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Wow why was you called Out?

Oh, well… it was the inevitable question I guess….

It was last year, I don’t remember too well what was happening or what was I talking about, but i know it had to do with Steven Universe and race or kins?. 

So, someone (sorry for being vague but I don’t wanna put them in trouble) told me that I needed to admit that Amethyst was an stereotype of the “Wacky black women friend” and… I wasn’t feeling so good and I just had a post that talked about Stereotypes so I sort of did other one saying that I saw Amethyst more as a “Party-wrecker Latinx” and that stereotypes where unidimensional characters while Amethyst was not, I sounded a little mad because I was really tired and tbh it was my fault….

So… that pal took screenshots of my post an the answer i gave them and they made a post about it saying something like “Goopy-Ame is anti-black moodboard” and other junk calling me anti-black and tbh I was scared and confused because I really didn’t got it and I wasn’t fully aware.

Since the whole thing was on public I apologized on public… three times for my incompetence and my harmful behavior and offending people, since then I ask people to please PLEASE send me a private message before taking that step when I fuck up so i can learn because I am not perfect and I’m still learning, its not an obligation but theres a huge possibility that if i said something wrong is because i am not aware of it…. 


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

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Hate Makoto.... How can you even hate someone who is so good and so kind, who would care for you and want your happiness???

That’s true I can’t understand how they can hate Makoto but it’s a matter of taste :))
I have a friend who loooooooooves a character I can’t stand at all too xDD
So there’s certainly something in Makoto they don’t like….

It makes me want to love Makoto even more xDD <333

theres a tumblr limit on sending asksโ€ฆ thats why i cant message each of you individually!! which i wanted to do!!ย 

for that reason im telling you all at once that ily ๐Ÿ’– and i hope you all have a nice day!!! happy valentines day!!!ย 

halfway through tagging everyone i decided to make it a follow forever lmaoโ€ฆ bc why notโ€ฆ i technically hit another hundred so that can be a reason too

also to all the people that received the message from meโ€ฆ. please dont think im dumbโ€ฆ i genuinely thought it was valentines day yesterdayโ€ฆ. im on my winter break and calendar? i dont know herโ€ฆ time doesnt existโ€ฆ..ย ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿšซโณ

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Hey! I love your art! Its really smooth and colorfull. If its not to much to ask may i request a peko in your artstyle? :)

It’s kinda sketchy but I hope you like it!

I wasn’t planning to do this request, but I really needed a break. haha

(Guys, I’m drowning in requests, please sthap-)

reasons mikael could be sana’s brother:

nothing on this show is up to chance, we know this. nothing is a coincidence. specific information about mikael is being blatantly being avoided, why? 

  • first off, he was introduced pretty randomly and not elaborated on. when isak asked even about him (in the text) he pretty much avoided the question, despite mikael himself claiming to be even’s “best buddy”. if they were that close why was even so quick to dismiss him? i have way too many theories as to why but thats not the point of this rant
  • a character we haven’t met yet has a full name and a facebook profile (yousef), but mikael, who we’ve been introduced to a few times, has nothing. 
  • speaking of, even, who doesn’t have a facebook, is tagged in a photo, whilst mikael is in multiple photos and he isn’t tagged in any of them
  • on a video he filmed on a website he presumably made, mikael’s full name is nowhere to be found, while even’s is? unless there’s a reason for his name to be considered a secret, ~~~plot twist  why haven’t we seen it yet?

in further connection to sana

  • logically, how would even have known that isak would be at kosegruppa? it was very much a shot in the dark on even’s part, unless he had been aware beforehand that isak would definitely be there. almost as if he had talked to someone about it i know im reaching here but stay with me
  • what if he had already known sana, and she tipped him off about isak? or even better, what if he asked sana to convince isak to come to the meeting so even had reason to meet him? on one hand, its understandable that she would have blackmailed isak to get him and his friends to join in order to help her friends out with kosegruppa, but it also makes sense that she was doing an old friend a favour
  • in the exchange between isak, even, and sana during episode 10, the two of them share a look when isak introduces them, which could easily be brushed off purely as acknowledgement, but you could also read way into much like I have and attest it to the two of them acting as though they had only met through kosegruppa meetings, when in reality they had known each other before
  • there are many references to even being involved in Islamic culture (is that the correct terminology? please let me know if there’s a better way to phrase) ie. memorizing the Qur’an, Muslim art on his wall, etc, which could be attributed to his friends from elvebakken (mikael and yousef) being Muslim as well
  • it makes sense that, regardless who the main is, mikael’s relationship with even (and yousef) be addressed. there are too many questions gone unanswered in the last season. even’s life pre-nissen has been dismissed thus far, which leads to the idea that it’ll be explained in the coming season. if even isn’t the main, it would only make sense that there be some other connection within the show in order for his story to be expanded on.
NDRV3 characters but as shit I've said

Yonaga Angie: *in response to being asked why I like tomato juice* “It looks like blood!”

Ouma Kokichi: “I talk down to people, It’s my style of speech”

Gonta Gokuhara: “I am the antlord”

Yumeno Himiko: “But I had a chip buttie with chicken nuggets in it so I feel tired as all hell so that’s good.”

Kiibo: “The start of those sentences are missing capital letters.”

Saihara Shuuichi: “A 1000 degree knife couldn’t cut through my disappointment.”

Akamatsu Kaede: “Oh fuck my hair has a spiky bit am i doomed to deal with bears forever?”

Shinguuji Korekiyo: “Humans- So dumb it’s fascinating.”

Rantarou Amami: “All people know about me is that I’m mysterious, and that is all they need to know because I am stupid once you get to know me.”

Shirogane Tsumigi: “It’s anime time you fuckers, lets go.”

Kaito Momota: “I wanna be an alien they aren’t killing their fucking planets.”

Tenko Chabashira: “Someone in class annoyed me once, I threw a chair at them.”

Hoshi Ryouma: “I’m short but I can and will kill a man.”

Harukawa Maki: “I’m more likely to run from a six year old than a serial killer.”

Iruma Miu: “That’s what she said!”

Kirumu Toujo: “Where’s a broom I have to clean this mess of a group chat.”

Kinda considering doing a wine party tonight. Would y’all be down to party with me while I drink red moscato and get tipsy? If @jpadjackles is right, tipsy Lips is really fun lmao.

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Papillion: Prince Jin, I understand that you are of royal blood. And I understand royals have a higher standard of living... But dear gods, how can you spend so freely?! The amount you spend in a WEEK could feed the WHOLE army a decently balanced meal with variations for a month! Where do you get all this money? Is your kingdom just made of GOLD? Or are you just emptying out your kingdom's poor reserves like some mad man?! Also... Where did you get that headband piece? It's quite lovely~


“My kingdom works hard for it’s wealth, and while we’re not nearly as mighty as Hoshido, we’re definitely rich compared to Nohr. Buying a feast a day isn’t much of a challenge.”

“Though we’re not nearly as large or influential… I’m hoping to change that by gaining favour with at least one of the kingdoms.”

“As for my tag clip, it’s actually charmed. If I don’t take care of it properly then I…”

“… I… Well, let’s just hope you never have to find out.”

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Hello! How did you come up with your name?

I’m assuming you’re asking about Elzear (which is actually my middle name). I chose Elzear because it was my grandfather’s middle name and I believe his grandfather’s before him, and my dead name was French and I needed a French name and as soon as I thought about it being my name I knew it was right

Whatever this thing is supposed to be

So… Someone over @alexfierrno​ asked for aro-ace aphrodite children headcanons (or something of sorts) and, even though this isn’t exactly what they where going for in the first place, this small thing is what I came up with.

This is here because I’ll probably not be able to find it again otherwise… (so in case I ever think of using it, kind of properly worded of course. I’m not really sure why I’m putting this over here, to be honest)

  • A child of Aphrodite that came to camp already fully aware that love is not just related to romantic or sexual things, that thinks platonic love is just as important and even views it as more sometimes because it’s the only type of love they have ever experienced.
  • A child that doesn’t really get romance but sometimes gives rather decent advice about relationships because they think of them as a variation of friendship that implies more physical contact.
  • A child that sometimes doesn’t really get the way people talk about romantic love although they understand where those words come from as well as consider those feelings just as valid as their own, even though they can’t say that they have really experienced them in the past.
  • A child that views Valentine’s day as a day to celebrate all kind of love, although they celebrate it as one where they celebrate friendship and family.
  • A child that doesn’t really care if other people glance them in a rather weird way or imply they just need to grow up, that they’ll get someone, since they stopped paying mind to those while they were with their mortal parent, having grown up with the idea that they can be the only ones that can define themselves, not society or someone else.

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i'm just a little lost, how does gd's latest ig update show he misses top? is it just the artwork or something else? sorry, i'm dense lol thank you though! i also miss top ๐Ÿ’™

the general feel of the pic. the army colors he wears. the kohei nawa artwork. the lee ufan book. all of it. i see gtop in everything tho, so im sorry if im being extra

i swear if i find out theres a post going around saying lies about my opinions on things because of this im going to flip. I know how people are and they are like OMG GOTTA STOP FOLLOWING DESSERT STIMS CUZ THEY _____ whatever..  i cleaned up the blog a little. sorry if i haven’t been replying to the anon asks. thanks for all the support and im just done talking about this stuff? thats why i am not able to care about who follows me in the first place, this is too much stress and drama for me. 

at this time 27 unfollowed and why? idfk. i didnt do anything wrong but okay. 

black list my text posts. I tag them not tasty

I am Insecurity so i would really appreciate it if everyone would call me porrim or narancia instead of jake from now on!