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"As long as I am breathing, it's not over."

guess who jumped on the avatar au train

  • shiro was born in the fire nation, and is the avatar
  • pidge is a non bender from the earth kingdom
  • hunk is an earthbender from the earth kingdom
  • lance is the last waterbender from the southern water tribe
  • keith is a fire bender who was born in republic city
  • this au is kind of a mix between atla and lok?? so republic city exists at the same time as when the fire nation takes over
  • allura is the last airbender (coran is still alive though he just cant airbend)
  • in their time avatars were looked after in the air nomads
  • which is why the fire nation destroyed it
  • alfor and the avatar of that time, a water bender, sealed allura and coran deep in the temple in a cryofreeze type thing?? idk
  • alfor and the avatar were both killed by the fire nation a little while after
  • when the next avatar was born into the earth kingdom the earthbender was captured and eventually killed, meaning the next avatar was to be born into the fire nation, just like they wanted
  • except it didnt really work bc shiro Did Not Agree with what they were doing
  • nobody found out he was the avatar until he snuck two non benders from the earth kingdom into the fire nation so they could do?? something?? idk i havent worked that part out yet
  • shiro himself doesnt even know hes the avatar until he earthbends to try and stop the fire nation soldiers from hurting matt, accidentally injuring matt in the process which actually ended up working in their favor when shiro acted like he did it on purpose
  • the fire nation was pleased with this and they made him into a fire nation soldier and taught him to lightning bend and tried using him to their advantage
  • eventually haggar, a metal bender and trusted adviser to fire lord zarkon (lmao) makes him a metal arm that is strongly linked to something? idk they have some sort of control over it for a while
  • he was also taught to earth bend and was starting water bending
  • shiro eventually escaped to the edge of the fire nation and finds keith who was wandering aimlessly after being kicked out of republic city
  • they already knew each other and talked for a while before coming across the cryofreeze pod things that had been moved from the temple by accident (wind or something??)
  • allura and coran find out what happened to the air nomads and the avatar
  • they then find out that shiro is the new avatar and that they still have a duty to fufill
  • they go off to look for an earthbender who can teach shiro more about earthbending (he already learned but he says he still needs to learn more) and a waterbender
  • they go off to the earth kingdom and meet hunk and pidge
  • shiro immediately recognizes pidge because of how much they look like matt
  • hunk vaguely recognizes keith from his time in republic city when he was younger
  • hunk agrees to help shiro with earthbending, despite his comments about how he isnt very good
  • when they mention to hunk and pidge about how they still need a waterbender pidge mentions that only the northern water tribe has waterbenders because the last waterbender in the southern water tribe was supposedly killed by the fire nation
  • hunk stays strangely quiet
  • they are on the south part of the earth kingdom however and allura says they may as well head down that way just in case
  • so they do
  • there they meet lance
  • hunk and pidge had met him when they were all in republic city once when they were young
  • he freezes up when he sees shiros fire nation attire and goes to run before hunk and pidge assure him shiro means no harm and he kinda relaxes and goes straight to flirting with allura
  • keith was standing a ways back and facing away from them but lance recognizes him immediately
  • KEITH?!?! uh do i know you? Uh the names lance? … you almost ran me over with YOUR MOTORCYCLE?!?!?! oh wait i remember you, youre that idiot that ran out in the middle of the street and right in front of my bike
  • anyway allura explains how shiro is the avatar and asks lance about any waterbenders he might know that could help shiro learn waterbending
  • lance is quiet for a while before he says something along the lines of i can absolutely trust you, right? to shiro and keith
  • they assure him that no harm will come to any waterbenders while theyre around because they dont agree with what the fire nation is doing
  • lance complies and tells them hes the last waterbender in the southern water tribe
  • hunk already knew because lance isnt very good at keeping secrets
  • pidge asks how the fire nation didnt find him and lance makes up some excuse that they all know is a lie
  • im too good for the fire nation to find me or something really fuckin cocky
  • oh yeah i forgot to mention instead of just the avatar getting an animal companion all of them get one
  • they all get really BIG ones too
  • Lance obviously gets a polar bear dog because korra
  • keith gets an armadillo bear
  • shiro gets a komodo rhino
  • hunk gets a bagdermole (maybe?? idk theyre p big)
  • pidge gets a armadillo lion
  • pidge eventually finds out they can metal bend just an fyi

uhm?? thats all i got for now bc this is getting really long

also yes there is klance?? when isnt there when it comes to me tbh


bts x avatar: taehyung  → airbender

Taehyung lived in the Republic City until he got the bending ability after the Harmonic Convergence. He happily joined the new generation of airbenders and is really focused on the mission of building the new Air Nation. He did well in the training and always tries to find the bright side on everything, but knows when it’s time to be serious and is an incredible strategist. However, the thing that he’s the most talented with, is with the flying bisons, so he is in charge of taking care of them and giving them to the new benders. He always manages to give the right bison to the right bender.

The Fire Nation was extremely corrupt.

 Lieutenant Jee thought Zuko got his scar in a training accident, meaning Ozai’s and Zuko’s Agni Kai was kept secret to only a select few, likely to preserve the “good-nature” persona of the Fire Lord.

The schools taught Sozin’s “battle” against the Air Nomad military when, in actuality, the Air Nomads didn’t have a form of military.

In The Ember Island Players, the play made Zuko the one that captured the Avatar in The Blue Spirit in place of Zhao, shifting the humiliation of being beaten by the man behind the mask to the traitor prince. It leads you to wonder: if Zuko hadn’t gone traitor and stayed loyal to Ozai, would Zhao have been the bearer of the humility, like he really was?

The war itself might’ve been entirely flipped for Fire Nation citizens: they might’ve grown up learning it was Air Nomads that had disturbed the peace that the Fire Nation was trying to preserve. When the war was over, it must’ve shocked the hotmans when they found out the truth behind the war, given how heavily falsified it was in favor of the Fire Nation military.

Oh! I forgot I had a fun little story for you guys. 

So I just finished my Avatar rewatch. And my mom’s sort of been watching it off and on with me. She’s seen a lot of it before, and she remembers some of what happens, but sometimes I have to fill in the details for her. But she missed a lot of season 3 for various reasons, and I finished the finale while she was out. 

Anyway, on Friday, I launched straight from ATLA into Korra, as you do. And Mom came home about in the middle of episode 3. And she sat down and was doing her typical “Okay, who’s that?” and I’d explain to her who everyone was. 

And we got to Tenzin. And I’m like “That’s Katara and Aang’s youngest son. He’s an Airbender.” 

And she goes “Okay.” Then she gets this weird look on her face. And she turns back to me and goes.

“But wait! Weren’t Katara and Zuko supposed to end up together?”

tldr; even my mom ships Zutara, caused me to almost pee my pants with laughter

Okay, so I have been watching Avatar The Last Airbender for a while now. And recently, Zuko started up a relationship with Mei.

Not that I hate Zuko (he’s actually a great character), and Mei is a harder character to love, but I hate their relationship.

Everything they say to each other is so angsty and stupid sounding, it makes me gag. Mei, I thought at first was this girl who wasn’t overly happy with her life, but wanted to help out Azula.

But she’s this very unbelievable character. She isn’t even like the hotheaded Zuko.

Ugh, I hate this ship with a passion

Please Help me find the Zutara Fic!

Hello friends! I need your help to find a zutara fanfic!

Here is what I know: Katara is kidnapped at a young age and is brought to the fire nation to be raised as royalty.  An OC wipes katara’s memory of her family, but trains her in the art of water bending and taking water from living things around her.  The OC gives her a box to open when she is ready.  After Zuko’s mother leaves and tells katara to protect Zuko there is the agni kai.  Then Katara goes with Zuko to find the avatar even though he doesn’t want her to.  The last part i read was how katara saved the whole ship from the crazy storm and then passed out and zuko took her to his room.

I found it from a fan art link of oazi whispering into katara’s ear…at least i am pretty sure…any help would be great! Thank you!

Oh! and something about fire lilies meaning love, or how you only give them to the person you love…

Statues (962 words) by andtheblueberrymuffins
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Katara/Zuko (Avatar)
Characters: Katara (Avatar), Zuko (Avatar)
Additional Tags: Pre-Relationship, Slow Build, Written for Day 2 (reincarnation) of zutara week 2016, Post-Series
Series: Part 2 of zutara2016

Returning to the Southern Air Temple felt like taking a step back in time, back to when the war with the Fire Nation had been a terrible nightmare still curiously distant from their own lives, despite all the ways it touched them, but those killed there needed put to rest. The trip sparks late night conversation and musings on the nature of life.

misskamidere  asked:

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world.

what does it seem like?

anonymous asked:


water. earth. fire. air.

long ago, the four nations lived in harmony. then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked. only the avatar master of all for elements could stop him. but when the world needed him most, he vanished.

100 years passed and my brother and i discovered the new avatar, an airbender named aang. and though his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone.

but i believe aang can save the world

dooo dooo doo dooooooooo

verse; avatar: the last airbender au

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. The Hundred Years War was still going strong, but one girl hoped to change everything.

Born in a small village in the Fire Nation, Lila Rossi came from humble beginnings. She was raised as a loyal Fire Nation citizen, believing that fire was the superior element and fully supporting her nation’s mission to conquer the rest of the world. In fact, had she somehow met the Avatar or any of his friends at that point, she would have gleefully turned them in, especially if a monetary reward was involved.

Lila is both a talented flute player and a skilled firebender. She’d always been fascinated by the spirits as well, reading books about them in her free time when she wasn’t practicing her flute or her bending. In her studies, she became familiar with the concept of balance. As she read more and more, she realized that balance was essential to the world, and came to the conclusion that the way the Fire Nation had been conquering other nations was wrong.

And so, she decided to do something about it. But what could she, a girl from a small village, do? Well, Lila had always been a crafty individual. She was clever enough to find ways to sabotage the Fire Nation army, stealthy enough to actually follow through with those plans, and powerful enough to defend herself. But she needed a disguise, and so she crafted one–that of a fox spirit. There is a fox spirit in the stories who is said to be a master of illusions, and while Lila herself is no illusionist, she can certainly use her flute and her firebending to imitate the spirit’s method of attack. And thus, a girl who was once a loyal citizen turned face and became the vigilante Volpina.


  • Lila can be played in this verse both as a Fire Nation loyalist, and as a Fire Nation traitor. Either option works; we can just discuss it!
  • While I assumed kwami and miraculous powers aren’t a thing, I do have some ideas as to how they can fit inside the avatar universe if anyone would want to discuss it!
  • Basically Volpina is a spirit disguise, similar to the Blue Spirit and the Painted Lady.
Water… Earth… Fire… Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he still has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world.