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So I just went and read Boruto after reading all your posts on how bad it is. Well, okay, I didn't read it, I just skimmed because it was too painful to read. But holy shit, like you were not exaggerating about the ninja lightsabers and other tech. Like why bother being a ninja at all when now there are mecha suits and drones and other shit that can be used? And Ao with that gun in the last issue... what even... I just... why?!??! Also which do you think is worse: the anime or the manga??

The anime is worse because people actually try to defend the anime.


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

12/08/2017, 5.30pm

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There isn’t always a grantee that a baby SOUL will form after a merge has happened. There is just a chance that it might. It could take a couple many, many tries to successfully form a baby SOUL, so monsters have to try to not get too discouraged or it can affect their chances. 

Artificial insemination is something that was recently perfected in monster society as well. It can be done for a monster who wishes to have a child born of their magic without a partner or if a couple is struggling to have a child. It’s a less intimate experience, but it gives a higher chance of a baby SOUL forming. 

More than one baby forming is possible too! Both parents SOULS could have a child form within them, and could also have more than one at once within their SOULS. The parents SOUL can expand to accommodate the children’s SOULS as needed, but the more babies the harder it is on the parent. There are some monster types that are more “built” for having multiples (like some animal types) so it’s a little easier on them than other monsters. 

Accidental pregnancies are also possible. Two monsters could have just enough love for their magic to linger within each other and create a child. This isn’t super common, but does happen from time to time. Monster can also merge to create a child without having a lot of love for each other. If they have the right amount of intent to create a kid, then they can form one together. This use to happen often for monsters who did not have a lover but wanted a child before artificial insemination became a known practice. 

Also, the monster with strong or a lot of magic will often have less side effects than the others. Pregnancy tends to be easier on them and the babies growing magic will often grow stronger to be more like their parents own. But not all strong monsters may want to carry the child.

Monsters with LV could have negative effects on the child as they grow the longer they carry them, giving the baby monsters some side effects from the parents EXP. There are “positive” and negative side effects, the negative often out weighing the positive for most monsters with LV. Children born from a parent(s) with LV naturally have stronger magic, but could be naturally more susceptible to the effects LV has to personality and have a chance to be born with a greater ease to harm others than most monsters. These effects are not as strong as they are for the actual parent with the LV, but many monsters do not want to risk it anyway. So often, if the other parent does not have LV, they will carry the child more often, if not for the whole pregnancy, themselves. 

I think I covered most of it! Might have forgotten a few things, but thats why you can ask if you have questions! I’m glad at least someone reads my rambles in the tags. Makes me a happy Sol~

~ Sol 


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

Your wish is my command, and all that

(sorry for the tin can quality as per usual lmao)

(also fiddle is defs not meant to be played cross legged kids don’t be like me)


still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!

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I'd just like to say thank you for tagging your SU spoilers, (I've got the tag blacklisted for now until I get a chance to watch it) if I'd seen any SU spoilers I would have died because I freaking hate knowing what's going to happen in an episode before I watch it


like even when its not spoilers at all if theres even a WORD in there about a character or even whether its “good” or “bad” it just. fuckes the whole thing up for me. cant watch it now cuz my brains gonna focus on this preset notion of it being a “good ep about [character]” or a “funny [xyz] ep” :^/

Early NovaHD 

Found this sitting in my drafts. Figured I’d go ahead and post it. 

how to win my love and affection: tag me in every single pidge post there is.

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Hi, do you have a list of blogs you recommend following? i know u just movedurls, maybe thats why i cant find it if it exists? thanks and sorry if its right in front of me and im just missing it!

I know I have a list somewhere on my blog - I know I’ve made one before in any case. I think I’m going to update it, though, since there are some awesome new blogs that I follow and some people have changed URLs (and some blogs went private ): ).

The mention function was being really broken on this ask so I had to tag these all by hand. Basically I won’t be making a blog rec post for a while lol.

I’ll be bolding some of my forever faves / friends ^^ (Please no one take offense if you weren’t added to this list, I just have more blogs I follow than I think Tumblr will let me link in one post)

A - C

; aeronsrunestones ; ash-verity ; asksecularwitch ; alpinewitch ; althara ; anothersusurrus ; badoccultadvice ; belladonnaswitchblog ; breelandwalker ; broomcorner ; candlelight-magick ; cannibalcoalition ; casualcurses ; ceramyn ; chaosjelly ; chaosundone ; cladinscarlet ; cunningcelt ; cunninggreeneraven ;

D - F

; da-at-ass ; darkwoodswitch ; digital–witch ; digitalsigils ; divinealtruism ; divineclecticism ; dog-rose ; dontusemycauldron ; draconicastralguardian ; dragonscraft ; duskenpath ; etamina-amata ; feuillemor ; fuckyeahpaganism ;

G - I

; glitz-witch ; graycloak ; greysorcery ; grimoirxc ; grin-the-coyote ; growing-yet-into-magic ; heatherwitch ; hecaatia ; hellboundwitch ; herbs-and-journals ; herbs-and-spells ; hereticalapothecary ; hylianshrinemaiden ; infinitethreads ; inkandsigils ; insertcheesywitchypunhere ; ioqayin ;

J - L

; kitchenwitchcraft ; kittenwicked ; lavenderheljardottir ; lavenderspells ; lazy-technowitch ; little-witcheries ; lotuseatingwitch ; low-budget-witches ; lucasfaraway ; lunaesteria

M - O

; maddiviner ; magicianmew ; magicusersresource ; manic-witchbitch ; memeomancy ; modern-witchcraft ; natural-magics ; neurowitchcraft ; nightkunoichi ; nightshadeleafofcloudsandstars ; ofwoodandbone ; orriculum ;

P - S

; phoenyxoftheashes ; polar-solstice ; pomegranateandivy ; potionslab ;  qedavathegrey ; quartzbound ; queerkitchenwitch ; queerqueerwitchcraft ; ravensnthorns ; recreationalwitchcraft ; ritual-and-chaos ; rootandrock ; saltwaterwitchery ; scarletgloves ; scry-and-sketch ; sealedsigils ; severne-witchcraft ; sigilathenaeum ; sigildaily ; sigiliuvenum (hehe) ; sigil-seer ; sigils-in-your-area ; sigils-r-us ; smokeandblueroses ; sordhent ; spellcraftbaby ; spell-recipes ; spiritapprentice ; spiritscraft ; spooniewitches ; starlit-witch ; stitchingscreamer ; stormbornwitch ; stormwaterwitch ; strangesigils ; stsathyre ; sugarandspells ; swampseer ;

T - V

; teaandspells ; teacupsandcauldrons ; teapartyforthewitches ; thatemeraldkid ; the-aegis-witch ; the-atypical-pagan ; the-friendly-witch ; the-ram-occultist ; thefrogsapothecary ; thekelpiemaster ; themanicnami ; themoonmysteries ; themori-witch ; thepaganstudygrouppage ; thesigilsofbaphomet ; thesubtlewitch ; thewanderesswitch ; thewitchywitch ; thiscrookedcrown ; thistletongue ; thymewitch ; torque-witch ; toxinsandtea ; trialless ; undauntedwitchery ; upthewitchypunx ; urbanspellcraft ; violetwitchcraft ; visardistofelphame ;

W - Z

; w-itchling ; whitewit-ch ; witch-of-roses ; witch-tips-dump ; witchdraft ; witchella ; witches-ofcolor ; witching-while-libra ; witchofkeys ; witchsaves ; witchthatiam ; witchtips ; witchwondering ; witchxstitchery ; witchy-infobook ; witchy-recipes-and-things ; witchy-tips ; witchy-woman ; witchy-words ; wolfofantimonyoccultism ; writtensecretsonparchment ; wyntercraft ; 

I wish I could have bolded thistletongue six times lol

Also, if you give a shit about art, go look at stormwaterwitch’s comic!


Jimin is always getting random af texts in early hours of the morning from an unkown number, he soon finds out it’s the most popular (bad) boy in school, Jeon Jungkook. 12/?

Jimin: *chokes*

So Jungkook finally found out about yoonseok 😆 (he hasnt told anyone else yet, only because yoongi threatened to break his toes) ((why toes? dont ask me)) Enjoy the update, I made it extra long!

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All your ships in gifs?

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I LOVED how you draw Lanceeeee everything about your style is just so beautiful! If you don't mind me asking, how do you draw your noses? I've never been good at them but yours are great!

Ahh– honestly, you’re talking to someone who still struggles to make 1: all the angles work, and 2: faces not all look the same, sobs. I am very flattered by your ask, but until I *truly* get the hang of noses, I can try to point you in the right direction!

So [x] [x] here are a few nice tutorials/tips, and tbh, the “nose tutorial” tag [x] on tumblr isn’t so bad, except… beware of what some artists say. Maybe they don’t always take in the style factor, and tbh, I’m all for people drawing stuff however they like if they find it pretty.

So before you go have fun there, here is my advice:

that is all :D sorry I didn’t actually show you my own process, I swear that if one day I am able to explain it, or make really good ones (noses, that is), I will make a proper tutorial.