Epic shot of some Larry OG
THCa sugar wax 🔥👍🏼
📸photo taken by @jefe_photography oil extracted by @goldnuggetextracts on Instagram
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What is THCA?

tgot tagged by @the-cannabis-alien to do that smokin thing. i tag a bunch of boys n girls that i appreciate n respect like; @autumnmelahnikissesrazors @ripninhale420 @colostonerado @ayysmokahontas @spliffminded @flowerheadlady @bakedlilbae and i probably forgot a ton of people but blaze up anyway, bud, you deserve it! 

smoking Star Dawg Live Resin from Bonfire Cannabis (I work there c^:)
i’ll probably post higher quality pics of the live res.

i - kendrick lamar