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ok so today i just had a class that ended half an hour ago so that gives me the rest of the day to .. do NOTHING woo. i thought, why not just do ships since i’ve never done this shiznit before and as a college student - idk where i was going with this anyway!

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| what u will get |
+ a ship w one of the boys ( calum / mikey / luke / ashton)
+ who ur best friend is
+ a song that i feel you’d maybe like or something
+ a short, short blurb w the guy ur shipped with
+ a compliment because ur all so cute
+ maybe a ship name if i can come up with them, i’ll probs list some out idk

Hobi means “My love” in Moroccan, so basically J-Hope isn’t only our hope, but also our love. and it’s very accurate tbh

when i told my 19-year-old brother that i think harry styles golfed at merion today:

Ink Heart

Wrote something to this image by maplevogel

“Will it hurt?”

Matthew was concentrating on the design the man in front of him planned to have tattooed around his neck.

He looked up after a brief pause, mainly due to surprise at what he was being asked, “Huh?”

“I asked, uh, will it hurt?”

Matthew chuckled into his hand.

“Well yeah, of course. Why, are you scared?”

“NO!” the other man protested loudly, looking embarrassed to be teased.

“But no worries, even if it does hurt I’ll make sure you feel better afterwards.” Matthew shot him a wink.

This only caused Gilbert to become a darker shade of red.

“Come on, sit over here. Let’s get you set up.”

Gilbert followed Matthew as they walked behind the counter, he took a seat in the last chair on the right side of the parlor. Once he felt comfortable he could feel Matthew begin to prep his neck. First Matt ran a disinfectant wipe around the area he would be working, then he began to shave around Gil’s neck for any hair. Once Matt was done prepping Gil he went about setting up the ink and pen, and finally after about 5 or so minutes the buzzing sound was in his ear.

“Ready? This is your last chance to back out.”

“Heh, get on with it, this isn’t my first time you know.” Gil returned the teasing Matt had given him at the counter.

“It’s your neck.”

Gilbert already had tattoos, he even had a few piercings, some of them had hurt worse than others. The reason he’d asked if it would hurt this time was because of that very reason; some hurt worse than others. Just how badly would a neck tattoo hurt?

After a while he discovered just how much.


Matt had to pull the pen back because he was laughing so hard. It was only when he had calmed down that he could muster a response.

“I told you it would hurt!” he said while fighting back more laughter.

“No, no no no, you didn’t tell me it would hurt like THAT!”

“What did you expect? It’s a tattoo on your neck! It’s bound to be sensitive.”

Gil gritted his teeth and made a wincing face.

“Just, be careful!”

“I know what I’m doing, you big baby.” Matt said with a smile, continuing where he left off.

Gilbert did his best to sit still and not complain as Matthew continued with the piece. Matt on the other hand thought Gil was too adorable, for someone as inked as Gil was, he thought Gil would be more prepared. Gil was, after all, the one who asked for this tattoo in the first place.

-My ramblings below-

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why do you write positive messages in tags?

thats just some of the overwhelmingly positive feedback i’ve received in the last two days about this, having a few reminders and positive notes in something as inconspicuous as tags can really help some people ! a lotta people on this site struggle with anxiety and depression, and from my experience with depression everything felt dull and i would forget basic things to take care of myself. and while i’m sure this isn’t a huge help, it’s still out there. and that’s what matters

I was talking with my brother’s gf last night about how much I disliked cheerful people and how annoying I thought my siblings were when I was little. I hated everytime my younger sister smiled and posed for the camera and how easy my older sister would laugh. It annoyed me so much that I pretended I felt nothing when being tickled, and started to look angrier every time I was taken a picture.
My niece, who’s 4, resembles a lot like how my 23 yo sister was in looks and personality when she was her age ,only that I like my niece. So, I was thinking that maybe I’m not that bitter anymore; I actually like seeing my siblings happy and I enjoy making them laugh, but then I remembered how seeing other’s bonding and laughing and doing fun things ruin my mood. Literally. I go from feeling nothing or from laughing at cat videos to something I can’t even describe. It makes me want to punch someone in the face or hit my head against a wall.

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Why dose Anders has such awful self esteem you think? Is it solely from the circle? He tries so hard to take pride in his magic, and say all mages are worth something and people and should be free, but he simply dosnt seem to think that highly of himself as he dose his follow mages.

Well, I’m not sure there’s any real, identifiable process for how low self-esteem comes to be. But I think for Anders (and this is partially based on personal experience), it’s simply a case of you can only be told your worthless so many times before you can’t help but believe it

And I think his relationship with his magic, and with all magic, is complicated, and very much related to this. Because you’re right, Anders does take pride in his magic, and believes that all mages should, and that being a mage shouldn’t mean being considered lesser. But it’s so very easy to hold a double standard for yourself; even if you believe others like you are worthy, you can still believe you are not

(Cut for length because holy fuck, I don’t know what happened, but it happened a lot)

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How about the Vongola on a date with their significant others and the Vongola are suddenly swapped with their 10YE selves? Make it as awkward as you want from whoever's perspective you want.

(I hope you mean TYL, ‘cause that’s what I did. ^^; If not, just send it again and I’ll redo it : 3 Also, I made Lambo his 20 year old self instead just because I thought it would be more fitting. I hope that’s okay! ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱  ssssh some of these have no explanations as to why they got swapped but thats also okay.)

Tsunayoshi Sawada -
The date you were currently on was already very awkward so when Tsuna was replaced with his ten year older self, it didn’t change much. The two of you had went out for ice cream, something Reborn had suggested and you had excitedly asked if Tsuna would. He seemed okay with it until Lambo tagged along, even though you both promised to bring back some for the rest of the family.

One moment your tiny and very cute Tsuna was replaced with a much older and very handsome version of himself. It happened just after you bought the ice cream, turning around to see the ten years older form of Tsuna. “Um, I hope you still like chocolate?” You said with a small laugh, nervousness settling in. Damn, why did he have to get hot?

“Oh! I remember this.” Older Tsuna spoke, which to you was so smooth. He let out an sharp laugh, “You should keep that ice cream for the younger me. I wouldn’t want to steal it from him.” He said with a small smile as he held Lambo who seemed to have calmed down from whatever he had freaked out about earlier.

You didn’t know what else to say, so you went about eating your ice cream in fear of it melting. The fact that this older Tsuna just watched you with a content smile was so odd, nothing at all like your version. He certainly grew up.

Hayato Gokudera -
Loud and crowded was the easiest way to describe the date you were on with Hayato Gokudera. He had brought you to a concert of a band he really loved, something you were down for because he was just so excited go. You loved see him happy and couldn’t refuse when he asked you to go with him.

However, you couldn’t see the stage very well from where you were standing and had to constantly move around to try and see around the tall people in front of you. There was really no room to move, either, as you were practically clinging to Hayato so that some stranger didn’t brush up against you.

Hayato had noticed this, fully intending on offering to boost you up with a piggy-back ride or even to set you on his shoulders. He knew he probably couldn’t do it, but it was the thought, or rather the offer, that counted. Just as he asked and you had agreed to a piggy-back ride, he was swapped out with an older version of him.

“Eh!?” You called, looking down at a ten years older Hayato who was wearing a suit and looked very out of place at the concert. He seemed to have boosted you up to sit on his shoulders, legs on either side of his head. “H-Hayato!”

“Well, this isn’t exactly what I was expecting.” He spoke, looking up at you with a smile. “But, at least you can see now?”

Takeshi Yamamoto -
Takeshi was the one that suggested a movie night at his house, something you were completely okay with. The idea of you two being cuddled up watching whatever genre of movie sounded really fun.

So here you were, sitting right next to your cute boyfriend after he put in a more comedy based movie. The two of you would occasionally speak, laughing here and there whenever something funny happened. It was nice just to sit and watch something with him.

Half-way through the movie, Takeshi had wrapped his arm around your shoulders. He pulled you closer to him so that you were laying your head on his chest. It was comfortable, so it wasn’t like you were going to protest the closeness.

It wasn’t until he cupped your face with one hand, gently gliding your face upwards so he could give you a kiss on the lips when he swapped with his older version. The position was still the same, just with the older Takeshi grinning down with you as you blushed furiously. “Oh, I remember this. I was thinking about how cute you were cuddled up to me.”

That comment just made your face even redder, as the older Takeshi leaned in the rest of the way to give you a small peck on the lips. “Don’t worry, you’re still cute in the future. Maybe even more so.”

Ryohei Sasagawa -
It was common for Ryohei and yourself to go for jogs every Sunday in the park. Practically everyone knew about this as you would stress how much you wanted to be left alone with the boy. You enjoyed spending time with Ryohei, regardless of what it was.

“(Name)! You should stretch before we go for our jog!” Ryohei yelled, already a step ahead of you with his stretches. You had nodded, getting to it. The first time you had went jogging with him you had skipped the stretches and were in pain for what seemed to be like months. “Let me help.” Ryohei had spoken after finishing up his stretches.

You blushed a bit at the thought of him helping you, but in the end you agreed. Luckily, the two of you were a bit away from the rest of the people in the park. It wasn’t that you two were doing something sexual, but someone could easily take it that way.

It seemed that half-way through him helping you that he got swapped with the ten years older version of himself. “Uh! Ryohei!?” You stuttered as the older him quickly took his hands off of you.

“I-I am extremely sorry!” The older Ryohei yelled, face slightly flushed as he backed away a bit. Well, this was going to be an awkward five minutes.

Lambo (20 year old) -
Amusement parks were always so fun, but half the time Lambo refused to get on the really big looking roller coasters, and that’s how you talked him into going into the Haunted House they had set up.

Originally you had wanted to go on the biggest, coolest coaster there was in the amusement park, but he backed out of it at the last second. All that time waiting in line, ruined as soon as you got to the front. So, you forced him to make it up to you by going into the Haunted House with no take-backs allowed.

That’s how you got a terrified Lambo holding onto you as if he would die without you there. You were scared too, not expecting the place to be so spooky, but not as bad as he was. You were starting to feel a bit of guilt when he suddenly decided to use the ten year bazooka after a pretty nasty jump-scare.

“Lambo!?” You called, fanning your hand in front of your face to get rid of the pink smoke. The man who had scared the too of you was a bit concerned, dropping the act to see what was going on.

“My, my, was I really that scared to be summoned here?” The twenty year old version of Lambo spoke, taking in your cute form. “I suppose this isn’t bad, though.” He said with a smile, pulling you close which made you flush. “I’ll protect you.”

Mukuro Rokudo -
The fact that Mukuro somehow always booked a fancy place for you two to have dates was amazing. You didn’t know where he got the money from, but you didn’t ask as you felt it would be rude. Besides, you were more happy that you got to spend time with him at all seeing as he just got out of jail.

You had just ran to the bathroom to check on your appearance when you came back to an older looking Mukuro. It seemed that most of the restaurant were shocked, staring at your older date like he had grown two heads. Then again, he did all of a sudden get older so it made sense.

He let out a laugh as soon as you sat down, “Beautiful as always.” He commented, taking your hand into his from across the table. Your food had yet to arrive, meaning that the next few moments you would spend talking to an older Mukuro.

“It’s a shame we aren’t alone.” He had said after a few moments, the implication instantly making your cheeks flush. You supposed he didn’t change much in ten years, hopefully you were still able to handle him.

Chrome Dokuro -
The cherry blossom trees were just starting to bloom which was perfect for the date you had prepared with Chrome. You thought it would be enjoyable for the two of you to have a picnic and watch the cherry blossoms. All you needed to do was to find the perfect spot.

You considered yourself very lucky to find a spot that was far enough away from the crowds of people, but also close enough to still see everything after only a few minutes of searching. You knew this date would go perfectly as soon as you set up the spot with Chrome’s help.

For a while it was just silence, enjoying the beautiful view with your hand holding Chrome’s as you both blushed. You didn’t show much affection as you never really got the chance to when around her friends, but now that you were both alone you could shower her in affection like no-tomorrow.

It was just as you were leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek when she swapped placed with an older looking her. You still went through with the kiss, a smile dancing on your lips as the older Chrome blushed. “Wow, I didn’t think it was possible for you to get even more cute.” You spoke, causing her to blush even more as she smiled at you with such a loving gaze.

Kyoya Hibari  -
Peaceful and crowd-free was the easiest way to describe dates with Kyoya. Typical dates required being in crowds, something your boyfriend didn’t enjoy which was why the two of you commonly visited each other’s home for dates. Most people wanted to go out to dinner, or go some place fun, but you were content with whatever as long as you were with Kyoya.

Besides, half the time you were able to rope him into showing you affection when you two were alone. This happened to be one of those times as you sat in between his legs, leaning back into his chest as his arms were wrapped around you. You two had been watching some TV show in the background just so it wasn’t fully silent in your room.

Honestly, if it hadn’t have been for the poof of smoke, you might not have even noticed your boyfriend get switched out with a ten years older version of himself. “Oh?“ He spoke, arms wrapping just a bit tighter around your waist as you blushed. The fact that the older Kyoya was in your room with you in between his legs was so awkward! “I see I was enjoying myself.”

You flushed even more when his head dipped down to give you a sweet kiss on your neck. “K-Kyoya!” You stuttered, tilting your head to the side to give him better access to your neck. He just smirked, giving you more kisses.

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you're a pedophile and as a childhood sexual abuse survivor the things you ship hurt me. you get off to recreations of the rape of children, of something that ruined my life forever. and simulated pornography doesnt fucking help anyone lol my rapist got off to fucking loli and shota and still raped me. you put out artwork that basically trivializes my trauma and the trauma of so many and thats disgusting. youre fucking disgusting.

I’m very sorry that happened to you. That is why I try to tag as well as possible, so anyone who may be triggered by creations about abuse or other such dark and taboo topics can be avoided by a content blocker (such as xkit or tumblrsavior.) That said, one of my very close friends is a childhood sexual abuse survivor and she ships the exact same (possibly worse) things as I do and my art and stories actually helped her. Another friend, also a survivor, creates similar art. A third friend is rather indifferent to what I make. Amazingly, survivors, because they are human beings obviously, have different experiences and relationships to works depicting abuse. Amazing, huh?

But I assume you’d say Nabokov is disgusting and trivializes you as well. As does Yoko Matsushita. As does the entire team behind Law and Order: SVU. As does…

Do you see what I’m getting at? Because see all of those people write and draw about abuse. As do I. The effects of it on abused and abuser. The moral issues of it all. You know, because fiction is a way of looking at the world and relaying experiences and holding a mirror to society and all that stuff. A really cool post about fiction and censorship and creatives is here, I think you’d benefit from reading it.

I do not appreciate your assumptions about what I get off to. As for disgusting…

(Also, it is not my place to out my friends’ histories. I tried to be as vague as possible so as to not reveal their identities BUT I will gladly edit this if any of those friends would like me to.)

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ok so like idek what her mask or her killjoy name would be (i was thinkin something w/ “hurricane” but i want it to be catchy like party poison or jet star yknow) bUT i luv thinking abt how she would protect all of the kids kicked out of battery city nd living in the zones, and how she would be one of the main rebels against better living’s censorship nd shit (her music would be the main way, but feelin free to speak or dress however she wants to)

and like..i feel like she would spend a lot of time out in the zones (bc those r the badlands amirite haHA!) and just bein badass nd shit

//talk to me about killjoy!halsey pls

Can someone tell me why (almost) everyone is writing - here on Tumblr - that they want people to send them asks - so that they can communicate with their followers?

I’m very scared of seeming annoying or anything else whenever I write an ask to someone I don’t know already. It seems like no one actually wants to write, and I try my best to accept it, - I just don’t understand if it’s my fault, am I too awkward? Too boring?  

While a badly drawn video sounds like a great idea, i don’t think it’s something that I would be able to do (or at least not in the near future). I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this at all but I run this blog 100% on mobile bc my laptop sucks and it’s just convenient for me. Unless one of you knows of a way I could make a video thing and post it here on mobile (if it helps I have an iPod 5)

If I tag something to not be reblogged, and you reblog it? I will block you. Unless you reblogged it from someone else then I will ask you. Ive noticed a lot of times people wont have ask boxes open so yeah. I will block you.

Half the time its under a fuckin read more and is really personal to me like its specifically ABOUT me and MY LIFE and MY FAMILY and what has happened specifically to ME.  WHY would you reblog that.

I dont care how much you relate to it. If i ask it not to be reblogged, and you reblog it, I will make sure you arent able to do that again.  Please read my tags. I will block you if you do. I’ve already blocked several people for this.

Also, dont ever ask someone to take a post down for me, and dont ever go after someone that does this, not that I think anyone would do that, you guys rock, but yeah. Please. Let me know. Thats all.

I am not trying to be judgemental AT ALL but I have to ask: why are so many women into m/m relationships in fandoms?? like why is that a thing I’ve never understood it, it’s like a fetish? Is a m/m relationship seen as somehow more “pure” than a het relationship?? It seems like they’re kind of put on a pedestal. I honestly just don’t understand why so many women, regardless of sexual orientation, are into it? People can have their preferences, of course, but what is the reasoning behind it?

Especially when it comes to even headcanoning a straight guy as bi or gay so that they can be in a m/m relationship? For example Cullen - I know there’s a lot of debate about it because of the files hidden in-game, but I take Gaider’s word for it that they ended up feeling that he was just straight (of course they’d like to give as many options to players as possible when they first go into it, but during development you come to realise things about your characters that just no longer makes certain plans viable- any writer can vouch for that) also it’s been said that they have the VA’s record all possible lines way before development is anywhere close to being complete, so that accounts for the lines existence - anyway this is not about Cullen I was just trying to add another point!!!

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"why is bucky mcasshole so exclusive" OH MY GOD IM SO TIRED OF HEARING PEOPLES SHIT. im not part of bucky mcasshole and i dont ask to be bc i respect the fact that its literally just a friend group. you guys get so much shit for it and you shouldnt, its ridiculous

Honestly, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been pretty MIA about everything thats been going on but holy god I went through our tag and some people have gotten pretty heated about the whole thing! But thank you for being kind and chill :o) message me off anon and we can be friends!!