More Evidence Supporting Komaeda's "Crush" on Hajime

In the trivia section of his Wikipedia article, it says how Komaeda has a penchant for “salty things.” Note that this doesn’t specify what sorts of “things,” so not only can this fact be accounted for food, but it can be used for other objects. Or people.

So if we abide by this fact… Let us think for a second.

Who, out of the entire cast of Dangan Ronpa characters, has salt like no other? Who has saltiness incomparable, that even bulldozes the rudeness and brash remarks omitted from others because they are just *that* salty? Who harnesses enough salt that you don’t even need an open wound for it to burn one’s skin? Who has the overcapacity of salt, overflowing to the brim, that their exterior says so with the sassy placement of their hands on their hips and their luscious, spiky locks ostentatiously screaming salt?

That’s right.

That’s right.


Imagine secretly dating your neighbors son, Calum behind their back and your parents back. And whenever your family invites the Hood’s over for family dinner, Calum always sits next to you, either holding your hand under the table or having his hand on your thigh. And sometimes Calum would get anxious ‘cause of how bad he just wants to kiss your lips, and your neck. So, you guys would go for a ‘little walk’ after dinner to the park and as you guys left the front door, your father would call your name making both of you turn around. And while your dad approaches you, Calum would grab your ass without your dad seeing and you’d have to stand there listening to your dad give you the ‘stay safe because..’ speech without reacting to Calum’s hand placement. And as soon as your dad leaves to go inside you run to the closest alleyway, pin him against a wall and make-out with him. In the middle of your hot make-out session he’d pull back with a smirk and say, “and I though I was anxious.” you’d just smile and kiss him again as he trails down from your lips to your jawline then to your neck and he’d just end up taking you to his house since his family is still at yours and well.. you get where the next scene is..

(this is just some shitty blurb I made since I haven’t posted in awhile and this idea came to my head and I had to write it down lol )

List of my gem AU characters

Name; gem; placement; weapon; special ability

• Endou; sunstone; right hand; spiked gauntlets; can defeat anyone he wishes to fight against
• Kazemaru; fluorite; left eye; two-bladed sword; speed
• Kidou; bloodstone; centre of chest; gravelling hook; accelerated probability
• Gouenji; fire opal; stomach above navel; long sword; pyrokinesis
• Sakuma; larimar; right eye; machete; able to pass through solid objects
• Kurimatsu; enstatite; bridge of nose (horizontally like his bandaid in show); shield; resurrection
• Kakeru; maw-sit-sit; forehead; flail; high intelligence level
• Kazuto; maw-sit-sit; right arm; war flail; earth manipulation
• Touko; rhodonite; tongue(outcasted for having ‘defective’ gem placement); war hammer; healing
• Rika; kunzite; navel; spear; healing
• Tsunami; lapis; centre of collarbone; trident; water manipulation
• Tachimukai; light blue banded agate; right hand; gauntlets; freezing powers
• Shirou; citrine; left shoulder; rapier; emits laser beams that will immediately paralyse victim
• Atsuya; citrine; right forearm; battle axe; emits laser beams that can shatter a gem from any range
• Aki; peanut wood; left side of chest (above ‘heart’); bladed darts; telekinesis
• Ichinose; ocean jasper; upper back; spiked chain; teleportation without needing a warp pad
• Domon; serpentine; left foot; whip; can cling to any surface and walk vertically without fail
• Haruna; charoite; centre of chest; bow and arrow; perfect aim, never misses intended target
• Kabeyama; green zircon; upper left thigh; fans that can deflect attacks; superior strength
• Max; ametrine; back of neck; battering ram helmet; camouflage
• Handa; bronzite; left hand; dual katars; flight
• Midorikawa; moldavite; right cheek; scythe; mind reading
• Hiroto; ruby; forehead; dagger; mind manipulation
• Someoka; hackmanite; left temple; spiked mace; can turn completely invisible (gem, weapon, form)
• Fudou; onyx; back of right hand; swallow; enhanced vision/X-ray vision+night vision
• Toramaru; kyanite; right shin; armour-like skin, near impossible to cut through but gem is vulnerable; can shapeshift without ever feeling strained or exhausted


Omg I totally think I look preggo today. I think hand placement & wearing all black against a light background really makes it pop.

I’m actually back to weighing lower. 193.9 today. I was super tired yesterday and I napped and went to bed early. But to balance it off… I did was up at 3:20 and didn’t fall back to sleep. I missed my yoga class yesterday… just laid down and couldn’t get up… too comfy… fell asleep.

I have a spin at 1030 this morning. I get home from work about 930. So just enough time to snack and then change and head out. I promised myself I can nap afterwards. Just get this workout done.

Anyway… I need to get ready for work and finish my breakfast. Have a good day.

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So this is my first time sticking this movement. I learned that my hand placement both when planting on the ground and transitioning back onto the bar needed to be directly under my hips instead of my shoulders. Seems simple enough right; for sure one of those lightbulb moments! @strengthwraps #composition_r #fitfam #fun #bodyweight #calisthenics #yogi #control #barstarzz #movement #learn #fitness #gains #goals #instagood #progress #strengthwraps #nevergiveup #gymrat #determination #instalike #crossfit #instafit #igers #balance #awesome (at Afganistan Kabul)

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on one hand:  

- 11 days to relearn an entire language for a placement exam that i gotta pass if i don’t want to screw up my whole schedule (…no me jodas…)

- two weeks left to pack up my whole life and depart into the unknown 

- two weeks left to buy, read, and u n d e r s t a n d the aeneid because i thought it would be a good idea to spend my first quarter of college covering translated classics in depth

on the other hand: 

- literally a dozen fic ideas/wips

@dcuble cont from [x]

“We all have secrets. Yours simply pose no pertinence to the current issue at hand.”

Languid posture belies the carefully poised placement of feet, one hand on her hip as she sways to that side. Now, the question remained; does she speak the truth, fabricate a lie, or simply omit most of the details?

“This Empire. I seek a way to dismantle it. It is…. not worth reshaping. A pale imitation of years long gone.”

borogrove  asked:

* if youre still doing these, I'd love if you could do one for me! My blog is kind of a mess now, so if you do I would use my 'me' tag. (PS you seem so fun, so regardless you have a new follower!)

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name: larimar
weapon: body armor, fights hand-to-hand when absolutely necessary
gem placement: navel

larimar is simultaneously the Parent Gem and hot mess of their group, the kinda person that will hug you and give relationship advice but u also have to talk them down from tryin 2 chase and admonish a seagull when it flies too close and makes them spill their coffee bc thats Rude??

send me a * and i’ll make a gemsona based on your blog!

darladoodles  asked:

May I ask for some help coming up with gem placements for three Blue Kyanite whom are Blue Diamond's telepathic Royal Guards? The first is a young Kyanite, a fearful gem who is so shy that she does not speak to any gem. She avoids conflict when possible. The second Kyanite is also young, but is a brash gem who thrives on taking action. She thrives on finding law breakers. The third is the stoic leader of all the Kyanite and believes in applying the laws fairly to all gems without question. TY.

First Kyanite: Back of the neck.

Second Kyanite: Either an arm or hand placement. 

Third Kyanite: A chest placement (over the heart), but I can see a stomach/naval placement working too.