I came across @ddolanss video of E and I just felt compelled to do something with gray, so I guess I’m out to ruin lives with all the feels? thank you to lovely jenn for the video idea, I hope it’s okay that I drew inspo from your video!!

song by andy leech - thinking of you.


Top 10 Hayley Marshall episodes as voted by our followers → #01 “From a Cradle to a Grave”

Dear Zoe…or Kaitlyn…or Angela. To my little girl. Your dad just asked if this was a love letter. I guess it kind of is. I never got to know my mother. I have no idea what she must have thought when she carried me. So, I thought I’d write to you, so you can know how happy I am at this very moment. How much your father and I can’t wait to meet you. And, I want to make you a promise, of three things that you will have that I never did: a safe home, someone to tell you that they love you every single day, and someone to fight for you, no matter what. In other words, a family. So, there you go, baby girl. The rest, we’re going to have to figure out together. I love you. Your mom.”

The Exchange

This one is for my darling Heather, @jalove-wecallhimdean. Congrats on your 500 my sweet, i envy those lucky buggers that get to discover you for the first time. But at the same time, I am so glad I was there for the beginning of your posting!
Also, THANK YOU to Jenn for being an brilliant beta. @avasmommy224 couldn’t have posted without you soothing my worried mind!

Prompt: “You full on had a girl inside you for like a whole week”
Warning: Body Swap, swearing, attempted humor, rejection, fluff, confusion, masturbation, hinted smut…?
Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam
Word Count: 5264 (kinda got away from me)
Summary: A nasty curse from a Warlock leaves you and Dean scratching each others heads and Sam mighty confused…

Originally posted by lexarakoon

That fucking warlock. Oh man, had he been a hard one to put down! It had taken all week. Spells were cast, spells were undone. Hex bags were planted, hex bags were burnt. It’d been physically wearing too, being thrown from one bloody wall to another. Christ, this guy just had a hard on for bodies slapping against plaster.
I groaned and rolled onto my back, not opening my eyes just yet, today could wait. I lay there for a while before stretching, and it was a bloody good stretch too; leg shaking, arm tingling, back cracking, good. I yawned wide, cracking my dry lips. I licked at it, feeling the swell of a bigger cut. I don’t remember splitting my lip. I push that thought from my mind and dig the heels of my palms into my eyes, grinding out the sleep and yawning again, but I stop, surprised, halfway through. My fingers have rested on my hair, what should be my long hair; but it’s short and spiky and …

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hi justine!! for the touch prompt meme, how about #15 and inner wrist stroking with seungchuchu? :D

hi jenn!! :) thank u for requesting seungchuchu… i lov them… 

touch prompts // 15. other (make a suggestion inner wrist stroking) 

When Seung-gil is feeling anxious, he likes to pet his husky Jin for comfort. Jin is agreeable, low-maintenance, leans into his nuzzling palm in an instant. 

But Jin is not here. No, Jin is all the way in Seoul, while Seung-gil is stuck here, cramped into a red vinyl booth while JJ Leroy cracks wise jokes that Victor Nikiforov continues to ignore without fail. 

Victor Nikiforov has eyes and ears for only one person. 

Seung-gil can kind of relate. 

Before he knows it, he’s pulled Phichit’s hand into his lap, wrapped it into both of his own. His finger pads run over Phichit’s knuckles, dry from a full day of pre-competition practice at the ice rink. Phichit cuts off from where he’s talking excitedly at Yuuri to turn and shoot Seung-gil a grin, one thick eyebrow quirking in small surprise. 

“Can’t keep your hands off me, huh?” 

“Shut up,” he grumbles. There’s no heat behind his words, and Phichit’s grin grows wider. His other hand reaches down, too, so that their hands and fingers are a tangle of sliding joints, soft and playful. Phichit turns back and easily picks up from his conversation with Yuuri.

Phichit’s not Jin; he’s rarely agreeable, always eager to push Seung-gil’s buttons for the sake of delighting in the reactions he can pull out of him; he’s more high-maintenance than not, often insistent on taking one more selfie together, baby, come on, just one, it’ll be perfect, smile for me

But when Seung-gil’s thumb slides down to stroke at Phichit’s wrist, right there over his pulse point, Phichit immediately melts into his side. His head tucks into the front of Seung-gil’s shoulder, but he carries on talking with Yuuri like he hasn’t even noticed, like Yuuri’s not blushing with embarrassment from this display. Like it’s only natural for Seung-gil to be touching him like this. 

He is sort of like Jin, he thinks, smiling despite himself. 

Seung-gil continues busying himself with it, then, until he’s so occupied he doesn’t realize JJ’s loud voice isn’t ringing through their table anymore. 

“We’re going now, sleepy-ssi,” Phichit whispers into his ear, teasing. 

“You’re the one who was sleepy,” Seung-gil tells him pointedly. Phichit had gone increasingly soft against his side as the night wore on, more liquid than man as Seung-gil kept rubbing softly at the inside of his wrists, his forearms. Seung-gil yawns immediately after, though, then doesn’t have the energy to glare back at Phichit’s cackles. 

It’s Time To Begin Isn’t It

Stiles/Derek | PG | ~6k | AO3
Content notes:
 Post-canon, S6a compliant, past relationship references, relationship building

Summary: When Stiles finishes his degree at George Washington, he doesn’t hesitate when it comes to enrolling in the FBI academy in Quantico. Eager to start his career in the agency, even more to put his past behind him, he doesn’t put much thought to the memories that he might find in the area. But then he stumbles upon something that brings back something he thought he left far behind… in ways he isn’t expecting.

A/N: My apologies to the fandomwritingchallenge team for the delay in posting (and for going over the word limit). This managed to grow legs under me and turned into something bigger than I expected. And a massive thank you to Jenn for all the cheerleading when I was lost, and for the Beta read! 

It’s a few weeks before he’s allowed off base. Half of his class is on the way out before Stiles even gets back to his room on the first afternoon that they get leave. His roommate, Evan, has tossed all his things on the bed, and Stiles only finds an empty room. Another classmate – Sara, from the room across the hall – asked him earlier in the day if he was driving out, and if she could tag along. But when Stiles glances towards her door, he spots her leaving. She gives him a quick wave and then he hears someone call out to her to hurry up.

Once he’s put away his notes and books, he checks his watch. He’s not meant to be calling his dad or Lydia, and Scott’s working late at Deaton’s. The cut-off for being out is midnight, but he knows he’ll have to be up at five for training again, so he wonders if it’s worth it.

He does miss driving Roscoe, though, so he heads down to the parking lot, figuring he’ll at least make sure the Jeep will start. When he got to DC four years ago, he was amazed that they made it, but somehow the tape and rust held Roscoe together. He’s even more amazed now that it’s still in driving condition after years of driving around Washington and even making summer trips back home.

When he has the engine running – after a sigh of relief that there is enough gas in the tank to get to the nearest station – Stiles decides to at least go for a short drive. He barely got to see anything but the dorms and the road to them when he arrived, as once he was there, he wasn’t allowed out for anything but classes and training.

The place is small. Smaller than Beacon Hills. Definitely smaller than Washington. It gives him comfort, somehow, knowing that he’s somewhere that seemingly peaceful, a place that he hopes is unlikely to attract the special kind of hell. Only the regular human kind, which he’s here to learn how to defeat. It’s quiet, too, even though he can see people around, some in uniforms, others in civilian clothes. He takes note of places as he drives – post office, pizza place, stores, mechanic – just so he’s a little less lost the next time. They’ll be allowed to be out for the weekend unless there’s a special training session, and Stiles plans to go explore a little more. He gets back to base early that first night.

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Karna,Vlad, Paracelsus and Edmond ice skating/snowfight (You can choose!) with their master! HAPPY HOLIDAYS YOU TWO! THANK YOU SANTA JENN!!

Happy holidays to you as well my dear! I chose to omit Paracelsus because I had such a bad impression of him after playing London so I’m just- yeah. But in the future please feel free to send me another ask regarding that tragic alchemist because after doing some character study on him I’m just //clutches chest. Poor man - Santa Jenn


  • You are surprised to see Karna unsteady on the ice rink. Of course, you shouldn’t have assumed that simply because Karna had great balance all the time meant that he knew how to ice skate like a pro.
  • There goes your hopes and dreams of seeing Karna elegantly skating across the frozen plain of water.
  • When you first teach him and gently hold your hand in his, he’s paying more attention to the fact that you’re doing this more effortlessly than to the instructions you’re giving him.
  • There was something enchanting about you as you effortlessly slid across the ice.
  • He catches on quickly though and at some point starts doing jumps and intricate step sequences and you’re just - I thought I was the teacher.


  • He may not show it due to his reputation, but Vlad cares - a lot.
  • This precious man has a scarf, gloves, and a fluffy hat made and knitted just for you the moment he hears that you want to play in the snow.
  • Will honestly just watch you play around, but then next thing you know he’s going to hit in the face by a compacted ball of snow.
  • He is not pleased and you have nowhere to run as he’s faster than you and more agile than you.
  • He teasingly misses the first several times just to scare you, but once he lands a solid hit and it somehow leads to you falling face first in the snow, I can guarantee you he’s going to pick you up, brush the snow off of you and then make sure that you’re perfectly fine, warm, and dry before resuming your snowball fight.


  • Edmond was not happy with the idea of going out in the cold, but upon hearing it was the ice skating rink, he was a bit more on board for that idea.
  • You weren’t expecting Edmon to be a master at ice skating and he’s surprised that you’re as wobbly as a newborn deer.
  • But he’s amused and though he’d like to see you struggle a bit more, he can’t help but feel scared that you’re going to fall over and hurt yourself.
  • So he’s skating slowly by your side, and at some point offers you his hand to guide you.
  • But once your temperature grows too cold or he thinks that you’re growing tired, he’s going to direct you off the rink and make you a specially brewed cup of coffee just for you.

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" you ok in there buddy ? " LEO prods at his left butt cheek — where he assumed DAZAI was stored. perhaps he wasn't dead. perhaps there's still a little bit of hope left for him.

        a voice ?  something jabs at the side of his body as dazai tries to scatter back into his feet .  how long has it been since he arrived ?  the place is dark ;  he can’t see or hear anything other than the ominous voice .  something is not quite right   there’s a feeling of dread taking over his body ;  this is not what he expected or wanted .

        who are you ?  have i finally reached the other side ? ’  the last thing he remembers was confusing that kid for chuuya ,  but he could have lost his memory after that .  he tries looking for a light , any sign of hope ,  but it’s useless .  if this is all there is ,  then that voice must belong to a really cruel deity .

       ‘ please let me go .

Remember that time Jenn Colella ruined my first time meeting Christian Borle because months previous she had told me what painting he has hanging in this bathroom at home so the entire time I was talking to him all that was going through my mind was “i know what painting you have hanging in your bathroom”


Art trade with @turtlemurmurs . We both drew Jack for each other. This is my first art trade and it was so much fun! Jack is a lot of fun to draw too. He kind of looks more cartoonish than I was going for, but that’s ok. You should check out @turtlemurmurs drawing of Jack because it is awesome!