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I feel so terrible! I sent a date idea and forgot to mention kissing and now you've gone and morphed into TT and I'm dead... I'm just glad I have tumblr in the afterlife

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Something I just noticed in the ending of BOTW **TINY SPOILERS**

Alright. So you guys remember the scene after Zelda seals Ganon. She’s talking to Link and stuff.

the sky is dark… and you see trees and Hyrule’s castle in the background.

The sky is now clear and Link gets closer to Zelda…. oh look at the trees…

*more suspense*… everything looks more clear now. The Sky is turning blue again.

She finally turns around and after 100 years, Link and Zelda see each other again…

But now we have a better look of Zelda from Link’s perspective. The trees? all of them are blurry now. Is that the castle behind her? Yep, but who cares? I mean. It totally gave me the impression that the earth stopped moving for Link the minute he finally saw her face again. 

She’s the only thing clear in his eyes now.  At that moment, for Link everything else stopped existing except for her. 

The High Priestess.

Listen to your inner voice. Trust the words spoken by your heart. Focus on self awareness. Do not be mislead by a waking world. Follow your subconscious. Be mindful of your dreams and symbols that may normally go unseen. The enlightened mind is one that chooses to share knowledge, it does not use knowledge solely for self serving purposes.

I s2g I want to just have fun with you guys, draw a bit of fanart and stuff, and then there’s… them…  This will be the last note from me according this matter.

They are saying I’m a racist because I live in Europe and that they can’t be racist since they’re poc. Guess what? Anyone can be racist, it’s a choice and you’re not excused straight away because you’re poc. That’s just a dirty excuse to talk shit about someone just because they’re not like you. Also it’s a choice to be a dick or not. I might not be the nicest person when I get mad, but I’d never discriminate against them just because of their race or culture. If you’re an ass to me, don’t expect me to tolerate your behaviour.

Also, to all the nice people sending me messages: Thank you. I needed to hear your words since they mean seriously a lot to me. Stay awesome.

Friendly Reminder 📚✏️❗️

Things you DON’T need in order to be a good studyblr:

- fancy stationary
- perfectly written notes
- an expensive computer
- a beautifully set up study space with fairy lights
- straight A’s
- calligraphy!
- fancy coffee/study snacks
- many followers who ask for advice 24/7
- bullet journal spreads that take way too much effort to make

Things you DO need in order to be a good studyblr:

- the knowledge that you will fail, often more than once or twice
- the willingness to get back up after failing
- a good study system that actually works
- notes whose purpose is helping you learn, even if they don’t always look pretty in a picture
- the willingness to help other people and share your knowledge with others