slumbermancer replied to your post: D&D Warforged. Yes or no?

i have an idea for a warforged named Feedback whose body is basically a big ol’ speaker system, they’re a bard (or maybe a warlock? i haven’t decided) and they want to go to the moon because they think the moon will have “Answers”

they like gardening in their spare time too

first of all thats a dope name holy shit

also multiclass bard/warlock and act like a pied piper for demons except instead of a flute its like, the bass drops and a demon portal opens, fuck

  • indra: the leader of skaikru is here to see you, heda
  • lexa: what's her name?
  • indra: clarke
  • lexa: SHIT that's a dope as hell name!!! i'm gonna say it 35 times in the next week