things you should NEVER say to a trans person
  • “but you were so hot before”
  • “i don’t think i could ever see you as a guy”
  • “you’re too pretty to be trans”
  • “i liked you better as a girl”
  • “wait, if you’re a guy then where is your penis?”
  • “you’re not a man unless you have a penis.”
  • “i thought your girlfriend was straight, why is she with you?”

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so, thanks to all you lovely people, I won the Sixx:A.M. meet and greet contest!! I’m beyond excited and I definitely could not have done it without your help! I decided that if any of you who helped me have any messages, drawings, etc that you want me to give them, message me, and I’ll put them all together and give it to them when I meet them :D this is the list of people I have that helped me out, if I missed you, I’m sorry, I either didn’t get a message from you saying you did it, or I accidentally forgot to cross your name off, so if you know you helped and your url isn’t on here, just shoot me a message letting me know and I’ll fix it :)

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So I feel kinda weird uploading these pictures myself but it seems like an acceptable thing to do on tumblr so oh well!

I was not expecting to win this Oiraechtas…I really wasn’t. That being said, of course it’s been a big dream of mine since the beginning and to accomplish this dream was-is, spectacular! What’s been even more spectacular and heart-warming has been the outpouring of kindness and support from my fellow Irish dance community. The ways in which people have reached out to me have been unneeded but so greatly appreciated. So thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone that has made this Irish dance life of mine so utterly sweet and precious. Good luck to everyone going into the New Year! Xx

Sometimes I think about the fact that Harry Potter was this glorious little boy who, despite the fact that he lived in such a toxic and abusive environment with no friends at all, grew up to be so important, so wonderful, and so beautiful overall.

Like sometimes I just think about Harry Potter’s everything and feel like crying. What a magnificent little boy.