So I was thinking about how much I missed Mystic Messenger today and then I remembered this drawing I made on my phone almost a year ago that I never posted? It’s a bit messy sorry


Amy Acker as The Machine #GoddessMode

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As I promised, time for art raffle!!!!

1st place: Colored Full body (up to 2 characters)

2nd place: Colored Half body (up to 2 characters)

3rd place: Full body Lineart (up to 2 characters)

4th place: Half body Lineart (up to 2 characters)

5th place: Full or Half body Sketch (1 character only)



-Must be following me

-You can like (1 entry) or reblog (1 entry) or both (2 entries)

-Nothing too complicated

-It can be digital or traditional!

Deadline is July 16th!

things you should NEVER say to a trans person
  • “but you were so hot before”
  • “i don’t think i could ever see you as a guy”
  • “you’re too pretty to be trans”
  • “i liked you better as a girl”
  • “wait, if you’re a guy then where is your penis?”
  • “you’re not a man unless you have a penis.”
  • “i thought your girlfriend was straight, why is she with you?”

On this day, in the year of our Lord 2016, there was a cry heard from a corner of fandom and that cry has echoed across this land each day since then.

Happy end of Bleach day, ichiruki fam.

We’ve come out of this stronger and used this year to become better writers and artists, to hone and refine our talents and to deepen our friendships with each other.

This fandom remains one of my favourite places online and I am forever grateful for all the support we give each other as we traverse this post-canon wasteland.

I love you all very much and keep on doing what you do best, because the best revenge is a life well-lived and you are all excellent.

Happy Arrow Finale Day!!

I just want to say thanks to all my Tumblr friends for aiding in my enjoyment, showing me perspective and cheering on Olicity with me this year.

This was my first full season on Tumblr and I am so grateful for all the fanfiction, edits, gifs, speculation, metas, artwork and everything else the fandom so lovingly shared. You brought such happy!

I wanted to say this today, as I know some my take a Tumblr break over the summer - not me. But just in case. Hope you enjoy the finale!

Personally, I got my cake last week in “taking steps” - this is just the icing.

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♡ SHINee Blogs ♡

Ok so I’m a little sad because every time I get here these days my dash is super dead and I miss seeing it full of SHINee posts ;;. If you’re a SHINee blog (at least 90%) and you’re pretty active on here, pretty pls could you like/reblog this post so I can find you and maybe follow you? Thanks so much  ♡