Shit international kpop fans say..

“I don’t know what the hell you’re saying but it’s making me feel things”


“Oh my god their fucking thighs are so thick”

“I mean how long do you think it would take for me to swim to Korea”


“Welp there goes my wallet”

“I fucking hate ems”

“You know how much easier my life would be if I spoke Korean”


“lfkckdkckmckvkdkec BANG BANG BANG ocmckdkckdf”

“…why hasn’t their hair fallen out yet jfc”


“he. Speaks. English??!?!?!?!!”

“What did I do to deserve such pain..”

“So kpopmart or kpoptown which is more trustworthy”


“Anyunghesayo opppa” (omg I’m kidding)


“you’re fucking legs are so thick jfc”


“There’s so many ships it’s blocking the fucking ocean”

“His eye brows are so much better than mine”





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You ask me if I hate you, and I can’t believe you still don’t get it. 
You think I stopped talking to you because I hate you but you don’t understand that I could never hate you, that I wish I could hate you because then everything would be so much easier, you don’t understand that you could break my heart over and over again and I still wouldn’t be able to hate you. 
I stopped talking to you because I’m in love with you and oh god I wish I could tell you that, I wish I could scream
“no, I don’t hate you, I love you,  I love you so damn much it hurts”
but I can’t because that just opens a door that needs to stay shut, because I’d rather have no love than a love thats only halfway. I’d rather be alone than with someone thats here one day and gone the next. and thats what you were, loving you was like falling in love with the ocean, its so blue and full of life and then suddenly your pulled in and waves are drowning you out and your so deep that the water isn’t blue anymore or green, its just so dark, and theres no sign of life and you don’t understand how something that looks so beautiful can be so deadly. 
So I guess the point of this is to let you know that I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I couldn’t even reply to you, I’m sorry that I was always there and now I can’t answer your text to give you some kind of explanation and oh god I just wanna apologize to myself for even wanting to apologize to you because you are never here, because you leave me out in the cold for days and I never get an apology. but I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I just cant do it anymore. I can’t hold onto something that doesn’t want to be held. I don’t want to be in dark waters anymore, I just want to breathe, and the only way I see that happening is if I’m not swallowing water for you anymore.
So I’m sorry that we don’t talk anymore, but I’m also sorry that I felt the need to give you this apology when you probably barely noticed I was no longer there.
—  I guess this is more of an apology letter to myself than to you. 

When I said this, I didn’t mean it like “Don’t you DARE try to be a writer unless you’re doing it like this!” I meant it as a way to say hey, don’t worry so much when you’re writing. Stop thinking about this Great Story you have in your head and why is it not coming out like my perfect vision oh god I must actually be a horrible writer oh dammit this is terrible I’m a hack oh no! I’ll never be published and I’ll never be Successful or Important and why am I even trying dammit dammit dammit!

Which, of course, is way easier said than done. I haven’t met a creator in my life who doesn’t suffer from at least a touch of impostor syndrome, and I know I fall into this trap a lot. But the more you can avoid thinking about it, the more work you get done.

When you’re getting the ideas out, don’t think about editors, don’t think about readers, don’t think about writing a golden shiny piece of perfection. Just write.

Think about all that other stuff later. It’s distracting. Just write.

Just write.

i love how taylor just OWNS the parts of her life when she wore literal prom dresses to award shows and wanted a fairytale type of relationship and openly admitted that she was ‘in love with love’ because her embracing it probably makes it so much easier for her fans who are just now going through that phase like instead of her saying “oh my god that was SO embarrassing!!!!” she’s just like “yeah, i did that and i grew up but that’s still apart of who i am” like idk this doesn’t make any sense but i love her for it

Exo reaction to you sleeping in just your underwear

Exo reaction to their girlfriend loving go to sleep in their under wear only.


Suho: *drives to Victoria secret to buy you new lingerie*

Baekhyun: *tried to process it* That is so hot jagi

Chanyeol: Oh my god.. really? I am ready…

D.O: *creepy smile* That just makes it so much easier princess ;)

Kai: baby please show me now…

Sehun: Really? Can’t you wear nothing instead??

Xiumin: *speechless and extremely turned on*

Lay: *look you up and down- gets embarrassed*

Chen: Of course you do. That’s my girl x

Tao:  *breathes heavily and stares at you imagining it*

Oh God, finally finished.
I was fighting so much because he did not know how rays would make the Emma clothing texture and order was easier and more fun than expected. My favorite part are the feathers in her hair [taken from the base of a beautiful fanart I saw on tumblr me that also served as a reference for the pin her] and the dagger.I really have to thank the person who made a fanart walking circulating by tumblr in which shows the clasp it more clearly. I would not have been able to do it without the reference. XD


[TRANS] 151128 Youngjae’s Instagram Updates

FROM Youngjae
Hello it’s GOT7’s Youngjae
Haha I’m not sure how I should write this “thanks to” letter. Mmm i think I have more to be sorry about than thankful. Mm First of all, the reason I was able to become a GOT7 member was mostly because of my parents and my company. My parents are really important to me. I haven’t been able to express it as much to my mom and dad, but I think I’m doing okay at it. Until I got to be part of GOT7, I’ve had a lot of troubles with my parents haha I’m sure no one would’ve expect things to become like this.

When I first passed my audition, what can I say, I’m still young but I was even younger then, so I cried..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As soon as I passed, I called them, and seeing them happy for me made me feel really.. you know ㅎㅎㅎ To be honest, my parents didn’t want me to become a singer. They just wanted me to study, get a good job and have a stable life. Our family is actually struggling financially, but at the time I asked them to help me get vocal/singing lessons because I wanted to become a singer~ told them I’m going to learn to sing and made a fuss about it. I went to take lessons for a little bit in 8th grade, then had a hard time going due to issues at home, but I wanted to learn again during Sophomore year in high school so I really tried to persuade them haha. Regardless of knowing what I’m doing, they gave me allowance and I even worked part-time jobs without telling them haha. I’m still sorry for the things I did back then and would like to let them know I thank them through this letter (smile) (smile) And then I somehow came across JYPE audition! At first I didn’t pass. But they suddenly contacted me after a year and told me I passed, so I was really happy. Thinking back again and talking about it still makes me happy.. When I started practice, I couldn’t stay in Seoul the entire time. The days I was able to stay in Seoul for practice were Fri-Mon and I had to go back to Mokpo for the rest of the week, but the bus fare was pretty expensive. I received 100,000 won to go back and forth every week, but one day my dad didn’t have enough so he gave me 80,000 won. I told him it wasn’t enough and that I needed more. Honestly, 80,000 won was more than enough for food and bus fare, but you know there is the regular bus and the premium bus– for some reason I insisted on taking the premium bus every time. Taking the regular bus from Mokpo to Seoul would’ve cost me 20,500 won, but the premium bus fare was 30,400 won.. I remember it exactlyㅋㅋ

I begged and begged just to ride that bus and my dad would get angry at me while breaking the piggy bank, but it didn’t make me feel good (/satisfied). I felt bad, but I wanted more.. Whenever I reminisce those days now, I wonder why I was acting that way. I’m still young, but I guess I was just even younger. I don’t know if my parents would remember these things, but whenever I think back, I want to cry because I feel so remorseful. I was too young to realize then, but I’m always sorry and thankful, mom and dad! After all that, I practiced harder and became part of GOT7!! I thought, wow did I really finally debut? My parents came to see me on the day of our debut and hugged me tight.. Bear with me for rambling on but anyway!! I really wanted to tell my parents I thank them very much. I love you, mom and dad. It feels strange for someone like me to say this, but let’s all be good to our parents!

Also to all the Ahgases who always watch over us whether from afar or up close, if all of you weren’t here, we wouldn’t be either. I’m very thankful and think you’re all lovely for supporting us with love no matter what we do. I ask you to continue to love us just as you have all this time. We’ll keep working hard and become amazing singers for Ahgases. Thank you, sorry and thank you again. This became really serious unlike my personality.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ahgase and GOT7, let’s keep going like this~~ I love you

Ahhhh and when we recently won first place wowwowaang honestly, I didn’t cry.. Rather than wanting to cry, you know that feeling of “wow it’s so overwhelming, no joke, are you sure the singer who won first place isn’t someone else??” And wow, everyone thank you so much. This doesn’t come easily and it was possible because of all your love for us. So I’m going to work even harder to do better, although the thought makes me worried at the same time. We’ll keep trying and show even better sides of us. I truly love you, IGOT7!

Ah also.. Those who are fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and other languages, please translate this. Our Ahgases are all smart, so you can do it! ㅋㅋㅋ Ah is this too much of a mission.. It’s because I think those from other countries can have fun reading and be happy from the translations. Anyway I love you!

Who else is there.. Friends haha I don’t have that many friends ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I came to Seoul during my Junior year and I was really lonely. I had no one until around my Senior year, when a really close hyung of mine came up to Seoul and started taking lessons! Or maybe I’m wrong. Anywho when I was in Mokpo, he took good care of me and we listened to each other’s worries, so I was really glad when he came up to Seoul too. Even though he isn’t blood-related, I’m just as comfortable around him; we talked a lot and he gave good advice when I went through hard times, and overall he made my experience in Seoul less difficult huhu. I wasn’t able to tell that hyung I thank him ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but hopefully he’ll read this and know I’m thankful ㅋㅋㅋ!

Speaking of hyung, to my real hyung! My hyung is now my vwaitwamin (vitamin) that gives me strength. He can tell if something’s wrong from just the tone of my voice, it’s scary sometimes.. Once I called him on a rough day and he constantly asked if something happened and ha (sigh) ㅠㅠㅠㅠ hyung always knows me best *tears* ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ah I’m crying too much in this letter ㅋㅋ That’s how close I was (/am) with my hyung. Oh that doesn’t mean I’m not close with my noona or anything, but I should write about her as well. Or else she’ll be upset ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅎㅎ

Actually it was my noona’s birthday not too long ago ㅠㅠ after my schedule I completely forgot about it and didn’t call her, but she called me first. Then I remembered right away ㅠㅠ I’m still trying to decide what to do for her. She says it’s okay but I want to do something.. I told her “happy birthday” through kakaotalk along with an ugly picture of me, and my noona wa very happy. If I get some days off soon, I’m planning to bring a gift to her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Whew.. I wrote to those I’m thankful for and about the things I’ve been through, and it’s not too much or too little, but it seems I’ve had many ups and downs in life ㅋㅋㅋ There are probably more people I should thank, but I’ll write the second letter another time!

Everyone who’s always supporting me – my parents, hyung, noona, members, Ahgase, JYPE, my friends, other hyungs – I’ll work hard as the amount of support you’re giving me. Thank you and love you, always. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️★★❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Translated by: got_pang for GOT7&Co.

They tell you it gets easier, that it will someday stop hurting. You’ll delete his number and delete all his pictures. You’ll take a different route to school to avoid passing his house and the park where he first kissed you. You’ll smile in the hallways at boys who barely know your name and kiss them days later just to try to get his taste out of your mouth. You’ll drink and take pills to try to forget him and how he left you but they only make it worse. Everything is so much worse now that he’s gone. But oh my god he’s everywhere. Everything reminds you of him. His smell. His hair. His smile. Those eyes. Jesus fuck those eyes are all you see every time you close yours. He’s everywhere but he’s nowhere. He’s gone he’s gone he’s fucking gone. It’s horrible and painful and you’ll do anything to make it stop hurting. Your mom and your friends tell you it gets easier, that he wasn’t worth your time and that you don’t need him. They tell you it stops hurting. But it never seems to stop hurting.
—  when will it stop hurting?

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Hi there! Quick question about BOTFA, was it possible for Legolas to run out of arrows? Wasn't his quiver sort of magical, refilling itself thing, since it never happened to him before? Also - great blog, I love it wholeheartedly, been waiting so much for BOTFA answers, since it's the movie that left me with most doubts :)

Oh my god, that was literally the most satisfying moment of the entire movie - perhaps the whole trilogy, even. After, what, six movies of Legolas, he finally runs out of arrows. I’m grinning right in the middle of the theater, and all I can hear in my head is

No, but in all seriousness: there’s nothing magical about Legolas’s quiver. It was just easier to never have to deal with him running out of arrows, I guess. Just pretend that after every fight scene there’s a deleted scene of him scrambling all over the battlefield collecting arrows.

INTP- Daydreaming
  • INTP:*daydreaming*
  • Ne:Now imagine that our pet dragon- Frodo- was an ice breathing dragon instead of a traditional fire breathing dragon.
  • Ti:How would he breathe ice?
  • Si:Guys…
  • Ne:*ignores him* How would breathing fire be any easier? Unless their body temperature is naturally much hotter than...
  • Ti:What is it Si?
  • Si:The teacher just called on us.
  • Fe:OH MY GOD this is so embarrassing everyone is going to hate us and teacher is going to be so disappointed and…
  • Ti:You’re not helping Fe! Alright, quick guys think, what was the teacher talking about earlier?
  • Ne:Dragons!
  • Ti:*sighs* no that was you Ne. You were talking about dragons. Si, you must know.
  • Si:
  • Ti:Si! This is your job. What do I pay you for?
  • Si:You don’t pay me.
  • Ti:Oh yeah, that explain a lot. Well I guess here goes nothing.
  • INTP:7?
  • Teacher:This is a history class INTP.
  • INTP:The 7th Amendment?
  • Fe:*facepalms*
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That was an awful time … but I guess similar to Hannah [Rebecca Hall’s character] or to anybody dealing with a friend that’s taken far too early, I think there are the stages that you go through. And by the time I was doing the film, I had really gone through the thick of it … What I do find interesting is that over the course of time with people that I’ve lost in my life, there are moments where there’s somebody new that comes into your life and does something or says something that’s so eerily reminiscent of that person. It’s happened to me a few times with my grandmother, with Cory, and a few other people where you’re just like, “Oh, my God,” and you have to stop and process it and be so thankful for it. I think that that makes loss much easier to deal with.
—  Dianna Agron on Tumbledown’s similarity to her own situation of having to deal publicly with the loss of her friend, Cory Monteith, from Glee (Reel Life with Jane)

New Tauriel wig appreciation post <3333
The color is just so perfect, I can’t deal. Currently ventilating the hairline to get it as accurate as possible (it’s a hellish process omg, because of my XXL head size i have to do so much extra work :(( ), working my butt off to finish it in time for LSCC in a week! If not, it will be ~premiered~ at Hobbitcon!

/ it’s the 18-28" Long Straight Yaki Chestnut Brown lace front from

You know what would be especially cool?

If they have Steven come out and be like “oh yeah I guess I’m a girl then so a trans girl right?”

And Connie’s like “OH THANK GOD I was so scared of telling you because you’re my only friend but I’m actually a trans girl too so this is so much easier”

we want to live by each other’s happiness


“Why do you want to fight?”

Jake could say a million things.

“I’m Jewish.”

okay so. before i go any further, this fic was originally started because @mayabazaar and I wanted to a) spite nick spencer for being so blatantly antisemetic and b) wanted to do something to speak out against the awful HyrdaCap thing that I don’t even want to … consider. maya’s idea, and my baby, the only thing running through our heads after spencer’s captain america #1 revelation was “oh my God, we have to make cap jewish”. of course, this was easier said than done – i totally and completely missed “make your marvel faves jewish day” (June 1st, I believe), and have been crying about this all summer. i chose b99 because i love b99 Too Much and because jake peralta is, like, pretty much the Perfect steve rogers, but – listen. my family background is jewish, and this story is one of the most important things I’ve ever written. it’s not just to spite nick spencer, though that is, admittedly, a large part of my motivation. it’s because of the phrase, “raise your words, not your voice”. it’s because there is something more important than cap’s identity at stake. and it’s because people like nick spencer don’t seem to understand why what they’re doing is wrong. I’m posting this on ao3 tomorrow, so the EXTENSIVE research notes are going to be There, but for now I’ll say: the references to chaplin’s The Great Dictator are very deliberate and have a LOT of background, I have done so much research but if i have any historical inaccuracies please take into account Superheros and the suspension of disbelief, and, finally and most importantly: please enjoy! love yall <3 

Perhaps it would be prudent to say that there are certain situations that inherently demand such short answers that do not, really, convey the true complexity of an issue. Indeed, human nature itself demands simplicity: black and white, good and evil, yes and no. However complicated the world might actually be, to delve into the the intricacy of anything – from why Mrs. Lewenski next door has a peculiar obsession with plums, to the moral questions of right versus wrong or, even, why Jake Peralta’s mother thinks to herself in the relative safety of her lumpy mattress that one day, her son might possibly get himself hurt trying to realize his constant and persistent need to protect people starting with her – well, to dive into anything would not be conducive to the eloquence or comedy or dramatic impact for which stories are written.

Jake sits on the plastic-covered cot of the medical room. If his mother were there to ask him exactly how he was feeling at that particular moment, he would tell her that he feels as though he can take on the world in a fist fight and win. If Rosa were to ask the same thing, he’d say that his heart is trapped in his throat.

A terrible sentiment, really, but then – oh. Dr. Erskine is asking him a question. His eyes are kind, Jake notices, but a voice that sounds suspiciously like Rosa’s tells him that now isn’t really the time to notice such things.

Erskine tilts his head.

“Why do you want to fight?”

Jake could say a million things.

“I’m Jewish.”

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Shutter - part 2 (A Lay Series)

“I need to stop by my apartment to change first. So I guess you can meet me at the party?” You asked Yixing. You were trying to make arrangements for tonight’s party, which he just invited himself along to. Not that you minded at all. You were ecstatic that he was coming. But wary of the attraction you felt humming between you both.

“Wouldn’t it be easier if I just came with you?” Yixing asked too casually and you heard the alarms going off inside your mind.

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