studentxteacher phan au headcanons bc my followers hate their selves

as requested by multiple anons, and this is my fave phan au too oops

(student!dan, teacher!phil)

  • i’m always down for the idea that phil is a cold teacher in school but he’s a big softie when it comes to dan
  • dan loves teasing phil during class and phil makes him stay for detention. making out happens somewhere.
  • the idea of dan pining over phil for a year or two until phil confronts him about it when they are alone after class is so good. and dan blushes and profusely denies when it’s so obvious and phil just rolls his eyes and grabs him for a kiss because guess what the kid is so fucking hot
  • if phil was an art teacher, whenever they stay after school to practice the new lesson, they somehow end up naked with their bodies completely covered in paint.
  • if phil was an english teacher, he whispers literature pieces to dan while they do the naughty
  • dan is a jealous bitch whenever another student is obviously pining over phil so he loves showing off their relationship. lowkey, of course.
  • in addition, even though phil has a persona of being strict to everyone, including dan, dan is hardly phased by it because he knows his boyfriend is just a big nerd and he could tease him about it afterwards.
  • one time, a new student appeared and sat next to dan. he kept checking him out and dan realised this, which was knew because he’s used to only phil checking him out. he sees phil in the corner of his eye shooting daggers and he just snickers and flirts with the boy to rile phil up. he comes to school with his neck littered in hickeys the next day.
  • if this was also a university au, i think they would be living together. which means, sometimes in class, dan will know why phil would be acting extra grumpy because he didn’t drink three cups of coffee in the morning that day, or phil knows why dan couldn’t sit properly in class. he loves to snigger every time.
  • phil loves pinching dan’s ass whenever no one is in the hallway.
  • whenever they get too horny to go home, they always fuck with phil’s tie in dan’s mouth because dan is a screamer and they literally don’t want to be caught in this kind of relationship like this.
  • if they don’t live together and dan is still with his family, the boy often lies to his mum about after school study sessions when in reality he’s just making-out and cuddling with phil inside his car.
  • phil is always watching on the first or the second row of the seats whenever dan is part of a competition.
  • dan is on the top of his class but he still loves to pester about phil to tutor him.
  • and phil groans because he just wants attention.
  • said attention, it means that dan just wanted to be rewarded for being a good student via means of sex.

i have so many more but i think i will explode so by e

anonymous asked:

Remember when Dan said he was too afraid to speak to Harry Styles at Big Weekend? I think that shows how Dan still deals with insecurities and I just want to hug him.

exactly!!! also the fact he’s reliant on Phil for reassurance in most situations like whenever he’s talking he’s looking at Phil to nod for some kind of approval. also he mentioned a while ago that it was a bad idea for popshack to hire ‘two socially anxious people’ to host the show so I think he’s deffo insecure about a lot of things

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making a separate post for this too!!

I many positive reactions on the LOVE LIVE x ANIMAL CROSSING art, i made a redbubble to sell cute notebooks (for all your crossover ideas) and postcards of it! 

Please head on over and let me know how that works out for everyone!! 

So I went to the nail salon. I wanted a plain blue petticure, but got the idea for a pine tree. So this lady who’s doing my nails said she could do it. I thought, WHAT ABOUT MABEL?! Showed her a pic of Mabel’s sweater and she said she could do that too.


Got a shooting star on one big toe because I’m half Mabel. I’m fun, silly, and weird.

Got a pine tree on the other because I’m half Dipper. I’m smart, adventurous, and curious.

What do you guys think? I love it.

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Just had a random thought. After Aizen's betrayal in Bleach, I bet there's now a huge prejudice against any shinigami with an illusion based zanpakuto now. Any shinigami that had already revealed their zanpakuto's abilities is now at best heavily monitored and policed, and any that discover their powers after Aizen never reveal either their zanpakuto's name or abilities because Seireitei is so paranoid over the potential of another Aizen. (Which inadvertently creates their next big problem/war.)

Oh my GOD THAT’S SUCH A GOOD IDEA ANON.  And so realistic, too! You should make this a fic, seriously.  It makes perfect sense, and represents the political views of the Central 46 perfectly! 


Elfmoon 2: Elf Harder

This is the second in a (hopefully) series of posts jotting down my ideas for Elfmoon, my unabashedly goofy and over-the-top setting for old-school dungeons and dragons, evoking the best and weirdest excesses of retro gaming. Pictured above was my one-time work in progress map for the Moon Islands (the lands that used to be the Elfmoon and fell out of the sky), though I am not such a big fan of this map anymore. Basically, I think it’s too big. Also I think beginning with a map instead of letting ideas dictate a map was a mistake. It has been kind of helpful, though, like giving me the idea for that bright little yellow “island” in the middle of the inner sea. This week I’m going to try to make a series of posts exploring that idea as well as a few other things, like the first town that characters would likely experience on the Moon Islands and some interesting possibilities for adventure around it. But let’s start with a few notes on the world which the Islands crashed down on to.

From the high cliffs above the shore of a peninsula sticking out of a certain bit of the Known World, it is possible to see the beginning of the Moon Islands on the horizon. The Peninsula is one of the furthest reaches of a Queendom which is itself one of the furthest reaches of the lands making up the Sapphire Empire. The Empire is incredibly vast, and to travel to the Imperial Capital round-trip from here would take over two years. This far out, there is even disagreement as to the current ruler of the Empire - easily three or four different faces (of multiple genders) can be seen on circulating Imperial coins, and traveling merchants seem to have a handful of different stories on that topic as well. 

This question was just an idle curiosity for most locals until somewhat recently, when an authoritative-sounding and fancily-dressed merchant concern of kobolds rolled up on the Queen with a signed imperial charter granting them absolute rights to explore the newly appeared island chain. It’s hard to say how the Queen reacted to that. But as this was during the time when the Islands were seen as the herald of the worldend and therefore generally avoided, the kobolds have had relative freedom to settle Kobolton, the “first and greatest city of the new frontier.” Deep background note: I have given some very minimal thought as to why the Sapphire Empire can be so large, though I don’t want to commit too much to the sin of world-building. Namely, the ruler of the Empire is an incredibly ancient dragon. When you’re impossibly old, wise, and manipulative you can manage a lot as an authority figure.  

GMW Episode Voted Most Likely to Strike the Match

The irony isn’t lost on me that Girl Meets Yearbook (the episode that half of the fandom has seen and the other hasn’t) is the the one most likely to strike the match and aim it towards the powder keg that is the unstable Girl Meets World fandom.

Spoilery Talk (though I don’t get too specific but I’m still not taking any chances) Under the Cut

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But the truth is, it’s not the idea, it’s never the idea, it’s always what you do with it.
—  Neil Gaiman

Cool new ideas:
Don’t comment on how much someone is eating!
Don’t comment on how little someone is eating!
Don’t say ‘I wish I was your size’!!
Don’t tell someone theyre 'too big’!!
Don’t tell someone theyre 'too small’!!
Leave people the fuck alone!!!

obriensnipples got the prompt “competitive beach volleyball AU” and it sounded like too much fun to resist.

The big beach house vacation had been Laura’s idea; four days of swimming and surfing every day, beach campfires every night, more beach volleyball than they could handle, grilling on the patio, and excessive day drinking. Also done on the beach.

They loaded up two cars with gear, food, clothes, and alcohol, and hit the road to the coast, playing Erica’s special Sunny Beach Vacation Playlist on repeat with the windows down the entire way there.

One of the surfboards fell halfway off the car on the highway, they got lost for an hour because of Isaac and not at all because Derek refused to use the GPS, and someone (Erica) spilled red soda all over the backseat of the Camaro, but they finally made it. They were there and they could relax on the beach, and let the stresses of everyday life wash away with the waves on the shore.

It rained. Every day.

It poured, thunder and lighting, chilly and wet, keeping them trapped in their rental house just a hundred feet from the shore. It was relentless, right up until their last full day there, when Laura’s yelling through the house for everyone to get the fuck up jolted them all awake to a cloudless blue sky and a cool breeze sweeping in over the water.

They ate breakfast on the patio, Laura and Boyd got an early start with mimosas, then they packed their cooler and stormed down to the beach with every intention of cramming four days of fun into one–only to find another group of vacationers staking claim on the volleyball net.

There was a brief standoff, sizing each other up, and then they were each taking a side of the net and making introductions.

Scott seemed like a nice and easygoing guy, a paramedic as if he hadn’t seemed saintly enough, and he was the one who suggested they all play together as a friendly compromise. There was also Kira, who enthusiastically agreed, and Allison, who had a competitive gleam in her eye, so Derek immediately pegged her as his rival for the afternoon. But as soon as they started playing, he realized he was dead wrong.

Because there was also Stiles.

Derek didn’t know anything about him beyond his name, and he didn’t need to.

He hated him.

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Possible LGBTQ+ Store

artsydogblog and I are entertaining the idea of possibly starting a small online shop where everyone in the queer community can shop in one place! We came upon this idea today when we were realizing that the mens button ups that we like are always way too big even in the smallest size. So, we want to create a shop where we will offer small, fitting button ups for masculine looking females, trans guys, and everything in between! We want to offer gender neutral clothing in all sizes. We also would like to be able to start selling binders at a reasonable price. We think it will be helpful to have this all in one place instead of nervously wandering all about for this sort of stuff. If anybody would like to give any input, share ideas, or help out please message either one of us !!!


An art trade with kakeru-kamui~

omg i know you wanted a little something more than these but I’ll make it up to you on your birthday big time XD I wanted to draw more pictures of you guys but i just wanted Tama to be a part of it too lol im so sorry man OTZ 

Chak what are you doing there–get out

The signs and what they had and what they need.

Aries- Aries use to be a Pisces. It had it all. Strong emotions. The big Picture. Understanding of it all. But what happened. Consumed by doom and fear, Pisces needed to change into Aries. Someone who’s confident and head strong. Ready to take on anything. Now having too much power, is the downfall. you’re out of control. What you need is too be stabilized and chill and have a point a to point b purpose like Taurus.

Taurus- Tuarus use to have lots of energy. Lots of ideas. And lots of will. But what happened. Taurus got lost in its dreams to have everything right and beautiful. Now Taurus wants everything black sometimes. Wants to forget all the standards it set for itself. What Taurus needs is communication, new ideas and a sense of balance like a gemini.

Gemini- Use to be calm and stable. Got work done. Basked in the beauty of it all. Then he got cocky. He got so overwhelmed by the human potential he lost his mind. Now he’s scattered. Doesn’t know where to start to feel right again. What gemini needs is a sense of letting go. Crying. Grieving. Adding emotions to the soul that was almost blown dry.

Cancer- Cancer use to be witty, funny, full of life and ideas. She had big dreams really big dreams that she swore she’d always cling onto. What happened? Time and unfortunate events keep popping up at the door. Empathy for everything distracts her mind from accomplishing her goals. She puts on a shell sometimes and blocks everything out. She’s drowning inside. What she needs is a sense of direction. A bright idea that’ll always shine on her. A good attitude. Something leo would provide.

Leo- Leo use to be very warm, loving, empathetic. He use to conquer all his ideas and walk away like a king. What happened? Nothing really. He’s determined he’s boss. Blinding himself in his light. What he needs, a reality check like Virgo.

Virgo- She use to be boss. She was a queen. She took care of all her problems emotionally, spiritually, Intellectually and Materialistic. But then Reality keeps on knocking. screaming at her every flaw there is in her world and the world around her. Shes slowly sinking in her doom. Shes acting like she can handle it but really shes going nuts. Just really really slowly. She needs to seek balance and harmony with herself. Something like a libra would do.

Libra- Libra use to be all up in the details unerstanding everything going on. He use to get the important shit done first and leave the rest for later. But then he got comfortable. Way to comfortable that he lost his will to improve. He thinks he’s perfectly balanced. What he needs is another reality check this time with the spirit. Something Scorpio would go through.

Scorpio- Scorpio use to have balance. Had the scales in her hand having the time of her life. She use to loathe in all the unlimited love and Good feelings. Then something odd happened to this sign. She grew way too fearless. Now shes on a risky path seeking things that should have been kept secret. Sometimes she’ll see things other people can’t see. She feels like she lost it. That nobody cant see her. She’s getting paranoid. What she needs is to be optimistic and carefree. She needs to explore herself out of the dark. Something Sagittarius would do.

Sagittarius- Sagittarius use to look at Death in the face and laugh and continue his journey. He’d find out odd things about life and use it to his advantage. He’s becoming really resilient. Way too happy for his own good that he doesn’t know whats happening underneath his feet. He’s always looking up never down the mountain. But when he looks down to see how high he is, something might change him forever not for better. What he needs is the realization of pessimism is needed. Pessimism will find the flaws in life that usually take people down from their mountain. He needs calculation. Something a Capricorn would provide.

Capricorn- This is it. Capricorn. The goat that reached the highest peak. Used all his wits and knowledge to get all the way up here. Now what? Do you climb down and search another mountain or do you stay paralyzed at the cold freezing peak that keeps sending wind in your ear “keep climbing” but theres nothing left to climb. Its time to come down. You might be stuck up there forever. What you need is to break loose and live wildly and in the moment. You need to stop worrying about the top and just explore and be free. Stop worrying so much about your status. You need to get a lil crazy like Aquarius.

Aquarius- He had all his shit together. He knew the ins and out of being the top player. He had all this potential and then he realized what does it matter if im not a good person to be sharing my experiences. Humanitarian thoughts took over. Now all he wants to do is help people even if thats not what he wants to do. He’s going crazy inside because he knows he has to help. Theres too much problems in his view. He wants to help everybody. He’s doing things out of line now because he’s losing his mind. Figuring out whats the best, fastest, efficient and easiest way to do it all. Theres only one temptation poking him for the answer. God complex. He’s losing his mind thinking about it all the time. What he needs to do is to soak up all these ideas and cry. Cry because you cannot do that. You have to start over. Something a Pisces would do.

Pisces- Shes been through it all before. She has vivid strong influential experiences for everything she needs. Its really overwhelming. She’s not going to sweat it though. She’s going to stay put in one spot and go with the flow in the other. Shes now swimming with the flow of life. She’ll go wherever it’ll take her. good and bad places. i hope she’s prepared.


more concepts for the RiotKidz!AU feat. Kate, Dana, and Evan. I really wanted Kate’s design to contrast with the rest of the kidz. Kate is pretty much the one with the big ideas that it gets everyone all riled up and ready to wreak havoc, but is always kept safe and secure away from the action. The kidz love her too much

Ace of Color

queen-belarus submitted:

I’m a first generation American. My family comes from Mexico and El Salvador. As much as I love my family and my culture, the overall view of women and sexuality is a bit dated, and always caters to the men. Growing up, the girls in my family are told that we need to get an education and build a career for ourselves, however we shouldn’t dream so big that our ambitions come before building a family. When we’re not in school, we’re told that we need to learn to cook, clean, and raise children for our future husband. It’s not seen as an option.

When I was little, the idea of getting married frightened me. I didn’t want sex or find that I was attracted to men in that way. Or women for that matter. My family told me that I was too innocent and childish. They said I’d grow out of it. The ladies in my church prayed for me to realize that I needed a husband and that I’d want sex with the right man one day.

It wasn’t any better at school. Latina girls are expected to be fiery, flirty, and sexually available. It’s a gross stereotype. The boys would pick on me and I couldn’t be farther away from what they expected of me. I thought something was wrong with me because I didn’t agree with what my family expected from a Latina girl and I wasn’t anything like the Latinas my classmates described (I went to a private school with a white majority, just imagine). 

Eventually I came upon the term asexuality. I didn’t think it applied to me. I didn’t understand what sexual attraction meant. Then I learned more about it and I heard from different people and what asexuality meant to them (with words that I could actually grasp), and for the first time in all my life I felt like I wasn’t broken. 

Now, I know that I don’t feel sexual attraction and there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t want to fit the horrible stereotypes my white classmates tried forcing on me and I won’t be the submissive Latina wife I was told to be (and my family is still working on changing that). I am ace and I am Latina. It’s not one or the other. I’m proud of my culture, but I want other Latinx girls and boys to know that there is so much more in the world beyond the gender roles we’re expected to fill in the world. 

I hope that kids might find out they’re ace sooner so that they don’t think they’re broken or that they don’t belong in the Latinx community because they don’t fit a stereotype. We’re not broken. We’re ace and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

captain-something asked:

I have a headcanon that forming the Temple Fusion was almost impossible because whenever Garnet or Amethyst were too close to Rose during dance they were "accidently" pushed away by Pearl and she ended up forming Rainbow Quartz with Rose.

*pearl voice* all four of us dancing together? that will never work its too awkward, look why dont rose and i just form rainbow quartz real quick, no big deal, and then you can dance with her!!!? that’ll make it much easier! ha ha!! great idea!