Dumb joke that I spent a liiiittle too much time on.

This conversation cracks me up because the look on her face after he gives his “I’m interested in someone else” line means that she either knows exactly what he meant or that she has literally no idea at all what he meant.  @ziracona​ and I voted the latter (And figured she’d loose it cycling through everyone they know for possibilities).

Cassian awoke to the sound of meowing, he looked around his room to find the source of the sound when his eyes landed upon a small, jet black kitten, she looked up to stare into Cassian’s face with her yellow eyes.

“Hey buddy, where did you come from?” Cassian said softly, so not to scare the kitten with his rough, morning voice.

All the cat did was burrow her head further into Cassian’s sheets. Cassian stood up slowly from the bed so not to scare the kitten hiding in it, he stretched out his wings with a low groan, at this the kitten popped out her head, it was her turn to search for the peculiar sound, Cassian chuckled softly at the kittens puzzled, luminous yellow eyes.

“Come here buddy” he said softly and gently as he picked up the kitten to cradle in his arms.

He walked out of his bedroom and into the kitchen, still stroking the mysterious cat he had found in his bedroom that morning.

“Morning Cas,” Feyre said sweetly.

“Hey Feyre, do you know where this cat came from?”

Feyre giggled and said “Oh, don’t you remember Purrfect the cat?”
Anyway I got inspiration from @underthe-mountain to sort of do the day after Cassian’s hangover, and I dont really know what this is so um I hope this is okay??
I’ll probably delete this later on anyway because I’m just like that lol


 okay but can we please kill the “mean pidge” headcanon? look at this goddamn little sweetheart missing her friends and being upset that she got separated from them. just look at her face. she just wants to hang out with her friends and have some happy times with them, idk how anyone could see her as being mean to them


CS little moments appreciation [9/?]

I wanted to talk about Emma’s reaction here because while Hook is very sad all along and focus on the situation, Emma is looking at him before she’s putting her own very sad face and looks at the ground.

I just can’t help but thinking about how she is already used to share every emotion with him, how his feelings are constantly in her mind. And even maybe, how she melts of these emotions of his, of seeing him so vulnerable and thinking about his compassion for the child and what a great father he would be for hers (and then she remembers how sad this all thing is and she looks down in pain herself).

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Do You Want A Tow?

The last thing Y/N had expected to be doing today was to be towing four boys back to shore.

Especially as they belted out the lyrics to iconic Celine Dion song.

The entire situation had just been entertaining from the beginning.

She was just out on the water with a few of her friends when they noticed the boat sitting there, even as the sun was beginning to set. Most people had headed back to shore, and they were going to as well, but Y/N saw the boat, so she encouraged the driver to swing by, just to check in.

“Our battery died.” The tall ginger one said, frowning at the back of the boat. “No idea what happened.”

“Do you guys want a tow, then?” Y/N leaned against the side of the boat, sunglasses pushed on top of her head, smiling as she looked from face to face of the different occupants of the other boat. It was the last one that made her pause.

He was watching her too, a small smile lifting the corners of his lips.

“If you don’t mind.” He spoke, shifting closer to her, and Y/N’s eyes dropped down briefly to admire the tanned skin he had on display.

“Not at all.” She replied, meeting his eyes again, although she noticed that his were lifting up as well. So she wasn’t the only one looking.

When she realized they were singing along to Celine Dion, Y/N had started to laugh. She was sat at the back of the boat, keeping an eye on their make shift tow line, and the guy was sat at the front, filming him and his friends singing along to My Heart Will Go On. And when they locked eyes again, she smiled and started to sing along. Because what else was she supposed to do at that moment? She couldn’t not sing along!

And so, they sang to each other.

It was by the far the weirdest way she’d ever met someone, and she loved ever moment of it.

So when they came to the point where her boat had to let go of the other boat, Y/N made a rash decision.

“I’ll go with them. Ensure that they get back to a dock alright.”

Her friends had looked at her like she was crazy, because there was a boat coming from the nearby hotel. But she shrugged, and after confirming with the strangers, because that’s what they still were, she hopped over onto their boat, the attractive guy from before offering a hand.

“I’m Joe, by the way.” He smiled down at her, their hands still clasped together.

“Y/N.” She told him, laughing as the wave knocked at the boat, causing her to stumble into him. But Joe steadied her, a warm hand on her waist.

“And we’re Josh. Caspar. And Oli.” The tall ginger, Josh, drawled, smirking at the two.

“Lovely to meet you.” She smiled over at them. “Or, lovely to save you?”

“We would have eventually made it back to land.” Oli tried to protest, but the others just shot him a look and he shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Thank you for saving us, Y/N.” Joe drew in her attention again, and she realized they were still standing close. But she had no problem with it.

“Any time.”

They talk while the other rescue boat comes to grab them, and the entire way back to the dock, Joe and Y/N sit close, so they can be heard over the roar of the boats.

“We’re having a party tonight.” He told her as they wait for the car to come grab them, the boat left bobbing in the water.

“We are?” Caspar mumbled to Josh, but he just shrugged, a smirk on his face.

“Oh?” Y/N tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Do you want to come?” Joe asked, their fingers laced together.

“Only if I’m the guest of honour.” She winked, “I mean, I did save you tonight.”

“Deal.” He grinned.

Azriel watched the sunlight dance across Elain’s skin, her eyes were closed the lashes dusting the tops of her cheeks, her brown hair that was spread around her looked more golden when the sun shone on it, her face was peaceful - content. Azriel couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty that he was witnessing, he didn’t want to take his eyes off of her lest she disappear and he would find himself wondering if she was a dream or real life.

“I can feel you staring at me…” she murmured. She opened her eyes, squinting at the sudden brightness.

Elain caught the blush Azriel was trying but failing to hide, and she too blushed. They sat in a comfortable silence for what felt like seconds, the only indication that it was longer was that the sun had started to set.

Azriel moved closer to Elain and wrapped his arm around her waist and she in turn nuzzled into him. As the sun began its slow descent, Elain who usually loved to watch sunsets kept her eyes on Azriel’s face, his eyes trained on the sun were full of wonder and his lips bloomed into a dazzling smile, Elain also smiled contentedly, not at the sunset but at the shadow singer who marveled at all the light and goodness in the world.
@propshophannah got me into shipping Elriel and I’m obsessed so I felt like I wanted to write a bit about them, I’m still very new to this whole fanfic thing so I still need to improve a lot. But right now I’m only doing it for fun and I’m really enjoying it! Xxx

we watched a kurtzfilm in class today and it was super old, like all black and white, and it took place on a train… the two main characters were this old white lady and a young black man

the lady was a nasty racist shit, but by the end, when the train conductor came around asking for tickets to stamp, she pulled hers out only for the black boy to immediately snatch it, shove it in his mouth, and eat it

the lady looked horrified, but when the train conductor came to her and she tried explaining, he looked at the boy (who flashed his ticket with a “idk man, she’s whack” look on his face) and just straight up didnt believe her so she got kicked off

it was pretty great

Housemates (Calum Hood x Reader) Chapter Ten


Warnings: Mild expletives, manipulation.

A/N: It’s been a couple of weeks, but here’s the next chapter! Will Jess tell (Y/N) the truth? Or will Calum have to do it?


Ever since I stepped in the car, I knew it wouldn’t be safe for me to drive. The amount of shit running through my head has thrown my concentration out the window. I just can’t seem to stop thinking about (Y/N). What she said; the hope in her voice; the look on her face when I rejected her. I feel like shit.

I approach a supermarket, and decide to pull over into the car park to try and get my head in gear. I rest my head back on the seat once I’ve parked up, and sigh to myself; the very brief conversation we’ve just had playing over and over in my head.

The second she confessed to wanting to see what there was between us, if anything…was the second I felt like I had died instead. Without even realising it, that’s what I’ve been wanting her to say all this time…and then she said it, and I just backed out completely.

So, why did I? The girl I’ve been desperately trying to pursue finally agrees to give things ago, and I tell her I think that window’s closed? I’m not sure that even makes sense. My mates back home would be ripping the shit out of me if they knew.

The truth is, something just didn’t feel right, and I had to act upon it. I’m sure anyone would call me crazy, and ask what the hell didn’t feel right when the two of us would totally make sense as a couple but…I’m lying to her, and I don’t want to walk into the relationship on a lie.

She thinks I cheated on Jess, but I didn’t, and in fact it was the other way around. I promised Jess I wouldn’t tell her the truth because I didn’t want to lose her. If she found out the truth, she’d know that not only has Jess been lying to her, I have too. I don’t want her hating me, but it’s pretty much guaranteed she will.

I begin to bite my nails, a habit I do when I begin to feel agitated.

The promise I made to Jess wasn’t for her sake. I couldn’t care less if she gets hurt in the process. (Y/N) is going to find out the truth, and Jess is going to be the one to give it to her. I start up my car in a hurry, before pulling out of the car park and driving just above the speed limit in the general direction of Jess’ house.

When Jess opens the door, I greet her calmly and politely. She’s surprised to see me, but nevertheless welcomes me into her home. She offers me a drink, but I refuse, telling her it’s only a quick visit.

“I think we need to take a rain-check on our little deal.” I announce, after we had sat in silence for a good thirty seconds.

She smiles faintly, “We had a deal. There is no rain-check.”

“Yeah, well things have changed.” I shrug my shoulders, “…I’m moving into a hotel. I’ve been trying to avoid her so that I don’t blurt the truth out, but we ended up having an argument, so I’m moving to a hotel.”

“Well, that’s probably for the best.” Jess replies, “Honestly, the two of you can’t stand each other. I’m surprised you managed to last this long.”

“You see, that’s where you’re wrong.” I spit, “We don’t hate each other, it’s quite the opposite actually.”

Jess’ eyes widen in realisation. “You like her?”

“And she likes me too!” I yell.

Jess spits a laugh as she shakes her head at me. “No…that’s something (Y/N) would never do!”

My lips curl into a smirk. “Oh yeah? Than how come she begged me to stay…by telling me that if I leave, we would never be able to see what there is between us?”

Jess’s facial expression changes massively. Instead of appearing overconfident, she shuffles and becomes uncomfortable in my company.

“I turned her down.” I inform her, “I didn’t want to…I really didn’t want to. I don’t think I just like her Jess, I think I could have feelings for her. Very strong feelings, at that.”

“So, why turn her down?” Jess questions, shrugging her shoulders at me.

“Because I’d be entering a relationship on a lie, and that’s something I could never do, especially to her.” I tell her honestly, “(Y/N) is unlike any girl I’ve ever so much as met, let alone date. She knows me. She knows everything there is to know about me. I’ve never had to be anyone but myself around her, and I don’t want to have to substitute that to protect you.”

Jess gulps. I don’t think she was expecting a response like that.

“I didn’t want to have to break my heart the way I just did. It broke me, just as much as it broke her. You’re supposed to be her best friend, and you’ve indirectly broken her heart.” I continue.

“I didn’t know…I didn’t know you were going to fall for each other.” Jess defends.

“Well, now we have.” I point out, “So…what are you going to do about it?”

Jess pauses and thinks to herself for a minute. I hope I’ve pleaded my case to her, and I hope she listens. I don’t want (Y/N) to lose her best friend. I know that would hurt her…but I don’t want her to be lied to by someone who is supposed to care about her. I will do whatever it takes to make sure (Y/N) isn’t being lied to. I believe, since it’s Jess’ lie, Jess should be the one to tell her. However, if she doesn’t – or she refuses – I’ll make sure I tell her myself, even if that does mean she hates me too.

Jess takes a deep breath. “I’m going to go over to (Y/N)’s. I’m going to pretend like you never came to see me, and I am going to let her tell me how you broke her heart. I will then pretend like I haven’t got anything to do it. You might blame me Calum, but you could have told her the truth. There was nothing stopping you from telling her what really happened between us, but you chose to keep it a secret. We’re just as bad as each other, Calum. I won’t take the blame for something you could have resolved yourself.”

Her response takes me by surprise, but even though I know she’s partially right, I also know that she is mostly wrong. She’s the one that has been lying to (Y/N) all these years. She should be the one to come clean.

“Now, if you don’t mind I have a best friend who needs her heart fixed…you can leave.” Jess grins, gesturing for me to leave.

“Your boyfriend.” I suddenly speak, “What’s he called?”

Jess glares at me, “Excuse me?”

“The guy you’ve been going on dates with.” I repeat, “His name? It’s John, right?”

Jess’ eyebrows furrow, “I don’t understand. What’s he got to do with this?”

“Well, I was scrolling through his Facebook the other day…he’d tagged (Y/N) in a photo from that night out you went on, thought it would be nice to see what he’s about…he’s great, so it seems.” I continue.

“Your point?” Jess questions.

“It would just be a real shame if he found out about all of this.” I shrug casually, “You know, if he found out about how much of a manipulative bitch you are. Or how you cheated on me with my best friend. That would be interesting, wouldn’t it? See how he feels knowing his girlfriend is a liar and a cheater.”

Jess pouts her lips, “You wouldn’t.”

I raise my eyebrows, before pulling out my phone. I bring up my Facebook app and find John’s Facebook page. We’re not friends, but I go to send him a message. I spend a couple of minutes typing my message of warning to him. Once I’ve finished typing, I show my phone to Jess.

“You can’t send that!” Jess pleads, “I won’t let you!”

She lunges for me, trying to get my phone from my hands. I lift my arm well above my head, one of the major advantages of being tall and her being so short.

“You tell (Y/N) the truth, and little John here goes about his everyday life, totally oblivious to everything else.” I promise her, “…don’t tell her the truth, or lie to her in anyway…and John finds out it all.”

“Now who’s the manipulative one?” Jess spits, bitterly.

I grin, “Love makes you do crazy things, Jess. No wonder I was so sane when I dated you.”

Jess scowls, as I head towards the front door.

“I wouldn’t hang around if I was you.” I call back to her, without turning to face her. “I’m giving you to midnight tonight.”

Imagine being Dean's long term girlfriend when he takes on the Kiss of Death curse, and you think that a copy of you is the one that is going to kill Dean... But in the end it is someone you never expected

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“Amara?” You questioned as you looked to Dean, who was frozen at the site. 

“Oh this is awkward, did you think I would have turned into you. No I can see Dean’s heart and while you were there, his desire for this woman, is far greater then any desire he has ever had for you.” She whispered as she approached you both, a sickening smile on her face as you looked towards Dean, whose eyes couldn’t meet yours. 

 When Amara’s copy was gone, Dean went running towards your unconscious body, which occurred when the copy tossed you aside and into the wall. “I’m sorry [Y/N], I’m sorry." 

 Later as you packed to leave Sam voiced up, "so which one was it." 

"Hmmm.” Dean replied as you put some of your clothes into his duffle. 

“Was it Simpson or Bach?" 

"Neither.” Dean answered as he looked at you, pain in his eyes as he did. 

“Oh then was it…” Sam raised a finger to point at you 

“No it was Amara.” Dean replied as you started to take the bag to the duffle. Once it was in the trunk you leaned against the side, waiting for them. 

After several moments the two of them arrived and whispered to each other before looking at you… 

 "So I know I am not surprised by the whole Amara thing, but how is she…“ 

"Not well Sam, and I think the only way to fix this, is to kill Amara.”