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RE: overwatch OC ask meme - 2, 4, 6, 8 (take your pick i guess?)

Overwatch OC Meme: #4 - Formal/Fancy Attire

Pen and ink  today because I strained my eyes yesterday looking at screens haha

This one was so much fun! 

Although doubtless that Cage would also rock a suit (in fact, she’d probably be more likely to do so), she does like to get dolled up now and then. Symmetra made her earrings - which aren’t super clear since I don’t have a scanner, but I’ll make a digital version of this soon. 

And, if I’m being honest, I’ll probably do her in a suit, too. 

Lastly, I have requests for 2 and 6 as well, so if you check back in a couple of days, those will go up too! 

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Ok go!!!!!!


first off here’s a bunch of warm-up drawings over the past few weeks! I’ve been thinking a lot about cute outfits lately……

I guess it doesn’t make sense for characters whose clothing directly ties them to a pokemon to wear different unrelated outfits, but it also doesn’t make sense to wear the same jacket every day anyway so THAT AIN’T GONNA STOP ME

I’ve also been getting interested in lineless art lately? I dunno if it’ll lead to any major style changes in-comic (unless it does) (cuz seriously this style’s wayyy quicker to do) (a-and just really fun and) ANYWAYS we’ll see