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Ok ok jily #15 (that number was made for them)

15: Loud, so everyone can hear (prompts list here)

Lily has never found the enormous double doors quite so–daunting

Like–honestly, they’re just…doors. Colossal slabs of ancient wood that separate the main hallway from the Great Hall, yes, but they’re still just doors. They can’t–they can’t hurt her. 

Her heart still thunders painfully, though. 

“So, like,” James says conversationally, “I mean–we’re doing this, aren’t we? Telling everyone we’re official, in a very dramatic manner worthy of Sirius? Yes? We’re doing this?”

He’s rambling again, the way he does when he’s nervous. Lily thinks it’s a little nice, actually, to know that that makes two of them.

She nudges his shoulder. “Of course we are. But we’re not married yet, or whatever else you plan to try to do, so you’d better watch your step, Potter.” 

Yet?” James repeats, one eyebrow arching, and Lily has to smile. Really, it’s hard not to smile when she’s with James. 

She reaches out and takes his hand, and the warmth from his palm seeps into her own. In this moment, she thinks perhaps all of him is seeping into her. 

Well. She supposes that’s just how much she…loves him, to trust him with her whole being, her very soul, like this.

They exchange one last nervous smile before they step into the Great Hall together, hand in hand, shoulders straight, beaming into the silence. The silence, because–the laughter and chatter and clamor of fork against plate have all ceased. 

It’s dead, dead silent. Silent as the grave. All eyes are trained on them, and then–

Half of the Gryffindor table stands up. There’s applause and cheers and whistles and more cheers, and Sirius is shouting, “I knew it!” A smile is splitting his face practically in half. “Knew something was going on. Called it, I did!”

“Is that James Potter?” A whisper, from the Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff tables. In the sudden chaos, it’s hard to tell. “WIth Lily Evans? How’d he get her?”

“With my charismatic personality and dashing good looks,” James mutters, and Lily finds herself smiling again.

Then he says–or rather, he bellows, really, loud enough for the whole room to hear, “Yes, everyone. We’re going out. We’re in love, actually. And, yes, I’d move mountains for her, and–and fight the sun, or whatever other poetic bullshit there is. I’d do all of it. For her. That’s it. That’s all. Please feel free to return to your meal and stop fucking ogling us at any moment in the very near future.”

This statement seems to make everyone else realize the fact of their rude stares, and their attention is redirected to their breakfasts, and rather meekly, too. 

Later, when they’ve found seats next to Remus and Sirius and Peter, Lily says, “You’re too scrawny to be able to move mountains, Potter.” 

James grins back. “Really? You think so?” he challenges. “You want to bet?”

“Five Galleons,” Lily offers.



“All right, then. Seven Galleons. You are on, Evans.” 

The next morning, James conjures a miniature replica of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in America. It’s probably two feet or so long, made out of plastic and beautifully rendered, and Lily’s about to step over it, but James kneels down beside it and pushes it out of the way for her.

Lily doesn’t give him seven Galleons, but she does laugh till her eyes leak and her stomach feels as if it’s caving in. And she showers him in a lot more than seven kisses, too.

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All I can imagine after the recent spoilers is the collective SCREAMING of Takatsuki's in-canon universe's ghoul and human fandom (plus Kaneki's internal screaming)

Yeah, I hope we’re going to see some of their reactions in the next chapter! Humans must be very shocked in general, but I really want to know how her fans will deal with it. Eto is very prominent and well beloved, so I guess there will still be people who support her. Especially the people how felt touched by her novels. 

And her ghoul-fans are probably asking themselves what the hell she’s doing. Although I wonder if some might feel inspired by her. There will be chaos and I’m so ready.

And then there’s Kaneki:

That definitely didn’t go as planned. I wonder what he’s going to do next?

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OH MY GOD you’re the best and i love you omg you give me feels too, come to me give me a hug  (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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omg thank you for posting that psa about the sparkly phone cases that cause chemical burns omg i immediately threw it away thank you thank you thank you

No problem at all, glad I could help somebody out by reblogging it. It’s so scary that it’s filled with acid of all things :-( good to know that you were able to throw it away before anything serious happened!

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hello yes , you don't know me but i just wanted to say thANK YOU SOO MAAAHGSTCH FOR MAKING FMA FANMUSIC 9golden age is what i am talking about here), AHHHH I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH THANK YOU FOR EXISTING MMM IT GIVES ME CHILLS LISTENING TO IT (i dont know if you have other music but i am going to go look right now

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oh my goshhhhhhhhh ahhahaosdgljneranvjeoalnifkajdff


I’m so so so glad you like the song wowowowow that’s so sweet of you to say thank you so much ahhHHhhshhnn

tHis made my day!!!!! <3

thank you!!!!!! owo

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I just got home from work 2 hours ago and I log on to tumblr(after eating and cleaning) and I find out that there was an AMAZING Captain Civil War 3 tv spot and then I see you with all the Bucky/Winter Soldier gifs from that tv spot and omg, thank you so much for that because now instead of doing homework, I'm just reblogging every gif and pic of Bucky I see on here.



boyfriend jungkook 💗


+thank you all for
30k omg wow 🍃

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yoooo we love you even if we don't know you even when you feel like shit and want to die even when you don't want us to talk to you we love you you beautiful perfect hoe

omg thank you I love u bitch

three interesting facts tagged by @edwarddelrics thank you! :D omg rhianne you’re a hero……

  1. i like a lot of dairy products (milk tea, cheese, milkshakes, ice cream, etc) but i hate the taste of milk by itself and the only time i’ll drink it is if with cereal or certain cookies. and then i pour the milk out when i’m finished eating the cookies
  2. i’m really ticklish so if you try to tickle me and i physically hurt you, it was both unintentional and intentional
  3. i’m a water snob and so there are like three brands that i can drink without minding (costco’s kirkland and crystal geyser. sometimes dasani, but it has a strange smooth texture). fuji is really smooth. aquafina tastes weird. and oh my god don’t get me started on tap water. have to hold my breath for that