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Can you draw chadley with his jacket opened (shirtless), posing with his hands on the waist?

ok in my defense, i started out doing really good until i got to his legs and those were already a trainwreck from the ref image so…. 

i’ve never seen this character? who is he? it makes me a little uncomfortable that he’s supposed to be so suave…. dont look at me with those bedroom eyes buddy….

White people love when Black people act nice towards racists. You will never fail to see it on the news the next morning when a Black person does something unprecedentedly kind in the face of racism. Black officer saves white supremacist from heat stroke - amazing! Little Black kid gives police officer a hug during protest - incredible! Families of Charleston victims forgive the shooter - heroes!

But you will fail to see actual critiques of racism, because that’s when things get real. It’s a strong reminder that the beast of racism will not go away just because Black people smile at it. Acts of Black kindness towards white racists will always be highlighted ten times more than the routine oppression Black people face, because it deflects accountability for white people.

It’s uncomfortable. It’s real. It involves me, and I don’t want to deal with that. It makes me so uncomfortable, in fact, I don’t believe you should be angry in the first place. You have no right to riot. Your protests must be peaceful, and I get to determine what is or what isn’t peaceful. You must smile in the face of injustice, because I don’t want to change who I am, nor see that it actually hurts you this much.

Soon enough, Black forgiveness becomes both a weapon and a shield for white people.

—  No, I Don’t Care How Nice That Cop Is - A Response to “Good Cop” Viral Videos in the Aftermath of Black Killings

So this old guy on the bus tried to get my attention cause he doesn’t know what’s wrong with his phone and he wanted to see a video slideshow of him and his son or whatever and im always immediately defensive when strangers try to talk to me and I guess he saw the expression on my face and backed off and said sorry for bothering me but he seemed genuinely sorry and didn’t wanna be a creep and so I sensed that and tried to help him with it but he kept apologizing for bothering me

Like this is the first time someone acknowledged and apologized for unintentionally making me uncomfortable. It’s not that hard??

honestly i would appreciate it if those who were anti-lexa ( or if you’re just someone who wrongly antagonizes her and ignores what every other character has done ) / anti-clexa / anti-alycia for playing lexa / anti-clarke loving a female / anti-eliza for the sake of your m/f ship / or anyone who is naive enough to think that clarke didn’t love lexa with all her heart would just unfollow me right now and save yourself the trouble of constantly being told you’re wrong every single day. thanks :-)


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I have a question for you guys. Do you any of you feel uncomfortable holding an umbrella? Not uncomfortable, but..uncomfortable? Does that even make sense? Because the other day, it was raining really hard so I decided to bring an umbrella with me for the first time(usually I just walk like that in the rain), and I had nooooo idea how to hold the damn thing. I was walking and I can’t even count how many times I whacked myself in the face with the handle of it, and then It started getting on my nerves so I looked like an idiot walking down the street fighting with my umbrella. Like does that happen to you guys or am I the only one? Because then I was getting splashed too by cars and by the time I got to where I wanted to go I was so mad it’s not even funny I looked like I wanted to murder everyone, more so than usual. So, does this happen to anyone?

this is making me sad I’m so bad at keeping up correspondences but even more when idek how to talk to men like I just feel uncomfortable and especially if I think/know that they like me I want to like shoot myself in the face and mutilate my genitalia but TBH all men I’ve ever been friends with have been rly nice to me and I’m just like a cat on a hot tin roof in that I’m yelping and flying off of it

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im not trying to be mean im just being real because it's happened to me where girls actively try to romanticize things about me (like my smile) and it's kinda just uncomfortable and feels forced and weird and you can always tell when someone is doing that so maybe just be chill and take it easy with her you know just because it's not right at this exact moment doesn't mean it never will be

i mean i don’t say any of this stuff to her like……at all. i p much make 0 comments abt her appearance to her face bc i would get too embarrassed. but tbh i don’t think there’s anything wrong with thinking someone has a nice smile or that their freckles are cute. i would say that shit to my friends. i get that the stuff i type is a lil over the top but im often hyperbolic bc im literally a writer this is the shit that i do to describe people and what their expressions look like.

i don’t go around saying ‘WOW YOUR SMILE LOOK AT IT IT’S WONDERFUL’ like no. i talk to her like a person not like she’s some kind of piece of artwork. i don’t put her on a pedestal. she’s a person. don’t worry.

im just. kinda sick of ppl tryin to police how i have feelings for people? like this is the second time in two days im gonna have a crush however i have a crush.

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my friend said i love everything gay and some times i feel like im fetishing them even though im pan it makes me feel uncomfortable :/

liking everything to be gay is not fetishism, seeing gays as accessories, seeing a gay couple as hot and nothing deeper or real, basically treating them as porn usages and not complex thoughtful individuals, obsessing over a ship thats gay and thinking you’re the face of lgbt bc you like fictional work of a couple, not caring about what’s real like lgbt rights and oppression, obsessing over the idea that lgbt is so different and rad and revolutionary but not wanting to hear about the real shit that goes on behind that title,  things like that. thats what making gay people into a fetish is. i doubt youre doing that

A Wake Up Call to Social Justice from John 15

So I was looking for passages in God’s word on facing hatred and oppression in this world, expecting something to comfort me in hard times. Instead, this familiar passage in John 15 cut straight to my soul. Indeed, this passage should be making American Christians (or Christians anywhere else in the world where Christianity is privileged) quite uncomfortable:

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.” — John 15:18-20

Jesus is clear that Christians who truly follow him are going to face hatred in this world, as a result of not being of this world. Given how much mistreatment Jesus faced at the hands of the world, we should expect the same if we are truly following Him.

Contrast this with reality. In 21st century America, Christians (as a whole) face no true systemic oppression or hatred, at least for specifically being Christian. If we do, it’s usually because of intersecting identities (like being queer), or is limited to a small subset of society (like the animosity Christians can face in scientific fields, which incidentally doesn’t just target Christians either). In other words, we don’t receive much hatred specifically for existing as Christian. In fact, Christians as a whole receive a lot of systemic privilege — read this article here if you’re not convinced.

Sure, we may face individual injustices, and of course we face temptation, which is what I have heard many a pastor talk about when it comes to this passage. But a closer reading of this passage reveals that that’s not all Jesus is talking about here.

Here, Jesus is talking about systemic injustice. This passage should be a wake up call, particularly for those of us who have a lot of privilege ourselves.

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so there’ been a lot of crap in life lately (who am i kidding, crappiness has been the majority of events int he last three years of my life, and then some more in the years before that). i’m a gentle soul and often i get that confused with being weak. but i’m not weak. i’m actually really, really resilient. no mater the amount of crap, i keep getting back up and holding onto hope for the future.

so here i am, facing my social anxiety and talking with insurance companies and my leasing office for my car. here i am addressing the issues head on. here i am talking to people plainly and inoffensively about how they’re hurting me and voicing my opinions as opposed to staying silent so as to not bother them. i’ve learned that even though it  makes me uncomfortable, i need to address these things in my life that are causing me woe. i need to address people in a cordial way but a direct way to share my opinion, even if it ruffles feathers, because in all honesty, i won’t accept being treated in a sub par fashion. not anymore. i deserve better.

now with all that said, i can dwell on these issues, or i can look forward. i don’t have to jump across galaxies and look only at the future – that’s what i used to do but it still doesn’t help address contentedness in the present day scenario. no, i need to focus on today. i need to focus on acknowledging my self and where i’m at. i need to recognize my strengths and encourage myself to pursue my passions. i need to find that joy and pursue it. so that’s what i’m going to do.

(the thing is, the various stratagems girlfriend employed to get me to let her pay for this paris trip are maybe the only stratagems that would have worked, because i’m so often so uncomfortable with being paid for! and—i don’t know, i guess it’s really fascinating to me the ways we fit together, like, so often she instinctively settles on precisely the thing that will make me comfortable, even when i couldn’t have said myself what that would be? and i don’t mean to say this is true always, there are of course rough patches that crop up and need sanding down, but.)


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😘- someone they wouldn’t mind kissing, 😲- something/someone they’re scared of

😘- Someone they wouldn’t mind kissing:

“Just the one? But I’ve so much love to share!” It was obvious the mage at been at the wine again. Snickering, Dhana shook her head before latching onto her feet, bring up her knees and tucking them beneath her chin. Dark eyes gleamed as she thought, various faces trickling before her mind’s eye.

“There’s been a few folks, most of whom whom would batter me shitless if I dared. But….”

“I wouldn’t mind giving Maeve a smooch. Nothing to make her uncomfortable mind, just give me her cheekbones - damn they’re beautiful.”

“There was also that Daelan guy, big half-orc guy with that amazing beard. Hmm, I wonder if he’s still in the neighbourhood.”

“And of course, Mr Horns himself.” Dhana cracked up at Valen’s nickname, courtesy of Deekin, “Just to see if I could get his face to match his hair.” Her grin is absolutely wicked by this point.

😲- Something/someone they’re scared of:

“Well I’ve not spoken to her in ages, but Katrina was a force of nature. She had to be, given her motley crew of halflings.” 

“Hard as nails, cracking sense of humour but damn if she knew everything that went on in my head.”

Fate of the Gods attempt number one...

…didn’t go exactly as planned.

Nice to see Azzanadra again. Even better to hear him speak! I love the voice acted content, it’s a shame that they’ve apparently stopped doing it.


Well that sounds rather omionous, too bad I’m godless, Zaros can stay-

Sliske please stop agreeing with me you’re making me very uncomfortable.

Mahjarrat banter is the best banter-

You tell him Mr Bunny Ears.

So after laughing about  the dialogue I got on with the quest. Freneskae is beautiful in a melt-your-face-off kind of way, and the memories of Zaros were absolute gold for a lore hound like me, but then




Basically I kept dying and scumbag Sliske-

Yes thank you

That’s really not very helpful

That’s quite enough sarcasm for today

oh my god


At which point I graciously admitted defeat for now and decided to train a few levels up before I try again.

So in summary - great quest so far, love the voice acting, double love the lore, Slikse can shut his snarky mouth, and those Nihils are tough bitches.

What’s a girl world guardian to do