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So this is a very rough outline of my masterlist! I will continue to update and polish it so it’s even easier to navigate. I hope you guys like it though 💛

aaah oh my god okay now i’ve really started thinking about jenny and giles and their dynamic and i have Emotions?? seems fitting that this is going on during jenny calendar day. this is a completely impromptu meta folks.

but it’s so amazing, like i said in that ask, that jenny doesn’t expect giles to put herself first, and i think that has a lot to do with the fact that not a lot of people in her life have ever put her first. she’s spent a lot of time working For The Greater Good, and the greater good doesn’t allow for her own hopes and desires. she, more than most other people, understands why giles would need to prioritize his calling over their relationship. not only that, she empathizes with it, given her own familial obligations.

meanwhile, giles never expected to find someone who would understand that they could never completely be an integral part of his life in the way that buffy and his calling always have to be. sure, they could be someone he loved, but if push came to shove he would always have to stand by what he thought would be best for buffy. knowing that jenny understands him so completely would make him even more determined to stay with her.

the thing is, while she’s alive in canon, i don’t think giles fully realizes how much jenny understands him. i think he recognizes that she stays, and he’s grateful to her for that, but i don’t think he has the opportunity to learn why jenny is so loyal to him. 

and. jenny puts giles first. no one else in the show ever does that. there’s no one who turns to giles before anyone else to make sure that he’s okay, that he’s being careful, that they’re going to be right with him even when he’s not the person who feels wronged. she puts him first even though he knows he can never do the same, and she doesn’t care that he won’t be able to give her the same kind of support and love that she wants to give him.

she loves him, and that’s enough for her.

Mystic Messenger Halloween Greetings

Mystic Messenger is having a limited time Halloween event! I translated their new greetings.


  • “Later, I’ll come to your door and say ‘trick or treat!’ Give me something sweeter than candy, okay?”
  • “What would suit you? Maybe we should wear matching couple costumes?”
  • “Tonight…should I become a wolf? *howl*”


  • “I hope you have a fun day!”
  • “If only I knew where you lived, I would visit your house first! Trick or treat!”
  • “Honestly, I’ve never done anything like this before…my heart is beating!”


  • “If you’re dressing up, maybe I should as well?”
  • “I look forward to seeing what Zen is going to be! Although he would look great in anything.”
  • “Seven goes out of control whenever it’s Halloween. I’m going to make sure he doesn’t come near my place.”


  • “As usual, Seven is being secretive about his costume.”
  • “You say a vampire suits me? …You never know when I’ll appear right behind you.”
  • “If you come knocking on my door and say that you’re either taking candy or messing with me…I’m curious. I would pick the latter.”


  • “This year, my goal is to get a truckload of candy!”
  • “What should I dress up as…a mummy? No, I’ll prepare a costume as our cute Elly~”
  • “Trick or treat! I won’t eat you if you give me a rice cake!* Huh? That’s not right…”

*“I won’t eat you if you give me a rice cake” is a quote from a popular Korean folktale.


  • “Happy Halloween!”
  • “Last year, Rika and I dressed up as Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s bride. I’m not sure what we’ll do this year.”
  • “Luciel couldn’t have finished the candy he got last year…His goal is really something.”


  • “What should I wear this year? I should talk to V.”
  • “Seven will bring Yoosung, right? He’s sure to bring tons of candy!”
  • “Maybe it’s because he’s an actor, but Zen is great at dressing up in costumes! I want to make Jumin dress up too~" 


  • "Halloween. It has no real meaning, and people force importance to this day?" 
  • "I don’t need things like candy…so can I mess with you instead?”
  • “You know that even without dressing up…there are devils inside people’s hearts?”

[EDIT: Jaehee’s third line added, courtesy of the MM Translation Project~]