things you should NEVER say to a trans person
  • “but you were so hot before”
  • “i don’t think i could ever see you as a guy”
  • “you’re too pretty to be trans”
  • “i liked you better as a girl”
  • “wait, if you’re a guy then where is your penis?”
  • “you’re not a man unless you have a penis.”
  • “i thought your girlfriend was straight, why is she with you?”

Amy Acker as The Machine #GoddessMode

WOWOWOOWW when did that happen?! AAA THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! and for that— heres an art raffle!! ((this is my first one omg))


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DEADLINE ON JUNE 29, 2016  (GMT+8)

1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize: chibi

Hey so I drew this cool guy!
It’s an iPhone 5 wallpaper too! Neato!

(Mildly depressing) STORY TIME!

Welp! A while ago I uploaded some other drawing I did of thatsthat24 and said that he’d helped me through some tough times, and thought I’d share why because it’s important to me!

So about a month or two ago, I came out to my parents as Pansexual, and my mother had a complete hissy fit.

My relationship with my mom was never the best, and this definitely punched a huge gaping hole through it. She wouldn’t talk to me or look at me directly for about two weeks, and during those weeks, I had a lovely relapse of depression.

I was so terrified that this relapse was going to go a step further, and that I was going to self-harm again for the first time in 3 years. I kept fiddling with sharp objects and kept them close to me at all times.

I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself, I had an anxiety attack twice in one day, and cried constantly.

I was browsing through YouTube trying to find something to cheer me up and stumbled upon a 10 minute vine compilation of Thomas Sanders’ vines. I don’t know why I clicked it, I wasn’t even into Vine, but thank God I did.

Those vines were the only things able to make me smile. I would watch hour long compilations back to back and keep replaying them over and over and over.

I got rid of all the hazardous objects and my anxiety attacks had stopped. I didn’t let my mom’s attitude phase me, and when it did, I’d just watch the vines.

It took my mom a couple of weeks to speak to me normally again without there being any awkward tension in the air, but eventually, she got over it.

A month later I talked to an amazing armadillo friend who told me she too was full of rainbow pride, and she’s honestly one of the most amazing and relatable people I’ve ever spoken to, if not THE most. And together we complain about nerdy stuff and homophobic people at our school. She’s honestly what keeps me going, even if we don’t talk too much IRL, I usually have an easier time texting her.

So, Thomas, if you’re reading this, thank you for helping me out, it means a lot, you’re awesome, and thanks for reblogging that picture of Rihanna a while back saying she wasn’t looking for a ‘boy'friend, because Ri Ri is my queen and that cheered me up loads

(Also, your mom seems like a really cool and sarcastic person, tell her I say 'hi’)

HEY GUYS! so it’s summer and i thought it’s finally time to make make my first faves page! (i had tumblr for the past 3 years heh)

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“Wait, what?”

I don’t know about you but this is one of the cutest animated kisses on the cheek. Look at him. Look at Kristoff.

He just said something embarrassing. Something stupid. And he regrets it. He thinks he just ruined his chances. Why would any sane princess want to be with someone as awkward as him. He’s scared and confused and can’t think straight, he has so many thoughts running through his head.

But then she kisses him. And before he reacts surprised as most animated people so after a kiss on the cheek, his eyes close and his expression softens. He doesn’t even see her coming. he just feels her lips on his cheek and suddenly forgets everything. Nothing matters anymore. Only the beautiful girl next to him who is kissing him. For that second, he doesn’t even question it, he doesn’t even act confused. His mind is blank with only one thought:



Thank you. Kiitos. Takk. Tack. tak. obrigado. мерси. gracias. dank je. grazie. arigatō. ευχαριστώ. paldies. ačiū. dziękuję. merci. Danke. teşekküler. díky. köszönöm. спасибо. Aitäh.

If I did not thank you with your own language I am so sorry about it but THANKS ANYWAY ;____; <3


So this morning was a very cool morning. I somehow amassed eleven thousand amazing followers on Tumblr! That’s like, unbelievable. Very unbelievable! But it’s real, so thank you! Thank you all for your lovely Likes and Reblogs, comments, critiques, and general views. Every single thing in these past two active years I’ve been on Tumbly is appreciated! This is an inspiring community and I hope to continue to be inspired by all the artists and inventors here as well :)

Progress video of this portrait on Youtube also:

..It’s such a hot button topic about something that is genuinely once in a lifetime, chick flick movie shit. I love this niche of fandom because most of them see that and just want to celebrate it. That’s what gets lost in all the villainy. End of the day it’s two boys who look at each other and sing about each other in a way that should do nothing less than completely melt your heart and make you fucking glad they found each other and feelings like that exist at all and better yet, even get returned now and again even through horrible challenges.
—  A responder to the “Why do you believe Harry and Louis are in a relationship” survey