THC Vape

New Stoner Log

I’ve been half-joking for a long while about smoking to help with migraines, and to not feel so angry, depressed, and anxious about the general state of the world.

I finally acquired a THC cartridge and a mini vape to self medicate.

Day 1: Got a cartridge of an Indica strain solvent-free distillate, 88.7% THC, and I wait until I can feel a migraine coming on to use it. Being a total newb, I start out with low heat and small puffs, go slow because I don’t really know my tolerance. I don’t really feel anything after half an hour, so I up the voltage a bit and take a couple big puffs.

Feelin’ good but mellow and relaxed. Not too much of a high. My migraine floats away and I get some munchies, then get cozy and pass out in the middle of watching a movie with my partner. This is nothing like smoking shitty weed in college. No dry mouth, no slow reaction time and hyper focus. Just chillin’ and sleepy. I got an amazing night’s sleep with some lucid dreams that were a mix of American Horror Story and The VVitch.

Day 2: I was an overconfident fool. I felt another migraine today, decided to heck with going slow and took a handful of high-voltage puffs. It hit me in 20 minutes like a ton of bricks. My center of gravity fell down into my calves. I laid down on the couch and put on Shrek, but I may as well not have because I was at the bottom of the ocean my dudes, and I didn’t hear a damn thing. My partner came along to check on me, leaned against me, and increased the world’s gravity by 2%. I was couch-locked. I took a three hour nap. I ate three mini pizzas that I made earlier in the day.