BLUSH - Part 2

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Natasha and Wanda helped Y/N dress up. They found her a nice black dress, and accessories to go with it.

“Do I really have to put on makeup ?” Y/N asked for the hundredth time.

“Y/N, relax !” Natasha said. “ Just simple stuff ok ?”

“Ok” Y/N said.

                              * * *

The boys were already at the club when the girls arrived. Bucky’s eyes went straight to Y/N, and she waved at him, with a smile.

The girls joined them at their table.
Natasha headed straight to Clint. Y/N and Wanda sat between Bucky and Sam.

“I wanna dance !” Wanda said loudly over the music.

“Come on ! Me too !” Sam said, taking Wanda’s hand and leading her to the dancefloor.

“We’re going to get some drinks !” Natasha said, and glanced around with a frown.

“Wheres Steve, Buck?“she asked.

“He was talking to Sharon” Bucky said, looking around. “Was here a minute ago”

“Sharon Carter ?” Natasha asked with a smirk. “Come on, Clint”

Bucky and Y/N sat, watching Sam and Wanda dance.

“You look great, tonight, Y/N” Bucky said, looking at her.

“Thanks” Y/N said, blushing. “You too”

Bucky smiled.

Sam has created a chatroom.
Sam has invited Bucky, Y/N, Natasha, Wanda and Clint.

Sam: Guys ?
Y/N: Arent you supposed to be dancing with Wanda ?
Wanda: Well he was SUPPOSED to!
Nat: Whats going on?
Bucky: Hey, wheres Steve ?
Sam: Do you have any patience at all ?
Y/N: Say it Sammy !
Sam: Aww Y/N :*
Bucky: Do you want me to come over?
Sam: Dude, relax !
Clint: Really Sam, what are you upto?
Sam: Its not me ! Its Cap !
Bucky: What about him ?
Nat: Y/N ?
Sam: You saw that too ?
Y/N: You bet I did !

“What did you see Y/N ?” Bucky asked, looking up from his phone.

“Look, at the last table, at that corner!” Y/N said, pointing.

“I cant see ” Bucky said, stretching to look.

“Come here” Y/N said, grabbing the sleeve of his shirt, pulling him closer.

Well, she pulled too hard in excitment that, he fell towards her and their heads collided.

Y/N’s eyes went wide, and she turned deep red. Bucky blushed too, his face still close to hers. His warm breath fanned her face, setting butterflies free in her stomach.

“Sorry” Y/N whispered, realizing that she was still holding onto his sleeve, and letting go.

“Its…its alright” Bucky said.

“Do you want to see it ?” Y/N asked.

“Yeah” Bucky said, sliding closer to her,and looking at where she pointed.

A smirk spread onto his face.

Steve and Sharon were at the corner most table, kissing.

Bucky looked at Y/N, who had a smile on her face. She raised her eyebrows at him, and they burst out laughing.

“Team hangouts are NOT for making out !” Nat complained. “ And he didnt tell me about Sharon!”

“Let them be, Nat” Clint said. “At least they’re having fun”

Natasha handed Y/N her coke, and the others had their drinks.

The team had a fun night, at the end of which all of them ended up on the dancefloor, following Nat’s silly dance moves.

Bucky couldnt help himself, as he felt his eyes follow Y/N the entire night. Y/N felt the connection too, but she was far too nervous to act on it.

The only one who actually saw the little bit of tension between them was, of course, Nat. And Sam to an extend.

It was past midnight, when they decided to return to the tower.On reaching, Natasha wanted to play a game.

“Nat, really ?” Wanda asked, yawning.

“Come onnnnnnn !!” Natasha said, the alcohol making her words slur a bit.

“Alright alright” Sam said.

“Clint, get the bottle” Natasha ordered.

“Right away” Clint said, running off to fetch the bottle, and returning in a flash.

“What game are we playing ?” Steve asked.

“How aboutttt…truth or dare?” Natasha said with an evil grin.

“Ohhh” Wanda groaned.

“Cool !” Bucky said.

They sat around in a circle, and Natasha spun the bottle.

The game went on in quite a funny way.
When it landed on Steve, Natasha had wicked grin on her face.

“Ooooo” Natasha said. “Alright babe, truth or dare ?”

Steve glanced around the room, and saw that most of his friends had that look on their faces.

Steve nodded and said, “Ok, Truth”
Natasha pretended to think hard, and then smiled.

“You were kissing Sharon Carter at the pub” Natasha said, making Steve blush. “Are you two dating ? How long has this been going on?”

Y/N grinned, at Steve’s defeated expression.

“Nat, come on ! ” Steve said shaking his head.

“Come on sweetie, we deserve to know” Natasha winked at Steve.

Y/N’s eyes darted to Bucky, who raised his eyebrows at her.

“Spill it, Cap” Sam encouraged her.

“Alright alright !!” Steve said standing up. “Its true. We’re dating, but just started a week ago. I swear its the truth!”

Bucky smirked, at his friend, nudging him, and Steve punched him playfully.

The rest of the team cheered.

“Soooo” Clint said. “Spin it Cap”

Steve spun the bottle and the game continued. Until Sam spun, and it pointed at Bucky.

“Yes, baby !” Sam looked beyond excited. “So whats it gonna be Robocop?”

“Dare” Bucky said confidently.

“Sam, kill him, bro !” Clint said.

“I dare you to kiss any girl in this room” Sam said, smugly.

“Oh come on!” Bucky groaned shaking his head.

“You’re lucky I DIDN’T specify” Sam said with a wink, sitting back to enjoy the show.

“Buck” Steve said, shoving Bucky out of his chair.

“Ok, here goes” Bucky said, walking towards the girls.

They knew Bucky wouldnt try it on Nat. She was not his kind of person. And not Wanda. She was like a sister. That would be weird. Which left only Y/N.

Sensing him coming closer to her, Y/N stood up, shaking her head.

“Bucky, bad idea !” she said, raising her hands to stop him.

He gave her a smirk, trying to catch her.

“Oh no you DONT !” Y/N ran across the room, followed by Bucky. They ran around the entire room, with the rest of the team laughing and cheering.

“Seriously, Bucky ! You dont want Tony to kill you !” Y/N said, as she ran.

“I dont mind dying ‘coz of this !” Bucky said, finally grabbing her hand and stopping her.

“Yay ! Go Buck !” Natasha cheered.

“Bucky !!!” Y/N hissed.

“Shh” Bucky said. “Dont run”

He released her slowly. But held her hand in his.

“Do it !” Clint yelled.

Bucky grinned, his eyes locked with Y/N’s. He slowly raised her hand to his mouth, and kissed it gently, his lips lingering on her skin for a while.

Y/N smiled, as he let go, and then he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Awwwww” Wanda said. “ Thats a gentleman”

“Great going Buck” Steve said, laughing.

Sam and Nat gave them a knowing look, making them both blush.

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