Warning: SMUT, Aphrodisiac, Exhibitionism

Thor was fighting another gladiator contest when he saw his brother collapsed on the long sofa, the cocktail in his hand slid to the ground, and the Grandmaster smirked in satisfaction. Distracted, Thor was knocked out by the contender.

The God of Thunder woke up to find himself in a padded cell with none other than his unconscious brother. Appropriately, the Grandmaster had known of Loki’s secret visit to Thor in the prison cell days ago. Instead of using his melt stick, he decided to treat the whole of Sakaar to a spectacle. 

Thor might have given Loki the cold shoulder days before when the God of Mischief approached him for a reconciliation, but he knew it wasn’t the time to continue antagonising his brother. 

When Thor stumbled to check on him, he was surprised to see Loki flushed and sweating on the bed. Like Thor, whose arousal was painful in his trousers, Loki’s legs were rubbing against each other to sate his desire. They were both drugged with an aphrodisiac, with Loki more heavily than him and the little bracelet secured around his wrist also barred his sorcery. 

At first, Thor cursed as he circled the cell. He accused the Grandmaster of his perversity, while deep inside what he feared was revealing his hidden desire for Loki in such a setting, where Loki was forced, partially unconscious and unable to give his own voice on the matter. 

Meanwhile, Loki twisted and turned on the mattress, slowly pulling off his hand gauntlets as he succumbed to the heat. Whenever Thor moved closer to his side, Loki clung to his bare arms like his life depended on the contact. The God of Thunder tried to shake some sense into his brother, gently landing soft slaps on his face to wake him up, to make him aware that Thor wasn’t his unknown lover. But Loki was beyond persuasion and continued to unbutton his own leather suit. 

Thor witnessed the ways to undo the intricate and well-hidden layers of Loki’s attire. They were easier to strip than he had thought. It wasn’t long before Loki laid down in relief on the mattress again, having bared himself to everyone’s gaze.

When Thor struggled to fight the drug inside his system, trying to restrain himself from having his way with his brother, he heard the Grandmaster’s voice announcing, 

“Come on, Sparkles, you need to move up the pace a little bit. I have a few lining up here waiting for your brother’s company. Loki has made a few enemies here, and they will make sure your brother is well entertained if you prove yourself unwilling.” 

That was when something in Thor’s mind snapped. 

He removed all that was on him before moving tenderly to hover above Loki, witnessing how the blush on his brother only grew more profound with time as he panted and touched himself. Upon feeling the presence on top of him, Loki smiled before bringing his palm to rest on Thor’s girth, feeling it hardened. 

“Yes, brother. I want you, I want you inside me. I need you,” Loki landed butterfly kisses on Thor’s jawline as he rubbed his pale body against Thor’s sweating one. Thor jumped and moaned when Loki slowly crawled down to land a soft kiss on the wet tip of Thor’s cock, worshipping it as the source of pleasure about to come.  

Hours later, Thor had lost counted of the times he had released himself inside his brother. Loki was insatiable and demanded various positions to have Thor deeper inside him. Thor’s refusal meant nothing to him, and what Loki wanted, he got in the end with great satisfaction. Obviously, they must have provided good sport for the audience for even the Grandmaster stopped commenting halfway through. It wouldn’t be fun if your victims ended up enjoying the torture. 

When Loki had milked Thor once again after pouncing on his cock, he collapsed next to Thor and struggled to get more air inside his body. It was then when something happened. 

The aphrodisiac must have removed a lot of Loki’s resistance and self-preservation, for Thor saw his brother slowly turning blue in front of him. 

The surprised reaction among the audience and the Grandmaster’s glee must have alarmed Loki of what had happened. Even in his confused state, Loki could see his hands transforming into a navy colour. He screamed and crawled away from Thor in panic. The Jotun tried desperately to gather all his decarded clothing to cover up his form, to hide from Thor. 

Loki anticipated fear from Thor, he anticipated disgust. Thor had not only seen him as the monster he was, but he had also bedded him. 

His shivering form, however, was slowly pulled into Thor’s warm embrace, 

“Shhhh…it’s alright. Calm down, Loki. I am here.” 

Thor kissed away his tears and pulled him away from those fabrics, laying Loki down onto the mattress once again as he let his lips trace each of the raised Jotun lines. Knowing that Loki was comforted in his hold, Thor spread his legs to enter him again, thrusting into his brother while his lips devoured Loki’s in a hungry kiss. 

Loki needed to know he was deeply loved and desired, and Thor would show him that.  

They would survive tonight, Thor knew it, they had entertained the crowd enough, and the Grandmaster would want them alive for a while. 

Long enough to plan another rebellion, one that would be formed by both brothers who had placed their faith and love equally in each other.