So this was supposed to be like 1,5k ff, but something happened (laziness) and here we are now! better late than never

I just wanna say thank you all, for making this place always the place where i wanna come back, and i dont think id be here without you guys. ive gotten so many friends here its amazing ♥ i love you and just thank you for making my days a bit better ♥

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anonymous asked:

Is that the former royal scientist in that picture holding Temmie? Who was the last royal scientist? Was it Riverperson? Thats who you guys switched with Gaster right? If thats the case then is gaster working the boat? I have many questions x.X

Damn you guys wanna know about Gaster don’t cha? This isn’t even all the asks with questions about him. We got some answers though.

Don’t fret, Gaster is in RB and is swapped with Riverperson. River was the former Royal Scientist and yes that was them holding the Temmie doll. You can see the concept drawing for them here. 

As for River and Gaster being related to the skelebros… Well…

Just an old family photo. 

Let’s just say they were heavily involved with each other. But now they both aren’t in the brothers lives much for reasons that will be addressed soon.

~ Sol

Okay all i wanna say now is that im leaving tumblr for a while, im going on vacation. Ill be back here in two weeks, i think. Im writing it to inform anyone who would wonder why im not here. So thats all.

Write as if no one will read it as if no one will care and no one will notice as if shouting but no one will hear. Write everything you have in mind don’t be so conscious about your grammar or your wrong punctuation remember NO ONE WILL READ IT. Write everything that will come into your mind like water pouring in the glass and ignoring whether it will overflow, just let it flow and get drown with your own words and you will come out clean without your bone and flesh, all we can see now is your soul.

*Everytime I hesitate to write something in my tumblr, I go back to what’s written on my profile. IGNORE OTHER PEOPLE. THATS YOUR TUMBLR! WRITE EVERYTHING YOU WANNA SAY.

lwcina  asked:

wait what happened with tiffany??

ok so the smtown fam was in tokyo for smtown concert right? to show that they had fun, tiffany posted pics on her snapchat and instagram. on snapchat theres a geofilter for tokyo and it had the rising sun. ofc, thats offensive bc thats equivalent to the german nazi flag. people have claimed its disrespectful on tiffanys part bc they were posted on korea independece day, a day where they celebrate freedom from the japanese. now koreans have attacked her. she has posted an apology and realized her mistake, yet theyre still sending hate, like telling her to leave unnies slam dunk, snsd, or the country, death/ rape threats, saying her mom died because of her stupidity, and other disgusting shit honestly i just wanna get this over with and lets all hope for the best im tired