STAR TREK BEYOND Embraces Trek’s Fifty-Year Legacy | TrekCore Blog
By James Moorhouse

“In the simplest terms, the humor, action and pacing of this film will satisfy both summer movie aficionados and hardcore Trek purists alike. The film is epic and balanced, kinetic and thoughtful, and connects Trek across 50 years of continuity in ways that could never have been expected.It’s an exceptionally worthy mic drop for Star Trek’s golden anniversary.”

This article beautifully sums up everything I loved about Star Trek Beyond

Mayoral confirms Wolfsburg move | July 20, 2016
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Real Madrid have officially confirmed that Borja Mayoral will spend next season on loan with Wolfsburg. The player already left Real Madrid’s training camp in Montreal to finalize his deal with the German club.

I’m going to be gaining experience and will be looking to perform as well as I can to come back here. I’ve played for the best club in the world, something that very few players get the chance to do. I’m grateful to my teammates, coaches, physios and everyone who has offered me their support day in, day out. I’ve had nine unforgettable seasons at Real Madrid. Right now I’m feeling a lot of emotions, but if I had to sum them all up, I’d give a heartfelt thanks for everything that the club has offered me and how it’s helped me over the years. I’m going to try to perform to my best to come back here”. Mayoral

Official: Borja Mayoral joins Wolfsburg on loan | July 20, 2016
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In a statement through RMTV, forward Borja Mayoral has confirmed his season-long move to Wolfsburg: “I’m going to be gaining experience and will be looking to perform as well as I can to come back here. I’ve played for the best club in the world, something that very few players get the chance to do. I’m grateful to my teammates, coaches, physios and everyone who has offered me their support day in, day out.“

"I’ve had nine unforgettable seasons at Real Madrid. Right now I’m feeling a lot of emotions, but if I had to sum them all up, I’d give a heartfelt thanks for everything that the club has offered me and how it’s helped me over the years. I’m going to try to perform to my best to come back here.

Borja will be leaving Montreal in the coming hours to return to Madrid before joining the German side, who are in Switzerland for the pre-season. He is expected to make his debut against Sporting Lisbon on July 29.

Mayoral is the fifth Real Madrid youth player to move to Germany to further his development. Most notably is Dani Carvajal, who after a impressive season with Bayer Leverkusen, was brought back in 2013 and has since cemented himself as Madrid’s starting right back.

When Borja spoke to Dani about a move to the Bundesliga, the defender told him that “it’s a great league and to take advantage of it.“

Using Álvaro Morata as a reference, Borja said: "He was just like I am now, he went away and now he’s back, so if he can do that, I’ve got to fight to achieve the same.”

I fear if I do not write it than I shall never write again. I fear if I do write it than it will not be as good as it should be.
—  In the Heart of the Sea (2015)
Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 42: What Are You Doing?

What are you doing?

That title really sums everything up happening in this chapter, and most importantly Eijun’s feelings towards Furuya’s lackluster performance. Okay, let’s start from the beginning.

Damn, giving up 5 (five) runs? In one inning? That is definitely the worst performance Furuya has to date, and if I recall correctly it is also the worst performance of Seidou’s pitcher. I don’t think Sawamura or Kawakami has given up so many runs in their turn, more so in one inning.

That’s… kinda huge. From Furuya’s expression, it seems only then it truly sinks in that despite his burning determination, he can’t perform as well as he should. It painfully reminds me of Eijun back when he cannot throw inside. I’ve mentioned this before in (much) earlier chapter, the fire in his eyes is still there, but somehow he just can’t pitch the way he wants to. 

Does Furuya have yips?

I cannot find the exact definition of yips, but one article describe the players who suffer from it “They start to judge themselves. They start to tense themselves up. The end result is that the ball is not going where it’s supposed to go.”

*insert various cuss words here*

I don’t want to get through that again. It’s enough to see Eijun suffering through those dark days, I don’t want to see Furuya enduring that too. 

Regardless, the similarity is uncanny. 

Furuya taken off from the mound only to be replaced by Eijun is much like when Eijun taken off the mound only to be replaced by Furuya who went on to perform his best when Eijun was at his worst during practice game against Yakushi. If Eijun ends up turning the game around with bases loaded and behind by three runs, it’ll be a perfect parallel with their positions switched.

I feel for you, Eijun. I can see where he is coming from. He has endured being set aside in favor of the ace and accepted that Furuya is the better/needed pitcher, then Furuya goes and gives a performance unworthy of the ace. It feels like a slap to the face. He knows Furuya can do better, he has seen him do better. So, it’s no wonder that Eijun is so mad at Furuya right now. Still, I am so proud how well he takes it. He is undeniably angry and disappointed, but still thinks positively of Furuya. He remains understanding that his rival performs badly not by choice and guesses that Furuya is struggling with something. 

Eijun does not hide his feelings (it won’t be Eijun if he does), but he does not lose sight of what is important. He still has his head in the game. Right now, Furuya is aiming too high and too far that he loses sight of what is right in front of him. Being the kind of pitcher he is (and the yips), Eijun learns to take small, sure steps instead of huge, uncertain leap and savor each success as it comes. He learns to accept what he can do now while still looking beyond. 

I am really, really, really proud of you, Eijun. Even Miyuki looks completely taken aback with your first pitch. You have always performed beyond expectations.

…And is it just me or is it a repeated pattern whenever Furuya is not up to par, Eijun is always the one to make up for it? I can’t recall Kawakami being called in to sub in for Furuya. (Though I kinda want to see Kawakami saving the day)

It does sort of speak of Coach Kataoka high regard for Eijun by always choosing Eijun to put in in difficult and tense situation, but at the same time, this is the same person who chose Furuya to be the closer for Fall tournament finals despite consistent and reliable performance from Eijun and didn’t seem to play Eijun much in Koshien even only to gain experience. Back then I tried to reason for the first that he just wanted to finish the final as quickly as possible, especially with Miyuki injured and the latter that Eijun didn’t perform well with him slipping and falling in his first official game, but this is the man who constantly gives chances to his players to prove themselves. 

Since Act II started, I have the impression he does not give as much chances to Eijun as before while he has shown to be more reliable and consistent than before. He is as bad as Miyuki by giving more chances (priority) to Furuya. Yup, Furuya is the ace, but he won’t be the ace he is now without the rivalry he has with Eijun. Kataoka is the one who points that out so he should have known that better than anyone that paying attention to Eijun will do Furuya good, and most importantly, the team good by having two ace-level pitchers.

It is an odd role reversal that Coach Ochiai (Ochiai everyone! The Ochiai who didn’t think much of Eijun and thought the team should revolve around the ace! I am still wrapping my head around that) who still has clear sight of everything and holds true to Kataoka’s own principle whom the very person fails to hold up. For the first time, I see the coach openly and obviously favor one player above the team (he shows favor but never above the team, his favor that often appears as a gamble tends to pay off for the team, but not this time). I wonder why.

We did see him reading notebooks of the players in the team that reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings. He might have the best understanding of his players, including Furuya. He was shown to be affected by Furuya’s in particular. My speculation is that he sees more of himself in Furuya, him being ace pitcher himself and having to carry the team and failing after Koshien win. It is understandable that he might unconsciously root for Furuya and forgets to be fair and neutral if that is the reason. But well, that’s still (wild) speculation.. I am probably seeing things that aren’t there :D I am an Eijun fan, so yeah I might be biased however much I try not to be. XDD

Then again, we’ll be seeing former Seidou and Kataoka’s coach, so maybe I am not so far off mark that we’ll understand the coach and his reasons better?

Another great chapter to look forward to. I bow to you Terajima-sensei, and reliablesenpai for the translation.

I am up to discussing this chapter! I think it’ll be nice if we can use the reply feature in this post so we can involve more people. 

look at all these brats

honestly i rewatched aot just a little bit ago, this sums up what i have noticed also this isn’t hetalia related i’m sorry

  • fandom levi: Scrub the floors you worthless brat! Everything has to be clean CLEEEAAAANNN UHHHH 

*Sniffs windex*

 “Ima kick the shit out of you b/c I/m ruthless and don’t care about anyone!”

*feels nothing when people die


*is rude just cuz

*orders people around constantly

*hates mikasa and everyone around him

*rude to Hange*


  • actual canon levi: *saves eren’s life by proving he can keep him under control*   

*gives people good advice* 

*actually a good person* Exhibit A: (To Jean) “I like the brass balls but overdo ‘em and you could get yourself killed” – Exhibit B: (Mikasa is worried about Eren) “Childhood friends huh? Now I get it” (Helps her try to save him even though he believes Eren is good as dead)

*says something about cleaning ONCE b/c Eren didn’t do a good job and they needed the place clean so no one got sick like literally anyone else would have* 

*Actually pretty chill, never really yells*

*Just sighs at Hange and doesn’t say anything rude to her*

*Doesn’t care if people call him short* (Or he does and I missed that but still)

(Soldier is upset b/c friend died and they coulden’t bring the body back) *Didn’t yell at him when his decisions drew titans toward the Survey Corps; Hands him the wings of freedom from that friends uniform; says ‘ just because we cannot bring back the body’s doesn’t mean we also leave the memories’; looks sincere when they cry and doesn’t bother them about it*

*Says brat/idiot maybe once or twice when people are being really fucking dumb*

*literal toilet humor what even lmao* “the shit you took must’ve been pretty big for you to take so long”

*kinda grumpy and stoic*

Paranormal conferences are strange, no pun intended. If you’ve never been, let me sum it up like this: No matter which one you attend, you’re bound to feel at home if you have any interest in the weird and unusual.

This weekend at Ocean State ParaCon, the feeling was no different. A series of paranormal experts took the stage to discuss everything from investigation techniques to ghostly evidence. 

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The Boys In Boston

Kyle Krieger

Denny Balmaceda

Moti Ankari

Sam White

Steven Onoja

Chris John Millington (Portrait by Kyle Krieger)  
Group Photo by Menelik Puryear

All other photos are by me.
Outfit Details:
Everything pictured is from Joseph Abboud - The man, the Legend.

I feel like the outfit details would sum up my experience with Joseph Abboud: The Legend.

When the guys and I first got together, we all met at the hub - The New York base for Joseph Abboud.  This brilliantly designed men’s clothing store was hidden amongst a sea of bustling New Yorkers and high-rises.  Hundreds of thousands of men and women walk past this store daily, but those that open the door are driven with purpose, curiosity and excitement.  After all, it’s not every day that you find such a place, even in New York.

We walked around, took in the textiles, suits and stitches that adorned these walls.  “Take a look around and find the fabrics for your suit,” we were told.  This was pretty overwhelming for me.  I can hardly customize a salad, let alone a three-piece suit.  But, all was not lost - in my moment of absolute despair and loss, in walked the man, himself.  Joseph Abboud, white hair to match his desert dust linen suit, came toward the group with a quiet eagerness to help us.  He called us “The Next Generation of Gentlemen,” and was so willing to listen to each of our thoughts behind our suits, like he was ticking off mental notes for future designs.  

When it came to the nitty-gritty of designing the suit, I simply picked the fabric that I liked, while Joseph stepped up and coached me through the process.  “Would you like a double-breast or Single-breast blazer? Would you like the lining to compliment or contrast the suit? How do you feel about pleats?”  He asked dozens of questions, but quietly and easily, like we were planning lunch.  “Italian? Sushi? What about Greek?”  

The fear was lost and I explained that I trusted his judgements and within a few minutes of talk, measuring and laughter, the fabric was more than a 6x6″ swatch, it was an idea.  All that was left to do was to patiently wait a few weeks, to let the master tailors in Joseph’s factory work.  And so we waited, nervous and giddy to see what abstract thoughts would turn into for each of our suits.  Before leaving to head back to Massachusetts, Joseph gathered us as a group and told us something that was truer than any of us could say on our own.  “These suits are more than just an occasional outfit you may wear to a fancy dinner - they’re a reflection of who you are as a person.  Your design went into these outfits and I think we’ll all see that everyone’s character will shine in a unique way, once we meet in Boston.”

Upon landing in Boston, recently, a group of dapper gents and myself were all taken to see the magic behind the largest textile factory in the Northern Hemisphere. Not the North-east, Not North America - The entire Northern Hemisphere. Walking into this Massachusetts-based factory, we came into the office to find all of our finished suits that we had designed a month before. That’s right- Custom suit! We picked the fabrics, the linings, we worked with Joseph and his Master Tailors to design suits that were a perfect representation of ourselves.Shortly after arriving and getting our hair done by Kyle, in walked Joseph. He took some time to thank us for coming all the way to New Bedford, MA to meet his team and experience his life work in action. He was standing next to a six-foot collage that was leaning against the wall, with photos that ranged over decades of memories that made him smile. He even earned the nickname “Joey Abs” from one of his photos from the mid 70s, where he was shirtless, wearing a jacket, exposing a younger, ripped Joseph. His eyes lit looking at this mural and he had a glow to him, as he told us his stories with a vivid memory. I realized, he truly was a Legend.  

The factory was enormous, holding over 850 dedicated employees that worked as efficiently as machines, but by hand. We learned hours of factoids during our time on the tour (the place was nearly a mile long!). One of the most impressive details was finding that they made nearly 1,500suits, each day, all from 100% Italian fabrics. Some of the custom “special order” suits could be made in as little as a single day, for, say a Groom that had a last minute emergency (This happens a lot, from what we were told). It was truly unbelievable to see how in sync everybody was. And as Tony (Chief CEO of Joseph Abboud Apparel Corporation) and Joseph walked through, guiding each of us through the factory, nobody was distracted - they had more important things to do. To witness that kind of dedication felt like we had unearthed an ancient relic, or something else that nobody had seen in ages - a focus that you only find in legends of Buddhist Monks, or Jedis.

After our time in the factory, we visited Joseph at his Richardsonian Romanesque home that is connected to the 1887 Waterworks Building on Beacon Street. He treated all of us to dinner inside of the closed off museum, conversation and made a point to hold a chat with each of us, if not all of us simultaneously. He was absolutely one of the most charming and sociable people I’ve ever met. It was like having dinner at Gatsby’s, wearing a suit that he made for you. The whole experience was wonderful. I know it seems like all I do are fantastic things and travel all the time (and I travel a lot) but the reality is that this trip was so special to me, and to the other guys. I really don’t get to be apart of moments and events this real very often, so it pleases me so much, when I get to share them with you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little blurb about me, the guys and Joey.


Nesta is different from most people. She comes across as rigid and vicious, but I think it’s a wall. Against feeling. I think Nesta feels everything - sees too much; sees and feels it all. And she burns with it. Keeping that wall up helps from being overwhelmed, from caring too greatly.
She will never be like Mor. She will never love freely and gift it to everyone who crosses her path. But the few she does care for… I think Nesta would shred the world apart for them. Shred herself apart for them.
—  A Court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J. Maas

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People are getting being very overdramatic about this like yes I understand, she's everything to some people but people aren't perfect and this just shows that we don't really know how celebrities/artist really truly are, we only see the bits of what they let us see. I mean I don't hate her, I'm still going to listen to her music but Im not going to defend her on something that she blatantly lied about, like she made her bed she has to lay in it. Whatever happens after happens

this message sums up my feelings thank u

you ever listen to a song because it makes you feel things, i dont know what, just things, and an hour goes by on repeat and you end up in some weird feeling-yet-unfeeling place where the song sums up all of your emotions

“does what you’re feeling have a word?”

everything wrong i’ve ever said and will say, and every perfect word all the same

people throw rocks at things that shine

This is such an accurate quote that sums up everything so simply. In the past month I have noticed that it’s always the good, kind and friendly people who get hurt. The people who shine. The people who are pretty, smart, talented or all of the above will always be the ones to get bullied, put down and pushed around. People throw hateful comments at them, lies, hurtful names and spread rumours. These are the rocks.
Why people throw rocks at things that shine, I will never know nor understand. Maybe it’s jealousy or an attempt to make themselves feel better. I don’t know but whatever it is, it’s not okay.
Everyday millions of shining people are put down by these rocks. Think about all the shining people who have gone to the extent of taking their own life due to these rocks being thrown. Do people now understand the extent of how much their cruel and selfish words hurt others? Probably not, because sadly we live in a world where hate is everywhere and there are so many hateful people.
We are a rare type of human. We are the kind that shine. We are the diamonds in the rough. Getting past the rocks and being able get up and dust off all the mess is difficult. Trust me I know all too well but hopefully one day, if we do get up, we will end up on top and show the rest of the world that hate will not win.

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If you met Wolverine, how would you react? Some people view him as a mosnter for his clwas and healing factor. But he's noble and gentle as shown with how he protects children and rescues people, and fights mosnters such as Apocalypse and Sabretooth as well as Stryker and the Silver Samruai. How would you feel about meeting him? Woulde you fear or revere him? Would you trust him with your pals? How would you feel to fight by his side? And how woudl you prove to him you treat mutants as equals?

I love Wolverine, he’s such an awesome superhero and I feel like he’s underrated compared to the others. He’s definitely one of my favorites!

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This gif sums up every cat’s attitude to everything perfectly ^


I feel like sum nights the paladins and even Allura and Coran would have trouble falling asleep, and have ways to fall asleep and cope (these ideas r pretty obvious like u c some of it in the show i guess ??) like :

Some nights when Lance would try to fall asleep he would remember his family and start thinking about Earth, how much he would miss it, how much he missed the sea, the fresh air, the beach, literally everything about Earth he’d end up missing! Those nights , it was hard falling asleep but he’d eventually get to it, only to wake up disappointed and missing the “Hey, Lance get up!” from his sister(s) or brother(s). Other nights, he had those nightmares that everyone hated him and disliked him , that he was he’s not important to the paladins and replaceable. Lance would take care of himself, like put on a face mask to calm himself and listen to music to help him fall asleep. 

Shiro would always fall asleep easily when he hits the bed, simple because he’d try and go days without sleeping He’d dream about being on earth, somewhere calm. Only for that bright image to melt away and a darkness would come to his dream. Shiro would always have the same dream of him being on that table, where they put him under anesthesia, screaming and flailing about. He’d feel the probing as if it was real and eventually wake up abruptly shouting. After that happened he’d wouldn’t try falling asleep again, he’d put his armor on and start working out. 

Keith’s nightmares weren’t a usual occurrence since he’d be thinking about his troubles trough out the day. He’d have nightmares about how he felt abandoned, all alone, he wold feel helpless and fragile. He could have nightmares about everyone dying being he wasn’t strong enough to protect everyone. He’d wake up fidgeting, pissed because he hated thinking of himself as fragile, tiny, helpless. He hated  the fact that he cared for everyone because he know he shouldn’t get attached (like how he did w/ Shiro and “lost” him). Keith would get up and train despite training intensely trough out the day. As long as he could be better, than before. He’d constantly shout at himself about not being his best.

Pidge would get up quickly having a nightmare concerning their brother and their dad being tortured or dead. He’d walked about with that feeling of emptiness.  They would get up to start working on some tech, trying to fix the cloaking mechanisms, looking at every detail. They could stay up working for an hour to distract themselves or spend a whole night. Making sure he wouldn’t miss a thing and make no mistake. 

Hunk would try to sleep but he’d keep thinking about what everyone thinks about him, what he shouldn’t have done that day, what he did wrong, he’d worry about the rest of the gang, he’d freak about himself, etc.. Knowing he wouldn’t fall asleep at this rate. Hunk would get up and go make some food only to remember how he would make cup of chamomile and eat some biscuits back on earth. 

Allura would constantly think about her dad, the Alteans, how she missed everyone from her time. And how happy she was when she was young. She would cry herself to sleep each night only to put up a brave face in front of everyone showing zero cracks. She is the backbone of the paladins after all. Allura wound also feel that pressure of having to protect everyone in the entire universe from the Galra. She’s constantly wishing, that she was just her young self, naive and happy. 

Coran would fall asleep fairly easily but  similar to Allura, he would have thoughts about the Alteans and so on.He would be happy and show his gooffy face a lot of the time. To not let those seeping thoughts come head strong,he’d act happy all the time to not let sad ideas come to him. In a way, he would be in denial.

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Honestly, Kaneki deserved all of those tragedies. Because he's nothing but a weak and spineless little brat who needs to man up, grow a pair and stop whining about everything. Touka was probably happy to see him suffering so badly because she's a much better character than he could ever be.

*cracks knuckle* Kaneki has done nothing wrong. He has been abused, neglected, and hurt by the people he loves his entire life. Despite this, Kaneki grew strong in order to protect the world, and I can’t recall him ever complaining or whining. Also, I hate to break it to you, but Touka definitely wasn’t fucking happy seeing him suffer. To sum up my feelings…

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Mamamoo for that Kpop group thing!

  • Who’s my bias - MOONBYUL’S CUTE ASS
  • Whose voice I like the most - hwasa
  • Who’s my bias wrecker - wheein ugh my baby
  • What’s my favorite moment - everything they do happens to be my favorite moment but this sums up how i feel
  • What’s my otp - moonsun 👀👀👀
  • The last song I heard by them - don’t be happy instrumental ver.
  • Who I think dances the best - both moonbyul and wheein
  • Who’s I think is the funniest - wheein
  • Who I wish I could grow up with - prob hwasa cus I feel like she’d kill anybody who hurt me in any way (I’d do the same for her)

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I just read your meta on kylo ren and microexpression and i can't stop crying. It's so beautiful and perfect and pretty much sums up everything I feel about reylo in one post. Thank you so much for writing it!

Thank you so much!!! I’m generally pretty tentative to post any original work so getting a response like this makes me so happy 😊😊

So glad you enjoyed the meta. And there’s more coming soon.

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I have read this chapter several times and it always brings a tear to my eye. So powerful. So beautiful.

It really is an exceptional chapter. The way every detail works, the way the characters are balanced, the way so much of Nynaeve’s arc comes together so beautifully while Lan’s arc opens with potential, the sense of closure and impetus side by side, the way so many different elements of importance are combined and presented but in such a way that nothing is diminished and instead everything is elevated. 

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confession im in love w jung hoseok but i sweAR IM A JUNGKOOK STAN [sweats]

Someone once said to me “If you happen to love two people, choose the 2nd one. Because if you really love the first one, you won’t ever have a feeling for that 2nd one.”

That sums up everything I think? I know I may say this thing over and over again but seriously people should learn loyalty from me lmao 🤔