More Enjoltaire cuddles

 & general Amis friendships, modern AU, ~1.3k

For @adorablecrab <3

Being with Enjolras was easier, Grantaire had found, than just being around him. And not just because he didn’t have the whole ‘unrequited feelings’ thing to deal with now. No, interacting with him was just a lot easier now he had the option to pull Enjolras into a hug instead of saying something. Everybody agreed about that actually. When they had gotten together, Courfeyrac had told Grantaire that he was now the designated source of cuddles for Enjolras. Grantaire hadn’t really paid attention to that because one, he had just gotten together with the man he’d been in love with for over a year, and two, he and Enjolras had talked about what a romantic relationship between the two of them would involve and Enjolras had been absolutely clear that cuddling would be very welcome.

By now, however, Grantaire has learned that being Enjolras’ “designated source of cuddles” is as much for the benefit of the rest of the group as it is for his and even Enjolras’ benefit…

“Grantaire!” Courfeyrac exclaims when he steps into the Musain. “You, Enjolras, couch, now.”

“Gee, Courf,” Grantaire says sarcastically. “Don’t I get a minute to take my coat off?”

“You’re not wearing a coat,” Courfeyrac points out. “Now get to holding my best friend.”

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War Ficlet Series Part I (Part II) (Part III) (Part IV)

“Hermione, you can’t keep doing this.” Harry sighed, taking his glasses into his hands and cleaning them with his shirt. “I know you want to be involved every step of the way, and Merlin knows I need you and we need the help, but at this rate, you’re going to burn out. When that happens what will you do? You can’t keep running on pure adrenaline.”

“I’m. Fine.” She bit out, crossing her arms and leveling him with a glare.

He sighed and shook his head, knowing how stubborn she was. “Alright. Maybe you are fine. Maybe you can keep going on mission after mission, but they’re catching on. They’re getting better at spotting us. You got lucky today. What if you aren’t so lucky next time? What would have happened if you’d had Rhea with you?”

“Oh, don’t start with the what if’s, Harry. Rhea was fine. She was safe with Ginny. I would never bring her with me on a mission.”

“And the market? Do you bring her with you when you go there?”

She felt the atmosphere in the room change and it made her pause. “I do, but…why is that relevant?”

“Lavender’s younger sister Daisy was snatched this morning while they were getting provisions. And she’s not the only one. There’s been a few members or associates of The Resistance taken in the last week. All of them were just doing mundane things. No missions, no drawing attention. I’m worried about the kids and what they’d do if we didn’t come back. Or what we’d do if they were taken.”

“And what do you suggest we do? We’ve tried sneaking them out once, and that attempt went as horribly as I had imagined it to go. So how do you suppose we get James and Rhea out of here?”

He looked pointedly at her. “Rhea’s father.”

She clenched her jaw and stamped down the rising anxiety in her chest. “You know why I can’t do that.”

“Hermione, you may not have a choice. If he can get Rhea out-”

“I won’t abandon her!”

“I’m not suggesting you abandon her. I’m suggesting you find a way to get her the hell out of London, or at the very least safe.”

“Oh, yes. Because being surrounded by Death Eaters would be really safe, Harry.” She mocked, throwing her hands in the air.

“I’m not particularly fond of that aspect of it either, but it’s a chance. What other options are there?”

She chewed on the inside of her cheek. “I’ll find one.”

He sighed in defeat. “Well, just think about it. Please. You know I would never suggest it if I thought it wouldn’t work. It may be the only way to get the kids out of this mess we’ve created.” And with that, he turned from her and headed upstairs.

She stood there, alone in the foyer, for a while until she felt a tug on her hand.

“What’s wrong, Mummy?” A tiny voice squeaked. “Are you ok?”

She forced a smiled and bent down to the little girls level, pulling her into a hug. “Everything is fine, darling. Mummy is just figuring things out.”

“Grown up things?” She asked, looking up at her mother cautiously, her blue eyes shining in the lamplight.

Hermione nodded and kissed her little girl on the head before maneuvering her into the living room where James sat on the floor playing with an enchanted train and Ginny held a book in her hand. The woman regarded her silently, turning a page as Hermione sat down beside her on the couch. They didn’t need to speak to know that Ginny had heard her and Harry’s exchange.

Rhea said something to James and then climbed onto the couch, laying her head down in her mother’s lap. She was always clingy after Hermione went on missions. Rhea was too young to know what it meant, there was only so much a four year old mind had the capacity to understand, but she knew it was something bad. Something bad had to be happening for her mum to be gone for two days.

Hermione blinked back tears as she thought about what the little girl must think. Even though it was all necessary, she did feel the guilt only a mother could have.

Minutes ticked by and soon soft snores filled the room. Rhea was fast asleep and James suddenly looked up from his toy and yawned, scrambling up off the floor in his toddler grace. Ginny rose and picked him up, holding him close to her chest. He whined for a moment but let his mother lull him into slumber in her arms.

Ginny turned and finally looked at Hermione, sitting down slowly, positioning herself so that she could see her and remain comfortable with the little boy in her lap. Hermione shifted slightly, knowing that the other witch wanted to talk. They’d been sitting in silence too long So something was bound to break.

Ginny looked from Rhea to James and Hermione could already tell from the way her mouth pulled to the side that she was about to say something Hermione didn’t want to hear. “What?” She asked, irritation evident in her voice. Just because she had been waiting for this, didn’t mean she liked it.

Ginny frowned but still answered, “I think Harry was right. Maybe you really should take her to her father.”

Anger roared inside of her again. “I can’t believe you would actually suggest that!” She hissed. Rhea was hers! Her responsibility. It was her job to protect her. No one could take her place in Rhea’s life.

“I’m just trying to help.” The redhead insisted. “It’s getting worse with every passing day and I’m scared, Hermione. I’m always scared!” Her voice shook and when Hermione finally looked at her face she could see the shimmer of tears in her eyes. “I’m afraid that we’re barely surviving and that tonight, or tomorrow, or next week they’ll find us. I’m afraid every time one of us walks out that door that they won’t come back. I’m afraid that they’ll capture Harry and wipe out the resistance in one go. I’m afraid of what would happen if the Death Eaters got their hands on us. You know what they’ve been doing. You know it’s only a matter of time before it all catches up with at least one of us, so don’t act like everything is fine. I know you’re scared too.”

She looked at her daughter and felt a pang in her heart. “Of course I’m scared,” she whispered, “I know entirely too much to ignore the probabilities and statistics, but I won’t just leave her in his care. He doesn’t even know she exists.”

“That may be true, but look at the bigger picture. Things are only going to get worse for the children from here on out. Do you know how many times we’ve actually tried to smuggle James out of the country to Romania? Five. Five times it’s failed. There’s obviously no way out of this for us. But Rhea….there’s hope for her. He may be her best shot at surviving this, and maybe us surviving this.”

Hermione brushed her fingers through her daughter’s hair as she slept in her lap, and thought about all the things Ginny and Harry had said. She had been a part of the attempted smuggling of the kids to Charlie but she hadn’t known how many other times they’d attempted it. “I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t let her be raised in that house. I can’t let her be raised to hate and despise.”

“She has too much of her mother in her to hate anyone.”

She felt an irrational need to scream. “What makes you think he’d even take her? What makes you think she’d be any safer with him?” There was a bitter edge to her voice but she didn’t know who exactly it was directed at. “She’s a halfblood.”

“You really think he’d let anything happen to her?” her friend scoffed, “we have eyes. Even though we didn’t approve, we could all see the way he looked at you. Do you really think he’d turn you away if you asked for his help? Do you really think he’d leave his daughter in danger?”

She closed her eyes, biting her lip as she thought back on their last encounter.

If I could stop this war I would, but I can’t. At least not yet.” A soft low voice spoke close to her ear. “But I can get you out of London. Please, let me do this for you. Let me help you, Granger.”

You can’t be serious. You know why I can’t leave. I won’t leave them. I won’t leave Harry. He needs me.”

The man sighed and shook his head, taking a step back. “Always the bleeding heart aren’t you? I’m giving you a chance to escape, to get far away from all of this….horror, and you still refuse to leave his side. If you stay you’ll only die for him.” He tried to mask his anger but she could still hear it in his voice. “Please, I don’t want to watch you die. Just… just let me help you.”

I’m sorry, Malfoy. I appreciate your offer but I just can’t take it.”

You’re the most stubborn witch I’ve ever met.”

A tiny smirk cracked her still face “That’s why you like me.”

He smiled sadly and kissed her one last time before parting, calling to her before he disappeared into the night.“One day I’ll have the power to stop this war. But until then…don’t get yourself killed.”

“No,” she finally admitted to Ginny. “ He wouldn’t let anything happen to her…even if she wasn't….even if she wasn’t his, I think he would at least try to help ”

The redhead held her gaze, her face as hard as stone. “Then don’t be stupid, Hermione. Find Draco.”

love sick that is || racetrack higgins

believe the request was for some puke worth race fluff??

so here’s some cute race fluff, don’t know if it’ll make you sick but i tried

i think i broke some grammar rules but it’s all good 

enjoy and remember that requests are still open!

        You had this bad habit of blushing every time Race Higgins said anything in your direction. It was easy to cover up your rosy cheeks when you’d first become a Newsies, in the winter. But it was spring now, and the cold wasn’t harsh enough to turn you into a tomato anymore. And as you and the other Newsies became more and more comfortable with each other, Race not only spoke to you more often, he started to become more touchy-feely as well. Of course, it wasn’t anything outside of anyone’s comfort zone, he’d sling his arm around your shoulders or lean against you more when you sat next to each other, he did this to everyone. However, it made your cheeks go red and your hands shake every time he choose to do these to you. Not because it made you uncomfortable (you didn’t really have that option, given the boys you live and work with), but because you wanted more.

        Race was getting a different impression from you. Every time he said something to you, you would turn away and mumble in response. Every time he touched you in anyway, even if he just bumped arms with you, you would flinch or look at him with wide eyes. This actually made him rather sad. He thought you were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen and whenever you were around he got excited. But it didn’t seem like you shared his feelings. This wasn’t going to stop the curly haired fella. He was determined to make you like him. 

        One fine morning, Race had insisted that you sell with him. In fact, as soon as he saw you stirring in your bed, he’d marched right over to you and informed you that you would be spending the day with him. Well actually it had come out more as “I’m ya new sellin’ partna n’ Jojo can jus’ piss off”. Jojo, whom like the rest of the Newsies, could clearly see that both of you were trying to start something, put up no fight. You were surprised, excited that Race wanted to hang out with you and a little hurt that Jojo had just brushed it off, but you choose not to dwell on it. 

        Now you were at the Sheepshead Races, where Race had earned his name. Maybe selling with Race had been a better idea than you thought, the people here didn’t think twice about buying from a girl, eager to get back to the matches. But lunchtime, you had sold almost half of your papes. 

        “Aye (y/n/n), let’s go get sum'din ta eat, I’m starvin’!” Race said over the general commotion of the crowd. You nodded, feeling hungry as well. You followed Race out of the track’s bleachers and out onto the street. As soon as you were out of the noise zone, your stomach growled loudly. Race chuckled and you could feel the rushing, or should one say racing, to your face. “Looks sum'one’s hungry.”

        Your face was practically glowing now, you looked down, not wanting to display your embarrassment in front of handsome Newsie. You couldn’t believe your stomach would betray you like that! Well, it wasn’t that hard to believe seeing as you probably didn’t eat as much as you should, but it wasn’t like you could help it! Race’s mischievous expression fell to one of concern.

        “What’re ya sick or sum'tin? Ya feelin’ alright?” Race stopped you and felt your forehead. You didn’t know how to respond. It was either that you would have to tell him that you had a crush on him and would very much like to kiss him right here and now thank you very much, or you could lie and say that you weren’t feeling very hot. You were very tempted to go with the latter, but you knew that he would make you go back to the Lodging House and then he’d stay with you until you “felt better”. You couldn’t afford to loose the money you wouldn’t make if you lied. Not to mention that Davey would no doubt magically appear by your side and mother over you for a good two weeks. You stared into his bright, searching eyes. They reminded you of the sky on an especially clear day. 

        “You have really pretty eyes!” You blurted out. Involuntarily, your own eyes flickered down to his lips. Currently, your face could win a bright-off with the sun. Race looked taken-a-back for a moment. Then he slowly began to smirk. Your brain was frantic. ’Oh god, oh my god, this isn’t happening’. The hand that lay on your forehead slid down to the back of your head, another hand found your waist. 

        “So ya are sick. Ya love sick!” He smirked triumphantly. Part of you wanted to grin and throw something clever back, the other part of you wanted to vanish into thin air. You were debating between the two (even though you could never actually vanish), when suddenly Racetrack Higgins was kissing you. And then you were kissing back. A weight had been lifted off of your shoulders. You could tell that Race felt the same. The only reason you finally broke apart was for air. Panting slightly, Race grinned you, “Is dat why youse is always so skittish whenevers I’m around youse?” You nodded sheepishly, feeling a little bad. He must have thought you didn’t like him. Which was not the case, you more than liked him. He leaned in close, his lips almost touching your ear, “I'se suppose it’s a good ting dat love sickness is contagious." 

        You pulled away from him, cocking an eyebrow. Did he really feel the same way or did he just want a make out buddy. Of course, you would be happy to supply him with the ladder, but you really wanted something out of this. "Race, do you actually mean that or are you just using an excuse to have someone to kiss?" 

        Race blinked a few times, surprised by your question. "O’ course I means dat. I ain’t gunna use you. I honestly thinks dat you are the most beautiful goil I have ever seen an’ damn you can sell dem papes. I like dat in a goil!” You were about to say something else when your stomach reminded you what time it was. “I think we’s better get you sumthin’ ta eat”

        This time when you blushed, Race realized it was the most adorable damn thing. He released you from his hold and grabbed your hand. Tingles shot up through both of your arms. Race’s goofy grin got even wider because this time when he touched you, you didn’t shy away from him. For the first time in a long time, Race felt butterflies in his stomach. Gosh, you really must be something special.

Dogs of Future Past  - Part 22

And it’s another new part of Dogs of Future Past that’s written! Sans and Timedog attempt some form of communication, but might raise more questions than answers…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

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anonymous asked:

can you do headcanons on how bakugou and midoriya would react to finding out that their s/o actually was given their quirk from all for one ?? like her parents made a deal with him to give her a new quirk when she was little bc her old quirk wasn't good enough in their eyes and they wanted her to be stronger ??

EDIT: I just now realized that you meant being given the quirk from All for One. I’m so sorry I get All for one and one for all mixed up hence this! here is what you actually asked for. Augh I’m so sorry I fucked up!!


  • Pissed
  • Extra pissed you aren’t constantly training with him to improve your control
  • had his suspicions when he saw you fight but since he wasn’t as set on• beating you like he was with Deku he didn’t concentrate on it, especially if you used it differently
  • He doesn’t exactly know how all for one works but he doesn’t give a shit why All Might let you have the power he’s more concerned with how you feel abt it
  • Annoyed you didn’t tell him earlier
  • If it affects you like it does with Deku where if you use too much you get hurt
  • Bakugou will be extra tough in training and sparring to make sure you’re perfectly able to control it
  • Very hesitant to let you fight alone simply because he knows if you have to push too far to defeat a villain, if it saves someone else, he knows you’ll probably stomach the pain
  • If you do end up over doing it and wake up in recovery girls office you get both of them nagging and scolding you
  • If it happens enough she has him banned from the office simply bc he blows up her equipment when he’s mad so now he just sits in the hall and shouts at people walking by
  • If you learn to use his moves like Deku did he’d be so smug and proud and he’d love watching you fight
  • He’d be less overprotective of you learned to do that because it’ll help you not overdo it
  • He’s pissed bc now you probably should train with Deku but like does that boy have to have everything like he’s super sad bc he’s not good enough or strong enough to train his own s/o
  • Probably goes to all might all angry like take responsibility for your actions and train my s/o you piece of shit
  • He won’t mention or ask you too but if you come back after practice with all might and show Bakugou what you learned he’d be so happy
  • like u gotta be sneaky ya know
  • Overall it wouldn’t change much about your relationship because his feelings for you are independent of your quirk 


  • Okay unlike Bakugou this turns his whole world upside down
  • Unlike Bakugou he’s nearly positive about what’s going on the moment he sees you use your quirk
  • Even if you use it differently he’d try to mimic you when he was alone to test his theory and see if what you do can really be done with the same quirk
  • Ends up freaking out and confronting you
  • He might confront you even before you dated, but if you managed to hide it from him while getting to know him/dating him he’d be concerned why you felt you needed to hide it
  • Why would toshinori need a successor if you already had the power? Why did he agree to your parent’s plan knowing how they only wanted power? What if you’re more deserving of it than him? Who will carry it now will it be two different strands of powers to be passed on or will only one of you be allowed to have a successor? What if-
  • He does the muttering thing for two days
  • Goes up to Toshi in tears yelling at him about wtf happened
  • All that angst aside y’all are definitely training together
  • He’s really thankful that you have one for all too because he doesn’t feel as alone or as burdened to figure out everything on his own
  • He’s super interested to see your ideas on using it like he wants to analyze your fighting style
  • He’d want to make sure you don’t copy him and vice versa because he wants you to be your own hero and same with himself
  • He’d probably take you to meet Nighteye like look I love them with all my heart they could be the successor
  • Bakugou would be so angry Deku has it, Deku’s s/o has it, what fucking gives?!?!??
  • Deku’s mom takes you aside like pls protect him and stop him from doing dumb shit
  • Recovery girl is ready to resign bc now she’s got two kids blowing shit up and they’re in love it’s like that one picture where you’re both trying to protect each other 
  • Like this is literally y’all:
  • Gran Torino is this close to beating Toshinori’s ass like nice job idiot now there’s two of them. Look they’ve got anxiety. Look what you did.

anonymous asked:

Say Gardienne had a bad life, wasn't close to her family, no real friends, etc. What would the boys do if she reacted to their little potion stunt with happiness instead of despair, since now she really doesn't need to return, with no one to miss her.

Well this is an interesting twist. 0_0 It makes me wonder if this should have been canon. Because it can instantly resolve the conflict on what to prioritize: a.) honoring the Guardian’s life in the human realm and avenging the injustice of her staying in Eldarya, or b.) leaving her to discover her destiny in the faery realm, mature as a person, and build a new life, persona, and relationship there with no qualms.  

Frankly, given that it’s a dating sim with episodic updates and not a visual novel with a plotline determined in advance, the logical solution would be to focus on Option B entirely. Apologies to the Earth First! party in the fandom. >_>

So I’ll be happy to experiment with this alternate plot-twist, Anon. ;)

Note: Below you’ll find a mixture of in-game facts picked up from Youtube walkthroughs of Episode 13, and some personal expansion (such as the way the potion works, laws governing its use, etc.) It’s headcanon, not canon. ;)

Note #2: For a full diatribe dissection on why I think an angsty Guardian accepting the potion willingly has a lot of potential for the game’s storyline, check out the analysis/extrapolation here. And feel free to leave your own thoughts. :) 


What does he know about the Guardian’s past?  

Only a little. From a few passing, deadpan references, he knows the Guardian has lost people close to them. Yet he never bothered to ask further: these days, who hasn’t lost loved ones? And from the way they carry themselves– straight-backed, matter-of-fact, and unfailingly considerate to others (very Valkyon-esque, now that he thinks about it)– Ezarel is inclined to believe that he doesn’t have to worry about them. They’re a smart character with excellent control of their own emotions, and no need for tranquilizers to get to sleep. So as far as he’s concerned, he has no reason to pry into their lives, professionally or personally. Let them keep their secrets.

How does he react to Miiko’s order to ensure the Guardian takes the potion?

It feels like a nzmabe’s hand has reached into his gut, and is throttling it for all its un-life. Miiko can’t be asking this from him. Though he was responsible for some pretty horrific concoctions– explosives, acid baths, and corrosive lime mixtures for El’s never-ending war against the wilder fey–, this potion violates an entirely new set of ethical principles. She wants him to turn an ally into a living ghost as opposed to a traditionally dead one, without their knowledge or consent; to sever the cognitive and emotional bonds of a living community, again sans knowledge or consent. This course of action violates the basic autonomy of a sentient mind and an individual identity; in a time of peace, it’s practically illegal.  

Only Miiko is now exploiting the pinpoint-sized loophole in the ancient laws of the land: if the drinker willingly participates in the creation of the potion, then they would have given their consent. Ezarel promptly corrects her: ignorant consent doesn’t count as willing consent. And it’s this principle– among others– that he’s prepared to defend with fire. In the back of his mind, he wonders what he once saw in his old colleague when he supported her ascent to leader of the Guard.

Then it dawns on him that Miiko is intent to see this through; if he declines to help, she’ll find someone else to goad the Guardian into preparing the spell. Perhaps even an amateur alchemist armed with just lethal resolution… who might have no experience with a volatile reagent like the Waters of Lethe. One misstep won’t lead to just the erasure of their memory from other humans, but faeries as well; a concentrated dose would even destroy their own memories. And that’s an accident that Ezarel can’t allow to happen in good conscience.  

So he accepts this unsavory task, with a bitter taste in his mouth. Never has he imagined applying his skills for this when he took the helm of the Absynthe Guard. He can only hope that there won’t be a reprise within his career. And that no one else will learn of the crime he’s committing to preempt a deeper tragedy.  

How will he react if the Guardian, on knowing the truth about the potion, actually accepts it?

Ezarel will actually splutter for a moment: don’t they understand the ramifications of this ritual? It’s beyond alchemy: a potent spell encapsulated in a bottle that effects human psyches in a vast cascade across the energy network of emotions, feelings, and memories that starts with them, and will permanently sever their sole link to the human world. They’ll become a living ghost. They need to understand that this is a horrible idea.  

But when they flatly tell him that yes, they’re sure, Ezarel– still flabbergasted– starts to get ticked off: how can they be so calm about this? There must be something critical they don’t understand. Hell, if he’s in their place and knows what’s about to happen, he’ll flat-out refuse. (And if he lost this fight, he’ll summon a lawman, and then call up a trial no matter what for this technically illegal procedure.)

He starts energetically explaining to them– again– why they should refuse, now going against Miiko’s orders. If it comes to it, he’ll even let them sue him for conspiring with that nutcase kitsune. But the Guardian cuts him off and tells him, with a wan expression, that he doesn’t know a thing about the life they left behind. Becoming a ghost won’t be a tremendous change.

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anonymous asked:

So apparently Brooks is back on Tumblr, I checked the blog and I think it's him but not too sure. I was reading all of his answers and he said that Eric never had a 1st kiss but Dylan did and he prefers not to tell with who... any thoughts ? It really surprises me because Eric actually dated compared to Dylan or maybe if it's true Dylan tried with a friend without romantic feelings (but I don't think that he would like to kiss a girl he wasn't interested in).

Apparently, allegedly so, yes.  If it was an impersonator they did a spot-on job of sounding exactly like Brooks though. And I will give credit where due and say that I thought they were a really good faker and did an amazing job of sounding like him in answers and psychologically how he approaches everything with a tease of an answer.  Never giving toooo much information but just enough to keep people curious and asking more questions. Holding the attention. He likes that to do that. Brooks the tease. lol

I’d have to question though who would go through all that trouble to set up a boring “VR gamer” blog using his old Or1g1nal1ty username and posting/reblogging a bunch of stuff which no one appeared to be interacting with them. And then talking to himself with one-liners  as “why is chinese food so good”  and eventually leading up to making baiting comments like this one:

 “Not gonna lie. I’m a little apprehensive about being back here - I know they’ll find this eventually, but I’m going to enjoy the solitude while it lasts.”

Making it seem like they’re waiting for the attention to pour in any moment. as the Columbiner E & D and Brooks fangirl attention clammers like moths to a flame for answers to their burning questions.

and then once they got ‘discovered’ and the Columbiner askes trickle in,  they suddenly change their blog name and start answering a bunch of Columbine asks claiming that their therapist told them it would be therapeutic and ‘healing’ to talk about it full-on and work through it (and with the young crowd on Tumblr. yeah, right. lol)..  Last evening, they then start full-on encouraging people to ask questions about the boys…and then less than 24 hours, they yank their blog completely with a sudden change of heart for unknown reasons.

If this was an imposter, why would they change the blog name from Or1g1nal1ty at all  if the celebrity attention they were seeking as fake Brooks started to pour in? Why even do that?  What would be the point to all of this anyway for either real Brooks or a fake one?

The attention-seeking but evasive behavior displayed is very much like how Brooks would typically approach momentary celebrity yet again.  Though I’d have to question why he’d put himself through the exact same situation getting weird questions about Eric and Dylan - and most especially after he fled  Tumblr 5 years ago when the scandal broke with the evidence of him attempting to seduce a girl which he believed to be under age and very much liking that fact.  He was pretty much run off Tumblr by many of the girls like a torch wielding town going after Frankenstein.  

The manner in which “Brooks” answers the questions sounds exactly like him. The behavior is just like him.  Why would someone go through the trouble? 
And if it really was Brooks (not saying it is but hypothetically speaking), why would he risk putting himself through more potential  Tumblr drama and risk public humiliation again on Tumblr with the kind of questions he is bound to receive?  He’s in his late 30s, he’s married and with his first kid on the way. Doesn’t he have better things to do with his life and on his social media?

Not gonna lie. the responses most definitely seemed like Brooks.  Reminded me of the first time he was here on Tumblr in March 2013.  But I’m not going to just simply believe it was him -or - not believe it was him based on what people say. People claim; there is no concrete proof  Instead, I’m working on getting legit verification and not just a ‘he said; she said’ type thing.  I don’t know if this will actually work so don’t keep asking me if I’ve found proof or not. If there is something to tell or show, I will. 

But to answer your question (to the hypothetical “Brook” anon ask answer:) no, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Dylan managed one kiss with a girl but Eric never did.   The way “Brooks” talks about it makes it seems like he knows exactly who kissed Dylan which would make me think that this was something along the lines of a party game played while everyone was drinking. Dylan got his first kiss (around 16 as this dude claims) and others witnessed it.  So, “Brooks” knows who the girl is but as “he” mentioned “he” doesn’t want to say who she is.  I can’t really see Dylan kissing a girl in private and his other friends finding out about it through him. He wouldn’t divulge that sort of thing readily. except maybe with Zack. I don’t see Zack blabbing to Brooks.  But again, we honestly do not have any concrete verification that this was actually Brooks Brown.  So, again keep in mind discussing this is purely speculative going under the assumption that this was actually Brooks and the answer about Dylan kissing a girl is something that legit happened. 

I screen capped all the answers on their blog. (I  figured if it was Brooks he’d probably delete..just didn’t think that soon lol)  I don’t think we should discuss what “Brooks” said until we find out the truth about who was answering the questions because it’s all just hypothetically speaking.

UPDATE: According to Brooks, he claims a ‘nope’ to having been on Tumblr.
So, the verdict?  A fake Brooks that did a fairly decent job of it, tbh.

Something Really Stupid

So here’s a little Alan and Sharna fic I wrote just for fun and because I have absolutely no chill. I don’t think anything would ever happen between them, but I absolutely adore their friendship and they are both two very attractive and single individuals and I couldn’t resist writing this. Also, I love writing Sharna and Peta (and Jenna) together, so that made it even more fun!

“I’m about to do something really stupid,” Sharna hissed in Peta’s ear, grabbing her arm to get her attention and hoping everyone around them would be sufficiently distracted by something else for a minute.

“Yeah, no shit,” Peta whispered, turning to her with a smirk. “I’ve noticed.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Sharna said quickly. “Surrounded over here by all your fans? You haven’t noticed a damn thing.”

“You mean you over there flirting with Alan?” Peta kept her voice very low and rolled her eyes. “Yeah. You’re right. I was totally oblivious.” 

Sharna blushed, which she didn’t often do and which completely gave her away. 

Flirting?!” she repeated, doing her best to sound offended. “I have not been flirting!” 

“You’ve been flirting and he has, too. Don’t be so naive. So,” she said, a smile spreading across her face. “That’s the thing you’re going to do, huh? Or should I say who.” 

Sharna had no response to this. “I have not been flirting,” she muttered. 

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Jaime/Sansa Modern AU off-the-cuff snippet: Social Lights

They honestly hadn’t even said one word to each other and, if either of them could have done so tactfully, then they each would have avoided the other entirely. This event, it was a charitable one and they each had a reason to be there, but they had no reason to be there with each other.

And they most certainly weren’t.

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Okay, so at a request from padawankorra I have decided to dissect anidala in a similar treatment regarding Season 2 Episode 4: Senate Spy, in which the council asks Padmé to spy on Senator Clovis cause they think he’s a separatist. 

first let me say MATT LANTER WAS SO STANDOUT IN THIS ugh (Catherine Taber too of course was wonderful as usual but omg he blows my mind every time) The banter at the beginning was amazing.  Just all the voice actors on this show unf.

Disclaimer: I’m looking through… I dunno, green tinted glasses? (whatever the opposite of rose is) here, since this post’s being kind of a response to the last post would mar these observations a bit. I’ll try to remain neutral lol. I will also give a bit of a synopsis in case you forgot what happened (it’d been a while for me since my last watch lol) so bear with me if it’s been a recent watch for you.

The first picture is Anakin surprising Padmé  because he thinks he has a day off. When Anakin is summoned back to the Jedi temple, Padmé appears somewhat disappointed. Anakin says, “Padmé, you can’t take this personally. Duty comes first, especially in wartime.” (me: uh huh yeah anakin you hear that?)

Back at the temple, Anakin tries to keep it casual when Mace Windu explains that they chose Padmé for the mission because she and Clovis have a history.

My fave part of this episode is when Obi Wan silently calls Anakin’s bullshit poker sabacc face. 

Jedi master? More like judgment face master. 

Anyway, so in this episode Anakin is tasked with convincing Padmé to accept the assignment, since she initially declined. Anakin, of course, sees this as trying to make her associate with an old flame, and walk directly into danger. Obv he ain’t wild about this. 

Fast forward to the next day where Anakin so delicately asks, “are you still mad about last night?” Padmé’s response: “Mad? I’m not mad.”  (see bitchface above in figure 4.)

The first anidala red flag I noticed in this ep (of course, I’m also looking for them and what you look for you often find) was that Padmé seems reluctant to talk about being upset with Anakin or feeling wronged by him (or regarding him, at least). I think this is an early example of how she may end up either forgiving Anakin quickly with a handwave or even convincing herself that she’s the one at fault. This kind of language, even though she might not mean it now, I think might be influencing her thought patterns until she believes those words.

Anakin tells Padmé he needs to ask her about Clovis to brief someone else he chooses for the mission, instead of her. He tells her it’s too dangerous. Her response: “I’ve been in tough situations before. It never seemed to bother you. I’ve never stopped you from facing danger!”

He says he won’t LET her go, even when she assures her own capability. Huge communication gap if you ask me. Padmé changes her mind, I think, from a spiteful place. She throws the “don’t take it personally” line back at him. Ooo burn. Not mad, huh? 

Before the council, Anakin shows he already has judged Clovis to be a huge danger, even though it hasn’t been proven yet. He’s using it to cover up his jealousy at C/P’s old relationship, I  think. 

Clovis invites Padmé to Cato Neimodia on business (also to “”“rekindle their “”””friendship”””””””). He obviously has one thing on his mind. I suppose Anakin is right to see right through this. Clovis is acting like a gross pig lol. When he kisses Padmé on the cheek before departure, we see her looking to Anakin, who returns a cute little snarl. (And where do we se this happen later. I’ll tell you. Season 6. Gold star.)

But really I have to call Anakin out on this. They have a secret marriage. What is Padmé supposed to do? Anakin’s little growl is just going to call attention to this. I mean, what does he expect? I think this could be interpreted as distrusting others with Padmé (which kind of objectifies her in a way by putting her on this pedestal). However, I’m willing to write this off as Clovis being a creep and making him uncomfortable. 

I think Anakin might say he’s trying to protect Padmé, but what I think he’s really more concerned about is protecting his monopoly on her. (again, being a slave fucks people up and he should’ve gotten therapy a long time ago)

Anakin’s childish response is to, on the shuttle, break the middle seat so they can’t sit next to each other (even though there’s a whole nother row on the other side? jeez). And he flies like an asshole to make Clovis fall over. Cute, Anakin.

Fast forward to after the Neimoidian senator poisons Padmé to get Clovis to submit to him (note that Clovis’ computer passcode is Padmé. He also seems actually hurt that Padmé simply renewed their friendship to spy on and steal from him. I think Clovis really does have genuine feelings for her. Anakin is right. Sucks to be you Anakin).

I think that Anakin being right this time conditions him to think that he’s right all the time. Not at this one particular instance. It’s one among a pattern. I think he begins to form the idea in his head that he knew all along and Padme was wrong to not trust him and she should defer to his judgment on things because he’s the chosen one and he’s always right. (Even if he is lol).

Then, Padmé again apologizes. In contrast to the next time this happens (regarding Clovis), Anakin says “For what?/// Your mission was a success.” He seems to not hold her at fault at all. Padme says, “No. I made you doubt me.” Like any of this was her fault at all?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I think Padme kind of established accidentally in his mind that Anakin can get away with doubting her.  She placed herself below him. 

Anakin’s response: “Never.” (lie? does he have a bad memory or something?)  Nevertheless this is how it should happen every time. He should be validating her always. Sigh.

But next time it comes to Clovis, Anakin doesn’t react this way. Padmé fell at his feet when she didn’t have to. She was too insecure, I think. Bottom line, Anakin is her weakness, and she’ll do anything to keep him in her life and stay in his good favor. Her being so self-sacrificing for the relationship only fed Anakin’s power complex, I think.

I don’t think that this episode would cause a lot of raised eyebrows if you’re watching it for the first time. But after watching the season 6 arc, the parallels are pretty stark, and I really realize you kind of can see it coming. 

These could arguably be the seeds of an abusive relationship: Anakin’s possessiveness and power complex, Anakin’s jealousy and immaturity, Padmé’s need to prove others wrong when she’s in the right (her own spite nettled Anakin even more), Padmé’s self-sacrificing view of greater good (which differs from Anakin’s), etc. Padmé plays right into Anakin’s sort of god complex as much as he does, I think. She glosses over his misdeeds and faults just so things will be smooth sailing again. (I’m generalizing; she doesn’t always do this, but it seems to me that she does do it here. And I think this is a key point in their relationship.) 

Now, I don’t mean to be blaming Padmé for this at all. It’s just an unfortunate mishap and communication gap. It’s tragic, you know?

Your thoughts?

Hay Rides and Pumpkins

Summary: (USUK) Arthur promises his little brother a day of hay rides, pumpkin picking and corn maze fun. He expects a semi-strenuous day. When they meet their hay ride driver his brother gets other ideas. 

Warnings: Traditional omegaverse.

A/N: I wanted to write something fluffy for the fall, it’s my favorite season after all. /o/ 

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Neck Upgrade
  • NSFW-ISH.Never too late to enjoy some neck kink with Genos. Thanks ONE. >;D
  • -------------------------------
  • -Saitama picks Genos up at the station after he'd finished his recent maintenance at Kusenos. He was gone for a bit longer, but he'd pretty much gotten used to it. Still, they couldn't help but miss him.-
  • Genos: Sensei. Thanks for coming to pick me up.
  • Saitama: [-Turns to the sound of his voice and smiles as he stands up.-] No problem. Glad your back. Hm?
  • -Immediately notices something completely different.-
  • Genos: [-Notices his eyes focus on his neck and strokes it tentatively.-] Ah, yes. The Doctor had a new upgrade ready for me when I arrived. Apparently this new revision is more practical and efficient. Though it functions in pretty much the same way as far as eating and breathing, with battling...
  • -Though Saitama more or less continued to listen to the gist of his redundant explanation, he couldn't help but stare tentatively at his neck. Unlike before where the silver accents gave his throat a sense of depth, the single, pipe-like structure that ran up and down the length of it practically highlighted the form. And the more he looked at it, the more he couldn't help but think it looked rather sexy on him.-
  • Genos: Sensei...? [-Curiously looking at him as he zoned out a bit.-]
  • Saitama: Ah, sorry. I was just spacing for a second. Before we get back, do you want to stop over the next town to get some groceries for dinner? [-He'd nearly forgotten that there was one more errand to run before they could go home.-]
  • Genos: [-smiles-] Of course.
  • -As they talked about what they should make for dinner for everyone while shopping through the market, Saitama couldn't keep his eyes off of that new neck of his. It felt like every time he got closed to him, he felt this urge to touch it. Thankfully he held back, but it proved difficult to do when they were a hair's breath away from each other. Once they'd purchased the ingredients they needed, they got on the train to head back to their apartment, taking a seat in the back where there didn't seem to be very many occupants.-
  • Saitama: Hey Genos, are you feeling tired?
  • Genos: Hm? No, I'm fine. Why do you say that?
  • -He had to roll his eyes in his head as he was quite transparent in his eyes. Wrapping his arm around his shoulder, he forced him to rest his head against his.-
  • Saitama: We've got about a half hour, so just rest up before we get home.
  • Genos: [-blinks as he pretty much spells it out to him to take it easy, knowing full well that he was probably a little exhausted from having go through a longer upgrade session. He blushes a little and smiles.-] Okay.
  • -About 20 minutes or so Genos was whirring peacefully against his shoulder, which was a great relief to Saitama. As he watched the towns zip by fast in an amber-roseate kaleidoscope, he looked to Genos to make sure he was okay. Again, he couldn't stop zeroing in on that neck of his. There was just something enticing about it that his mind kept juggling lewd thoughts about it that he was tempted to experiment.-
  • Saitama: ...Hmm....[-Looks around to see that there was a scarce amount of people, other than a few sleepy individuals who were either too busy listening to music or reading books and newspapers, they were pretty much alone in the back. The idea that came to mind was rather risky and stupid, but...he couldn't help but go with his impish curiosity as he slid his hand up his shoulder to his neck. With his middle and index he slowly ghosted his fingers down the contour of his neck just to see his reaction while he slept.-]
  • Genos: ...Mm....[-He gave a soft groan-]
  • Saitama: [-He blinked as he saw the face and sound he made and decided to stroke it again, back and forth.-]
  • Genos: ...Hn...Nnn..////....[-Genos' brows furrowed at the tickling sensation as he shivered.-]
  • Saitama: [-His heart stirred at the way his face looked when he stroked it, feeling the urge to play with him just a little bit more. They hadn't done it in a while and would probably have to wait before asking King and Mumen to take the kids with them to spend the night. With that in mind, he figured he might as well curb his appetite for a bit.-]
  • Genos: ....Mm.../////....Mmph...////...[-He was starting to feel unusually warm and opened his eyes slowly. Although his vision was slightly blurred, he was soon wide awake as he found Saitama pressing his head against the crook of his shoulder while his hand seemed to wrap slightly around his neck.-]...Sensei, what are you...?...Nn..!? ////...[-Bites his bottom lip as he felt his nail scrape lightly against the center of his neck.-]
  • Saitama: Shhh~...lower your voice, Genos...they might hear you...[-He whispered softly as he started to kiss the base up to the corner of his jaw.-]
  • Genos: ...Bu...But we...we can't, Sensei. They'll easily notice us...////....[-He whined, looking around nervously as the few people in this car continued to ignore them.-]
  • Saitama: No they won't...not as long as we're quiet...[-Saitama said this in an even softer voice that sounded like black velvet as he flicked his tongue behind the shell of his ear, his fingers strumming the cool center of his neck, pressing and rubbing against the bottom of his adam's apple.-]
  • Genos: ..Mmgh~!.../////...Mmph~!...////....[-He gripped his hand against the seat as he felt the pressure of his fingers against his throat. He prayed that his fans wouldn't be heard as he grew more aroused, and even more that steam didn't start to emit from his vents.-]
  • -He didn't think he'd be this tender; or at least more so than usual. Was it because he'd just had the upgrade recently? He never did take into account his sensitivity levels. But that was hardly the problem here as he was starting to forget checking if the other passengers might be noticing them as he panted softly every so often before shutting his mouth tight to keep from letting out his moans.-
  • Saitama: Nn....Mmm~....[-It seemed a bit mean to tease and bully Genos like this, but Saitama couldn't help it. He always looked so cute the way he became shy and reluctant to take part in PDA, though it was quite apparent that he wasn't against it. If he was he would have made it clear to him, and Saitama would stop immediately.-]
  • Genos: Nngh~?!..////...S-Sensei, please don't bite so hard...[-He nearly let out a cry when Saitama's teeth gnashed the side of his neck.-]
  • Saitama: My bad...[-He'd nearly lost himself there as he saw the way Genos shivered and struggled to stifle his moans while his fingers stroked his neck.-]
  • Genos: ...Mmmngh!.../////...Mmm....////...!...Hn~!....////....[-He grew anxious as his fans sputtered a little louder and felt a bit more steam start to silently pour out. What was he to do if his arousal started to cause everyone to notice them? His obvious choice was to signal for Saitama to stop if things got a little heady, but the feel of his long fingers strumming his throat like a violin made him put that thought in the back of his mind as an emergency plan b. However just as he was losing himself in the moment, the train summoned their arrival to the station.-]
  • Saitama: Ah, looks like we're here.[-He said with a bit of disappointment as he pulled off of him and started to grab their groceries.-] We should get home.
  • Genos: ....Y..-Yeah...////...
  • -Their apartment wasn't that far from the station, so it was a fairly brief walk to their place.-
  • Saitama: Hope we got enough for everyone since Mumen and King are here...[-Was just about to knock the door until Genos pulled his shoulder-]...?
  • Genos: ..Sensei...[-whispers something in his ear-]
  • -Door Knocks-
  • Mumen: Welcome back you two.
  • King/Mini Genos': Welcome home/Welcome back Danna~!!
  • -Some of the Minis rushed to welcome their mommy, hugging and telling/reporting to him the things that had happened in his absence.-
  • Genos: I see. Well I'll be sure to listen to each of you as soon as we get dinner ready. Please help me put things away in the kitchen first.
  • Mini Genos': Kay~!!
  • Genos: King, Mumen. If you don't have any plans, please feel free to stay for dinner.
  • King: Ah, thanks Genos-shi.
  • -As King and the Minis take care of things, Mumen can't help but notice Saitama looking rather flustered.-
  • Mumen: Hm? Something wrong, Saitama-kun?
  • Saitama:'s nothing...
  • -Once he'd left to assist everyone with preparing dinner, Saitama had to turn away to make sure his face stopped giving off that flustered look as he recalled what Genos had said before the door opened.-
  • -A few minutes ago-
  • -Saitama blinked as he felt Genos pull his shoulder back.-
  • Genos: [-whispers softly-]...I do hope you intend to take responsibility tonight...
  • Saitama: ...Ah...//////.....
  • -Back to present-
  • Saitama: [-smiles wryly-].../////....Man, this kid can be pretty damn cheeky...
Raphril Week: Day 4 (Surprise)

Summary: Leo knows that listening at doorways is wrong but after hearing a conversation that wasn’t meant for his ears he decides to take matters into his own hands. April and Raph have gotten themselves into deep trouble and it is up to big brother Leo to get them out…Probably.

Note: This one went a lot longer than I had intended it to be. I really like writing from Leo’s perspective but I’m always worried that I’m not doing it right. Also Master Splinter is a little old school in his thinking so please take it with a grain of salt. If you want a fun game try to figure out what happened as you go along.

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Dream Of Her Every Night (2/?) - Oliver/Felicity - G

A/N: Oh look. More I Dream Of Felicity. Absolutely no one saw this coming. This particular installment came about because absentlyabbie reblogged the first drabble with these tags: "#and what if something happens so that a situation occurs#where oliver is in danger of losing the bottle and therefore losing felicity#and in a panic TOMMY FUCKING STEPS IN and whoops for like 2-3 days felicity has changed hands again#and oh my god ALL OF THE ANIXETY

Chronologically, this sort of takes place quite a while after this drabble, and I’m actually quite unsure as to whether or not it’ll be canon to the actual fic!universe, or if it’s just a side fic I needed to write. We’ll see.

"Okay, okay, okay,” Tommy says frantically, breathing heavily as he shuts the door to his office at Verdant. “Got the bottle, we’re good. We’re good.”

He removes the top and peeks down the tube. “Felicity.”

A puff of purple smoke shoots out and hits him in the face. It smells like lavender. It takes a few seconds for it to solidify into the blonde Genie, and when she does blink up at him, Tommy’s startled by the fact that she’s dressed, well, for lack of a better description, like a belly dancer. He’s used to Oliver letting her wear whatever she wants, and while those things are usually colorful and flattering, they’re not generally quite so…revealing.

He can see the toned lines of her stomach and the dip of her waist, beads hanging from her top bounce around her navel as she blinks a few times, like her eyes need to adjust to the light. The curls flowing from her high ponytail brush against the back of her neck, and Tommy also notes that it’s the first time he’s seen her hair up, and not down in waves across her shoulders.

Tommy wonders if the costume change has to do with the fact that he’s never seen her fresh out of her bottle before. He expects her to quickly come to her senses and blink back to her normal state.

Instead, Felicity peers up at him, takes a deep breath and says in a timid, nervous voice: “Master.”


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anonymous asked:

i'm tired of cas stans & their double standards, claiming dean is abusive to cas mainly based off on dean beating up cas in s10, forgetting that dean wasn't himself he was controlled by the MoC, like cas wasn't himself all the times he beat up dean when he was mind-controlled, how is dean held accountable for things he can't control while they don't do the same when it's cas, it's frustrating, please i need some thoughts/proof that dean cares 4 cas & not abusive from some1 articulate, can you?

Hi there. Yeah, I think most of the bitterest Cas girls blocked me last year because I was overly-excited about what I saw as the beginning of an amazing arc for Cas’s character development, so I admit I don’t really see a lot of their posts anymore. I don’t know what the current rhetoric is on that front, but it’s kind of disturbing to read your description there. I don’t really know what the heck to make of that.

Sam, Dean, and Cas have each made their fair share of terrible, awful decisions. They’ve collectively done some horrible shit to each other. Since we’re specifically talking about Cas and Dean for the purposes of your question, I guess I’ll try to leave Sam out of this and just focus on the crap that Dean and Cas have done to each other, both in the name of the greater good and in the misguided attempt to “protect” each other, as well as those things that fall into the category of “done while mindfucked so probably is entitled to at least a little leeway and not 100% responsible for the fuckery.”

*flashback harp noises and rippling effect*

S4 Cas demanded that Dean torture Alistair for info. Granted it was a trap for both of them set by Uriel, and they both nearly died because of it, but still. It was one of the worst things I have ever seen. Dean practically begging not to, and even Cas saying if there was any other way he wouldn’t be doing this, but… yeah. Ugh. I mean, even making Dean choose to save that town in 4.07 was pretty awful, especially when Dean learned the truth about Cas’s test.

But IT LED TO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! CAS GREW A FEELING! ANOTHER DOORWAY TO DOUBT! It began to change him in all the best ways. And every time Cas and Dean have purposely or inadvertently hurt each other, it’s been a push to do something different. It’s character growth.

And ugh, I can already hear the chorus of but why do they have to beat each other for character development! That’s SOOOOO not healthy! It’s abuse! UGH!

This is a story. These are plot devices. They are not real people.This is not real life. In real life, we don’t have literal angels and demons trying to start the apocalypse, and men who were born to be the true vessels of Michael and Lucifer who were fated to destroy the world, either. Okay, moving on to your actual question.

I guess I should just focus on s8-11 here, because this is getting more specifically to the point. Because of the crushing weight of his guilt, Cas left Dean– a squishy nougat-filled human– to fend for himself in Purgatory. It was the least he felt he could do to protect Dean from the Leviathan. When Dean got out, Cas chose to stay behind. It pushed every abandonment issue button Dean had.

When Cas came back, he was unknowingly being controlled by Naomi who’d trained him to kill thousands of copies of Dean. Was he responsible for his actions in the crypt in 8.17? He broke free of Naomi’s control and healed Dean, but protecting the Angel Tablet was hardwired into him. Instead of staying with Dean, he flew away to protect the tablet. I’m not convinced that he had any other choice. The tablet was now controlling him, demanding his protection above everything else, even his feelings for Dean. Even though Dean still was technically in danger from Crowley and Naomi.

Do we blame Cas for that? I mean, Dean sort of did at the time. He cold-shouldered Cas until he came to a sort-of understanding about Naomi. Until he got a glimpse of the bigger picture. And then Cas abandoned him again, and then the angels fell.

So, Dean was in an impossible situation largely of his own making but spiraled so far out of his control that it’s literally sickening. Based on Cas’s word that “Ezekiel” was a good angel that could be trusted, Dean trusted Gadreel… and then paid the price for it. Desperate times and all that… (and because of the nature of your question, I’m leaving out all the crap with Sam at the moment because that’s a whole other can of worms).

So this angel’s essentially holding Sam hostage and making demands on Dean. He’s got the equivalent of a gun to Sam’s head when he tells Dean that Cas can’t stay at the bunker. Yeah, as far as we know Dean just pushed Cas out the front door without a damn thing, but really? You don’t think he at least gave Cas a bag of gear and a couple of fake credit cards or a wad of cash? Okay. And yeah, I HATE that that whole scenario happened at all, but again, Cas was human and the only angel Dean had to help him keep Sam alive was making this demand on him. DEAN hated it, too, but at least Cas had a chance of survival out on his own. Without “Zeke,” Sam was as good as dead. No takebacksies. It wasn’t Dean “choosing Sam over Cas.” Considering his options, he chose life. Sending Cas away wasn’t issuing him a death sentence, after all.

And yes, that’s what I imagine was going through Dean’s mind at the time. I didn’t say it was good or healthy or right, just honest and hella heartbreaking.

Do we blame Dean for this? Really? REALLY?!

I saw something once that said that Cas hadn’t really been responsible for hurting Dean in the crypt because he didn’t choose to be mind-controlled, but that Dean could be blamed for all the crap he did because he chose to let Gadreel into Sam, and he chose to take on the Mark of Cain. Well, yeah, but do you think he would’ve chosen if he had a crystal ball and could’ve seen into his own future? Do you think he would’ve chosen either of those things if he’d known what the consequences would be? Possibly, but THEN I would’ve blamed him for all of that. As things stand? Yeah, Dean had no idea what he was signing up for.

So that brings us to the horrible things Dean did under the influence of the Mark. Yeah, we know it amplified his own darker tendencies, but it was FAR more than that. It was literally the keyhole into Amara’s prison where she could whisper through the cracks and control Dean’s actions.

Look at 10.09 (and I JUST wrote something about this the other day). That was all the proof I needed that the Mark didn’t just amplify Dean’s “dark side.” It actively controlled him. He didn’t even remember what he’d done. Even Crowley told him that the mark had to be fed, and if he hadn’t been supplying regular feedings, it would’ve taken control and driven Dean to lose control. It was the mega-intense non-fatal version of the Darkness sickness from 11.01 (and from 11.20). He was literally being controlled by the Darkness.

The fact that Chuck said in 11.22 that Dean couldn’t take on the Mark again so it had to be someone else (and I cringed through that whole scene because it was just one more instance of Chuck avoiding taking responsibility for what eventually happened in 11.23, of reuniting HIMSELF with the Darkness, as it always should’ve been). Dean was somehow immune to it at that point. Amara couldn’t kill him, she couldn’t “eat his soul,” she couldn’t infect him with her death fog.

So, was Dean responsible for the actions that the Darkness drove him to commit? Sam wouldn’t think so. I mean look how hard he worked to cure the zompires in 11.01. He didn’t blame them for their actions while they were infected. He just wanted to save them. Same thing goes for Dean with the Mark.

Yes, what he did to Cas was terrible, but remember Cain’s words in 10.14. Dean had been “fated” to murder Cas, and he resisted. The combined weight of Cain’s prophecy and the influence of the Darkness, and DEAN RESISTED. He couldn’t do it. So, yeah. That’s pretty damn powerful.

CAS UNDERSTOOD ALL OF THAT. Cas forgave Dean, and probably blamed himself for not beng able to break through to Dean despite having not fought back. Despite probably remembering what he’d done to Dean all the way back in 8.17. Despite wanting nothing more than to make his friend whole again.

And then at the beginning of s11 when Cas was under Rowena’s attack dog spell. Yeah he seemed to have a bit more control over himself than her other victims of that spell (hooray angel grace, I guess?), but he was still fighting a losing battle against it. Dean, still feeling the pain and guilt of what he’d done to Cas in 10.22, took the beating Cas gave him as retribution for his actions against Cas.

Do we blame Cas for that? Do we blame him for hurting Dean? He’d been about to take his wrath out on an innocent girl before Dean stepped in and stopped him. Do we blame Cas for that?

Their actions weren’t their own. The two things were being used as NARRATIVE PARALLELS to show that both Dean and Cas WERE NOT THEMSELVES. Neither of them would’ve chosen to act that way. Neither of them were in control of their actions or in possession of reason.

Does that somehow cancel out their actions and clean the slate? Not by a long shot. Does that make their actions forgivable? Probably not entirely. Does that help EACH OF THEM UNDERSTAND WHAT THE OTHER WAS GOING THROUGH AND MAYBE CONTRIBUTE TO WHY THE CHARACTERS THEMSELVES BEAR NO GRUDGES AGAINST ONE ANOTHER?! Well, yeah.

So why should we bear grudges against either of them?

Dammit, they live some pretty fucked up lives. But again, they are fictional characters. We only get to see about 17 hours of their lives out of an entire year. Should we assume they’ve had conversations that we’re not privy to? Probably. Should we assume they’ve apologized to one another off screen and that’s why they seem to have gotten over this? It’s likely that we’re to assume something of the sort, because Dean and Cas themselves are behaving as if they have gotten over these things.

Are we ever going to be shown A Very Special Supernatural Group Therapy Episode, oh god no I hope not.

When the characters on tv shows seem to have put their issues behind them, it’s okay to accept that they’ve forgiven each other and move on. And then write fanfic to fill the gap.

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic about the conversation that follows "I shot a superior officer in the chest" (Fitz asking why and Jemma explaining well OBVIOUSLY she had to get info on the mission because she wasn't going to just sit around and let Fitz get tortured and Fitz's reaction).

Rated G. Missing moment fic for 1x07. 
(So clearly I couldn’t help myself…. What an awesome suggestion, anon, thank you!)

“I shot a superior officer in the chest.” 

Jemma couldn’t help the grin that spread across her face. 

“With the Night-Night gun!”

Now that she knew she wasn’t going to be court-martialed (thanks to May terrifying Sitwell for reasons she cared not to think about), it had probably been one of the more exciting days of her life. Aside from blowing a hole in the side of this very plane, or being shot at in a temple, or… being infected with an alien virus. No, that hadn’t been so fun, she mused, and pushed the thought to the back of her mind.

The smile on Fitz’s face died a slow death, and far more quickly morphed into horror. He didn’t speak though, mouth working silently as he raised his hands to his hips. “Who?” His voice went all squeaky, and she was faintly amused by his obvious consternation.

“Jasper Sitwell.” Fitz let out a low wheeze and dropped his head back to stare at the ceiling. “But it’s -”

“We’re going to have to change our names.” With that rather dire and hoarse pronouncement, he strode out of the lab. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry to come into your ask box with this, but I'm getting a little worried by some reactions I've seen since Sunday where people, in an effort to defend Emma against hate (that does happen), are somehow falling into the trap of saying that she is allowed to act a little standoffish or even downright rude because she has suffered a lot in life. Wasn't this precisely what we accused Neal fans of doing? Being cordial to someone that is just trying to help doesn't mean she is (1/2)

(2/2) throwing herself into Hook’s arms. I’m just a little worried that people can’t admit that Emma’s comment last episode about what would Hook talk about with Henry was a little too rude and uncalled for. He wasn’t asking her for anything romantic there, he was offering her his help, and she certainly doesn’t need to be in any kind of romantic relationship with him to act more cordial, or at least not being purposefully biting. I don’t know, am I overreacting?

(I’m sorry, last question, I swear). I’m so not an Emma hater at all, and I’m not hating on her, but I think it’s important that people acknowledge when our faves make mistakes, and it really doesn’t sit well with me when people say that either Hook hasn’t earned her respect or that she has the right to lash out at everyone because she is suffering. This kind of behavior would never fly out irl, no matter how much in pain someone was in (at least that’s how I see it).

Hi and thanks for the question!  No need to apologize. I had actually written a rather long meta on Emma’s word choices which I will be posting later today - but it’s less about whether or not it’s OK for her to say those things and more about why she says the specific words she does and how it reflects her true feeling for Hook. It doesn’t address your specific concerns so I will answer them here:

I DO think Emma has been harsh but…

 I also think she has a history of doing so with people she cares about.  Does that make it OK? No. But when you love someone you accept their flaws - and this is one flaw of Emma’s that Hook is quite familiar with. Hook didn’t fall in love with Emma for her manners - he knows that she, like many foster children and other people who feel unloved and abandoned, is trying to verbally push him away.  She’s testing his limits - because in her sad life experience everybody leaves - and Emma is constantly pushing to see what it takes to make Hook give up on her.  So while he does get his feelings hurt by her, I think he knows that the lashing out is part of the package - a part he is willing to accept. And something that he knows she does as a defense mechanism. In response, Hook has done an excellent job of showing Emma that no matter how much she tries to scare him away he isn’t going to leave her side unless she specifically tells him she doesn’t want him around. And it’s quite clear she is NOT going to do that.

Does having a tragic past give her a “right” to lash out?  Well Emma has a “right” to say whatever she wants.  I wish she wouldn’t say some of these things - it’s heartbreaking to watch Hook get crushed by her words.  But he is a grown man of 300+ and HE CHOSES TO PUT UP WITH IT.  He is sure she has feelings for him and certain he can get through her walls.  If what she was saying was that terrible - or made him think he didn’t stand a chance then HE WOULD WALK AWAY.  

You’ve brought up Neal - I believe as an example of the “apologist” approach to defending our fave characters.  I make no apologies for ANY of my favorite characters - which is why I suppose you sent this message to me.  When they act wrongly I call them out on it - but I also don’t continue to hold it against them if nobody else is. So here’s the thing about Neal - Emma has forgiven him! If she is no longer mad about what he did then I have to let it go as well. And the same goes for Emma’s words agains Hook.  Clearly he is not hung up on them - so why should we be?

I think, contrary to what you said, this kind of behavior most definitely happens in real life.  I think the depiction of Emma is very real.  But I also think that she has emotionally backtracked a bit in 3b - and I am disappointed to see the writers have taken that route.  But Emma is coming around - I see it more and more with every episode. And I think Hook does as well.  It’s getting harder and harder for her to deny that his feelings are genuine - and harder and harder for her to deny hers are as well.

We are so close to the last of her walls coming down.  Will her snark end when they do?  Not likely, it’s a part of who Emma is.  And a part that Hook loves - because he DOES LOVE ALL OF HER.  But when he is no longer walking on egg shells around her, when he is finally confident she loves him too, I suspect we will see him give the snark right back to her.  And I can’t wait for that!

Sorry that was long - but I hope it helps!

ficlet: The Realization (Olicity, rated T)

The Realization (1017 words) by callistawolf
Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen/Isabel Rochev
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Isabel Rochev
Additional Tags: Post Episode: s02e06 Keep Your Enemies Closer, Introspection, Swearing

Summary: When Felicity knocks on his hotel room door in Russia, Oliver Queen makes a startling realization.

Author’s Note: This came from a discussion with mersayseh (shocking, I know) and from my own little headcanon about when Oliver first realized how he felt about Felicity.

Read at Ao3 or below the cut

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