so excited for that’s not healthy anymore xD
thank you square for freaking me out in those last weeks
before heavensward ;//u//;
can’t wait to put Luu’ into this outfit

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Steampunk Game Boy

Your favorite antique gaming device has received an extra dose of vintage styling with this steampunk Game Boy. This iconic portable gaming device has been given a steampunk exo-skeleton meticulously crafted to meet your geeky mashup expectations.

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This is what I did for team-jib-gifts as a part of Jared’s present.

I was so sorry I couldn’t present it to him myself, but they said he'sgoing to recieve all the presents from JIBcon anyway. 

Family portrait, 17*12 cm each, watercolour and white tempera.

I know they didn’t turn out how misha-said-i-am-kinky wanted them to be, sorry for that =)