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RFA boys + V with MC being a teacher and all that comes with it. Like, for older kids a specialized knowledge about a certain subject and knowing teen stuff, and with little kids being up on all the latest "kid" things and always looking at (cont)

(Cont) toys and picture books and singing silly songs. And of course, the grading and lesson planning and kids who give problems and stress that comes on top of that. But she really really loves being a teacher and won’t give it up.

(Combined because of similarity!!)

A/N: These requests are so pure and I enjoy them so much but ive never seen how a teacher prepares for anything so i went based on what a few things teacher friends/my dad told me and how i interact with my siblings and stuff ;A; ~Admin 404


           -The two of you act like such kids yourselves, but he absolutely loves it, you teach younger children and he can see how soft and sweet you are to them!

           -He actually enjoys some of the cool kid gadgets you check out for your class

           -That cool robo-dog toy? He wants one now


           -He’s actually sat in on a few classes of yours his butt actually fits in the little kid chairs

           -The little tikes love him to death! They like to tease him about dating you

           - though they all think he’s a kid too just in a higher grade ;A;

           -But sometimes kids can get rowdy, and he knows this

           -When you come home stressed out, from kids misbehaving, he’s always there to lighten the mood! Tells you stories from when he was a kid, full of silly sound effects, and he’s even borrowed picture books from his mum to show you childhood pictures! It embarrasses him sometimes, but he knows that you enjoy the imaginations children have so it can’t hurt to tell you, right?

           - also lowkey shows up around snack time when he visits because he freaking loVES THE JUICE BOXES AND COOKIES MC CAN HE HAVE SOME TOO


           -He knows how difficult teaching can be, his parents were teachers

           -SUPER. HYPED. When he found out that you’re a HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA TEACHER come on y'all i saw the chance so i took it

           -You actually went to school!!!! For acting!!! That’s amazing! He’s a natural so he didn’t have to

           -He tries to come to your class at least once a week to give the students some tips (since he’s in the field and semi-famous and all)


           -He dropped out of school and had bad experience with teachers so he was actually really iffy about your job at first

           -But the first time he watched you shine because of your passion for helping these teens, he knew you belonged in this career

           -But when you come home from a long day of teens being….well….teens, he feels so bad

           -He was a rebellious teen so he thinks he can help talk to them about listening and respecting everything you try to do for them he kept them for two class periods one day lecturing them about how much respect you deserve and the kids all literally cried and hugged you at the end of it jfc zen what did you sAY TO THEM

           -Always there to wipe away your tears, whether they be of joy or sadness, when your class puts on plays. You’re proud of your students but he’s always 10x more proud of you because heY MC YOU DID THAT, LOOK



           -She thinks it’s so cool because!!!! The two of you can both really appreciate literature

           -It’s like a personal little book club between the two of you, always talking about themes and deeper meanings

           -Not to mention she lives for the drama you over hear in your classroom come on we all live for gossip every now and then dont judge me or jaehee and you can teach her all of the younger lingo which she uses to understand a few of the interns at work

           -When you’ve been up for hours trying to grade papers, she’s always there to help with them

           -Mainly because she wants to avoid you bashing your head against the table because they’re all writing the same things over and over again

           -If she comes across something she’s unsure about in her readings you’re the first person she asks

           -Love love loves helping you pick which books your students are going to analyze next

           -Not to mention!!! You always have all the newest books in almost any genre because of your job and!!! She always has something new to read!!!!

           -If your day was rough though, she’s got coffee at the ready for you, the two of you are going to sit down and just rant about anything and everything that happened because hey kids can be stupid, she’s not gonna tell on you for pointing out the obvious


           -He finds it absolutely adorable when you come home covered in paint, glitter, marker, you name it

           -Calls you his masterpiece what a sap

           -Not used to being around kids but he visits your kids as often as possible


           - they paint kitty whiskers on his face sometimes and you’ve never seen him smile bigger

           -They once asked him to build a tower out of blocks with them and he took over the entire project, made a replica of the C&R building

           -When the two of you are at home, though, he refuses to admit he enjoys it there with the kids. Complains about paint on his white shirt, why are kids to loud, they’re so energetic what the heck, etc etc

           -Always buying cool new toys and craft things for your classroom- he knows how teachers are paid and he just wants to help out. For you. Not for the kids. its totally for the kids dont let him fool you

           -He never really knows how to comfort you if you come home from a hard day with your class, so he usually sits with your head resting against him. He listens to you rant about everything that happened, running his hand through your hair to let you know he’s listening.

           -Never ONCE has he asked you to quit your job. He thinks teachers are important and should be treasured, and he sees how happy the kids make you every day- he could never ask you to give that up but hey mc if you ever wants kids of your own, he’s got you, wink wonk


           -Teacher? lmao what’s that not everyone is a freaking genius saeyoung shUT UP


           -You were a high school computer science teacher, and hello MC i could be of service saeyoung pls

           -He came in as a guest speaker one day and none of the students could keep up with what he was saying??? What’s all of this?? Mr. Choi can you please dumb down the lesson???

           -By the end of class though, everyone (including him) were just drawing stupid pictures on MS paint sigh

           -He’s actually really excited that you teach computers to teenagers!! Computers are great, MC!!! You can teach them to hack! no saeyoung thats not what i do, thats you

           -Sometimes he’ll play dumb and ask you for help with his computer just to hear your teacher voice (it doesnt work often because you KNOW he knows what’s wrong)

           -“MC, you can be the teacher and I’ll play the naughty student *eyebrow wiggle*” he walks in with a plaid skirt and knee high socks what a fucking doRK

           -There are days that the kids just don’t listen and do whatever they want, and it frustrates you to no end. Some of them were wrestling and broke a monitor once, and you had to call Saeyoung, break down and cry on your lunch break. He’s always there at the end of the day with blanket forts and HBC to get you away from all electronics even for a little while

           -The next day though, he hacks into all the computers in your classroom and scares the students into paying attention because what person doesn’t freak out when someone starts listing their personal information on their screen???


           -High school dance teacher?

           -Are you his soulmate MC because it’s really feeling like it

           -He’s a dancer himself! (though he doesnt practice it often)

           -So he always offers to be your partner on days you’re teaching couple’s dances!

           -He can tell how much effort and passion you put into helping these kids learn the art

           -You absolutely radiate warmth and excitement if your class holds a recital


           -But kids will be kids, which means sometimes there are attitudes thrown around

           -Some days you feel as if you get no respect, and they do whatever they want to do, and it breaks not only your heart but your spirit as well and he will not stand for it

           -He’s very good at lecturing, and seeming nice with a threatening undertone. So when he catches something like this happening, you can bet he’s in front of the class, pouring his heart out about how much respect you deserve for all of your hard work and they shape up real quick every time this happens. So he kisses you on the forehead and lets you keep teaching <3


           -You work with little kids all day?

           -Why would you wanna do that to yourself jfc

           -You’re always looking at cute, kid crafts and he kind of wants to try them but he’ll never tell you that

           -Very very afraid to visit your class because? He’s scary, he doesn’t want the little kids to be afraid of him

           -But they WEREN’T. AT ALL. He could feel his heart melting at how much they actually liked him like holy crap MC i wanna come visit every day


           -The two of you are the power team at story time, everyone is completely enthralled with the story, voices, and how you act them out

           -When you first told him that you were a teacher for little kids, it made complete sense to him. You’re so sweet and kind and patient and bubbly and it just cliCKED WOW MC YOU ARE A TEACHER

           -But kids have tantrums, and short attention spans, and they’re very stubborn, so if you have a rough day, you actually have to calm him down instead saeran you cant threaten the children its okay im just tired ill be fine

           -The two of you have naps on those rough days, he’ll rub your shoulders to help you relax, and he actually goes out of his way to look up things for your lesson plan the next day!

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Why the birthday celebration of none other than Boo Seungkwan of course! 

We have the birthday of an amazing young man who is so bright, so funny, so talented.

Boo Seungkwan is my best friend (he just doesn’t know it yet)

Why you may ask?


Firstly, he is way to funny to be real. I mean he is the type of guy who will put a smile to everyone’s and i mean everyone’s face!

Originally posted by wonnhao

And his laughter…. its so cute… so genuine… so real its addicting!

Originally posted by seungkvvan

And the attitude! Let’s be real, Seungkwan is Booyeonce for a reason! The shade could even make Mariah Carey burst into tears!

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here

He just has to give you a look and you are done!

Originally posted by hansolmechwe

But he is also so good-looking!

I hate that there are people who hate him because of the fact that he is not extremely lean and slim. To these people I want to say… ‘are you kidding me? Kimbab kidding?’ How can you hate on someone for that> And sure he is not slim but to be honest thats what I love about him! He is a real human being and his size is perfect!

And what is this about his company hitting him for being ‘fat’?! I personally would hit those people for being so stupid instead! I personally don’t want to be worrying about our boy one day having some sort of body dismorphia due to always feeling not good enough!

Originally posted by 001liuqi

He is so supportive of his members! So kind and thoughtful!

Originally posted by 17hansol13

Always wants to help! (Even if sometimes he tries to hard)

Originally posted by 17hansol13

And he is generally such a beautiful human being! Just look at how pure he looks!

Originally posted by livelovelunch

Look at him tearing over their first win at a radio show!

Originally posted by qt2seung

And look at the poor boy crying on the day of their win! He literally broke down and could not calm down for so long!

Originally posted by hanwooz

This boy even apologises for crying! Just in order not to be a burden!

Originally posted by wonnhao

And look at how gentle he is! How caring! Taking care of that mic and kid!

Originally posted by wonnhao

He always provides people with the comfort they need! 

Originally posted by sneezes

He is not someone who whys away from saying how he feels! He is sensitive but there are times when he expresses himself to the max, and that is when he appreciates others! (Also, same Seungkwan, same)

Originally posted by euphoniouswoozi

Look at that cutie being clumsy! How can you even hate such fluff?

Originally posted by wonnhao

And I’ll never forget the face he made when a member messed up! He looked like he was ready to slap all of the universe!

Originally posted by wonnhao

And his voice… oh his voice is so beautiful! He can sing so many notes, so many songs, he is literally impossible to comprehend! He always makes me speechless!

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So in conclusion, I hope you can see the beauty of Boo Seungkwan. 

Its okay not to be perfect but none is. Instead, Seungkwan is simply beautiful all around! He is kind, supportive, funny, talented and so much more!

All I, and many other fans want is for him to stay healthy!

I want to see Seungkwan happily munch on more!

Originally posted by lonexsamurai

I want to continue seeing him have the time of his life! 

I want him to continue singing because he loves to do so!

I want him to continue dancing!

I want him to continue not being embraced of how well he knows girl group dances and just how good he is at them! Or just how good he is at acting so funny!

Originally posted by dailyseungkwan

And most importantly i want him to continue with his attitude! After all it is genuine, it is Boo Seungkwan! And sure, many call him ‘feminine’ or even ‘gay’ but you do you Boo, there is nothing to be ashamed of! You are who you are and we will always love you! 

You are our angel (sorry Jeonghan!) or maybe our little devil… maybe both!

I hope that that beautiful smile never fades, that that laughter never dies down! Crying is ok, emotion is ok. 

I hope you can talk to  people who understand you.

Boo Seungkwan, you are a very interesting case for me. You are the first idol who I love in the most platonic way(as weird as that sounds) possible and that makes you so special for me!

And of course, may you always be the ‘best quality’ that you were and still are!

Happy Birthday Boo Seungkwan! May you always shine bright like the diamond you are! And if one day you feel like you are fading…. its ok! Because there are so many Carats that will always be here to support you and help you get your shine back, including me!

I love you Boo Seungkwan!

We love you Boo Seungkwan!

And you will never fathom just how much!

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Thank you for reading!

Let’s spread the love for Boo Seungkwan and lets give Seventeen all the appreciation and love that they deserve!

ronan ‘oh my god im so in love with adam parrish what is happening to me’ lynch
  • idc what u say ronan honestly gets BUTTERFLIES IN HIS STOMACH every time adam enters the room
  • yes its true u heard it here folks; stubborn tough angry ronan lynch gets Butterflies from sweet charming studious adam parrish
  • and when adam talks to him and lets his henrietta accent slip in ????? oh shit Oh McFreakin Shit thats the end of ronan lynch rest in pieces
  • sometimes it’ll just be him and adam at monmouth or st. agnes when everyone else is who knows where, and it’ll be all normal and casual for adam but ronan’s heart is thumping out of his chest and his hands are shaking and oh my god what is happening to me
  • ronan is probably the first person to tell adam he loves him. i dont care if its before or after they get together, in a seemingly platonic way or known romantic way, but its happening
  • like, adam knows his friends love him, know they’d die for him, of course, but ronan is the first person to actually vocalize all these things to him. he tells him how loved and important he is and oh god, adam, please dont die, for me i wouldn’t survive without you, i’ve loved you for ages, please adam—
  • give me desperate and vulnerable ronan lynch who’s aching all over and pours his heart out to adam, can barely even look him in the eye because he loves him so much it Hurts
  • u wanna know why ronan isnt doing so well in his classes ??? huh ?? u wanna Know ??? ? i’ll tell u why its because he spends every damn class period staring. at. adam’s. hands.
  • “ronan did u memorize the latin vocab?”
  • hell fuckin no he did not he memorized the shape of adam parrish’s hands thats what he did
  • adam writing/taking notes is its own pure form of art ok trust me on this 100% ronan lynch approved
  • ronan’s life motto: ‘talk shit (about adam parrish), get hit (by me)’
  • ok but really
  • ronan honestly loves adam so much adam’s like some sort of beacon to him, some sort of hope and happiness and light and everything about him makes ronan believe in religion as long as that religion includes adam parrish
  • ronan would follow adam into the deepest pits of hell he’d do anything for him if adam even gave the slightest notion of wanting something
  • he dreams him stuff he needs all the time but w/out adam knowing?? like if he notices adam broke his pencil in class by accident, guess which aglionby student with a henrietta accent has a new pack of pencils in his bag the next day
  • even the smallest things tho ??? like razor blades or new shoelaces. ronan is the Official™ provider of Things That Make Adam’s Life Less Difficult Than It Already is
  • i bet ronan lies awake in his bed at night wondering if a boy like adam parrish could ever love him back
  • i bet he can’t even think about adam going away for college and leaving him behind, not seeing him everyday or getting him to laugh and do stupid things with him 
  • :( what a fuckin nerd
  • ronan is such a Mean Tough Guy until he’s around adam and then he turns into Soft Needy Puppy
  • disgusting. filth
    !!!!!!!!!!! EN D ME!
  • ok listen. i dont know how when or why but sometimes ronan just gets really affectionate and lowkey clingy and will just get a sharp dose of nostalgia when he sees adam in the kitchen or something and be like ‘how did i get so lucky’
  • and he’ll go up to adam from the side (never behind, he doesnt want to make adam jump or flinch) and gently wind his arms around adam’s waist and bury his face in adam’s neck
  • and adam’s hands will come up to ronans back and they’ll just stand there holding each other like the gross ass nerds they are
  • before they get together ronan PINES. and i mean like, hard.
  • ronan will be bouncing his knee or some shit and adam will put his hand on his knee to get ronan to stop and ronan literally just freezes. 
  • but also :(( sometimes ronan will pull back because he doesnt want to overwhelm adam
  • like, adam will grab his shoulder or something to get his attention and ronan will pull away as if he’s been burned and oh god he doesnt think these things through, does he, because he’d do anything not to see that look of rejection and confusion on adam’s face, and all he wants to do is jump on him and kiss him but he cant
  • ronan worships every little thing about adam. all of his quirks and habits, his likes and dislikes. ronan knows everything just by listening to adam and observing him
  • he knows adam can fend for himself and doesnt need to be protected but there will always be some small part of him that will go to any lengths to keep him from ever getting hurt and keeping him out of danger
  • ronan always has to make sure adam is okay. always. if they’re leaving cabeswater or something and they’re all walking back to the pig to drive home, and adam is looking particularly worn out and distressed, ronan will discreetly walk up to him and just be like ‘u ok parrish?’ and its not until adam gives him a teeny tiny smile and nods that ronan is satisfied
  • everything adam does is just amazing to ronan. every little thing. so precious and heartwarming and it makes him so dizzy because how can he be this in love 
  • and how can someone so radiant love a mess like him
  • but he does, and thats all that matters

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could you do a dating ha sungwoon one please<33

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan

thanks for requesting!! 

- a very bright and happy relationship

- his focus is mainly on you and your happiness, so he tries his best to make you happy whenever he can

- because he’s so focused, he sometimes forgets to take care of himself

- ‘’are you sick? you shouldn’t be training!”

- ‘’its okay! it’s just a cold that i can get over quickly!”

- even if he insists, you like to take care of him because he’s always taking care of you

- and its nice take care of him sometimes hehe

- loves to make you laugh so he tries to tell jokes often

- your smile makes his day all better so he tries to best to make you smile and be happy because he loves a lot

- when you’re sad, he tries his hardest to make you laugh again or cheer you up because he’s panicking and he’s just?? he hates seeing you upset

- ‘’hey hey, i know things can get tough. it’s okay and im here for you, okay? so don’t cry anymore okay?’’

- aka cue you crying again because?? he’s literally so sweet?? how can a human be this pure??

- and he’ll panic lol because he didn’t mean to make you cry??

- he’ll pull you close and then he would just start singing softly to you in hopes that you’ll calm down

- and it works because his voice is so soft and so soothing?? aka you ended up falling asleep because his voice was that peaceful hehe

- once you wake up, he won’t force you to tell him but he’ll leave the offer there

- he loves you too much to have something burden you like that

- and you’re always thankful to have him take care of you like that?? like how can a person be so pure and kind wtf jdkfnds

- and lets not forget that sometimes sungwoon has his own down days?

- he won’t make it obvious because he doesn’t want to worry you and he would try to keep it bottled up

- as much as you love him taking care of you, he has to think of himself too

- ‘’sungwoon are you okay?”

- ‘’yeah!! im fine, don’t worry about me!!”

- ‘’sungwoon…’’

- despite insisting that he is okay, he would ask for a hug and nothing else

- and even though you know he wasn’t quite ready to say what was wrong, you knew that he needed hug at that moment to be okay

- you guys are too pure wtf im crying rn

- okay anyways, he can be kinda clingy to you too

- constantly bugging you to pay attention to him hehe

- he would whine at you or backhug you to try to get you to pay attention to him

- very needy for your attention haha

- speaking of clingy, a backhug enthusiast!!

- loves giving you backhugs at random moments

- like when you’re cleaning, cooking, or coming home from work

- he loves smelling your perfume or shampoo that you had on that day because it calms him

- you two also do that little waddle you know hehe

- he also loves to hold hands a lot

- likes playing with your fingers because he loves comparing them to his and how small they are

- really likes when you play with his hair because he finds it so relaxing and probably would knock out if you played with his hair

- ok but he actually did one time and when he woke up he was a mESS

- ‘’i’M SO SORRY’’

- ‘’sungwoon its okay omg’’


- honestly dates with sungwoon, it’s either go big or go home

- he would take you out to fancy restaurants because he loves to spoil you

- or at home dates where you make dinner for each other and watch movies

- you also like to hang out with taehyun a lot hehe

- because dating sungwoon is like gaining a sibling. taehyun immediately approved of you and from then on, he would be constantly at your guys apartment hehe

- and wanna one basically accepted you into the family too because you make sungwoon so happy??? and lowkey thats all they wanted lol

- fights with sungwoon wouldn’t be all that harsh??

- because you guys are older, the two of you would find a way to resolve through it than irrationally acting

- as in like talking it out when the problem came out or confronting each other about it

- if it was over something petty, sungwoon would be the one to apologize first but lowkey admit it was something stupid lol

- and if it was pretty serious, he would talk it out with you instead

- if it was something that was his fault, he would admit it and apologize because a healthy relationship is built up on communication and taking responsibility

- but if it was yours, he would most likely talk through on how it wasn’t his fault and how irrational you were being

- and hopefully make you see the error of your ways

- after you two make up, he would just cuddle you and smother your face in kisses

- ‘’lets not fight again’’

- ‘’agreed’’

- honestly a very bright and pure relationship with great communication and priorities you two are so cute

the outsiders gang x what they do for you on your birthday

-it would be kinda thrown together last minute tbh
-like he remembers but procrastinates planning anything until like the day before
-makes soda go with him to buy a present
-probably gets you some clothes that he thinks you’ll (look good in) like
-he definitely saved up for a while to get you nice stuff though
-day of, wakes you up at thE ASS CRACK OF DAWN
-“babe…babe, wake up…”
-“go away steve”
-so he tickles you until you get up
-when you finally actually get out of bed he starts being all cute and kissing you all over your face like
-“happy birthday baby girl”
-if it’s warm out you would spend the day at the beach
-and then go for a joyride in his car when it gets dark out
-brings you a lil cupcake with a candle that he made himself
-not the BEST cupcake ever but it’s edible
-making out in the backseat of his car in the middle of nowhere to end the day
-possibly leads to something else ;)
-if it’s cold you would still go outside bc he doesn’t give a damn
-you would literally just walk around the town and do random stuff outside
-play in the snow in winter
-play in the leaves in fall
-when it gets late and even fuckin colder y'all go hang out inside at yours/his house
-has the cupcake for you as mentioned before
-dEFINITELY birthday sex inside ;)

-has been planning for like,,,two weeks ?
-wants your birthday to be great af
-literally refuses to spend any money for like a month so he can get you something nice
-brings ponyboy with him to get a present
-regrets it bc he complains the whole time and is no help at all
-ends up getting a real pretty necklace for you
-gets up early to make you breakfast day of
-when you get up you find him in the kitchen and he doesn’t see you at first
-“hey soda-”
-accidentally knocks over the plate of pancakes in his excitement
-that’s ok tho bc there’s extra batter !¡
-afterwards that idiot blindfolds you and takes you to his car
-“are you kidnapping me or something??”
-“shhh i’m trying to be romantic”
-probably takes you to the zoo even if its cold out
-you two spend longer than you care to admit looking at monkeys
-go out for dinner afterwards
-nothing extremely fancy
-probably burgers at the dingo lmao
-stay up all night cuddling when you get home

-panics over it for like a month
-tries to subtly ask you what you want for your birthday/what you want to do
-ends up getting you some books and a box of chocolate
-kind of still hesitant to give it to you though
-“johnny are you sure she’ll like this ??”
-“yes pony she’s gonna love it”
-“but what if she doesn’t thi-”
-day of you spend like half the day just laying around cuddling
-darry and soda made a point of not being home all day
-eventually you two go out for a walk
-holding hands and being cute fUCK
-and then classic pony
-takes you to the movies
-if its cold you go indoors
-if its warm you go to the nightly double
-either way you spend the whole movie with your head on his shoulder
-and still holding hands
-you get home and pony realizes oH SHIT he forgot a cake
-but thank the lord there’s some chocolate cake in the fridge
-he can’t find a candle but he sings happy birthday to you anyway
-fun af day :’)

-takes the day off work
-has no clue what to get you tbh
-randomly asks dallas what he thinks he should get
-stupid idea wtf darry
-“she’s your girl darrel i ain’t pickin a present for ya”
-settles for a bouquet of your favorite flowers and something that has to do with one of your hobbies (like he’d get some paint/brushes if you like painting, a journal if you like writing, etc)
-he doesn’t really plan the day out
-lets you decide what you want to do
-makes a dELICIOUS breakfast though
-like holy shit chef darry
-you two end up going out for a nice picnic in a secluded place or something if its nice out
-if its cold you end up at some antique shop
-even though you don’t buy anything it’s just fun to look around
-you go back to his house eventually
-he kicks pony and soda out
-and then they tease him endlessly
-romantic dinner with candles and shit
-and obviously chocolate cake
-and then you just kinda talk for a while
-about life, the gang, lots of stuff
-and then oh boy
-he just walks over to you and you start making out
-which leads to more
-he has you screaming
-bless that guy

-ok let me just start with this guy is the biggest sweetheart ever
-he honestly doesn’t really plan anything either
-and also a real fluffy sweater its so nice
-just like him
-he shows up at your house at like 10 AM ish with his big ass bouquet
-you open the door and you can’t even see his face
-he hands you your flowers and he’s smiling like a DOOF
-“happy birthday honey”
-you stand there and hug on the porch for like 20 minutes
-then you just go inside
-and you don’t really leave
-you spend the WHOLE DAY cuddling and messing around
-its a very relaxed day, but thats what you both enjoy
-he cooks for you
-he’s not a bad cook tbh he whips up something pretty good
-he makes you put on the sweater he got you
-“but johnny it’s hot in here”
-“please, baby?”
-you can’t say no to those eyes
-you end the night with a soft make out session
-nothing dirty
-just pure

-he probably remembers
-i don’t think he’d get you anything tbh
-but if he did he’d probably steal you a jacket or something
-it’s not your size but the thought was there
-you honestly wouldn’t do anything special
-you’d just hang with the gang
-they’d be better about your birthday than dally would be lol
-the gang would scold dally for not doing anything
-he doesn’t give a rats ass
-“its just another day why does it matter? i barely even remember my own birthday”
-you’d go back to his place at buck’s eventually
-you make out
-but then as soon as you’re about to get naked and shit
-you refuse
-“i’m tired, lets go to bed”
-and you just roll over away from him
-then he just goes to sleep too
-it was an ok day

-he would definitely make you think he forgot
-but he would have a lil something planned for you
-like you probably spent the night together the day before
-then the next morning he just went on like its a normal day
-after like an hour you start to get upset
-you’re about to leave bc you’re lowkey pissed at him for forgetting but then he’s like
-“hold on baby i have something for you”
-and then he takes something out of his closet
-its a big (poorly wrapped) box with a huge bow
-“happy birthday princess”
-you’re both smiling like idiots
-he really did remember :’)
-he got you a mickey mouse shirt to match his
-he didn’t pay for it but its whatever
-he then takes you out for a drive
-like you don’t really have a destination
-you just drive
-you’re lucky he’s sober enough to drive
-you end up back at his house at like 2 AM
-tHEN you get drunk
-he asked darry to make you cake bc he can’t
-almost lights the house on fire with the candles
-but its ok
-fun fun fun day

Unhappily Ever After - Bellamy Blake Imagine (Part 2)

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

Bellamy Blake x Reader

Word Count: 1,267

Warnings: look i don’t think so, but it’s like a bit disheartening i guess ??

You can read part 1 of this story here (Aside)

“Pandora please. Just let me talk to her.” He pleaded, like he had been for the past hour, day. “She does not wish to see you.” Was always Pandora’s answer.

A rather large man, almost inhuman with multiple piercings and a large cloak came down and whispered something to Pandora, which caused her eyes to widen and run upstairs.

“This is all your fault!” Raven lashed out a Clarke, well tried to with the chains around her wrist. “How is this my fault?” Clarke retaliated back to no avail. “You just had to snoop around, you just had to get caught in the out of bounds area of all the places! I thought you wouldn’t have been this stupid.”

“Clarke, what exactly did you find?” Monty said in a rather hushed tone compared to Raven’s. “The Maximus. It’s just sitting there surrounded by nothing, in a room all by itself.”

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Just, Breathe - Part 2

Summary: Pasts do not define futures if you let them. You can only move forward and hope for the best.

Prompt:  “I just don’t think I can do this anymore”
“Who gave you the right?”
“You’re a coward you always have been” very angst Daveed x Reader or Lin x Reader, please! - Anon (the other prompts will be in the next parts I promise)

Warnings: swearing, Angst, implied smut, sexual Spanish references

words: 3,050 (non chill Gee is back at it again.

A/N: You guys asked me for some fuck me up real good angst soo I did this? This was actually really fun to write and Marti helped me a lot with the dialog because i fucking SUCK, but I’m so happy with how it turned out. There is 100% going to be another part if you guys want it that is. So if you enjoy this please let me know so I can start working on the second half asap. Thank you for reading this, this is the first time i’ve stepped back from something and thought i actually like this. Be safe and stay lovely. I love you. - A.Ham (Gee)

Tags: @yehummno @ruth-hamilton-delrio (because i know this killed ya) @isis278


Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 (coming soon)


- Flashbacks are in italics.

Your eye scanned over the pages and pages of notes whilst you picked out the harmonies of the different cast members in the room. Every note hit home, you had read and reread the sheet music a thousand times since you had agreed to take over from Alex, wanting to make a point that you deserved to be here as much as the next person, even if you didn’t feel like you did. As you listened to the voices glide through the verses your ears pricked on something different.

“guys, hang on” you sighed out fairly loud to be heard. The melody ceased as you made your way up the stairs to stand down stage. You slinked towards Lin chewing on your check as you did so. “you’re flat, its putting me off” you shot him a pointed look. There was a small part in your brain that thought he may be doing this on purpose. He knew exactly how much it bothered you when something didn’t sit right, it would play on your mind and completely drive you insane. God help if someone sang over a song out of time, they might as well be dead to you at that point.

“I think I got this [y/n], i’m far from flat” he brushed off taking a sip of water, his eyes skimming over your frame as if it was a challenge. You raised a brow.

“sorry, I forgot, refresh my memory, who did you hire to conduct this musical?” you enquired with the most sarcastic tone you would fathom.

“who wrote the god damn thing?” his attitude way too cocky for his own good. How fucking dare he, who does he think he is? Staring you down with a face like thunder. The eyes of every other cast member burned into you from all angles.

“you had no idea what you were doing back then either” you shook your head down to the floor. “If you have an issue with me doing my job just speak up would you, god knows it’s never stopped you before” you added leaving a wake of gasps and eye rolls.

“guys, lets call it a day get some rest before tonight, I think someone needs to cool off” Tommy released the tension in the air with a clap of his hands before the whole stage started to disburse off into the wings. You gathered your paperwork once you reached the piano, gently tapping the pages to line up with each other. Internally, you cursed yourself for letting him get to you. He had no right to make you feel unwelcome, between all the hard work you had put into In The Heights and any other god damn whim Lin wen’t off on, you deserved the right amount of respect to do your job properly.

“I’m sorry” you heard Lin say barely even a whisper. You were quite sure that your head had just made it up and you carried on filing the papers into their proper place.

“I knew I was flat, I was trying to mess with you and i’m sorry” he said louder this time, making sure that you definitely heard it. Your eyes grazed up at him a questioning tone hung in the air around the both of you. You couldn’t help but feel like he was still playing games. For the duration of your entire engagement it felt like a huge game of seeing how far he could push you before you would finally snap and called it off. You never did. You loved Lin with all of your heart and the thought of having to call of the wedding you planned for too long, saved too much money and spent hours picturing in your head made you feel sick to your stomach. It was something that you would never do because long story short all you really wanted was to marry him. He was your best friend and your partner in crime through everything, that was, until he wasn’t.


“we’re not the same people we were [y/n]” he ran a hand through his messy hair, the dark locks pointing in every which way they could find. “things have changed, we have changed”

You stared at him from your side of the room. Lin paced back and forth like there was an invisible  boundary that he knew not the cross.

“bullshit Lin, I haven’t changed one bit and you know that. I’m not as good of an actor as you, I can’t change my persona at the drop of a hat its not me, its you” you stepped closer. “you’ve changed, you want more out of this relationship then i can give you. You’re taking things from me that I can’t give you” a flash of recognition graced across his face but was quickly replaced by anger. You wanted nothing more then for this stupid fight to be over. When you announced the wedding everyone was over the moon and most of all you were happy. The thought you of spending your life with your best friend meant so much more to you then a dress and a cake. It meant that you would have a lifetime of growing and learning new and wonderful things about each other every day. you savoured that, every last drop that Lin would give you as a glimpse inside his mind you cherished with all your heart. Sure between the years you had fights like this, but they always blew over, nothing really came of them. You would throw something at him (granted it may have been a cushion or too you didn’t want to actually harm the poor guy), the both of you would shoot insults back and forth at each other for a while until you both ended up laughing at something stupid and putting the argument to rest. Thats how you worked. Two fiery personalities in one apartment could get intense sometimes but that was who you were as a couple.

“I think we need to cancel the wedding” he made the comment without even being able to look you in the eyes, like he was ashamed. Ashamed of the fact that he was breaking your heart, ashamed of the fact that he was admitting he was wrong for the first time in your relationship.

You looked him in the eyes for the first time in 6 years. All the love that was once shared between the two of you was certainly not lost. His hands ran through each other in a nervous fashion, in some attempt to keep his cool.

“you haven’t changed a bit Lin” you stuffed the now level papers into your bag before picking up your jacket and slipping it onto your torso. “you constantly think that you can say sorry and everything will be fixed” using every excuse to fiddle with things in your bag so you didn’t have to look up and see his pleading eyes boring into you again.

“are you going to throw the fact that i cancelled the wedding in my face after all these years?” he was angrier now. His hands braced themselves into fits at his sides, dark brow furrowed out of pure frustration.

“well you did so i’m going to go out on a limb and say, yes” you said swinging your bag over your shoulder. He stopped you. Dragging your shoulder back until you spun around to meet him face to face, you didn’t realise how close you actually were until both of your noses practically touched. His breath was warm against your lips as he towered over you. It may have been years yet he still had a strange intoxicating effect over the whole of you.

You sighed. “just let me do my job, and do yours properly. I don’t want to be a part of your games anymore Miranda” you shot turning away from him. You made a b-line back to your office locking the door behind you. There wasn’t a chance in hell you were going to let him throw you off your game tonight.


On a normal day, your earlier run in with Lin would have thrown you off your game. However, there was no time to be off your game on opening night. You pushed all notion of nerves and anger aside and focused on doing your job to the best of your ability and let me tell you something, you did. Your first night at Hamilton was the best show that you had ever done and you knew it. So when the cast let their open palms point towards you in the pit you were more the happy to stand and wave to the surrounding people cheering every single person who worked on the show that night. You spun around to greet the audience placing a hand over your heart in thanks, you were truly moved by the way that you had been welcomed into the Hamilton family, so it was no surprise when a stage hand handed Lin a mic and he coughed in order to command silence over the theatre.

“As many of you know, Mr Alex Lacamoire has left us in the very capable hands of Miss [y/n] [y/l/n]” he paused smiling up at the crowd from the crumbled piece of paper in his hands. There was a round of applause until he held up his hand to signal silence once again. “I am more then happy to welcome her back into not only mine but the rest of this cast’s lives, [y/n] is one of the greats and I very thankful to have her as a part of this family” you let yourself get a slight tear in your eye as you beamed up at him centre stage, no matter how mad you were with him he always had a way with words that penetrated every single fibre of your being. He looked down at you, his brown eye glinting with love before he lifted the mic to his mouth one last time.


After everything has settled down and each of the respective cast mates had filed into their dressing rooms to get changed for the night ahead you headed to your office sliding on the dress you had chosen for the afterparty. You had insisted that there was no need for a party but between everyone else they had decided that you needed one, apparently. Something about tradition and you were in no mood to argue with tradition at the prospect of cocktails.

The bar as full of people that you knew but you honestly felt like a stranger. The last time you were here you were with Lin. You were happy, new love was blossoming and you were basking in the entirety of its glory, at this point it felt like you couldn’t let the memories stop pouring back through your brain like polaroids in the dark room that was your brain, and boy did they come flooding back.


Your palm rested lightly on his bicep, as the atmosphere of the room swept you up, whipping all of the emotions that lingered around you into a frenzy. You looked up at the gentleman in front of you. You couldn’t help but tell yourself that he was quite handsome. Picking a patch of lint of hiss lapel you ignored everything he said focusing on the rise and fall of his chest as he laughed at his own joke.

You laughed back, a subconscious nod to the fact that you didn’t have a clue what he just said. Before you could gather anymore of your own thoughts a strong grasp made itself present on your own arm. The icy touch making you gasp slightly. You didn’t have to let your mind run wild or fast to figure our who the hand belonged to. Merely the feel of Lin’s hands on you made you extremely aware of his presence.

“Excuse me, [y/n] can I borrow you for a second?” He asked to no one in particular, almost as if he didn’t intend the statement to leave his mouth as a question. “press thing, excuse us” he turned to the man you had just been conversing with and pulled you away. Weaving in and out of the crowd you wondered how many people could actually see what was going on. You knew you were in trouble, and you knew it wasn’t going to end in your favour.

As the winter air hit your lungs you almost choked. “what do you think you’re going [y/n]?” Lin asked moving round to face you. In his normal disposition he would have added a cocked eyebrow to emphasise the fact that he wasn’t actually pissed at you. There was no cocking of any eyebrow at this point, his face was a pure picture of him waiting for an answer.

“I was talking with that man, you told me to socialise. I was doing as i was told for once” you shot back quicker then your mind could compute that you made a poor choice of words. “Do you think this is a game? Oh, my dear you are highly mistaken” he replied rocking back and forth on his heels. He was practically fizzing.

You let your hip slide to the side in a questioning manor, this drove him crazy. The fact that you could use your body to drive him insane and make him question his thought process was something that he was always in awe of. Tonight, not the case.

“This is not a game, if someone sees you flirting with other men that gives other men permission to flirt with you. Do you really think thats appropriate after the last few months? What do you think was about to happen?” he enquired crossing his arms across his broad chest.

“[Y/N]!” your head whipped from the intent stare you held with Lin to the voice of your friend drunkly running out of the event. “[y/n] you know me and free bars, who is this?” she slurred pointing towards the angry man who now made his way towards your side, letting a hand drift to rest in the open back of your dress. “Lin, i’m [y/n]’s boyfriend, nice to meet you” his attitude shifted. The smile playing on his lips reached each side of his face as he took your friend’s hand in his to shake. “It’s cold out here no, we should get going, I’ll get us a cab” if this man’s demenor changed anymore within a short space of time you were pretty sure you were going to end up with whiplash god damn it.

He placed a soft kiss behind your ear, to everyone on the outside, an innocent act. However it was only you that felt his finger tips press into the soft skin of your back. It was only you that heard the spat tone of “Make an excuse, get in the cab” and before you could find a sarcastic comment to respond with he left your skin lingering with feathered fingerprint bruises and he was at the edge of the curb hailing a car.

“Well” you sighed gathering the long pool of silk that was your dress up around your wrist. “Enjoy the free bar sweetie, we must get coffee soon!’ you called back flashing a reassuring smile behind you before sliding into the cab. Lord knows what would face you on the other end of short journey. You dreaded it, but you also couldn’t help but press your tights tightly against each other at the thought of it.

You slammed the door not bothering to let him finish the sentence that had bearly left his throat. A cold front came over your entire body, the random chit chat that Lin had engaged you in on the way home was not something you cared for. Apparently tonight he gave a damn what your cab driver over heard, it had never really stopped him before.

Letting the train of your dress glide over the dark wood floors of his apartment your eyes burned into the back of you.

"who gave you the right?” he asked into thin air tugging his tie loose.

You didn’t answer, you simply threw your handbag onto the couch before walking over to the large windows that framed the city skyline perfectly. Lights illuminating every single asset of the city. Your teeth tugged on your bottom lip subconsciously as he strode towards you reaching for your waist as he did.

“you should know by now i don’t like someone admiring whats mine” he breathed down your neck letting his teeth grazing over the soft skin at the nape.

“I’m yours Lin, you know that” you whispered not sure whether you were in the right place to talk back or not, however you were feeling extra brave with pushing your luck tonight. His fingers tugged at the zipper on your side, as he moved his free hand to fist the hair at the base of your neck tugging down slowly earning a low moan to escape your throat. You were clearly not in the right place to talk back to him at this moment. He let out a breathy chuckle.

“always an answer for everything mi amor” your breath hitched as he pressed himself around you. consuming every single part of your senses as he let his teeth trail across the top of your ear before he whispered. “enviar”


“hey lady of the hour, I lost you for a minute there” a slight look of concern crossed Lin’s face as he questioned you letting his hand rest comfortably on the small of your back like before. It was all too much. between every single moment that the both of you had shared and every single moment you still had to share you knew you wouldn’t be able to go another moment before doing this. For whatever reason every single ounce of feeling that you had every felt for this damn man came flooding back to you and for this reason and this reason alone.

You kissed him.

Deity!Seventeen AU - Hoshi, God Of Festivities

Author’s note- I’ve actually planned out an entire au for like,,,which gods all of seventeen would be, so if you wanna see more for any reason just send me an ask for who you’d like to see lmao

  • Hoshi is one of the most well known gods
  • Each god has a festival dedicated to them during a day in the year, and Hoshi’s is the most grand
  • Think Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  • The streets get completely decked out in decorations and lights, people set up food stalls and knick knack tables, along with game booths and more
  • He usually just improves the overall mood of any celebration, like even for a little kid’s tiny birthday party he makes sure that each person involved is having as much fun as possible
  • He’s one of the gods most heavily associated with humans and because of that he’s one of the most revered/loved
  • Even if he doesn’t show himself often, people can often sense his presence when he’s watching over a celebration because it can go from boring and borderline awkward to downright jovial
  • And now to you
  • You had always liked the annual festivals for the gods
  • They always had special food and games and when you were younger you had memories of winning prizes and goldfish from the lil game stalls (you still had some of the stuffed animals lining your shelves in your room)
  • But,,,at the same time,,festivals were meant to be spent with many people
  • So while you had always loved the festivities,,this year you were…,disappointed
  • Because of some Typical School Drama, you had found yourself friendless, which was a kick to the teeth on its own, but now you couldn’t even attend the year’s biggest event because you were too scared of seeming like a loser by going by yourself
  • You had actually planned for this to be the one time in your life you missed Soonyoung’s festival,,even though it had always been your favorite, simply because you didn’t want to embarrass yourself
  • But your parents downright refused
  • They wouldn’t accept any excuse for you to miss you favorite time out of the year,,,,so, that’s how you found yourself in the town square, alone just outside of the crowd and surrounded by glowing lanterns and laughter
  • And okay it was…,, just a bit heartbreaking
  • Here you were, at the festival that you had made so many good memories at every year,,but you almost wanted to cry because you were all alone and apart from everyone else who were having fun and enjoying every aspect of the party with their loved ones and friends
  • Meanwhile, Soonyoung had sensed something was up
  • He’s a god of festivities so of course he naturally has a perfect read of the emotions swirling in the air around him, especially at the festival dedicated to him
  • And he had been enjoying himself for the most part; he didn’t directly attend his own celebration in human form seeing as Jihoon had told him it was an exceedingly bad idea (Jihoon: if you show up in your physical form you’re gonna end up getting yourself drunk and making a repeat of the festival in 1838   hoshi: but that wasn’t that bad-   jihoon: you caught a food stall on fire. Four times   hoshi: ,,,fine), so he decided to just watch over it
  • And then,,,apart from all the emotions of joy and fun,,,there was something else
  • Disappointment, withdrawal, and overwhelming sadness,, all emanating from you who had resigned themself to a bench just outside of the town square
  • And in true hoshi spur-of-the-moment fashion, he decided to say screw it to Jihoon’s warning and made his way to you
  • You had been scrolling through your phone, refreshing the same four apps and your mood only worsening because apparently every single social media page was overflowing with pictures of the festival. The same festival in which you were alone at and you weren’t going to cry about it even though your eyes were definitely burning and you really wanted to cry because hell this was pathetic-
  • But then suddenly someone was sitting next to you and leaning forwards so they were in your line of sight
  • And even worse it was a cute boy and fuck your eyes were probably red and hell you looked so stupid maybe he wanted to tell you it was pathetic that you were here all alone and you knew that he wouldn’t and that it was just your mind fucking with you but what if-
  • But he simply asked if you were enjoying the festival with a soft smile on his face
  • (you weren’t sure what it was about him because usually that question in this scenario would,,,upset you more because cmon of COURSE you weren’t enjoying it but. Somehow you felt comforted)
  • So you just answer with a shrug and look down at your feet, saying,,,well not really because..,,, its no fun when you’re alone
  • And you nearly jump out of your skin when he grabs your hand and pulls you to your feet, flashing you a beaming smile as he starts pulling you back towards the crowd and hes like well good thing you aren’t alone anymore!!! Cmon what do you want to do? let’s buy some food!!
  • Part of you is really freaked out because wtf you don’t even know this guy why are you letting this happen ??? but another part,,,,a much larger part,,,is kinda happy??? Like this guy had seen you were upset and was trying to cheer you up and his eyes were so genuine,,,,,,plus he was really cute
  • He was also buying you food how could you say no
  • Somehow being around him was making you forget about all the drama that had hung over you before
  • But wait shit you dont even know his name whoops better ask for that
  • And so u ask and,,,when he replies with Hoshi ur like okay thats really cute omg but like internally because you’d prolly jump off a bridge if you said that out loud
  • Him: thank you!!! I’d say your name is cute too but i don’t know it
  • You internally: time to jump oFF A BRIGE
  • You externally: its y/n haha :))) didn’t mean to say that out loud but y’KnOw
  • Next thing you know hes ruffling your hair and hes like i was right!!!!! It is a super cute name good thing we match huh?
  • Ur 100% blushing
  • And Hoshi just leads you around the festival, keeping conversation flowing so easily that you wonder for a moment if this is actually happening because?? Here’s this absolutely gorgeous boy seemingly with a heart of pure GOLD and hes??? Listening to you attentively and following up your dumb jokes and jesus christ he’s so extra but in like,,,the good way
  • like ,,,at one of the game stalls he was just like BET YOU 20 BUCKS I CAN WIN THE GIANT HAMSTER PLUSHIE and ur like BET YOU 20 BUCKS YOU CANT
  • And of course hoshi doesn’t like losing so he might have used his godly powers just a bit,,,and you’re like damn oh well a bet’s a bet and you’re digging money out of your pocket and normally he’d GLADLY take money but
  • ,,,this time he couldn’t accept it because hell he was trying to help you have fun and he wasn’t accepting offerings rn, so he was just like nono that’s fine actually here have the hamster-
  • And youre like but we made a bet
  • Him: hmm,,,,right,,how about you give me a smile instead?
  • The GREASE
  • But Hell u were NOT expecting that and you feel your face getting hot and hes just like woahhh cuTE and you’re like HUSH GIVE ME A SECOND
  • And after going around the festival,,, Hoshi buying you snacks you looked at for longer than a second,,winning you cheap game stall prizes and even a bag of goldfish,,,you couldn’t help but think that somehow this had become one of the best festivals you’ve ever been to
  • Not a moment had passed where you weren’t having fun or smiling and you knew that it was all thanks to Hoshi
  • And so you were just a bit reluctant to head back home, even when the last firework show had ended and your mom told you to start heading back over text,,,you just wanted this to last forever
  • But you tell hoshi that you have to head home,, and he does look a bit sad but hes like ill walk you home!! And you joke like what do u just wanna see me more lmao and hes like yeah of course???
  • Cue you almost choking on air because Hell what the Fu k that was too genuine sounding what is this????? Feeling??? No none of that in this house
  • You cough to hide the flustered noise you made,,,and then you were walking in the direction of your house, a bag of goldfish held carefully in your arms and with Hoshi walking next to you and talking excitedly about his friend Woozi
  • You: woozi? That’s a cute name
  • Him: yeah but hoshi’s cuter isnt it
  • You: i dunno-
  • And ur like yes yes hoshi is a cuter name,,in fact this fish is gonna be called hoshi
  • Soonyoung is screaming inside like wtf,,,,this human is so cute,,,and he kinda starts feeling bad that he probably won’t ever see you again,,
  • Unless-
  • (somewhere in the distance, Jihoon has begun screaming)
  • Out of nowhere, he just bursts out IM A GOD
  • You: sure sure ur a god of the game booths like you won every single-
  • But hes like NO IM SERIOUS im sOONYOUNG and ur like lmao alright but hes like pouting because wth!!!!!
  • And you just adjust the goldfish bag and ur like sure id believe you if you did something godly lmao
  • And of course you were just joking because cmon,,,,you believe in the gods but seriously?? The god of Festivities taking a human form just to cheer you up? You weren’t that special-
  • But then he coughs to get you attention anD WHAT THE FUCK IS HE FLOATING
  • You trip over your own feet in fuckin shock because wait are you SERIOUS the actual god of festivities sHOWED HIMSELF TO YOU TO CHEER YOU UP WHAT
  • And hes just casually like i told you!!! And you can’t really retort because there’s your house but you also wanna fuck with him,,,like just a bit because,,,,,it was really funny when he was upset that you didn’t believe him
  • So you’re just like ok so you can float??? Big Whoop only a Real God could summon forty pounds of gold right here right now
  • You: god??? More like con
  • He’s screaming inside but you just nudge his shoulder and say jokingly “hey ill believe you’re a god if you go to prom with me”
  • But it turned on you because he was like OKAY SURE like rIGHt away and youre like wAIt-
  • He just asks for when it is and what to wear and ur,,,,gonna ride this good luck train because hell you weren’t gonna have a friend to go with anyways so?? Why not ?? plus ur kinda like,,,its not like hes gonna actually do it anyways like??
  • He’s probably gonna forget about you after he goes to wherever gods go,,,right?
  • Anyways,,you go into your house and before you close the door he just says “see you later!!” and ur like haha sure ok bye
  • And ur mom is like :))) did you have a good time??? Aren’t you glad you went??? Ur like oml FINE OK i had fun GOD MOM
  • Before you go to bed you pull out your old fish tank and clean it out before putting ur new buddy in,,bc ur fish is a KING he won’t be rotting away in some BOWL no he deserves a fully filtered tank with a bunch of decorations ((take care of your fish properly kids))
  • But,,,,it wasn’t the last time you saw Soonyoung
  • Because like two days later??? You hear your mom say that your friend was downstairs and ur like lmao what friend but whAT the fuck soonyoung is in your LIVING ROOM
  • And okay you’re DELIGHTED because you may or may not have missed him even though you only knew him for a few hours,, so ur like fuck it this god is my friend now lets go play mario kart
  • His godly powers might be able to win rigged fair games but he has no power over the domain of video games
  • Translation: he got really upset because you beat him 6 times in mario kart and 3 times on wii sports
  • And without realizing it,,,it kinda became normal for you to hang out with him?? Like sometimes he wouldn’t even go to your front door like normal and you’d just hear knocking at your window and at first you almost had a heart attack,,but now you’re just like oh its Soonyoung
  • Your favorite part of the day becomes learning the latest Divine Drama
  • Soonyoung: so Jeonghan was teasing Chan so Chan got upset and called Seungcheol but then Jeonghan just ended up teasing Seungcheol and so Seungcheol called Jihoon-
  • You: omg he did NOT
  • Soonyoung: he DID-
  • Sometimes you’ll leave stupid lil gifts at Soonyoung’s shrine like a little trinket at a garage sale that reminded you of him and he always gushes about it to the other gods like loOOK my human friend got me a THING do any of your followers do that???? No????? Well guess im just the best-
  • He also occasionally shows up to walk you home from school bc he’s impatient and wants to talk with you bc cmon you’re the most fun human he’s met-  well,,, fun in the sense that he knows you, and he doesn’t know many other humans as well as he knows you
  • And plus you always laugh at his jokes and the other gods don’t
  • But,,,as the days tick closer to prom which,,you were actually getting quite excited about because hell you actually??? Had a trustworthy date because Soonyoung reminded you constantly that he would show up,,so you couldn’t help but believe him
  • Alas, Jihoon has started catching on to Soonyoung’s feelings towards you,,and he’s seen gods that have fallen for humans before and it usually ends one of two ways
  • One: very very good, everyone ends up happy and theres a new god in the land
  • Two: very very bad, either the god has to watch the human die or the god has to abandon the human and it hurts both parties involved
  • And though Jihoon might pretend not to worry about the other gods,,,he doesn’t want to see Soonyoung hurt
  • So,,,though he doesn’t want to,,,as the god of reason he felt required to pull Soonyoung aside,,
  • And Jihoon explains like,, Soonyoung i know you like this human a lot but,,please think about what you’re dealing with
  • Soonyoung’s just like i know what im dealing with im dealing with a lovely person
  • Jihoon just sighs,,,,like no i mean seriously. Before you leap, think-  are you going to get tired of this human as soon as another interesting one stumbles along? Are you going to accidentally involve this human in matters they can’t control? We’re gods, Soonyoung, and though it’s fun to be around humans, it’s dangerous. So think about what you’re going to do before either of you get hurt
  • And soonyoung just,,,sobers up completely and he can’t help but,,,realize that he was just a bit caught up in you…
  • He couldn’t imagine hurting you?? Thinking back to when he first met you,,it broke his heart to have learned why you had been crying all alone at his festival and,,,,he really, really didn’t want to be the cause of that, ever…
  • So he decided; he would stay away from you for now,,,but if he still missed you after the time passed, he would see you again
  • But even then he didn’t realize that he was making choices before thinking
  • When Soonyoung didn’t show up at your house for a few days, you thought nothing of it
  • He was a god with duties to fulfill; you understood that and so you weren’t upset or anything when he was gone for a few days. Of course, playing video games and doing homework alone was less fun without him there,,but you could manage
  • You trusted him to keep his promise to go to prom with you,,and you even allowed yourself to get fully excited. You had even picked out a dress that was actually expensive,,and even tho ur not like,,a cheesy person….
  • Interally ur like,,,,,i hope  he thinks its pretty but right after that ur like wtf is this????a drama?????
  • Regardless, no amount of internal irony or cynicism can stop you from excitedly waiting at your meeting spot the night of the prom,,,just a little bench that you two would eat lunch at together on weekends
  • And you were all dressed up, your hair styled up all fancy and your makeup done by someone way more equipped with liquid eyeliner than you’d ever be,, and you can’t help but smile as the clock ticks closer and closer to the time you agreed on
  • Then 7pm hits, and hes still not there, but you don’t worry because hey even gods can’t make it on the dot right?
  • Then….7:30….8……9
  • As each minute ticks by, you feel the pain in your chest grow,,,of course when you had first met him, you had expected this outcome, but after all the time that had passed you had really grown to trust him
  • When the clock finally hits 10, you swallow the lump in your throat and head back home, holding back your tears so that you could at least tell a decent lie to your parents that you had fun with your friends
  • Meanwhile
  • Soonyoung had been thinking, more than any carefree god of partying usually would, about you
  • Because,, while he understood Jihoon’s warning…he really didn’t like staying away from you
  • He missed hearing you rant about your teachers and the stupid questions people asked in class, he missed how you would fall backwards whenever you laughed really hard and how, if he told the perfect joke, your laugh would turn loud and goofy. He missed how you would pretend to be annoyed when he whined about how you weren’t paying attention to him,,,he just missed you
  • Jihoon: :)
  • Soonyoung: what’s with that face. Why aren’t you disappointed.
  • Jihoon: you actually made a decision on your own,,, just wait until seungcheol hears this-
  • Soonyoung: JIHOON PLEASE NO
  • Everyone fears Seungcheol’s Dad Mode.
  • But, as Soonyoung prepares to run back to you and apologize for his absence,,Jun stops him
  • Because, guess who has a charm in their house for Jun?? Of course you would, your family believed in every god no matter how small,,,,and so,, Jun knew what happened
  • And hes just like Soonyoung,,my man, what time is it
  • Soonyoung: time to tell y/n i like them??
  • And jun is like oh my god i meant literally
  • Soonyoung’s like oh its 11- OH MY GOD PROM JUN HOW BADLY HAVE I FUCKED UP
  • The moment Jun just shakes his head, Soonyoung is ready to Die because usually Jun LOVES rubbing mistakes in people’s faces,,,,not even like in the mean way because usually they’re minor,,,,but if he’s not even gonna say
  • well,,,Soonyoung makes it to your house in record time and oh hell he can definitely feel that something is very, very off
  • He’d always been able to sense when you were upset, he just never knew it would hurt so much to realize that he had caused it,,,because if he listened hard enough he could hear you crying through the window
  • And its fair to say that you were only upset more when you hear a familiar knock at your window
  • All the hurt that had built up in you at every hour that had passed sitting alone in the dark turned to anger the moment he showed up
  • And you hated feeling angry,,you hated feeling all the negative energy running under your skin because it made you want to punch a wall but you never would so all it did was turn to bitter tears and more anger
  • So,,when you got up and went to your window only to see soonyoung….you closed the blinds
  • Or,,you try to but he sEEs your plan and his hand just slams on the window anD HES LIKE Y/N PLEASE DONT LET ME EXPLAIN-
  • And ur like what?? Ur gonna explain why you ditched me? Dont worry i understood your message anyways
  • His heart? Shattered into a million pieces
  • But,,,ur weak and too kind for your own good, so you open the window anyways because its probably cold outside
  • Soonyoung just tumbles in on hes knees and hes like liSTEN YOU DONT HAVE TO FORGIVE ME BUT LET ME EXPLAIN ILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU 1000%
  • You just wipe your eyes and nod bc even though you’re really, really upset,,you still know deep down that Soonyoung doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,,,,and usually if he does something rude its always on accident,,
  • And then he just SPILLS everything that’s happened in the last week; what Jihoon warned him about, how he got worried about hurting you (you: you already did that   him: I  kNow im so sososososososososososo-   you: soonyoung-   him:SOSOSOSOSOS O SO SORRY) and how he decided to stay away from you just so that he would have some time to think about what choice to make clearly
  • Before you can even get a word in he just jumps to his feat like listE N ILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU wanna go to a restaurant??? Ill buy you food we can go to the fanciest one in town gO get ready lets go!!!
  • He just looks so ready to GO ur just like okay,,,,just a minute,,
  • You gotta make it look like you haven’t been crying for the past half hour,,,and for a moment you can’t help but smile because when you look back he’s bouncing on his feet and staring at the clock on your wall and,,,soonyoung always displays his emotions so clearly its endearing,,
  • Before you know it soonyoung has your hand, dragging you down the streets and talking a mile a minute,,,
  • And ur just like soonyoung,,,soONYOUNG and he pauses in the middle of his sentence about the super fancy restaurants like ???
  • You make him stop walking bc ur lowkey exhausted because everything is happening FAST and you’re like hey listen i see what your goal is but how about we get some cheap fast food instead and just hang out??? Like normal??
  • Its like you just gave him a puppy like his face just LIGHTS UP and you see his Signature Hamster Smile
  • So you buy like two handfuls of chips and junk food from the nearest convenience store and Soonyoung says theres this really nice clearing in the woods to hang out in and he can tell Joshua to leave the two of you alone
  • And thats how you find yourself sitting on a log next to a pretty little pond in the middle of the woods with a god next to you who is. Currently struggling to hold the armful of snacks you guys bought at the 24 hour convenience store buy your house
  • You can kinda tell that Soonyoung is walking on eggshells around you,,,like his jokes don’t poke fun at you and he makes sure to give you any snack u ask for when he would usually make you play rock paper scissors for dibs,,
  • Okay you can’t help it because the thought he was putting into his actions was. Really endearing but at the same time you kinda want old rambunctious soonyoung back
  • So you push him slightly with your shoulder and you say, “Okay Soonyoung, I’m still a bit upset but I forgive you okay? Just explain a bit more ask to,,,like,,..why you avoided me??”
  • Once again, he acts like you just gave him the fucking world n for a moment you wonder if its okay for a god to be so easily impressed but you brush it off as he starts explaining
  • And its basically him repeating the speech Jihoon gave him and you’re nodding along until he’s like well I decided to say screw the rules like i mean i know it’s kinda weird for a god to fall in love with a human but hey whatever right-
  • You’re entire mind just kinda,,, fizzles out
  • In love??? God in love with a human?????? What?? //taps mic// hello?? What the fuck??
  • Soonyoung notices that you froze and he just blinks at you, not really understanding what he said to make you freeze up
  • You: s-soonyoung you s-said-
  • Soonyoung: that im in love with you? Yeah
  • And hes just like well if you don’t like me back then we can pretend i never said anything but,,, im just sayin I’m a god and i can read emotions pretty well so i know you like me back :)
  • You push him off the log and he almost cries when his cheetos fall into the dirt
  • ~~dating a LITERAL GOD~~
  • You wanna have a significant other that’s your best friend at the same time BOOM. SOONYOUNG
  • So its partially the same to how it was before; he still comes over and tries and fails to beat you at video games, he distracts you from school work (but only because he could tell you were starting to get stressed) and he still teases the everloving shit out of you
  • But at the same time, he kisses u. A LOT
  • Like Soonyoung is the world’s GREASIEST boyfriend ever,,,like he uses fucking pickup lines and youre like soonyoung we’re already dating and hes still like BECAUSE YOU’RE THE ONLY TEN I SEE
  • (you love it but you’ll never say it outloud)
  • He actually takes you to meet all the other gods?? Like he can’t take you to the god’s dimension because you’re human and all but he can call them down to meet u
  • Jihoon is like oh hey, you’re the human that soonyoung always talks about
  • Soonyoung is like jihoon SHHhshHSH but its too late youre already like :)))) oh so he talks about me?
  • Truth is Jihoon 100% plans on getting back at Soonyoung for worrying him so he makes sure to explain in detail all the things soonyoung told him about you
  • “Oh yeah one time he came back and i asked him why he was smiling and he said, and i quote-” soonyoung is fuckign writithing on the floor like JIHOON PLEASE NO “AND I QUOTE, ‘Jihoon you wouldn’t understand you don’t know what LOVE is like’”
  • You never let it go. You tease soonyoung about it constantly and he grumbles about how he would kill jihoon if gods weren’t immortal-
  • But every time he can never stay mad at you because you always kiss him on the cheek and he can’t help but smile
  • Sometimes he likes to play around and be like “youd COWER in the face of my true powers” but at the same time hes like “Y/N LOOK LOOK LOOK” while he makes a bunch of tiny glowing orbs that look like multicolored fireflies just because he wanted to impress you
  • Whenever you’re upset he can obviously sense it and he always tries his best to cheer you up, and if its something that a simple joke won’t fix, he’s always good at listening
  • Like,,,you don’t know if its the whole ‘god’ thing or not but he just always makes everything feel a bit less serious, like your world won’t end with a mishap
  • As a whole, dating god of festivities Kwon Soonyoung is happy and fluffy, with a side of lovely Godly Drama that he always spills to you as soon as it happens
The unbearable pain

Note: hey! So this is my first imagine, I know it sucks lol. I will continue making them if you guys want! Just send in requests! Well here it goes 💗(sorry its short also) .

Warnings : suicide mentions, CHUCK. thats all.


It was over. I couldn’t handle it anymore. The pain, the loss, the grief. It was too much. It had to be over.


9 hours earlier

“Stop!” I laughed as Jughead continued to throw grapes at me. I picked up the closest item on the couch and mindlessly threw it at the boy across from me.
“Okay, y/n, I’m done.” He groaned as I realized what I threw and more importantly where I threw. I stared at him holding his down under with the look of pure pain on his face. Looking at the remote I just threw, all I could think about was how happy I was as we laughed about it after.

I’ve been with Jughead for over 6 months now. Still continuously eating at the one of the kind Pop’s diner everyday. I would lean on his shoulder sitting at our usual booth, talking about my feelings, and he would listen. God, he listens to me. Even when I’m annoying as hell. Just complaining about how Chuck causes me excruciating pain when he looks at me with the smallest smirk on his stupid, arrogant face. Given my past with Chuck, I avoided him at all costs.

“Y/n?” I heard Jughead’s concerned voice echoing in my head.
“Hm? Oh sorry Jug.” I realized I dozed off again, staring through the window of Pop’s. “What were you saying?”
“I was asking if you wanted to go to the Drive-in tonight, but y/n, are you sure you’re all right? We can stay in. Watch a movie at your place.”
“No, Jug lets go to the Drive-in. I know you wanted to go before it closes down.” I could tell he was worried.
“Whatever you want y/n.” He smiled at me.
I gave him a light kiss on the lips as I climbed over him to get out of the booth.
“Going to the restroom.” I smiled,
“Have fun.” He laughed

I looked in the mirror in the small bathroom at Pop’s. I couldn’t even look at myself. Whenever I close my eyes all I see was him, Chuck. Flashbacks of that horrid night flash before my eyes. Him forcing himself on me. Me screaming for help that I knew would never come, scratching the carpet trying to escape, but just finally I stopped struggling. Let him take control of my body as I lay there, crying. I would go home that night as if nothing had happened, going to bed and waking up the next morning to walk to school with Jughead. Who genuinely cared for me. I stared at him talking, his black hair surrounded by his beat up beanie. He was so perfect and I didn’t deserve him. I didn’t deserve any of this. I didn’t deserve this life. I just couldn’t bare the thought of losing Jughead, but that thought was better than the thought of my life.

I reached into my bag and pulled them out. The pills I was prescribed when I had surgery for my broken hand. I had to. I’m not strong enough for Jughead. He would be better off without me.

I swallowed 3 along with the sink water in the bathroom. Then, 2 more. Until I couldn’t feel my pain anymore. As I lay there on the cold tile floor, breathing slowly with my last breaths,

“Y/n? Are you okay? You’ve been in there for 20 minutes. Y/n, you’re scaring me. Y/N!” He was now banging on the locked door, trying to kick it down.
“HELP! Please,” I heard him whispering “y/n, don’t leave, please, I love you.” I tried to grasp the words to say it back, I tried so damn hard, I realized I couldn’t leave him. I had to be there for him as he has been there for me. But before I could unlock the handle, I went unconscious.

fayemichaels  asked:

How about an almost-breakup scene in a really major fight? Like they were screaming and shouting at each other, MC feels like she doesn't deserve the guy and the guy refuses to give up on her. Feel free to change the scene a little if it's too specific! I pick Elias, Klaus, Randy, Joel, and Yukiya. 😊

I think the hardest will be Yukiya and Randy.

- You both agreed to take your relationship slowly
- But now it felt like months sense you guys kissed
- You barely held hands anymore because people were always around
- And recently Elias had started to be even more distant
- A bunch of negative thoughts came to mind
- What if he doesn’t want me anymore?
- What if he found someone better?
- Am I no longer good enough?
- More and more thoughts piled your mind till you couldn’t take it
- And one afternoon, during lunch, you broke
- Elias was eating his food quietly and you were trying to have a conversation with him
- When you reached out to hold his hand he pulled back
- That was the final straw
- “I don’t understand! If I wasn’t good enough you could have told me instead of putting me through this torture!”
- He looked at you shocked at your sudden burst out
- “If you don’t want me then just say so. I can’t take this one-sided relationship anymore! You don’t even LOOK at me now!”
- You turned to leave but his hand reached out and snatched your wrist
- “Let me go! Elias, let me go please!”
- “No, I won’t! If I do, you’ll leave! I can’t handle not having you by my side! MC, please don’t go!”
- “Please you deserve someone better! Someone who will not mess up everything for you!”
- Elias wraps his arms around your shoulders tightly. He rested his head on your shoulders unwilling to let you go.
- By now, you were both a sobbing mess.
- You felt his warmth pressed up against your back
- You stayed like this until the bell rang
- Elias was the first to speak up after the bell
- “I’m sorry, MC. I got insecure… You are so cheerful and positive. I was trying to work up the courage to show small affection in public but I always backed down at the last second… Please don’t leave me.”
- “Elias… let go.”
- Slowly, his armed loosened about you
- His face looked sad when you turned around and looked into his eyes
- You hugged him tightly
- He hugged you just as tightly
- Later on, you guys worked things out
- And now you guys are making out

- “MC, you did it backwards..”
- “You put them in the wrong order, MC.”
- “Concentrate when chanting a spell.”
- “Please clean up the mud you summoned.”
- “How did you get an F?”
- “Did you study?”
- “That’s not the right way.”
- The scolding goes on endlessly.
- Every time you got scolded little images of Klaus giving up on you comes to the surface
- What if he decides he has had enough?
- You are always getting in the way of his work and making more of a mess for him to clean up afterwards
- Maybe you should leave before he leaves you
- These thoughts kept reoccurring until you felt worthless
- When you were ordering the books on the shelf Klaus noticed you weren’t as cheerful and your back was slightly slumped over
- Klaus has a very different way to show his concern
- “Hey,.. MC most of those books aren’t even on the right shelf.”
- “Oh..” Gosh, why does he stay by me? I’m nothing but a failure.
- Tears came to your eyes but you wiped them off quickly.
- “MC? What’s wrong? Don’t think you can hide from me.”
- “I don’t understand! Why do you stay by my side?! I’m so stupid and I mess everything up! WHY?!”
- “MC calm down.”
- “Dar-”
- “MC! You and I both know that’s not true.”
- Klaus spoke in a very stern voice which made you realize you were yelling at the top of your lungs
- Why am I like this?
- You sunk down to the ground hiding your face with your hands
- Klaus ran up to you and crouched down holding you in his arms
- “Although I hate seeing you cry, you need to let it all out.”
- He kissed your forehead and rubbed your back soothingly while you sobbed your heart out.
- Eventually, you calmed down and let Klaus speak.
- “You are an amazing person. No one is perfect except me. I love you more then words can express. All your flaws make you even more perfect to me.”
- He lifted your chin with his thumb and index finger, kissing you gently.
- “In fact, I’ll show you how much you mean to me.”
- wink, wink, nudge, nudge

- Right now, you two were at the field cloud-watching
- Randy had such a serene look on his face
- His smile reached his eyes as he called out the clouds shape
- He was always so happy
- So optimistic
- Why couldn’t you be like that?
- He was incredibly powerful
- You weren’t in the least bit
- And even though people saw him as eccentric you loved him just the way he was
- Randy…
- You loved him
- He loved you, right?
- Why would he though…
- You are pathetic in your skills and you lack concentration
- Your confidence is pretty low in everything except cooking
- Randy deserves a better girlfriend
- One who has all those qualities you lack
- “Hey… Randy?”
- “Yes?”
- “We should break up.. I can’t give you anything good.”
- “What’s this all of a sudden? You give me plenty!”
- He totally ignored the break up part
- Randy’s kind face changed into a very serious one
- “Never have you ever done that. Not at all. I don’t know where you got that idea but I want you to forget it.”
- “You can do plenty. You can make a room light up as soon as you walk in, you can care for animals, you make everyone feel loved, and you cook like a master.”
- “No, I can’t. As a couple, we strengthen the parts where our partner lacks. We fill the holes that have been dug with love. We care for the scars left behind from others. That’s why we are the best couple out there.
- “…”
- You went silent and thought about what he said
- A moment of weakness and he already fixed it.
- “Can we get back together then..?”
- “Sweetie, we never broke up.”
- Randy hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek
- “I don’t ever want to make you feel insecure. I promise I will make up for it right now.”
- “But-”
- “You are mine. Never forget that.”
- “I love you.”
- “Love you too, MC. Now, let me see that beautiful smile of yours!”
- He grabbed your hands and pulled you up then began dancing with you in a playful manner
- You laughed and followed his lead twirling around
- This is why you love him so much

- Joel and his brutally honest mouth just kept on talking
- You had just explained why you had to have supplementary classes
- Apparently, Joel didn’t pick up on the fact you were feeling down and insecure already when he blurted out hurtful things
- “I’m not surprised you got them. You never go over the material given.”
- “Ugh, I know..”
- “Is there anything in that hard head of yours?”
- You knew he was right, but, right now, you couldn’t take anymore insults
- “I have a brain you know!”
- “Are you sure?”
- “MC, I never said tha-”
- “Or maybe.. maybe you are right. Maybe I am dumb. I can’t do anything right. I messed up on the potion and I couldn’t concentrate on a simple spell…”
- Various things had happened today and they were dragging you down as you thought about them.
- “You aren’t dumb.”
- “Hey…”
- Joel looked at you with a concern expression on his face and wiped away as many tears as he could.
- “I’m sorry. You are amazing, especially that determination of yours. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Your determination is that strong.”
- “Joel…”
- “I’m sorry I didn’t notice you were already upset. Remember how you got my magic back? I had totally given up but you, you kept going and we reached our goal. I couldn’t have done that without you.”
- *sniff sniff*
- He held you in his arms not caring if other people were walking by or at this point staring.
- Nothing would stop him from showing how much he truly cared about you.
- “I love you, Joel…”
- “I love you too”

- It was finally the weekend
- You wanted to look your absolute best for Yukiya
- You tried on every outfit you had and stared in the mirror
- The outfit looked so cute but… not on you?
- “Ugh..” You flopped down on the bed
- You didn’t like the way you looked
- Insecurities started bubbling to the surface as you thought about all the imperfections about yourself
- Meanwhile, Yukiya was waiting at the gate for you near the girl’s dorm
- He started worrying and sent you a magic note asking if you were okay
- Reading the note, you responded saying, “My appearance isn’t okay. I look horrible in every outfit. How can you stand being next to me?”
- Yukiya quickly responded a little stunned.
- “What are you talking about? You look beautiful in anything.”
- “No I don’t. I look awful.”
- This kept going on for a while with the notes until you were screaming at each other in the notes.
- Yukiya sighed then sneaked into the dorm.
- You heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was Amelia, you opened it.
- To your astonishment, it was “Yukiya?”
- He looked somewhat mad?
- “Um-”
- Yukiya pulled you into a tight embrace
- “Wha-”
- “MC, you are perfect just the way you are. Don’t you dare change a single thing about you. I fell in love with a girl who appreciated every aspect of me, including my transformation. Looks are just an appearance. They don’t matter. I love you because you are you. Not because of your hair style, or chest, or skin color. I love you because of your personality. Don’t ever try to change that.”
- “But-”
- “No buts.”
- He kissed you deeply.
- You felt your knees weaken and you let yourself melt into his embrace
- “You are amazing just the way you are.” Totally not quoting Bruno Mars
- You looked up into his eyes, one grey and one brown
- “You should wear this outfit.”
- “I should?”
- “Yes. Now come on before the day ends.”
- Both of you had a nice and relaxing afternoon together.

Phew! Randy was the hardest for sure. I just can’t see Randy screaming though… Anyways, I hope you liked this! Sorry it took so long!

                         KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 6

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: NEW UPDATE! YAY! Okay, things are really getting intense now (as if they weren’t before) i’m pretty stoked to make the next few parts as I’ve got a lot in mind. BTW! Guess who finally makes an appearance this chapter? Please enjoy/reblog/like…whatever your lovely soul wants to do! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.3K+

Warning: Cursing? As usual.


Anyone who cried as much as you did couldn’t possibly recognize their own face, how could they? The way your face was heated, cheeks stained with undried tears along with your bloodshot eyes–it was something horrifying. Yet, in the back of your mind, a questioned raised: how was Kylo not the least bit grossed out at the sight of your terrifying aftermath called a face? Taking in yet another sniff as you continuously wiped your tears, you weren’t sure what you were crying about at this point. “Stupid Kylo Ren,” You muttered, tossing the crushed up toilet paper towards the mirror with such force, you couldn’t help but let out a small laugh as you watched it completely miss and land in the sink.

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Listen here boy! Pt5 (finale)

“Oh my god!” you exclaimed, your hand covering your mouth as your eyes devoured page after page of Eric journal. Such hated, such loathing, such pain. Pages and pages filled with plans of mass destruction, mass murder, suicide. Pure hatred for mankind itself.

Once Eric had left you’d sat in the middle of your bed, absent-mindedly eating the candy as you read. You weren’t entirely sure if it was what you were reading or the candy, but you felt sick, totally utterly sick. Eric had or was still planning on blowing up the school and killing anyone and everyone in his sight. He’d taken meticulous notes on the school layout. Floor plans of the cafeteria and it and weak points to cause as much damage as possible. Worst of all Dylan would be joining him!

You rubbed your eyes hard trying to process what you were reading. How? “How could he believe that, that would do anything other than destroy everyones lives!” You groaned angrily.
As each page turned the hatred written in the grew and grew. You had to force yourself to read parts of how he wanted to violate other girls from your school. True hed written THOSE parts well before youd met and begun dating but it still sucked ass to read it. You finally reached August.

August 3rd 1997:
today, my whole outlook on life has shifted, y/n. She chose me, after 3rd I found a note folded in my locker, she’d liked me since middle school but was too shy to talk to me. ME!! A goddess was shy of me! Shy to talk to a loser like me!! My pounding heart, left me breathless as I read her note. She wanted to be with me! I’ve fucking loved her since the 1st time I saw her. I never thought in a million trillion years she would ever or had ever looked at me that way. Life as I know it now is filled with light and colours. The most prefect, beautiful and fucking smart girl in the whole universe said yes to me! My girlfriend. I feel giddy just thinking that! No matter what I’ll be good to her, I make this promise never to hurt my angel, the thought of her sad makes me want to kill anything thats causing that sadness. Y/n. Is it too early to tell her how much Iove always loved her? Would she freak out? Is this actually real?! I&rsquo;ve never ever EVER felt such happiness. NBK may need to be canceled, I hope V will be ok with that…

You blushed at the entry. Youd spent hours writing and re writing that note for Eric. You heart jumped to your throat as he came up to that day holding the note and smiling at you. Hed asked you out right then and there. It was the greatest day of your whole life. Further into his journal you noticed how less his ‘NBK plan was mentioned. Replaced with how much life meant to him, how great the world was. How much the jocks didn’t even faze him anymore because he had you by his side.

March 27th 1998:
today I became a man. How perfect of a night could I even describe here? We are now one being. Body and soul connected. She felt so good! I fucking love y/n with every fibre of my being. And she loves me too!!! I tried to be so gentle with her, her face when I entered her was a flash of pain, fear and pleasure. She didnt want me to stop. In the warm night and under the stars we’d made love. I finally know what reznor means now by feeling them from the inside. Oh my god her body! And she tasted so good! I could of eaten her out for hours, and I will again as soon as she lets me!…

You giggled at the entry of your first fuck with Eric. It hurt but was amazing. It wasnt very long but youd both gotten muuuuccchhh better since that night. You paused as you felt the tell tale sign of you getting aroused.

“No no no! No time for that right now god damnit!!” You scolded yourself and turned the page. As you read closer to the current date Erics mood shifted in his pages. He raged about how he and Dylan got caught breaking into a van, how his dad was riding his ass for perfect grades even though he averaged at a A-. How the marines would most likely reject him for being on his medication. The pressure had made him rekindle his NBK idea, he continued about how torn he was. He hated school and what it did to him, how he was treated and how he just wanted some justice. But yet, he couldnt break his promise to you. He loved you! FUCKING loved you. Hed wrote about how he felt you too were becoming distant and he couldnt figure out why

“Maybe coz you were a vulgar asshole to me” you muttered quietly as you kept reading.
You finally reached the last entry. The day youd broken up with

February 7th 1999:
Today my purpose in life has ended. Y/n broke up with me. I’m so fucking stupid! All this time I thought she, SHE was getting distant with me, but it was all me. I fucking pushed her away. Treated her like shit. I broke my promise I made to myself when we 1st started dating. Oh god my heart physically hurts. I’ve cried more today than I’ve ever in my whole miserable life. I never deserved to be with such an angel. What have I done!! I can’t go on in life without her. I am nothing, FUCKING NOTHING without her. She brought life into my life when all I saw was darkness and death. I miss her so much and it’s been like what? 5hours. If it hurts this much from such a short amount of time, I won’t live till next week. The pain, the pain I feel is probably nothing to what I made her feel. I can’t lose her!! I will fight for her!! I NEED her. I’ll do anything. I will become celibate, I’d become one of those conformist jocks!, give up on the marines! NBK is off. All it did was let poison seep back into me. I took that out on her. Sorry will never be good enough. I’m holding her necklace right now. She tore it from herself and threw it at me. It was like watching her rip my heart out. I need to fix this bit how? HOW?! I never ever deserved her! But I can’t, and I won’t give up on her. Mom says to get over it and that there is plenty more girls in the world. But fuck her! What would she know about love? Her and dad barely speak! That’s not love! What y/n and I have is love. Pure true love! I won’t give up on that. I promised her.

The journal dropped from your shaking hands. You scrambled off your bed and raced for your car. Ignoring your mothers confused shout for you to slow down and stop. Turning the keys in your ignition your stereo strangely silent you raced for Eric’s house.
Your fist damn near left debts in the door as Eric’s dad Wayne answered and grumpily asked what you wanted. Much to his surprise you ignored him and pushed past him. Also ignoring his angry protests as you raced down to Eric’s room.

“ERIC!” You yelled as you opened his door. The room was empty, trashed and empty. Eric must of taken some of his anger and hurt at you breaking up with him out on the things in here. Looking around you saw an undamaged photo of you both. Picking it up you felt the tears begin to slide down your cheeks.

“Y/n…?” Came Eric’s quiet and confused voice as he exited his bathroom.
You spun around and faced him.

“Eric!” You choked and scrambled over his bed, rushing towards him before throwing your arms around his neck. He pulled you as close as he could to him, and buried his head in your neck.

“Shhh it’s ok baby…” he mumbled as his arms tightened harder around you. Your whole body shaking with your sobs.
“Eric…” you tried to choke out but he just shushed you, gently beginning to stroke your back.

“Baby it’s ok, it’s ok” he whispered to you.
“Eric I’m sorry!” You started before he stopped you, pushing you back slightly so he could look at you.

“Baby you’ve got nothing to say sorry for, I’m a asshole, I don’t deserve you but fuck I love you so so much, that my soul hurts. I can not imagine life without you, I can’t not, not have you in my life. NBK is off. I told Dylan earlier. I can’t lose you baby. You make life worth living for me. Nothing else matters to me but you! Seeing the pain I caused you crushed something deep inside. IM the ones whom is sorry. I made a promise for you and I broke it!”

You pulled him to your lips and kissed him hard, tears still falling from your eyes.
“Eric never leave me, please!” You breathed heavily looking into his eyes. His own eyes shimmered with tears threatening to fall. He rested his forehead against yours.

“I’m not going anywhere baby, not now, not ever. You have me, mind body and soul. Now and forever more my angel.”

High School Brad

A/N: this is soon late. my apologies. also i know i haven’t posted much of anything lately, again I’m really sorry I'm trying my best (: I’ve been busy lately I’ve just aquired a new room mate and its been a very stressful change tbh, also I’ve gotten sick and it sucks. but anon requested high school brad with drama and a happy ending so here ya go. 

brad simpson, he was the boy everyone obsessed over, the boy who wore tumblr outfits and beanies making all the girls swoon. he was popular to say the least, he was a skater boy. some might even refer to him as a “fuck boy” you hated that, he was so hot and he knew and enjoyed every ounce of it. You hated the fact that you were so attracted to him but you almost couldn’t help it, he just had a way about him, just the way he held himself. he was a cocky son of a bitch too, all the girls loved him. he had curly hair almost always covered by a beanie or a snapback with his range or arctic monkeys t shirts and tight black skinny jeans. you had algebra with him and he sat directly behind you, he liked to mess with you and call you names like sweet heart and princess in a sarcastic manner.

you walked into algebra that day your headphones in listening to your music before the bell rang as you normally did. you were already irritable as it was 7am so added annoyance period was not needed. you felt a poke on your back and you knew exactly who it was and you were not in the mood for his shit today. “heeey, hey. hey. pst” he kept going until you finally turned around. “brad. what do you want?” you said with an unpleasant expression. “well princess, id like a lot of things actually but for now how about the homework from last night?” he said trying to be a smart ass. “like id let you copy my homework, now please leave me be” you said clearly annoyed. “c'mon, please. i cant afford another bad grade, i seriously just don’t get any of it” he pleaded. “fine Simpson, but this is a one time thing, you got me” you said slapping the paper on his desk. “you’re a life saver sweetheart” he winked. “what’d i tell you about those stupid nicknames” you said before turning around again. he passed the paper forward right before the bell rang for class to start.

it was 2:00 and school was over, your teacher said she had a tutor job for you in the library and for you to sit in the very back of the library and wait for them. you were sat there for a good 15 minutes, until you saw a familiar face only over a foot away from you. this couldn’t be happening, this has to be some sort of joke. “brad can i help you with something?” you said in a sarcastic tone. “actually yeah, seeing thats what a tutor is meant to do” he laughed. “please tell me you’re joking” you said in pure shock. “listen this is embarrassing as it is so can we not have to repeat why i’m here, and can we do these things somewhere else next time?” he said in a quiet tone. “you mean these TUTOR sessions, yes we can have those at my house next time” you laughed. “oh don’t enjoy yourself too much there” he snapped back. “okay okay, lets get to it then”. you went through his mid term review for about an hour until the session basically concluded itself and you packed up your stuff. “so tomorrow your place?” he said looking at you with a smile. “yeah, but dont get any ideas buddy” you joked making the both of you laugh.

in the past week you’ve gotten to know brad a little better, enough to know that he wasnt all you thought he was. he was actually kinda nice, and funny for that matter. he wasn’t the douchebag you thought he was. but of course with all this you started to grow feelings for him, you knew you shouldn’t let yourself fall for him but it was one of those things that you cant really control. everything was going fine until Friday when you walked into school. about ten people asked you the same question, “YOU AND BRAD HOOKED UP??” you were ready to kill him. you were on a mission now, to find brad and to talk some sense into him. the bell rang before you could find him, but that did not mean you’d let this go. you met in the front of the school everyday after school.

you sat at the edge until you saw brad approaching you as if nothing happened “you ready to go?” he said in his casual Birmingham accent of his. “well brad, give me one reason why i should even let you back in my house?” you said in the most pissed off tone you could muster. “wait what?” he said confused. “brad, why the fuck would you tell people we were hooking up!?!?” you said absolutely infuriated. “oh that, um. please just let me explain” he said rubbing the back of his neck. “honestly i thought you were different. i always thought you were an asshole who was way too full of himself, and i was right” you said trying to steady your breathing. “please, don’t say that. please i only said that because the guys were bugging me about what i was doing after school, and you’re so pretty and intelligent i know they wouldn’t bug me if i was with a girl like you” he said looking right at you. “brad you had no- wait did you just, um compliment me?” you said taken back. “don’t sound so surprised princess, you’re gorgeous and I’m an asshole for saying that I’m sorry. please forgive me.” he said desperation in his voice. “you always did know how to phrase things.” you smiled. “thank god” he breathed before hugging you tight. you both held each other there for a few minutes before you looked him in the face still hugging him. “would it be bad if i kissed you right now?” he whispered, as you felt his hot breath on your face. you shook your head no signaling for him to kiss you. he leaned down a bit and kissed your lips softly, causing your eyes to flutter closed and your mind to get completely lost in the kiss until you finally pulled away.

so what does this mean?” you said trying to process everything that just happened. “that i can take you out this weekend?” he questioned. “absolutely” you giggled kissing him again. 

*****I’m extremely sorry to say that this reaction is permanently down, due to gif problems! I apologize for the loss of feels and stupid boy reactions to sweet cuddles! Once again, I’m really sorry I can’t fix it (;≧n≦) ****** 

“Seventeen reactions to when you ask them for cuddles?” 


He would be so giggly about it and happy that you asked him to cuddle this time instead of him asking. He would be kind of an ass by teasing you cause he’s seungcheol. Hm, what thats? Can you say that again?~ You want to cuddle with me right?~ 



He’d be a little bit surprised by you asking because you guys usually just cuddle without asking so he would cherish this moment and have those words replay in his mind while you guys actually cuddle. “ ‘Can we cuddle?~’ You asked, so cute~” 



He would be really happy about it but give you a hard time about it because he loves you! Tough love from the gentleman Joshua~ Why didn’t you ask sooner? Were you nervous to ask me?~ This results in a flustered/angry you and no cuddles for Joshua, to him it would be worth it to see you so red



This amazing actor would act surprised and definitely agree to some cuddles with you! Because who doesn’t love cuddles?  Gasps! You want to cuddle with me? Your amazingly cute boyfriend? Hmm..okay~” 



Okay now Hoshi wouldn’t be faking his surprised reaction like Jun would.  He would be semi flustered at the fact that you wanna cuddle because he doesn’t cuddle with you often, mainly hand holding and kissing  but no cuddling yet till today! Wah, really? You want to cuddle? Okay, where should we cuddle?~” 



This kid would be 10/10 up for it. He would be doing a small dance to celebrate the fact that you asked him to cuddle because this is only like the 3rd time you askedWooah, you have perfect timing! I was just going to ask you to cuddle.” 



He would laugh as you ask because he would find it so adorable how your asking him for cuddles. Yah, you never ask, this is so cute. Why don’t you do this more often? Then he would hug you and definitely give you sweet sweet Woozi cuddles. You should ask me for more things now” 



He wouldn’t be laughing because your asking him he would just be laughing because he’s just so happy to get to cuddle with you. “Yah stop, you’re being way too cute, and I need to hug you right now! He would bring you into his arms and squeeze you. I love you~” 



He would be a dweeb the entire time you ask him. He would be making kissy faces at you and just being dumb overall. Basically he would tease you like Seungcheol. Hm what’s that? You want cuddles? Who do you want cuddles from?” 



Oh gosh he would be so flustered and happy about this. He would laugh out of pure nervousness because he has yet to cuddle with you. So this would be your first official cuddle with Minghao. A-ah, yes of course we can cuddle! You didn’t have to ask you know..” 



He would totally be up for it, he would stop you right in the middle of asking and just kiss your face as his answer. So does this answer your question? Or do I need to kiss two times for a ‘Yes’?



He would be too excited for this, he would literally yell yes because he’s that excited to cuddle with you. YES! YES, I wanna cuddle with you! A thousand times yes! You would be Seungcheol on the side lol



He would stop you in the middle of asking and just smile so brightly at you knowing how embarrassed or hard it might’ve been for you to muster up the courage to ask him to cuddle. “Aish, shoosh, you didn’t have to ask for cuddles! You could’ve just throw me on the couch and I would know!” 


Hello tiny children!!!  (๑•́ ω •̀๑) Tis Bubbles again with another reaction that I absolutely had so much fun doing! I thought this was a really really cute request! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Today I used wanting to make my followers super happy as a motivation to finish this!!  (´・ω・)ノ So please enjoy this lots and give it and me lots of love guys! Thank you~  ( ・`ー・´)

**Gifs are not mine! All Credit goes to the original makers, thank you!!**

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An imagine when you're a Slytherin girl in Fred and Georges year but don't believe in all that pure blood supremacy stuff (bc you were raised by muggle mom but that's a secret) and is 'dating' Flint (for appearances) and one day Fred and George was gonna fight Flint and you stop it by kissing Flint and getting them out of trouble and later on run into Fred and reveal that you have feelings for each other and lots of fluff yeah sorry for my English it's not my first language you're amazing ily

A/N: Isn’t it? I wouldn’t have guessed (your English is brilliant, by the way!) And aw, thank you, that’s too kind of you to say x

Originally posted by obviouslyphelps

‘You know,’ said Flint, a small smile lingering on his face as he laced your fingers together, ‘I’m gonna be so happy when this match is over.’

You nodded, rolling your eyes slightly. You really didn’t understand his obsession with Quidditch but it was a lot better than dealing with his Pure Blood supremacy talks. Though those only really came about when he’d been talking to Malfoy for longer than five seconds.

‘And you’ve lost?’ came a taunt from behind you, making you jump.

The Weasley twins were standing at the other end of the empty corridor. There were small smirks on their faces which unsettled you slightly.

‘Well, well, well,’ said Flint slowly, letting go of your hand and moving towards them. It was between lessons so you knew that the chances of getting caught were slim. You could feel the tension rising in the hallway, and you knew what was about to happen. All of them were about to do something very stupid, and you were the only one who could do anything about it. ‘Look who showed their faces. I think I should dock points just for –’

Before you could really think about what you were doing, sensing the twins’s rising irritation at Flint, you moved between them. You could read on Fred’s face that this was only going to end in a fight, the way his hands had clenched by his sides, his eyes darkening slightly at the mere sight of Flint. So you did the one thing you knew would diffuse some tension. You moved and crashed your lips against Flint’s.

He was shocked at first, but kissed you back. He placed his arm lightly around your back.

A small cough echoed around the corridor, and you pulled away from Flint in time to see Umbridge watching you. ‘I think that’s twenty points each from you,’ she said, her eyes ablaze with something like irritation. ‘And forty for dawdling,’ she added to the smirking twins, which wiped that look off their faces.

Flint puffed out his chest slightly, seeming to think the battle was won, before nodding towards the other end of the corridor.

You sighed, knowing there was little you could do now, and followed him.

It wasn’t until later that evening, when you were wandering the corridors and trying to make things clearer in your head, that you saw Fred again. You’d been thinking about your mum, and how she’d have thought about the little charade. She’d have laughed, you knew that much, and then asked why you didn’t do something about the feelings which were slowly making themselves known to you.

‘Someone’s lost in thought,’ he said simply, causing a small smirk to slip onto your face.

You shook your head clear. ‘Yeah, miles away,’ you explained, falling in step with him.

‘I would be if I’d just kissed Flint,’ he teased, causing you to raise an eyebrow at him.

‘Shouldn’t you be nicer to my boyfriend?’

He shrugged dismissively. ‘I would be if I thought you actually cared about him,’ he said bluntly.

You paused, and he stopped a short way from you. His eyes were scanning you, as if trying to read something in your expression which you refused to give away.

‘I – of course I – what’d you mean?’ you spluttered.

A small smile slipped onto Fred’s face and he closed the gap between you. Your heart was thundering against your chest. You really liked Fred, but you knew that you needed to keep too many secrets. Your mother being a Muggle the main one. You couldn’t let people think that there was something like that behind you, and you knew the comments that would fly. You just wanted to protect her, and if that meant the appearance of dating Flint, then so be it.

‘You don’t love him, (Y/n),’ said Fred simply. ‘He likes you, yeah, but he likes the idea of a girlfriend more. But…’ he paused for a moment, and you could see that he was trying to figure something out. For the briefest of moments you could see that there was doubt behind his eyes. ‘I really like you, and I don’t wanna see you get hurt.’

You let out a breath that you weren’t aware you’d been holding. You hugged Fred Weasley in that moment, without thinking, and smiled into it for a moment before pulling away.

‘Fred,’ you said in a small voice, feeling a blush rushing up your cheeks. ‘I like you too, but I need – I’ve gotta –’

Fred lightly took your hand, an understanding smile on his face as he nodded. ‘I get it,’ he said in a small voice, but you could tell it hurt. ‘I’ll be waiting when you’re ready.’

‘Thank you,’ you murmured, knowing that you needed to make a few changes to your life. You gave his hand a small squeeze.

Backstabbing 4

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A/n: i know that Brett has a sister but i have no idea what her name is so i’m just going to make it up and call her Laura! Someone told me Brett’s sister name so thank you to that anon! And i made someone really bitchy in here, so i’m really sorry! But you’ll see why soon! Thanks for reading x

Sorry if this chapter kind of sucked

Backstabbing series(Link won’t somehow work) so here:

I know that i shouldn’t listen to what Liam is saying. He’s just saying that to hurt me, he doesn’t want me with Brett. Why can’t i have someone to talk to. My parents aren’t here, i’m not best friend with Hayden anymore, i’m not close with Liam’s friend well except Lydia and i can’t talk to Brett about these stuff or else he’ll go and kill Liam. Which i do not want. Being a girl is so frustrating.  

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i was just thinking about prompto because i love him so fkn much, and started up some christmas headcanons;

  • he’s always the first one awake and pouncing on noctis’ bed and doing the “nooma nooma” video to him to wake him up (welp i hc that he does that EVERY morning but christmas is his jingle bells version
  • he’d be so cute and excited all the time
  • you cant tell me he wouldnt cONSTANTLY sing carols too after youve heard his voice. he’d probably just sing everything he says with that voice of his
  • he’d probably buy all of the guys a gift that was super personal and he’d put so much thought into it
  • and he’d never ever expect anything back, he’d always say that just spending the holidays with them is enough but obviously they’d pile him with gifts and he always treasures every single one of them
  • even the floofy jacket that ignis buys him bc prompto never wears jackets with sleeves, even in the winter, and it just means he ways catches cold
  • wrapping paper fights are important to him
  • and he’d take sO MANY PHOTOS and every year he’d get the ones from the past years out and they’d share stories every christmas eve
  • and ignis would make the roast and prompto would feel so festive he’d actually try to help, he really would
  • but the keyword here is tried. because he’d probably drop the bowl of sprouts and they’d roll everywhere and he’d shout “iTS OKAY I CAN JUST PICK THEM BACK UP AGAIN” but he’d end up standing on them and crushing them into the carpet and umbra would run in and try to eat them all
  • and ignis would just give him the Disappointed Mum™ look and prompto would laugh nervously before saying “eheh. well, noct doesnt like anything green anyway.”
  • and noct would be so offended that ignis actually tried to feed him sprouts
  • theyd all play games as well like
  • noct would bring a shit tone of video games and theyd probably end up playing some stupid ass fps games before prompto persuades everyone to play mario kart because “pEACH WILL SLAY YOU ALL”
  • and theres a collective groan because prompto PRAISES peach and ALWAYS says she’ll win 100% but he always loses to somebody whether its noct or ignis or gladio it doesnt matter
  • ignis would bring board games so when they play cluedo prompto would always get SO into the game and would really inherit the detective role but he’s still awful and never wins
  • he did win once but everyone keeps accusing him of cheating and they keep bringing it up every time they play or the topic of detectives comes up
  • and he’d get so. offended. because of course he’d NEVER cheat and he just desperately wants someone to acknowledge that he CAN win and he DID but the guys are like “how can we trust a cheater”
  • and he’d Sulk but secretly the guys would know he’d obviously never cheat, he’s too pure, but they take the piss out of him all the same because it’s too fun
  • noct is a hypocrite tho bc he would always try to cheat because he sucks ass at board games and “why cant we just play overwatch its so funny when prom thinks he can get through a game without dying as mercy”
  • prompto [from the back]: well maybe i would if SOMEBODY didn’t play as reaper just because “he looks cool and nocturnal” EVERY GAME when SOMEBODY still doesnt know how to use him and runs HEAD FIRST INTO ENEMY QUARTERS
  • he’d also play as mccree obviously but he’s already mastered mccree, so he wants to protect everyone with his mercy-like love
  • they dont play monopoly anymore
  • noct is a sore loser, lets leave it at that
  • warp striking into the board game SEEMED like a good idea at first but prompto still has the photo to prove that it wasnt. it really wasnt.
  • awhh prompto would plant mistletoe all over the place like he’s the literal lovebug of the century
  • you got a crush? whelp be careful because prompto has rambo ammo packs of mistletoe strapped to his chest and hes gonna make sure you’re happy this holiday season
  • but like, whoever u ship him with, he’d beg noct to sneak the mistletoe near them and he’d really try to be subtle but he’d be a blushing mess and noct would have to really step up his game as wingman by shouting somth like “oH U GUYS theres KISSING LEAVES ABOVE UR HEAD. thats a HINT. that you guys should KISS.”
  • and if u ship him with noct (promptis trash) then he’d give like no fucks prompto would just slide right up to him like “hey babe i think your hair is sticking up funny” and noct would look up like “hUH” and then see the mistletoe
  • then he’d look back to prompto and see him grinning from fucking ear to ear. think that his freckles are cute when he smiles like that and then he’d blink and suddenly prompto is making kissy pouty faces at him and there’s no escape
  • he (or his s/o) succumbs to the cuteness and they just drown in kisses and prompto is suddenly overwhelmed with how ON BOARD his s/o is and so shocked at how they WANT to give him so many kisses
  • and he’s suddenly a blushing mess and gets really emotional and turns the kiss into something really romantic and he loves the holidays so much
  • he just loves being surrounded by the people he loves, so sat there with his s/o and his best friends makes him so happy and the fact that they WANT to be there with them on christmas day makes him so happy
  • and im crying he deserves so much fucking love
Missing Child - Part One

Word Count: 1678

Pairings: Zayn Malik / Louis Tomlinson / Harry Styles / Liam Payne - relationship. Zayn Malik / Louis Tomlinson / Harry Styles / Liam Payne / Niall Horan - family.

Warnings: Abuse, Strong Language, Kidnapping, Self Harm (later on in the story.)

Additional Note: Well, this is part one. :) it’s pretty shit, but it’s taken me all week to write this. I had to keep re-writing, but it’s still pretty bad. The next parts will be better. :) I’m just not very good at starting stories. :P anywho, hope you all like this. It has looks into the fathers’ lives and also Niall’s life. Niall’s is in italics and the boys’ are in regular text. Please let me know if it’s any good. I have a few plans for this story, so hopefully it will get much, much better as the chapters go on. :) I’m gonna stop rambling now and let you get on with reading it. :) enjoy! xx

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