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Emma’s not strong, brave and tenacious because she’s the saviour. She’s always been that way, it’s a part of who she is. Emma’s the saviour because she’s strong, brave and tenacious. So the wish took those things away. It didn’t strip her of the ‘saviour’ title, it stripped her of all the things that make Emma.. Emma. 

Instead, we saw Princess Emma.. unwilling and unable to defend herself and fight for what’s right, easily accepting of defeat. That person is the polar opposite of the Emma Swan we know and love, which I guess was the point? I don’t think the message was that without the curse and magic, Emma wouldn’t be that resilient, capable woman. I think the message is supposed to be that without all of the things that make Emma herself, she wouldn’t have even been the saviour in the first place. ‘Emma’ first, ‘saviour’ second.

At least, that’s how I’m choosing to see this episode. 


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Your last post... what happend?😱

People keep taking pictures of the actors (especially Henrik, him having a job where he’s in public and all) without asking. I honestly feel like you should not even ask for a photo if you see him at work because he is working??? But at the very least ASK?! Don’t take photos of people without their consent. That’s disgusting. And I will never every support such behavior. I’m disappointed and I’m disgusted by those who take those pictures from afar. Honestly.

My Drawing Tablet Journey (Surface Pro 1, Cintiq 13HD, Cintiq Companion 2)

I’ve been meaning to make a review of my journey using on-screen drawing tablets so here it is. I hope this serves as an informative frame of reference to guide your decision into taking the plunge into on-screen drawing tablets for your art!

To the right is the Surface Pro (first generation) and a Wacom Bamboo Feel stylus above it (and a stupid Bluetooth Logitech keyboard). I first started using this late 2013 when my PC died and it called for immediate upgrade. I never had experience prior to this tablet with on-screen drawing, and I’m not sure if it’s because of the hardware itself, but the drawing was not as intuitive as I’d hoped it would be. It took about a month for me to adjust from a small sized Intuos 4 I’d been drawing on for well over four years (and Bamboo models before that). After I got over the hump of adjusting to the on-screen drawing and the slight lag of the pen speed, I had a lot of my 2014 work done on this. 

By the end of 2014, and finally with a repaired PC, I wanted to upgrade to a Wacom product. I decided on the Cintiq 13HD and let me just say, it was a huge difference. The first picture above shows a considerable size difference (it’s the Companion 2 model but they’re virtually the same size), but I feel that the picture doesn’t do it justice. It is spacious and the screen brilliance is more or less the same as the Surface Pro 1. My main gripe with the SP1 is that it got scalding hot in the back after just 30 minutes of use. If it weren’t for the case absorbing most of the heat, I’m pretty sure the hot metal back would have scalded the thighs it worked upon most times. Drawing on the Cintiq 13HD made a world of a difference. 

With my new PC armed with an 8-core processor, 16g of RAM and a GTX 1060 GPU, the pen speed of the Cintiq 13HD is seamless and comfortable to use. This was the intuitiveness I was hoping for when I was initially purchasing the Surface Pro 1. 

The ongoing concern about the 13HD is the cumbersome side cord, assuming the size of the screen and your canvas doesn’t bug you (it doesn’t for me, I personally feel that it’s a good amount of space to work on especially compared to the Surface Pro 1′s screen). If your main work station is a laptop, perhaps the cord of a 13HD will be obtrusive but as a device that is meant to be stationary, I see no problem with the fat cord.

I’ve received my Cintiq Companion 2 November of 2016 and they’ve since worked out their kinks that people initially complained about during its release (from what I’ve read of them). This was the main reason why I did not opt for Wacom’s newest portable drawing tablet, the Mobile Studio Pro. 

There were complaints about the device getting too hot, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve experienced the worst of it with the SP1, but it doesn’t get that hot. Every portable device gets warm or hot. It’s not unbearable for me. 

The lag on the stroke input is just ever so slight compared to a hardwired 13HD, but I expected as much. Wacom updated their drivers since the complaints from its initial release. The lag does not compare to that of a SP1. It still by far exceeds the performance of a Surface Pro. If I were to choose which performs better of the Wacom products? Definitely the 13HD. Unfortunately Wacom’s portable devices don’t perform as well as their stationary products as far as I’m concerned, but it’s definitely a good place holder if you’re constantly on the go or can’t be at your desk for some reason.

The battery life is pretty low, and I’m able to draw off the charger for about two hours before it starts giving out. If you’re planning to make a full piece that takes well over 3 hours and for some reason an outlet isn’t at your disposal? I guess… don’t forget to save frequently so you don’t lose your work. 

If you have any other questions about any of these products and my experiences with them, please don’t hesitate to ask. :)

woooops, my hand slipped again :3c they are about to do “double xros”
Peri might be a former Homeworld Empire subordinate (Yellow Diamond being her Head officer) while Lapis has her own Army, the “Water Witch” team and now both help Steven and his team, the “Crystal Gems” to fight the Empress of the Homeworld Empire, White Diamond and save the Digital World