So, I go to a private school. The kids are as nuts as they would act in public school and I USED to go to a public school, so let me tell you a few stories.

-A kid got arrested in the lunch room from kicking and choking teachers
-The principal said that highschoolers “talk down on us” but they dont give two shits
-We had 4 lockdowns and 3 evacuations in one year (i had a breakdown at one of them)
-After said evacuation, the teachers made us feel bad that facebook got word of the evacuation before their offical statement which is a bullshit lie
-This one kid read the dictionary for fun and he always got As so naturally we were mildly acquainted
-This douche and this chick got into a fight in science class, started with throwing erasers, then pencils and then they threw science books at eachother and only when the guy got up and was about to punch the girl the sub got in the middle of it
-so much drama oh my god this one girl had like 5 different boyfriends in three days and 5 different hair colours in three weeks
-so much vandalism (i did do some of it but only like sharpie quotes like shrek is love shrek is life in the bathroom)
-this one chick sold a hoverboard while the other sold drugs
-I, personally, told a fuckboy that he was hot but i would never date him

-this one kid kept screaming at the religion teacher that god wasnt real
-the same kid kept screaming god is good in arabic or what they called “muslim talk”
-CG, as I’m calling this kid, also started an anti-war chant in our social studies class and started the class to chant the dreidel song during christmas time
-this other kid, SF, got the math teacher to dab and he called it “ultra man”
-SF also almost got into a fight with this other kid SM
-SM had a donald trump fetish
-SF also got the class to chant all star by smash mouth
-SM wore a trump mask to school on election day and ran through the halls chasing 7th graders
-DJ, holy fuck. He showed the whole class the Jeffy videos by SML when the teacher was out. He yelled the N word during lunch, his friend made moaning and sex noises with him during science class
-This other kid, “angel boy”, got kicked out of science class during the reproduction video
-a few kids on my bus would take off their belts and whip eachother while two of them wrestled
-i, personally, have told his fuckboy to stick his head up his own ass and leave me alone because i have a girlfriend
-everyone called me a dyke after that which i didnt mind really
-i was all to eager to explain sex to the classmates who had no fucking clue
-this one kid, JH, kept dabbing all the time and he was so fucking gullible
-this girl VA, thought Australia was where Alaska was, North America where South America, Asia were Europe and South America whre Asia was, “5 sides on a die and 99¢ in a dollar”
-“that isnt fucking uncle sam thats abraham lincoln, the artist is shit and chloroform is in a chloroplast you piece of shit stoner”
-history of japan and bill wurtz memes between me and SF
-“youre a wizard harry”