I just finished watching Earthlings and I can hardly BREATHE from how perfect it was. All this time I’ve been waiting for the episode that would confirm Amethyst once and for all as not just the short, chubby, scruffy comic relief, and I got it. She was the first Gem Steven fused with. And this is so perfectly in keeping with the message of the show, which is all about love. 

While Pearl and Garnet are like mothers to Steven, Amethyst has always been more like a big sister. They share the same love of jokes and silliness, TV and food. And I was waiting and waiting for the show to honour that relationship. When Amethyst first realised her similarity to Steven, she saw it as a bad thing (’Now I’m the worst Crystal Gem’ - being like Steven means being bad like Steven), but now her peer relationship with Steven is shown to be something beautiful, powerful and precious - it results in Steven’s first Gem fusion, full of joy at the place where their personalities join, just like Opal is full of calm. She named herself. My heart. 

And the conclusion of Jasper’s arc. Somebody on Tumblr pointed out that Peridot had to be driven to the end of her rope before she joined up with the Crystal Gems; her limb enhancers gone, her plans exhausted, the threat of death hanging over her. Before she could reach out to the Gems, she had to lose everything else. I knew that they’d have to break Jasper the same way, and that it would take more doing because she had more status and, being older, more identity beforehand. But I did NOT foresee that they would do it like this. By her own standards, she could not have debased herself more completely: allying herself with corrupted Gems, then losing to a fusion of two Gems she considered defective; trying to fuse with one of the monsters she’d been taunting seconds before, crying when it left her and finally turning into the same thing herself. 

She actually says herself what I’ve said above - the Crystal Gems collect broken Gems. But rather than seeing it as a second chance like the audience does, she sees it as a trap. Her point of view at the end of the episode was so twisted and yet so breathtakingly understandable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character humanised so much so fast.

‘Everything I try to fuse with leaves me.’

I’m still holding out for a Jasper redemption arc, but from a storytelling point of view it makes sense to leave things where they are. We’ve seen Lapis turn from being frightened and defensive to friendly; we’ve seen Peridot go from trying to kill the Gems to trying to protect Steven. I think we needed to see what happens to the character who rejects the hand that’s offered them, who can’t let in love and trust because they won’t let go of their fear. We’ve seen Jasper humanised and in pain, but refusing to let go, and we’ve seen how that leads her to destroy herself.

And Amethyst’s compassion at the end. ‘Here you go, sister.’ I love you, Amethyst. I love you so much. 

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I really dont have anyone to talk about SH and Shumdario so I am sending this to you :) I feel like Matt looks up to Harry for so many things.. I am sure offscreen, Matt treats him like a big brother. He always praises Harry.. I know Harry is very talented person.. Matt is such a big fan of Harry. My sister who is a huge fan of Harry met Matt on SOHO film festival, she ask him to tell how great Harry is.. in reply he said HE IS GREAT, HE IS AMAZING.

You can talk to me about anything, especially Matt and Harry!

They have an incredibly interesting dynamic, which I spotted outright in season 1. Harry is definitely the older brother and has guided Matt through certain things (his first Comic Con, interviewing) and Matt, who is used to being a younger sibling, has taken up that same spot with Harry. Matt gets giddy when he talks about Harry, and has made it a point to know alot about him and his career. I have no doubt that Matt has picked Harry’s brain. They team up alot - they run on the same intellectual wavelengths and use that common ground to communicate; whether it’s their in-jokes or word games during interviews, or discussing strategy during a round of Werewolf. Matt listens to Harry carefully and usually aligns himself with him. But on the contrary, there was a moment during the 2nd Werewolf game where Matt decided he wanted to do something instead, and Harry backed down like a big brother letting his little brother have what he wanted. Cute af.

Their body language is also fascinating! When they interview standing up, Matt stands behind him because he’s taller, but he also tends to shield Harry’s shoulder. Their bodies usually brush at some point, which shows their comfort level and casual closeness, and when they speak to each other, they both shift their bodies to face one another, with direct eye contact, usually with their chests open and directly opposite one another. That there is the most vulnerable position to be in opposite someone, with heart open to possible attack, which is usually why people fold their arms as a protective measure. Matt and Harry don’t, which indicates a deep comfort and trust. And we all know they adlib on the show, which is more proof that they are both trusting of each other as screen partners and good at their jobs.

Their broship is super precious in the most subtle ways, you have no idea. Casting them both was the best idea this show had, especially with the job they have in depicting Malec. And considering they could have been movie Malec, I’d call this fate.

Burn Part One- The Hamiltots AU Version

(Ok I noticed that there wasn’t any Burn parallels in the Hamiltots AU, which makes sense, being that they’re kids and these are supposed to have happy endings, but experiments are always fun, so this is a mini-fic from Eliza’s POV, with big sister Angelica too *yay*)

Eliza couldn’t believe what Alex had done.

She had been sick for just one day, one STINKING day, and Alex had already decided that Little Miss Maria Reynolds was a better playmate than Eliza, his GIRLFRIEND for cryin’ out loud! She wouldn’t’ve minded though if he had been quiet and forgot about it; Aaron, Thomas, and James were the only people who seemed to care; but as always, Alex had to pull some stunt, and he had; as Angie had fumed earlier, “the gall, the absolute NERVE to write those stupid notes- and then hand them out to the WHOLE CLASS- and then let that little brat KISS HIM afterwards- he doesn’t deserve to play with you, Eliza! Don’t give him the time of day!”

Eliza couldn’t seem to say anything to him, or ANYONE, though. She hadn’t said a word last night while Angelica had been ranting and raving, and as soon as she walked into her classroom the next morning, she had grabbed Phillip from her cubby (the only cubby without one of those stupid notes in it, it seemed), ran straight into the bathroom, slammed the door shut, and let loose a giant wail, dripping tears onto Phillip’s fur and the cold tile of the bathroom floor.

She calmed down after a while, only letting out the occasional hiccup, but staunchly refused to come out of the bathroom, even when Mrs. Washington had knocked on the door and said as sweetly as possible, “Honey, it’s recess time. Do you want to come out now?“ She wished she could, but she knew that outside there were only her classmates, who were going to laugh and tease and treat her like the idiot she was for trusting Alex in the first place. She began to sob loudly, and the other side of the door fell silent. “Phillip-”, She stared into the stuffed dog’s shining black eyes, “You won’t leave me, right? You’re all I have now.” Eliza closed her eyes just as the door was flung open.

“CONGRATULATIONS!” Angelica shouted over her shoulder as she slammed the bathroom door, causing the hinges to shudder and flung herself next to Eliza, huffing. “That stuck-up jerkface, he just…” Angelica grumbled, cheeks flushed. “You all right, Bitty?” “Yeah, I’m OK now, and you shouldn’t say the J-word, it’s not nice. What are you doing in here?” Eliza stated, all in one breath. Angelica chuckled. “One at a time, Lizzy, jeez. If anyone deserves that word, it’s him-”, she spat, “And…” -revealing a pink, white, and blue-striped lunch bag from behind her back- “You are eating sometime today. Daddy packed your special order baloney ‘specially for you, and Jefferson says he’s sorry and wants to know if you’ll like the Jos Louis he sneaked in there.”, Angelica said matter-of-factly. “What’s a Jo-oe Loo-iue?” Eliza asked, unzipping her lunchbox and pulling out a baloneymustardontheoutsidenocrusts sandwich. “It's…”, Angelica pulled out a chocolate-covered cake wrapped in plastic, “this. Haven’t tried it, but Thomas said it’s like a Oreo cake, whatever that means, and it looks good, I guess. Now, sweetie-” Angelica turned to directly face Eliza, “why have you been sittin’ and sobbin’ in here all day?”, she asked. “Well,”, Eliza sniffled, “ Alex gave everyone that note that said that he was playing with Maria and that she came over to his house and she kissed him and everyone’s going to laugh at me ‘cause I was was an idiot thinking that Alex was only gonna like me, I mean, him and John got MARRIED, so it’s not like I’m the only person he’s ever liked, but HE’S the only person I’VE ever liked, so it’s just-”, Eliza’s pitiful babbling was cut off by an “Elizabeth Anne Schyuler, stop it. You are being a meanie to yourself and in my mind that is the worst kind of meanie you can be. Now, I read in a book once that- yes, I read it in a book, stop making that face- that, first, if you don’t like your fairytale, get out of it. Erase yourself from this…”, Angelica struggled for a moment here, “nar-ra-tive. Yeah, that was it. And, second, there is a really old story about a guy named Ickyrus.” Eliza’s tears dried up as her curiosity kicked in (really, Angie had the best stories) as she asked, “What’s it about?”

Angelina grinned and replied, “ So, Once Upon A Time, there was a guy named Ickyrus who wanted to fly. His daddy said “Ickyrus, if you fly too high, you’re gonna get a sunburn and your wings are gonna fall off”, but he dinnt care about what anybody else thought or felt, all he wanted to do was fly, so one day he got wings and he was all ready to fly, but he said “Imma gonna touch the sun! It’s so bright and pretty, so everybody’ll like me if I touch the sun!” This was a bad idea. When he got close, his wings melted off and he…”, she slammed her hands on the ground, “DIED. The. End. So…my point…iiis… that that’s like, your and Alex’s story. ‘Cause, when he wrote those notes, it was like flying towards the sun. Soooo… Alex is dead now, I guess. Do you like that story, 'Liza?” Eliza made a disgusted face in response. “No. I don’t want a story where my boyfriend dies. That’s sad and gross.” “I knew you would say that. So, how do you wanna get out of your fairytale?” Angelica pondered. As she took a sip of grape juice, Eliza started to get an idea…


yey! I finally did it! after google decided to screw me over and deactivate picasa web albums I had to torture my poor brain to come up with an idea how to share pictures with you. 

Here you can finally see “Poppy” ,the new pupper! I made those few photos yesterday in the garden. My borzoi is such a role model of a “big sister” you wouldn’t believe it! She is very gentle and really interested in the pup. She wants to get to know her and initiates play but always backs off when she feels the little one might be scared. They were already trading toys - you can see Poppy run away after stealing a toy from the zoi (she was caught in the act!) She is really a little big package of energy and attitude and I have to get used to such a lively little dog (and watch my feet!).She’s a big jumper too, while my friends’ Havanese who is only 4 days younger can’t jump on the sofa this one jumped on the lap of her future dog handler and almost flew over the coffee table (maybe the trick is in the ears?) we really have to watch her carefully! 

•Elsa and Anna making a point to come visit Mal to talk to her about magic.
•Tiana finding out the Isle kids didn’t get home-cooked meals, inviting them all over to spend the weekend, and giving them lots of treats.
•Rapunzel dropping by because she heard the Isle girls have artsy sides and lots of style and she wants to see what they’re up to.
•Snow White playing with Evie’s hair when she comes to visit because she always wanted a little sister, and now that she has one, she wants to do big sister things for her.
•Ariel writing to the Isle kids because she wants to tell them that everyone has a place in the world, but you can’t forget the past because that’s how you get to your “place”.
•Jasmine and Aladdin deciding without hesitation to ask Jay to stay with them for a while.
•Pocahontas sending each of the Isle kids a piece of jewelry because their bravery in standing up for friendship and love is something to be proud of.
•Roger and Anita inviting Carlos and Dude to come play with the Dalmatians anytime.
•Merida coming to Tourney games to cheer on the boys and then later teaching Mal and Evie archery.
•Other Disney characters making the Rotten Four feel welcome and loved.
•Other Disney Characters making the Rotten Four feel special.

You know, rewatching genkais death I think what really messed me up as a kid was Botons reaction. As a kid, Boton was always the powerful mom friend, she was always happy and always thought of others plus you were sure she was used to death by now being the ferry woman of spirit world.

But she goes to the bathroom, turns on the faucet so the others don’t hear her cry and crumples to her knees sobbing into the sink. The lady of death, torn apart by feeling the spirit energy of a woman she respected leaving the world. as a kid, at least for me, it felt like seeing your mom or your big sister cry

“Mackenzie has been conditioned to speak highly of Maddie”

…or perhaps…she actually loves and looks up to…her big sister???? (And Mackenzie does not always speak highly of maddie lol she makes snide comments about her all the damn time)

It’s statements like that that make me wonder if y'all are aware of how toxic you are or if you’re just assholes for shits and giggles

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Prompt for the dennor thingy: dancing

Norway had always been a natural dancer. Every bit of her was slender, elegant, coordinated - everything a dancer should be. Her body spun and leaped with fluid movements, allowing her to execute moves that even professionals found tricky with a grace that seemed almost effortless. Her body responded to the rhythms of music as if the two were long-time friends, and she moved without even thinking, or so it seemed.
Denmark envied this about her. Despite all her boasting and bragging about being the best at everything, as she was the big sister of the Nordics, even centuries of practice could not cure her of her innate clumsiness. When she wasn’t tripping over her own two feet, the Dane was left wondering why even the simplest flick of the wrist didn’t look as graceful when done by her, as opposed to when it was done by Norway. It just wasn’t fair, the Dane felt, that for all her hard work, she still couldn’t compare to the Norwegian’s natural ability.
Every time she watched her friend, Denmark couldn’t decide whether she wanted to dance like Norway, or to dance with Norway. Anyone who got to dance with someone of her caliber was blessed, whether it be in a group or as a pair. However, in order to dance with someone like Norway, one would have to be as good as Norway.
Therein lied Denmark’s problem.
Throughout the ages, she had seen Norway master every new style of dance the time period had to offer. Folk dancing? Duh, it was as if she was born doing it. Ballroom dancing? She enchanted other guests as if she were Cinderella. Also among her repertoire were baroque dance, waltzes, and even swing dance! She’d mastered them all! But no matter what style of dance was popular, Denmark was never good enough to be her partner.
Although, just being able to watch her friend dance was enough to placate Denmark. It wasn’t enough to make her truly ecstatic - to do that, Denmark would have to make Norway her girlfriend - but it was enough to keep her content for the time being. Watching her dance was like a drug, in the sense that it thrilled Denmark and made every little detail interesting and fun. The thrill made up for the, ‘withdrawal’ that occurred a few days after, as the Dane continuously and obsessively reflected upon her crush’s skill.
This was the reason Denmark had ended up standing in front of the Norwegian’s hotel room the night before a world conference. She knocked on the smooth, wooden door three times before putting her hands in her coat pockets and rocking back and forth on her feet. She looked over her shoulder to her left, to see if anybody else she knew was out and about in the hallway, but it appeared that everyone else was getting ready to call it a night before the next day’s conference got underway. The only other noise Denmark could hear was obvious bickering coming from the Italy sisters, who must’ve had a room a few doors down from Norway.
The sound of a lock clicking turned Denmark’s attention back to the door in front of her, where a weary-eyed, slightly disheveled Norway now stood. “Hey,” Denmark said with a smile, entering her friend’s room as the Norwegian moved aside. “So guess what we’re doing tonight?”
“Hopefully it involves sleeping,” Norway replied.
Denmark took a seat on one of the beds in Norway’s room, watching as her friend paced back and forth between the mini fridge and the bathroom. The last time Denmark had seen her friend this agitated was during the Norwegian Butter Crisis, which, no matter how seemingly hilarious it was to Denmark, had truly been a tough time for Norway and her people. “Rough flight?”
Norway stopped pacing and threw her hands down to her sides, slapping her thighs and exhaling deeply in the process. “You have no idea,” she exclaimed breathlessly. She resumed her pacing, stopping intermittently to tell Denmark her story. The Dane listened intently, crossing her legs at the knee, knowing that after this, convincing her friend to go dancing was going to be an uphill battle.
“My original flight was cancelled,” Norway started, “There was engine trouble, or something along those lines, so they squeezed me on a flight that had a layover in Italy. It wasn’t as ideal as my original flight, which was direct from Oslo to New York, but I’ll take what I get.” The blonde nation stopped and tossed some of her waist length hair over her shoulder, revealing wide eyes and flushed cheeks to Denmark, whose only thought was that Norway looked kind of cute when she got all worked up like this.
“So, was this flight on the Italian airline from hell, or something?” Denmark leaned back, placing her hands on the smooth white quilt that covered the bed she sat on.
The Norwegian just shook her head and returned to pacing and telling her story. “The flight from Oslo to Milan was fine. I had to sit in economy instead of business, but I’ve been in worse situations.” At this, Denmark snorted rolled her eyes, only to get a sharp, “Oh, shut up,” from Norway in return.
“Okay, so you had to fly like normal people do. You’ve been on viking ships before, for weeks on end. I’m failing to see how this flight left you so worked up.”
“I’m not done.” Norway whirled on her heel, snapping to face the bathroom as she continued her pacing. “The nine hours and ten minutes it took to fly from Milan to New York were actually hell. I was sandwiched between an obese nun and a young Italian couple and their baby. Behind me were three cranky Italian men, and the girlfriend of one of them. We hit a bunch of turbulence on the plane, the baby kept crying because of it, the men behind me kept yelling at the parents to make their crying baby shut up, which didn’t help anything, and whenever I went to close my eyes, the nun would start lecturing me about how I wasn’t really traveling along because God the Father is always with me, or some shit like that.” Norway stopped and threw her hands up in the air, looking at Denmark as she lowered them back down. “I only go to church on Christmas and Easter, and it’s not even a Catholic Church at that!” She paced a bit more as Denmark nodded sympathetically before adding, “Oh, and to top it all off, Iceland’s not here yet, I have no clue where she is, and there’s no coffee machine in this damn room!”
Denmark had to fight the urge to laugh at her friend’s current state. Not much could frazzle the cool and steady Norwegian, who rarely spoke, even to her friends. However, when she did get worked up, it was as if all the words she’d kept to herself in the past came out all at once in lively, long winded rants. Despite the distress Norway was in, Denmark loved seeing her friend so animated and lively. It reminded her of how she looked when she danced; free and happy, as if all of her earthly problems and cares had dissipated.
This thought reminded Denmark of her original purpose.
Jumping up off the bed, Denmark shuffled over to her friend, slinging an arm over her shoulder. “You know what will make you feel more cheerful?”
“A good, full night of sleep?”
Denmark swung her arm off of her friend’s shoulder, grasping her shoulders instead and keeping her friend at an arm’s length. “A night out dancing! Think about it! We’re in Manhattan! There’s such a wide array of clubs, and bars, and Iceland’s not even here yet, so you don’t have to spend the night big-sistering her to death! What do you say?”
“No,” Norway dead panned, her face reverting to its typical, stoic state.
“It’s a great idea! A few shots, some loud music, you won’t even remember the flight here!”
“I’d like to actually be able to function when the inevitable shitstorm goes down tomorrow.”
“Oh, come on! It’s not like we’re going to get anything done anyway!”
“Denmark, I said no.” Norway wriggled out of the slightly taller nation’s grasp, and moved to her suitcase instead. “Besides, I have to figure out what I’m wearing, and what time I need to get up to shower and do my hair, and I have to unpack my makeup…” She trailed off, pulling at zippers on her bag until all of its compartments were completely open.
Denmark fell back upon her last resort. “I’ll buy you coffee.” Norway stood up pin-straight, dropping the items she had been holding back into her bag. Denmark decided to elaborate. “I’ll pay for any amount of coffee you want, from any coffee shop you want it from.”
“Give me fifteen minutes to get ready.” Norway ran her long fingers through her hair, turning to look from her bag to the bathroom, and then at her friend. “Write a note for Iceland telling her where we went.”
And so twenty minutes later, the pair stood on a street corner, Norway clutching a large, hot cup of black coffee in an ungloved hand as the streetlight illuminated the swirling flurries of snow above their heads. “So what now?” Norway took another sip of her coffee, staring out into the Manhattan traffic.
“Well, I heard from America that there’s a really cool club just down the road from here, and I could really use some alcohol right now.” Denmark rolled back and forth on her feet, practically jumping into the crosswalk as soon as the light changed.
“Ah,” was Norway’s only reply as she raised her eyebrows before quickly lowering them.
Denmark excitedly grabbed the hand with which Norway was not holding coffee and practically dragged her to their destination. The line wasn’t too long, but the music was loud and the people were laughing, which was how Denmark liked it. Even from outside, the music was clearly audible, and much to Denmark’s pleasure, Norway’s foot was already tapping. It was as if the music infected her and took over her body like a parasite, forcing her to move at its will. The only time Norway truly expressed herself was when she was dancing.
Before Denmark knew it, they were inside. “I’ll get us a table,” was the last thing Denmark heard before she made a beeline for the bar. Watching Norway dance was great, but alcohol undeniably made the experience even better.
When Denmark finally tracked down Norway, she had draped her coat over a chair, revealing the form fitting dress she had been hiding underneath. The dress was rather simple, really. It was all black and strapless, with slits along the sides at the thighs. It clung to the Norwegian’s hourglass figure like it was custom designed for her, and in Denmark’s opinion, it made Norway look like a goddess.
Denmark looked down at her own dress, which was only slightly visible under her unbuttoned coat, and frowned a bit. Her dress was similar in style, but blue instead of black, and with a single strap instead of strapless. She felt it was probably a bit too tight around her hips and stomach, but anything bigger would’ve been too loose around her barely-existent chest. Wishing not for the first time that she had been blessed with bigger breasts, she made her way over to her friend, her mug of beer in hand.
Norway crossed her arms raised an eyebrow at Denmark as she approached. “You tell me that we’re going dancing, and then you buy beer like you expect to sit here all night drinking?”
Denmark could feel blood rushing to her cheeks. “Well, I really can’t dance, but I know you love it, so I figured we could both enjoy ourselves tonight.”
“What do you mean, you can’t dance?” Norway blinked once, shifting her weight to her other leg. “We’ve been dancing for centuries.”
Denmark grimaced. “No, you’ve been dancing for centuries. I’m a terrible dancer.”
“Nonsense,” Norway replied, taking the beer from Denmark’s hand and placing it on the table. “Take off your coat, and let’s dance.” Denmark did as she was told, laying her jacket out over the chair and letting the Norwegian guide her onto the dance floor. As Norway started to dance, Denmark mimicked her movements, ending up doing what she assumed to be a clumsy imitation of modern dancing. She just couldn’t get her movements to look as flawless as Norway’s, no matter what she tried.
Eventually, frustrated and confused, she gave up. “I just don’t get it,” she said finally. “Aren’t you embarrassed to be dancing with someone like me?” Norway tilted her head to the side a bit, prompting Denmark to continue. “I mean, when you dance, you look ethereal. When I dance, I tend to knock things over. To be seen with me has to be embarrassing to you!”
“Stop beating yourself up.” Norway shook her head. “You’re dancing is fine, and I’d be more embarrassed to be seen entering with someone as attractive as you, only to then be seen dancing by myself. People would think something’s wrong with me, or that I wasn’t good enough for you.”
Denmark stared at the Norwegian, who was still dancing. Was she for real? Did someone slip some alcohol in her coffee? Stunned, the Dane wondered what could possibly lead Norway to say such things. Not good enough for her? Was she blind? If anything, Denmark was not good enough for her.
Instead of conveying all these thoughts out loud, Denmark simply came out with the eloquent reply of, “what?”
Norway stopped dancing and walked up to the motionless Dane, meeting her gaze with those deep indigo eyes that held the power to melt hearts of ice. Something in them caused Denmark to leap into action. She was practically stumbling over her words now, trying to explain herself. “I mean, you’re gorgeous, and you wouldn’t have to dance alone, you could get literally anyone in here to dance with you. They’d say yes in a heartbeat. I’m just me.”
Norway stared into Denmark’s eyes, leaving Denmark with a vague sense of drowning. The next thing Denmark knew, Norway’s hand was on her cheek, and her lips were on hers, guiding her into a kiss that the Dane had been dreaming about for longer than she could remember. Denmark wished she could extend time, to make that kiss last for an eternity, but unfortunately, after mere moments, it was over.
“Damn, I have to buy you coffee more often.”
Norway smirked and exhaled a quick, short breath through her nose. “Yes, please do. Oh, and for the record, I’d rather dance with you than even the most experienced dancer in this room.” With that, she grabbed the Dane’s hand and started dancing again, easing Denmark back into the rhythm of the music.
Denmark could feel her smile bursting from ear to ear as she let Norway’s movements guide her own. It was unbelievable to her that after all this time, after all the dances Norway had shared with talented people full of grace and beauty, the one partner she had really hoped for was Denmark herself.
“I wonder what everyone’s going to think of this,” Denmark commented.
Norway smiled a bit, spinning once before replying. “You’re wondering too much. For now, let’s just dance.”

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If Femaleshimi was wearing a skirt but no underwear as usual and accidentally flashed Yata or Hidaka xD?

Yata would probably die XD Maybe when they were in middle school Fushimi never wore skirts, not even the uniform skirt so there was never any worry about an accidental flash. But then after Fushimi joins Scepter 4 maybe she’s convinced to wear a skirt more often, like big sister Awashima sees that Fushimi’s always in these baggy clothes all the time and decides to take her to buy something cute and girly because she thinks Fushimi might like it. Fushimi’s not a big fan of the skirt but she goes with it, like maybe she and Yata have made up post-ROK and Yata asks her out for a drink, not a date mind you but something slightly date-like. Fushimi wants to look good for Misaki so she grudgingly asks for Awashima’s help and much to her chagrin ends up in like a cute flirty skirt (on the bright side, knives strapped to the thighs are always a plus). She goes to see Yata and maybe it’s a bit windy that day. They meet outside the bar and as Fushimi’s leading the way inside there’s a nice light breeze and Yata gets an eyeful. He probably freaks out and starts stuttering at Fushimi like ‘w-w-w-wait you’re not even wearing – why are you – what’ and Fushimi looks at him all annoyed. She finally figures out what Yata’s complaining about and just clicks her tongue and rolls her eyes like you already knew I didn’t wear underwear and Yata’s like yeah but usually you wear pants you can’t do that in a skirt. Fushimi’s like ‘says who’ and Yata’s like 'I just saw everything Saruhiko,’ Fushimi smirks like oh, Misaki I didn’t know you were such a pervert. Yata’s like 'what the fuck I’m not you’re the one not wearing any – can you just go put some on please? Or at least some pants?’ Fushimi probably refuses and Yata gets to spend the rest of the not-date constantly fussing over how Fushimi’s sitting and dammit Saruhiko don’t bend over like that and would you at least hold down the hem of your skirt when the wind blows.

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Can you do the middle sister ask that you did with the German and North America bros but this time with the Italian bros and Switzerland and Liechtenstein??

Italy Brothers:

If they had a middle sister then they would be pretty protective of her. If Lovino didn’t like the way someone was looking at her he wouldn’t be afraid to curse them out. Feliciano well also just give like lowkey bitch faces and that’s enough to deter people from getting near her. They might even play boyfriend if they’re getting a bad vibe from someone or stick incredibly close to her so that she wouldn’t be hit on rudely. They’re also very loyal to her and love to spend time with her as well, just talking or cooking or something. 

Switzerland and Liechtenstein:

Lili would always love to spend some time with her big sister and Vasch is just as protective of the middle sister as he is with Lili. Basically, he’s got two sisters and he’ll do whatever he can to make sure she’s safe. Lili just loves to talk with her and do more feminine things at times and there will even be ganging up so that Vasch will join the two in a tea part or something. 

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Being best friends with Venus would include?

Going shopping together

Getting your nails done together

Pizza and wine sleepovers

Always protecting each other

You sticking up for her no matter what

Her calling you all giddy about liking Tig

You giving him the best friend speech about treating her right, with some threats (or promises)

You always worrying about her booking a bad client and getting hurt

Being one of the only people she willingly told about Joey and her mother

Her being like a big sister to you

You being so happy that her and Tig are in love

Idea time:

Nico, upon receiving her first pay cheque wants to use it to go on a trip with Maki but feels like she needs to be responsible and use it for her family. Her mom thanks her but tells her to use it and have fun, take a break from being a daughter and a big sister. Her younger siblings support this notion.

So Nico asks Maki out on a hot springs trip, and Maki agrees. She does see Nico calculating a budget and everything but says nothing until night time when they’re alone and in the hot springs together (Maki goes in like it’s nothing but Nico feels very self conscious about it), saying that they could always just go on a trip to her family’s villa or something.

Nico tells her that that’s not it, that it would be meaningless if they do, to which Maki asks why. She then answers in a murmur that it’s because it’s her first pay cheque as an idol and she really wants to treat Maki with it.

Maki understands and thanks her, the two leaning close together. This gets Nico to avert her eyes and Maki notices, before realizing that she’s naked in the bath with Nico, and that changes EVERYTHING.

Cue tsundere embarrassment.

Night comes and they both lie in their futons. Maki asks if they can hold hands and they do, while looking at each other. Then Nico invites Maki to sleep in her futon, thinking only about cuddling and sleeping. Maki takes this the wrong way.

Cue more tsundere embarrassment.

“D- do you really wanna do it?”

“… only if you want to.”

“That’s not fair. Only if YOU want to.”

“You brought it up.”

“Bweeehh… I…”

Maki shyly nods.

“P- perv…”

Nico looked down shyly. Both their robes were a little loose from all the movement and in that one moment they locked eyes and knew what they wanted.



okay so can i just say how happy i am to finally have a latina princess!! having a little sister i’m always trying to keep her away for the whole “white princess ends up with a man” so this makes me literally so happy. i just don’t want her growing up thinking she’s to dark to be a princess. i’m glad that disney is being more racially inclusive but they need to venture out into body types :/ last thing i want is her saying she’s too big to be pretty like tiana or elena.

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Can I request a Rin and female s/o event,where he brings her home to met him mother(maybe also Gou) with the both of them being extremely nervous about it?

Female pronouns!

The Matsuoka women were surprisingly protective. Sometimes it’s was great - they had no problem standing up for themselves and could easily make any unwanted attention disappear, but sometimes it wasn’t so great.

Rin’s mother and sister always said that no one would ever be good enough for him, giving intimidating stares to any potential partner. He was grateful that they cared so much about him and didn’t want him to get hurt, but at times it was a big problem. Like now.

“But what if they hate me? Maybe this isn’t such a good idea right now,” she said, biting at her nails. Rin took her hands away from her mouth and held them in his.

“Trust me, they’ll love you.” He was reassuring her even though he was panicking inside; he couldn’t let her know or this whole thing would go south.

“But Rin-”

“Don’t worry it’ll all be ok! Even if they don’t want us to be together, it’s not like they can stop us. I know what they’re like and it’s just because they want me to be happy. And I am happy with you,” he assured, placing a kiss on her cheek. “Come on, if we don’t go in now, then we never will.”

He pushed open the front door, still holding onto her hand and reluctantly stepped into his house. “I’m home,” he called out, his grip tightening when he heard approaching footsteps. 

 “Welcome home!” His mother said with a smile. 

“Who’s this?” Gou asked, raising an eyebrow. Rin looked at his girlfriend with a look of uncertainty, taking a deep breath. 

 “This is my girlfriend, ______. We’ve been going out for a few of months now and I thought it was time for her to meet you two.”

“Girlfriend?” both of them said simultaneously.

“Rin, I don’t think-” his mother began to say. 

 “Mrs Matsuoka, if I may?” his girlfriend started, her hand tightening around his own, “I know you’re probably thinking that I’m not good enough for Rin and that he deserves someone better, and I can see why. I mean, even I didn’t think I was good enough for him! But there’s nothing I want to do more than make him happy. If there are bumps along the way then we’ll work it out, that’s what relationships are about after all! What I’m trying to say is, just please give me a chance.” 

 The entire Matsuoka family was stunned into silence, Rin being especially surprised at her outburst despite being proud for standing up for herself. Rin’s mother and sister looked at each other, the silence becoming almost too much to bear. He was about to speak up when they both nodded at each other. 

His mother walked towards him and whispered in his ear, “Looks like she’s a keeper.” Rin let out a great sight of relief, his lips spreading into a huge grin. “You two better take good care of each other.”

little ones

A/N: i heard it was sheith week so!!!!!!

p.s. below is a preview, the rest can be read on ao3

“What’s a date?”

Above him, the Sister looked surprised, albeit not unpleasantly, at the question. When she didn’t give him an answer immediately, Shiro tilted his head and continued, “Is she going to get a calendar?”

“Oh, dearest, no,” Sister April giggled and knelt down in front of him. Shiro always liked the way she smelled – like grass after a rain. “A date is when two people who like each other spend time together.”

Shiro pondered over this, mouthing the words as if to taste them on his own lips to grasp their meaning. Then he looked out the window into the yard in the middle of the compound, where the playground and the trees and all the children were gathered with the other Sisters, big and little bodies milling about or playing under the warm heat of the sun. A little boy with unruly hair was sitting under the biggest tree, his eyes staring back at Shiro through the window.

Sister April, like everybody else understood this as the unspoken yet accepted part of the norm – Little Keith was always waiting for Little Shiro.

“Sister,” Shiro began, his eyes not drifting away from the window. “If I always spend time together with the person I like, does that mean we’re always on a date?”

Names and Memories

For Fandom Bingo, square 4:2 - Reunions

Tsuna loved his Mama. But sometimes, when she just laughed at his failed attempts to learn to read or ride a bike, he wished she was someone else. Maybe wish wasn’t the right word. But he kept expecting her to scold him, to tell him to try harder. He walked down the hallways in the quiet house, far too big for the two of them, and expected to run into one of his big brothers. Except he didn’t have any brothers. He was an only child, he knew he didn’t have big brothers, or a little sister. He knew his hair had always been brown, but when he looked in a mirror, he always expected to see red. He had strange dreams - snatches of a giant castle like in the fairy tales Mama read him, a girl with hair even crazier than his telling him to work hard, a tiny boy with bright green eyes and a brighter smile.

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  • started my saturday with a really nice run through a network of trails around a river - i think i ran a little bit longer and a little bit faster than it ended up reading though! the GPS was a little iffy the first couple miles and said i was going 9:10 pace when i almost certainly was not. i went with nicky and it was really good to chat about running fast, the olympic runners, the good old days, and dreams for the future. i think she’s going to do big things and her love for running is always a great thing to be around.
  • we stopped at barnes and noble on the way home to pick up ‘run fast, eat slow’ and i am sooooo excited to start experimenting with it. 
  • i went out to breakfast with my twin sister because my childhood best friend was the waitress on staff and i had the most INCREDIBLE banana-maple pancakes and some good laughs. 
  • and in other news, i bought a new eyeshadow palette yesterday so i played with that this morning and used a new pink matte lipstick hehehehe. 
  • in other other news, i’m obsessed with ‘devil’s thunder’ by rachael cantu and you should probably listen to it. (it played in an episode of private practice which i am also obsessed with and you should probably watch it.)
▛ AHS◦Murder House | 1993


It was already early evening when the young woman rang the doorbell of the quite spooky house her best friend was now living in. Hard to believe that his mother actually decided to move into this big mansion like thing that reminded of these who where always shown in horror movies. After some seconds of waiting, Tates sister Addie opened and pulled Amelia into a bear hug. “Hey Addie! Is Tate at home? He hasn’t shown up at school today, so I brought his homework and..” The elder grinned and stepped aside, sleeking her dotted dress with her fingers. “He’s upstairs in his new room. Was busy with helpin mom today. But I don’t think you need a reason to come over.”
Amelia liked her quite much. As Addie was kinda special she was always very nice to the brunet and loved spending time with her and her younger brother. “Got tickets for cinema at sunday afternoon. They show a new film called Nightmare Before Christmas. Gonna pick you up at three.” She cracked a bright smile, before she hurried upstairs and took a quick look around. Wow. This house was significantly bigger than their old one and seemed to have a lot of history. Everything appeared so noble and somehow classic - much different to the modern home the Johnson family was living in. Amelia liked it.
The girl needed some time, till she found the right room, opening the door with the touch of a grin. “Heyo, little truant.”, she said with a cheeky undertone and dropped her backpack on the floor. The brown locks fell over her shoulders and swirled around her grey bandshirt, which had “Red Hot Chilli Peppers” in big red letters on it. “Missed you totay. It was totally boring without you. I never thought, that Mr Hendricks could talk that much about analytic geometry!” Amelia rolled her eyes on that comment and let out a deep sigh. She knew the Langdon boy since they where kids and somehow they always seemed to stick together. They spent a lot of their freetime with eachother, maybe because of the little fact that Amelia lived in the close neighborhood. Actualy now Tate had moved, she was just one house away - what a benefit! All in all he was her best friend, someone she could always be honest with and who had a friendly ear for her problems.