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excuse me Magisterium series is about what? like i know i can search on google but its always better to hear from someone who read it

!! !! AIGHT AIGHT so 

the Magisterium series is 5-book series (we currently have 3, with the 4th one coming out this…november?)

Anyways. The series is centered around 12 y/o Callum Hunt or Call, who was raised by his dad believing that magic is Bad, mages are Bad, and the school Magisterium where mages go for magic is most definitely the worst place ever. Most likely he’ll die in it. So when the test for kids to be admitted into the school comes around, he tries his best to do his absolute worst

He fails at failing and passes the test.

So now, teamed up with Tamara and Aaron, Call sets out to try and escape the place while being taught how to control their magic. 

It’s written for like, middle-school ages so expect it to be something similar to the PJO/HoO series or Harry Potter, because if i had to give the book a one-liner it’d be this: “Good kids with terrible luck in magic going thru unfortunate events”

Also, do it for these trio:

Aaron Burr
  • Me: You can't sing.
  • Dad: I don't need to sing to be Burr.
  • Me: Yeah you do.
  • Dad: I'll just rap it.
  • Me: You can't rap Wait For It.
  • Dad: I'll just lip-sync.
  • Me: You can't lip-sync on Broadway
  • Dad: Mariah Carey did it.
  • Mom: Mariah Carey was never on Broadway dear.
  • Dad: Well how about this, I'll do everything else, you'll sing that song.
  • Me: You can't just have a random person come in.
  • Dad: It wouldn't be random, you'd just come from nowhere.
  • Mom: Literally the definition of random dear.
  • Me: How are we even gonna explain that.
  • Dad: We'll give someone a sign to hold in the background that says "Burr had a sex change" temporarily temporary.
  • Me: Okay.