Here's How It Starts...

I went to the If/Then last show on March 22nd and to describe it in one word: emotional. It was wonderful as ever. THE RICHARD ROGERS WAS PACKED!!
Act I: 
Idina walked out on stage to begin with, “hey, it’s me.” But only got up to “hey.” Before the entire audience stood up and gave her a solid 2 minute standing ovation complete with; hoots, hollars and the occasional “WE LOVE YOU IDINA.” Now if I was her, I would’ve been crying at that point. . As the show continued, each time a new character made themselves known into the spotlight there was a solid 30 second applause and woo. When Beth says, “Listen Yoda” to Steven (who was then being played by Joe Aaron Reid) she did her little Idina laugh which I cracked up a little too. During “Here I Go” she did this adorable ninja kind of move which I didn’t expect she was great. Right before she goes into the bathroom, she intensely made out with James and it was wonderful.
Act II: Ever since I had seen it for the first time back in January I was never able to get through Act II, even when I watch bootlegs… I can’t. So it was a tough act but the emotion behind everything was totally and completely on point. “Love While You Can” is a fantastic song and Jenn Colella’s emotion and the way she was hitting those notes… It really did feel like the building was shaking. Near the end, she got a little emotional which I absolutely loved because you could tell she really loves what she’s doing on stage and she’s an over all wonderful person. During “Always Starting Over” which is ultimately my favorite song, Idina cried. Her tears were real and so were everyone else’s, and if they weren’t crying before that, they sure were crying after!! Finally, during “What Would You Do?” Jason Tam got a little emotional, and it just made me realize that it was really ending. That I was really sitting there watching the end of something really cool and really amazing. If/Then was truly an amazing gift for all of us and I’m so glad I got to meet Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey that night to thank them for such an amazing gift that was If/Then: A New Musical.
After Curtain Call:
Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey came on stage and thanked the cast and everyone who was in the audience and of course anyone who had bought tickets to the show and kept coming back to see it again and again. Brian then proceeds to talk about working with Idina and how amazing she is, he then tears up. After talking for sometime, Idina kisses Brian and then goes to Tom and hugs him. He wonders why all he got was a hug. As Idina put it, “Your wife is here!!” When everyone finally walked off stage and the lights went dark, that was it. Elizabeth Vaughn had just said “What if?” One last time.
… And there’s how it ends.


"He’s pretty amazing, he’s got a magnetic quality about him. If he looks at you, it’s like staring into the face of a lighthouse. I just don’t know what it is about that boy, he’s incredibly charming." - Alexa Chung on Harry Styles (x)

          "I'm happy, too, Haruhi."

While I was only able to order a certain amount of this product with the budget constraints your capriciousness left me, I ordered an extra one of your “little girl” for you. Merry Christmas, Moron

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“Every year I get the opportunity to meet extraordinary children from St. Jude and be a part of the St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign. The research at St. Jude is shared across the country and helps so many families. It is so rewarding to be a part of the team that helps save children’s lives.”


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I think it’s safe to say that this is probably the best tribute video I’ve ever seen.