “One last kiss, Stella. So you’ll always know what you’ll be misssing out on.” He took a step back. “Now get the hell out of my house.”

The look on Stella’s face was absolutely priceless.

I felt my whole body relax once more as I realized what Nate was doing.

“But Nate, you know I lov- ”

“I said GET OUT!” Nate exclaimed louder this time.

I watched as a startled Stella reached for her purse and was about to make her way out.

But I stopped her.

“Stella wait.”

I wanted to knock the bitch out.

Or at least give her a nice slap in the face.

But I did something I knew would hurt her even more.

I stood right in front of her and reached out for her stupid little necklace.

I yanked it from her neck making her flinch and said:

“You don’t deserve this.”

She grasped her neck as fresh tears sprung up into her eyes.

She then threw Nate one last glance and stumbled out the door.

After a few minutes of absolutely and completely awkward silence, the guys erupted into cheers from the second floor as they made their way down the stairs.

“No offense, Nate, but I’m glad she’s gone.” Dillon exclaimed.

“Hell yeah, good riddance.” Johnson agreed with a smile.

But Nate wasn’t smiling. He simply stood there with a somber look on his face.

“Too soon?” Johson asked.

Nate lightly shook his head. “Guys, can you give me and Y/N a moment please?”

My heart skipped a beat. Here comes the hard part, I thought.

The guys all agreed and stepped outside this time.

Once it was just me and Nate, we stood there facing each other from opposite sides of the living room. And to be honest, all I wanted to do was jump in his arms. I missed Nate. I missed the old Nate. But my inner self told me to hold onto my panties and my dignity until Nate rightfully apologized for what he did.

“Y/N I know that no matter what I say, and no matter what I do, that none of it is gonna be enough. I fucked up big time. And I don’t deserve for you to forgive me. But can I ask for you to at least listen to me?”

I twirled Stella’s necklace in my hands and thought about all the trouble this one thing had brought me.

“I’m listening Nate.” I sighed.

“I don’t think you ever knew about how much I did care about you since the very moment we met. Sort of the way I never knew about your feelings for me. I guess you could say we’re both good at hiding what we feel. But the second I met you, I knew you were different. That you were special. The friendship we had, the bond we created was one of a kind. Y/N, I fell in love with you. That’s why I spent my every waking minute with you. That’s why I spent your birthday and you mom’s birthday with you every year. But because I knew that you were special, I also knew that I couldn’t treat you the way I treated all the other girls I’ve been with. I couldn’t screw up what we had. I was so afraid that maybe you woudn’t feel the same. Or that maybe you wouldn’t want to be with someone with my kind of lifestyle. I was just so damn afraid of losing you. And then Stella came along and she was the closest thing I had to you. She was the only one that made me feel what you did. And soon that small feeling turned into something more. And yeah I loved Stella. And I still do. But I will always love you more. Even if you decide that you no longer want anything to do with me.”

He had me in tears. If only we had been better at communicating what we felt then we could have avoided this whole fiasco. It was crazy to think how different things could have been now if only….if only…

But it was too late for that.

Things had turned to shit and we weren’t the same people we once were.

And now I was faced with having to deal with my feelings.

I wasn’t the same anymore, but were my feelings for Nate still the same?

But even as I thought about it, I already knew the answer.

And the answer was no.

I didn’t feel the same for Nate that I felt six years ago.


A/N: you guys did it so hope it was worth it….😈😇



so we’re not quite ready to adopt a cat yet for various reasons… but sometimes i look at adoptable cats and i thought this lil baby was adopted a couple months ago when her listing disappeared but she’s back now… i want her :( just look at her sweet sad little face…