Imagine that you show up in your favorite character’s universe, only for them to be missing. You ask the other characters about it, but they have never even heard of your favorite character. You soon realize that you’re supposed to play their role in the story/series…



Actually no, you are Mokona. Maybe not as upset about it as you are


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hi do you have any achilles/patroclus fic recs?

oh gosh anon

ive read quite a few but ive only got three bookmarked lol (two are pretty long tho):

Not Homer’s Iliad: a high school au, i know, but i really liked the way it was done. the way that the trojan war takes place in a school setting is imaginative and cool and also this is super super long and literally full to the brim with achilles and patroclus pining over each other omgg

Half of Mine: eros and psyche au, beautifully written and idk, i just really like this one tbh

The Kiss that Launched a Single Love: au where patroclus is helen’s twin and he goes to troy with her (apparently i like aus idk). idk its long and made me feel the longing that achilles and patroclus must have felt for each other. i havent actually finished this one but what i have read ive really enjoyed so ??

anyway im probably not the best person to ask abt this; maybe ask @achilltatos or check out the tag on tumblr?? sorry :( 

HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY @australet789!!!! I keep dubbing your stuff for Kry’s birthday so I figured HEY WE SHOULD DUB SOMETHING FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY FOR ONCE.

We hope you enjoy it!!


Normally I’ll always ask before making a dub of any sort but since it cant very well be a surprise if I told you ahead of time so I’m hoping you’ll pardon me for this one ^^;

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Punk ennoshita is the only ennoshita i need. Your drawings are beautiful and they really bring the charcters to life! Have a good day ~~

I’m glad you like him!! I was thinking of bringing him back but I need to learn to draw him from more than one angle lmaooo 

((HEY pals thank you so so much for all of your help with the commissions- we were able to get the money sunny needed and I can not thank you enough for all of your support!!! You guys have my deepest deepest love and thanks and gratitude, i cannot thank you enough!!!!))



Here’s a fun suggestion for the next Horror Story Sharing Session: Tell Syaoran about the Library of Alexandria.

He will never recover.



I feel like if you have even a basic grasp of what kind of world Kurogane came from IT SHOULDN’T BE TOO HARD TO IMAGINE SCARY THINGS HAPPENING IN IT.


You can only be nice for so long when you’re a villain.

For Megan,

Happy Birthday you silly dork!!!<333

I feel so happy, to be able to see you alive and safe, after everything that you’ve been through. It’s kind of hard for me to find the right words for such a message, im not that good at explaining or talking;;;, but as nerdy as this message will come out i guess it wouldnt matter. ;^)

Everytime i check your blog, i see it full of love from people and from you aswell, which aways cover the sad moments the blog had. I still remember the first day i found your blogs, the first day i baked a cake as a gift, drawing you stuff although i suck at drawing;;; , or the emotional messages- ah man ,were those so long ago? It literally feels like yesterday. And months by months you seem to be growing so much,and weird coming from me considering that im younger than you..haha. You’re that kind of person who wouldnt be forgotten that easily, and i mean in a good way.Remembering the pickle family, all those pants eating thing, the stickers,drawings,comics,the gifs, the minecraft times too? hahaha. They were all such great memories that were created with your help, with your positivity and with -just you,existing.

Im happy that i met you, and although i couldnt help you that much in the past year, at least i know i tried and that im happy i got to know many sides of you, personalities and of course friends of yours.

Look at you know, strong, indipendent and ready to fight whatever comes in your way. Many people told you in the past that if you keep fighting you’ll get strong, lets face it, they didnt slutter ;D 

You are amazing and we are all trying to be there for each other.

This year might be different than the others that you had celebrated, but i just want you to know that you are loved by so many people, just by your smile, laugh or you being a smol dork.You care so much for people Megan, please continue being the amazing person you are, we all are so proud of having you here, spending all time together and having fun. 

                                   Happy Birthday, pickle mom(yup, didnt forget about that)

   @sai-shou                                                                                 with love  Cat.

(W)rapped Around Her Finger

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A/N: I had my first request sent into my inbox. Thanks for trusting me enough to write something for you, I feel like what I write is trash. I don’t want to make this a series but I can see this being longer than one part haha. ALSO I suck at coming up with titles as you can see

Request: can i request a yoongi or jhope fanfic? im not creative maybe where you’re both famous rappers and he has a huge crush on you i cant think of a plot (sorry) so surprise me! :) but i would like angst and fluff :)) thank you in advance if you decide to do it!! 💕💕

Pairing: J-hope x Reader (Ugh I love this little ball of sunshine so much I can’t stop writing about him.)

Summary: You and J-hope are both rappers and he seems to have a huge crush on you although you have always failed to see it. 

Genre: Angst,Fluff.

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*playin the new rabbids game*

me: this is actually really fun! its so silly and quirky and cute, I am just having a really good time–

*sound of Luigi screaming for his brother in the distance*


Double Double 2

Part 1

At the beginning of month eight it would be safe to say that Dean was miserable. His belly had dropped and he looked ready to give birth. In just under four weeks, Kat had gone through some serious growth spurts, and for some reason, Dean was carrying around a lot of excess amniotic fluid. Essentially he was big, bloated, and absolutely full of baby. A now 12 pound baby to be exact.

The men in his family always carried large and low, and Dean was no exception.  His stretched skin was too sensitive for him to wear shirts. Any prolonged friction and his skin would break out into red hives; even Jude, eight months pregnant with twins, felt sorry for his over burdened lover who’s gravid belly had quickly caught up with his.

Dean was sitting on their large bed in a nest of blankets. His thick thighs and ass cheeks being constrained by his briefs as his belly spilled far over the band and in between his thighs, he could  no longer touch his knees together. Jude minded that fact while taking in every inch of Dean’s pregnancy.

As bad as he felt for him, he couldn’t help but feel prideful for planting his seed so deep inside of Dean that now the man could barely function without the constant reminder of who he belonged to. That was Jude’s baby inside of Dean, stretching the man to his limits, testing the elasticity of his very being; the thought made him quiver with lust.

Just as the two hefty boys inside of him were what marked Jude as Dean’s forever. It was something that the two of them cherished very deeply, for bearing another’s child was the deepest claim of all.

Jude was very tempted to ask how Dean was feeling, but he did not want to poke the bear. Dean had been very temperamental lately and no one was blaming him, but Jude found it almost endearing. Seeing Dean act so out of character was an interesting change of pace in Jude’s eyes. His lover was moody, uncomfortable and more dependent. Jude liked it; Dean tended to take care of everything and everyone around him out of habit. But heavily pregnant Dean could not dote on others and was at the mercy of a more than eager Jude.

Not to say that Jude did not feel the heavy strain of his own pregnancy, his back hurt, his skin was itchy and his feet were swollen. But unlike Dean, Jude was built to handle such a burden. His back was thick and strong, and his hips were wide and child bearing. His belly was swollen and large but it fit onto his body well; it did not blow off him or throw his center of gravity off like Dean’s gut.

Jude was deep in thought going about his business in their bedroom when a sharp kick to his rib cage brought him back to reality.

“How ya doing in there baby boy?” Jude whispered to his son who had disrupted a rare peaceful state within Jude’s over taxed womb.

The baby belted out a few more kicks causing a grimace to spread across the heavily pregnant man’s face.

“Come lay down with me JuJu,” called out Dean from their bed. He was laying on his back with and arm outstretched beckoning Jude into bed.

Jude joined Dean on their bed, laying down on his side, shoving a pillow under his gut to cradle its weight and propped his head on his hand. Dean began the task of rotating onto his side to face Jude. The two of them worked as a team to help the overly full Dean roll over.

Placing an additional pillow where Dean’s bump was going to lay, Dean began to face the task of actually rolling over. With a little help from Jude, Dean started to rock side to side in preparation for the actual shift. When he finally shifted his heavy belly to face Jude, Dean could feel all of the water inside of his womb slosh from side to side. Their baby girl gave a few hard kicks in protest of the rocky waters.

The two men were facing each other in silence, eyes locked and baby bellies touching near their belly buttons.

“Hi,” Dean whispered,

“Hi,” Jude replied, a smile spreading across his face as he reached out to lightly touch Dean’s face.

Dean laid his hand over his lovers and closed his eyes. This was all he could have ever asked for. He always knew that he and Jude were going to have kids together one day but he never expected it to happen like this. Not that he was complaining as he could not have been more thrilled with their current situation, but Dean never thought that he himself would get pregnant.

As he predicted, Kat pelted at his insides. It was like she could hear his thoughts, the second he thought about his baby girl she would let out a litany of kicks and punches. Dean uncovered Jude’s hand and placed it over his distended gut which was rubbing softly against Jude’s own large belly.

“She wont let me catch a break!” Dean coughed out slightly as Kat continued her boxing match in his chest.

“Let me feel,” crooned Jude,

Jude put his soft hand on Dean’s middle rubbing its entire expanse. He pressed into the underside of Dean’s full belly, eliciting a groan of discomfort from Dean.  Jude apologized for being a little rough but he could not help it. That was his favorite part of Dean’s belly.

The skin in that area was just so soft and so sensitive for Dean, and if you pressed with a little vigor you could even feel the shape of the babies neck and head. He wished that he was a little more limber at the moment because he would have given anything to be between Dean’s thighs right now kissing and licking that belly from below.

The thought sent shocks through Jude’s body.

Jude scooted even closer to Dean until their middles were fully mushed together. The pair were enjoying the warm contact when Jude got an idea. For some reason Jude was getting off on watching and feeling Dean in this swollen uncomfortable position. Jude spotted the oil they kept on their night stand which sat behind Dean’s back. He thought for a moment, eyeing Dean and deciding he could not stop himself. Jude pulled Dean almost painfully close into his body absolutely smashing their two baby bumps together as he reached over his stuffed lover to get the oil.

Dean groaned out in pain but he did not push Jude away, in his own way he was getting off on their two big bellies being squeezed together. Kat and the twins were doing cartwheels and Jude paused with their two bellies pressed against one another so they could feel all three of their children kick at the same time.

Their hands were exploring each others swells, mapping out each kick and scraping their nails dully against strained skin. Their amazingly intimate moment ended as the couple attempted to lean into each other for a kiss when they discovered that their bellies were simply too big for them to reach.

Laughter erupted from the both of them as Jude poured a liberal amount of oil on their touching guts. The pair laid in bed giving each other a slow mutual belly massage, hard as rocks, and just enjoying the company.  Eventually their eyes grew heavy and the oil ran dry; the two were exhausted and began their nightly rituals.

Gingerly, the duo made their way out of bed and to their closet, each changing out of that days clothes and into their respective jammies. Jude wore his softest, lightest and largest t-shirt while Dean opted for some soft pj pants, no shirt of course. They then made their way to the master bath where they brushed their teeth, made trip one of many to the toilet and finally proceeded to bed.

They made the bed together just the way each of them liked it before embarking on the journey of actually laying down. Not being able to bed at the waste anymore made mundane things like sitting down on the edge of your bed and swinging your legs over a very arduous task that required planning and skill to mind the safety of the lives with in.

Once the pregnant couple was settled into bed, facing each other of course, their favorite ritual of the night was about to begin. Every night, both daddies took the time to say good night to their babies. The bed time ritual began about six and a half months earlier when Jude had just started to show and they had just found out that Dean was also pregnant.

6 ½  Months Earlier

10:00 PM


Jude was leaning against the headboard mindlessly twirling his long fingers through Dean’s short hair while Dean leaned his head on the small but pretty obvious bump of Jude’s belly. Dean was quietly whispering sweet nothings to Jude’s little mound, placing small gentle kisses all around his belly.

“I am so excited to meet you babies” Dean whispered before kissing right below his lovers belly button.

“I am so proud to be your daddy,” he said before placing two small kisses on either side of that expectant belly.

“Good night babies.” he said before sitting up to kiss Jude on the top of his head.

Those damned first trimester hormones had Jude awash in tears by Dean’s raw display of affection. Wiping them away, he sank down the head board towards his lovers belly; still flat but slightly round and very firm below his belly button. He planted a small but wet kiss there.

“Hello baby girl, you’re our sweetest surprise. I cant wait to hold you.” Jude said against Dean’s soft skin.

“Good night muffin,” Jude whispered before rising back up the bed to kiss his lover good night.


Dean always went first, for no particular reason. But Jude liked to think that he just could not wait to get some one on one time with his boys. With energy he had not had in almost a month, Dean excitedly scooted down the mattress until he was eye level with Jude’s beautifully full pregnancy.

Dean was more gentle than Jude when he touched his partners belly. Dean softly pressed on the expanse of his lovers gut trying to get some visible movement from his boys. Whenever he was rewarded with a tiny foot print or elbow print, he would plant a kiss directly on that spot. Jude’s belly button had popped out nearly a month ago and Dean found it to be the cutest little button.

All while pushing in on his babies, Dean would run his thumb over the cute little outie, Pushing it back in or rolling it between his fingers. That always got Jude squirming and Dean loved it. But what Dean adored were the noises Jude would make as he wrapped his soft lips around the sensitive nub. He loved to tease Jude, but that was not why he was down there.

Abandoning that delicious belly button, Dean continued his barrage of kisses to his partners belly. For a moment Dean would pull away to examine Jude’s flawless gut. His skin was stretch mark free but stretch very thin, and it was soft and shiny from the oil. And with two final kisses for each baby, Dean would scoot his mass back up the bed until his head touched his pillow.

Jude would make his way down to Dean’s belly as well. Jude liked to rough Dean’s gut up a bit. It was just such a pleasure for Jude to see Dean so wrecked like this and with each passing day Dean kept growing and feeding Jude’s ego.

When Jude was eye level with Deans amazing baby belly, he immediately started his assault on it. Poking, pressing and dragging his nails roughly across his mates skin in effort to get a reaction from the life within. Dean groaned with slight discomfort, but for the most part he liked to be touched like this. His pregnancy had really changed his ideals when it came to being taken by his partner.

Part of him felt that this claim on him by Jude meant having Jude showing him who is boss a little more often. He would never admit that to Jude though he thought, Jude would get too cocky.

Jude moved a little lower down the bed until he was looking up at his favorite part of Dean’s gut. Unable to stop himself, Jude licked a long slow stripe on the smooth underside of Dean’s belly. Somewhere above that massive belly Dean let out a low pleasured moan and Jude planted a series of fat wet kisses on Dean’s tight skin.

‘Fuck it,’ Jude thought, ‘We don’t have anything else to do anyway’ he figured as he slid down the band of Dean’s pajama pants before taking his lovers rock hard cock into his  mouth. Jude loved Dean’s cock; it was thick, veiny and curved a little bit towards the top.

He placed a soft kiss on its tip and quietly thanked Dean’s baby making tool for the gifts inside his womb before engulfing all ten inches of it down his throat. Dean moaned and tried to bucks his hips towards Jude’s mouth. While Jude loved giving Dean head, that was not his main goal. Dean was still laying on his right side so Jude bent his left knee up around his dropping baby belly until Dean’s tight pucker was exposed.

“You’re gunna have to push my big baby out of this?” Jude questioned before shoving two fingers inside of Dean without warning.

“God you’re going to struggle. Do you even know how tight you are?” Jude drawled out as his fingers worked Dean open, searching for his prostate with each curl.

Dean was moaning above him, pressing his ass back trying to get a little more friction, or maybe another finger. Either way Jude’s cock was hard as a rock and he needed to fuck Dean.

With some effort, Jude was able to get standing. He walked around to Dean’s side of the bed and helped him stand as well. The two of them looked at each other for a moment before embracing one another in a hard kiss. Jude pulled away and eyed Dean for a moment. Sizing him up.

God he looked beautiful. His belly was glistening in the low light of the room, a slight sheen of sweat had broken out on his forehead from all of the movement and he had his hands on his back which pushed his gut out, making him look even more distended.

“C’mere,” Jude drawled out, taking Dean by the belly and guiding him to the bed to lay down.

Jude really hoped that Dean was sturdy enough for this. Shit, he hoped the HE was sturdy enough for this. The doctors had warned them that if one of them went into labor, the other wouldn’t be far behind. Labor is stressful and stress is contagious. If one of them popped, it’d be a matter of time for the next one to go into labor.

At that moment Jude did not care. He needed to fuck Dean, and the noises Dean made when Jude squeezed the big belly drove him mad. He pushed Dean flat on his back and pulled his ass so it hung off of the bed. Ignoring the protest of his own twins, Jude mashed their two guts together until he could get his cock inside of Dean.

“Jesus Christ Jude be gentle!” cried out Dean, grasping his belly going wild with movement

Jude relaxed for a moment. He remembered that Dean did not have to let him do this. They could just play their roles where Dean fucks Jude until Jude has no words, but Dean was giving Jude this small gift and he should treat it well.

Not easing up the pressure on their two bellies, Jude continued to fuck Dean, but at a more careful pace. Dean’s hole was so tight, taking his cock whole with each thrust, Dean moaned like a slut. Every time Jude filled him up, he rubbed his thick cock head over Dean’s prostate causing him to whimper.

Dean just felt so full. The baby was rolling around in his heavy belly, and Jude was sending her from wall to wall with all the rocking. Dean was a little thankful for the lack of space between their guts though it was uncomfortable, because Dean could not handle a fucking like that if his belly was bouncing all around.

Jude began to tire as the both of them drew close to their climax, slowing the pace and giving dean some short but powerful thrusts right into his prostate sent him over the edge without ever touching his cock. Jude pulled out and came all over Dean’s gut. He leaned down and rubbed their seed into his skin until it was glistening.

After helping Dean into a laying position, Jude laid down with him, falling asleep quickly with one hand cradling his belly.

But the truth is, it’s not the idea, it’s never the idea, it’s always what you do with it.
—  Neil Gaiman