What I know about “The 100″ according to my Tumblr

So it’s in the future and everyone’s dead on earth but then there’s this spaceship where the remaining humans live

this one.

Then all the grown ups get bitch crazy and decide to dump their kids out of that ship and back on earth to most likely death. 

This is Clarke, she was one of the dumped kids. I think they call them like “sky people” or smth. 

Played by Eliza Taylor who does not share. She might be Australian.

She’s gay. Or at least bi.

This is when she realised she was a lady lover. That’s Octavia. I hear she’s a bitch. Also dumped from the sky. Clarke and her are not romantically involved I don’t think.

Then there’s

this bitch. Raven. All I know is that she got a pretty bad cut in her arm at some point. I don’t think people like her very much. ALSO dumped.

And finally there’s this one

Who I think is the only male cast member. Bellamy is he’s name.He either has a thing with Octavia or Clarke I don’t know.

THIS one, is Lexa. Clarke’s lady lover. Not dumped from the sky I think, so maybe there was life on earth after all. She’s a commander of the people who lived there, the “grounders” I believe. She’s a cruel bitch but everyone loves her. You should too. (She’s actually nice. To Clarke at least). 

Played by Alycia Dep…smth. She wears cute glasses and is actually the cutest little munchkin in the world? Or then it was her who was Australian. She’s friends with Maia Mitchell WHO IS Australian for sure.

The grounders are like tough ass warriors or smth and all have dirt on their face. They also talk some weird language that goes like “khat rahn stag laa nof tgersd” or some shit. Basically it just sounds like they’re chocking and trying to talk at the same time.

Then this is the thing that nobody will ever stop reblogging apparently. 

THE KISS. They’re called Clexa.

I don’t blame them.

Apparently Clarke is def a top and Lexa is whipped.

This bitch does NOT ship Clexa. She’s a grounder and and a bit of an asshole I hear. 

At some point there’s was a man eating gorilla involved.

And that’s “The 100″.