Happy Arrow Finale Day!!

I just want to say thanks to all my Tumblr friends for aiding in my enjoyment, showing me perspective and cheering on Olicity with me this year.

This was my first full season on Tumblr and I am so grateful for all the fanfiction, edits, gifs, speculation, metas, artwork and everything else the fandom so lovingly shared. You brought such happy!

I wanted to say this today, as I know some my take a Tumblr break over the summer - not me. But just in case. Hope you enjoy the finale!

Personally, I got my cake last week in “taking steps” - this is just the icing.

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Amy Acker as The Machine #GoddessMode

things you should NEVER say to a trans person
  • “but you were so hot before”
  • “i don’t think i could ever see you as a guy”
  • “you’re too pretty to be trans”
  • “i liked you better as a girl”
  • “wait, if you’re a guy then where is your penis?”
  • “you’re not a man unless you have a penis.”
  • “i thought your girlfriend was straight, why is she with you?”
What a Difference a Day Makes...

Last night I was mad, sad and felt the lowest I have about Oliver Queen since the show started - everyone has a line  - and apparently scarily enough mine isn’t murder - but Oliver asking Felicity to fix his relationship with his new girlfriend. I get that’s not everyone’s line but it was mine.


Today after some amazing support from my Tumblr friends and posts with different perspectives I feel MUCH BETTER. Even HOPEFUL again. So I would like to say thanks for listening to my mini freak out and for making me feel better! The Olicity fandom is a special place and I am grateful!

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anonymous asked:

I guess you and your tama are friends after all, even if he act so though xD You should do way more art with you and him ♡ because we love both of you so much and you're so pretty my heart explodes everytime ♡ more stories with you or with you with tama would be so funny and interesting Don't forget that ur fans love you!~

~ AWwww thanks so much for your support and your super-sweet message dear Anon, it comes in a good time because I recently had the feeling that my Tama art wasn’t as waited as it was before ! Maybe i’ll do more funny “ self-insert “ with my Human Tamatoa someday, I’m sure I would have so many things to talk about… >:’3 ♥

Guys, this is exciting. I’ve just reached my first ever 1K here on Tumblr. You have no idea how excited and amazed I am by this!!! I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d get to 1K, so as a small token of my appreciation I thought I’d do a little follow forever!!! Mutual’s Bolded!

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