Finally done!

I kept listening to this audio and had the biggest urge to draw the TI Cast with it! Honestly this was a lot of fun to draw and doing different expressions uwu

Oh, here we are again now and it’s like no time has passed
Gazing out upon the sunset as it sinks into the night
Many times it seemed as though a given day might be our last
Face to face with certain death and somehow coming out alright
I don’t think that we have any cause to lament
But there’s quite a lot of Thrilling Intent
Thrilling Intent
Thrilling Intent
—  New intro !!

anonymous asked:

hi I'm a little slow but how do the sigils work?

sigils are phrases made into symbols with a certain intent. for example one of the ones I made was “I believe my girlfriend when she says she loves me.”

They’re often used in magic /witchcraft. basically there’s an intent when they’re made and then you active them. there are many ways do this, like ripping them up, etc. You can look up ways to activate them online.

However, they don’t just make things happen. You can’t make a sigil that says “i’ll find $100” and then expect to find a hundred dollars. They’re more made to help you do things. To bring luck or help with emotions.