To the boy whom I adore most; Happy Birthday Wonwoo ♡
I’m not the best with words but, thank you for always working hard. Thank you for always showing us a new side of you. Thank you for being a part of Seventeen. Thank you for your dedication and passion. Thank you for being born. Thank you for just being you. It pains me when you’re in pain but I hope you’re happy and healthy and always will be. You’re so special to me, to all of us and I can only hope you know that. You deserve everything and more – the world is your oyster :-)
#HappyWonwooDay #전원우_복덩어리_생일축하해

I recently reached 6.5 k followers and just wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows me! This is completely unbelievable! I started this blog just as a little side blog so that I wouldn’t “annoy” the followers of my initial main blog with all my Stydia craziness and you guys have just made this so much more! I’ve made some incredible friends because of this blog and this fandom and I am just so grateful! (bolded is a part of the stydia trash gc, italicized means we’ve talked and i love you) (i love you all tho)


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Sorry if I forgot anyone! If I did, know I still love you and I appreciate you so much!! 

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“...We’re all mosaics, really. Bigger pictures made up of smaller experiences. And without getting too personal or in depth, I think there are parts of everyone who’s getting by that don’t get by at all. Part of coping, sometimes, is accepting that you cannot always cope. Part of getting by is accepting that you are allowed to fall behind sometimes.” -- Anwen, who nailed it about half a year ago.

I feel like the biggest narcissist ever for saying THANK YOU FOR THIS when they’re my words, but thank you! Past Me knew what was up. 

Kain Fuery (FMA) or Iskander (Fate/Zero)” - @onehundredpercenthouses

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cream and champagne

cream - favourite blog

i have so many phaha, but you!! @taeqi @lattejeon @kimtahyung @neojimin @ofnams @1moonbin @vvilhelms @goyeopmv @946pm @ajupaegis @booptae (i think that’s everyone omg)

champagne - least favourite fandom

i don’t have a least favourite fandom but sometimes i really dislike when fandoms fight (cough the whole dead leaves and they never know drama)

send me a pastel ask!

I got tagged by @dojimadaigo , thank you cutie!! :D

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged you have to answer these truths about yourself and tag 25 people!


Drink: Water

Phone call: Oh jeeze, I think my dad?

Text: My mom -_- (I am literally so lame lmao)
Song you listened to: Show Up Like Wolf


Dated someone twice: No

Been cheated on: Not that I was aware of, but I thought I was

Kissed someone and regretted it: No

Lost someone special: Who hasn’t?

Been depressed: oooooh yeah

Been drunk and thrown up: No
Made a new friend: Of course!

Fallen out of love: Dunno

Laughed until you cried: Being around the group of friends I have, that’s almost everyday

Met someone who changed you: God yes

Found out who your true friends are: I guess?

Found out someone was talking about you: Duh
Kissed anyone on your fb list: Yup


How many ppl from your fb list do you know irl: On my actual FB, all of them

Do you have any pets: 2 kitties, Roxy and Lucy :) … OH AND A DO G

Do you want to change your name: YES

What did you do for your last birthday: We had a Mario Kart tournament after school and then went to eat at Denny’s, that shit was lit yo

What time did you wake up today: 10:22 ?? Maybe, it was before 11 for sure
What were you doing last night at midnight: Sleeping, or trying to sleep
Name something you can’t wait for: ANA AMARI RELEASE ON PS4
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: *BREATHES IN*



What’s getting on your nerves rn: Anxiety mostly, kinda feels like I’m walking on glass right now
Blood type: B-
Nickname: Syd
Relationship status: don’t even fucking ask me lmfao
Zodiac sign: Aries
Pronouns: She/Her
Favorite tv shows: Don’t really watch TV anymore, but Parks and Rec, The Office… other shows?

Long or short hair: Both
Height: 5′2″ or 162cm
Do you have a crush on someone: why don’t you kill me

What do you like about yourself: my eyes B)
Right or left handed: Right

First surgery: When I got my tonsils removed I think
First best friend: A girl named Jackie
First sport you joined: T-BALL BITCHES
First vacation: Probably to the beach


Eating: Chewing gum

Drinking: Water

Listening to: Show Up Like Wolf


Kids: Only if my partner does

Get married: Only if my partner does

Career: I’m not sure, something to do with Psychology. I’d love to work for the government!


Lips or eyes: Both, but eyes

Hugs or kisses: Hugs

Taller or shorter: Taller

Older or younger: Older

Romantic or spontaneous: Both, but spontaneous

Sensitive or loud: Both equally

Hookup or relationship: Relationship

Troublemaker or hesitant: Both equally


Kissed a stranger: No

Glasses/contacts: None

Had sex on the first date: No

Broke someone’s heart: More than likely

Turned someone down: Yeah

Cried when someone died: Who hasn’t?

Fallen for a friend: =^)


Yourself: To some extent

Miracles: Sometimes

Love at first sight: Not really

Heaven: I don’t disbelieve or believe

Kissing on a first date: idk if it kinda happens water u gonna do say lol sorry bitch gotta stop u right there article 3 subsection j says we can’t kiss yet like tf no

I tag: @flareblurb , @heavenlywicked , @commonglory , @hedagay , @swedish-daddy , @johnjacobjingleheimerschaeffer , @marlofaust , @lord-vain , @figglypuff , @azuresage , @i-like-yoshi , @trans-corvo , @danielleisaloser , @flanflantheicecreamman , @tell-him-you-dove , @misanthropic–mermaid , @a-few-of-my-favorite-turtles , @secretstuffcreed , @allonsy-chrissy , @hollyzomby , @chasingstallionduckswiththerev , @mysocialyawkwardhumps , and litERALLY ANYONE THAT WANTS TO DO THIS BECAUSE IS BECAUSE TAGGING PEOPLE IS HARD


I was tagged by @streetrapshit. Thank you darling <3

1: ship the person who tagged you. 

2: answer questions. 

3: write down the groups you would like to get shipped with. 

4: tag as many blogs as you want.

I ship you with: Winner- hmm tbh seungyoon(u kinda have a similar style and personality), Block B- of course Zico since he likes hard working women lol, Mkit rain- hmm maybe Owen idk you two could get drunk together lol, ADV- Chulgoo of course but well he has a gf


What is your chinese zodiac/animal?

What is your sun sign?

What is your height?
5′5″/166 cm

What kind of body shape do you have?
idk straight 

Describe your fashion type:
sometimes a lil girly, most of the time street fashion hiphop kinda

What are your hobbies?
music, hanging out with friends, spending a lot of time on the internet, watching all kinda shows and movies, photoshop lol

Describe your personality:

I’m loud and I love to laugh, I talk a lot but I’m also a good listener, cat-person, i love to make people laugh and i try to say funny things all the time, i love spending time with my family and i’m a very religious person, i’m very straighforward and i’m always honest sometimes a lil too honest

What do you like and dislike?
Likes: funny people, music(hiphop), a chill day with my friends, good food

Dislikes: closed minded racist people, any type of responsibility, exams and homework

What kind of height do you prefer?
doesn’t matter at all

Do you prefer innocent or sexy?
sexy lol

What do you like in a person?
funny, reliable, open minded 

What are some turn offs?
racism, when i can’t talk about serious things with someone

What kind of fear would it be okay for them to have?
what kinda question is this lol as long as they don’t fear muslims i’m good

What would be an ideal date for you?
having a good time on the venice beach with good food and lots of fun

I’d like to be shipped with:
Hilite(the old members too), Illionaire, Mkit Rain(and 42) and  Yelows Mob

I tag @sklnnyred, @sidelinestory, @gimtajoo, @jaerins, @moonsherbet, @killer-whale-squad, @gaygaychoi, @44png,  @pyyo, i know caroline tagged you but you gotta ship me too lol @yongxtr


I’m so fucking lame. Here you go LMAO Tag for the phone wallpaper challenge. I have a second page but it’s the same bg so why bother right 😪 I change my background every month or so depending on when I get bored of it.

@lumpiagirl Thanks for the tag bby love, I hope you’ve been well! You and your bf are too cute for words 💞

I tag all my lovely mutuals that want to do it! Tag me once you’ve posted yours. I’m interested 😊 lmao sorry I’m so lazy to find ppl to tag!! Been too busy with nursing school 😖🙁 Miss y'all!!! I wish all of you the very best (that no one ever was) HAHAHA ok bye 😊😂

Another Tag! Thanks babe @lehnsherr-stark for always thinkin of me! <33333

answer ten questions, then tag ten people

1. What’s the last movie you saw?
last night i watched my neighbor totoro, i cried like a fuckin idiot n dont even know why

2. Last song you listened to?
dont remember, i was on iheart radio this morning … oh thats right! i was listening to troye sivan’s station, OH GOD HOW I LOVE HIS VOICE, he sings like an angel ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙

4. The last show you watched?
The … Next … Food … Network … Star … ( ◉◞౪◟◉)  tbh they all suck …

4. Last book you read?
oh man, i havnt read book in ages …  (sorry!) does fanfic count? if so, I was reading @endingthemes  You Show Me Yours for god know how many times (it is super cute!! Erik is crushing harder than a 12-year old girl LOL and i can totally see why!!!)

5. Last thing you ate?
a mix of tortilla chips and gold fish (/‿\✿)

6. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?
at home in my underwear watching tv

7. Which decade would you want to travel to?
Han Dynasty in Ancient China!!!!! the culture and costumes are super cool! (i read a loooot of fanfics written in this era, my favorite is the forbidden love-relationship between the Empire and his first General, omg its really awesome, and … bittersweet! like, he loves him so much, want him by his side forever, but he has no choice but send him into battle field to fight with enemies…  o(ㄒoㄒ) 

8. If you won the lottery and got millions in cash, what would you do first?
oh god, dont get my hope up like this … but im gonna save a bunch, then fuckin buy everything i ever wanted!

9. Which fictional character would you hang out with for a day?


10. What was the last fandom you joined?
?? i … dont understand the QUEestion … ? like the fandom i just start to get interested and joined in? in that case … i was in Supernatural fandom for a LOOONG time and the last fandom i joined is —— X-MEN!!! (it’s been maybe a Month now? I’ve happily fallen down the Cherik rabbit hole, and I don’t think I’ll be climbing out anytime soon. So expect more X-men related stuff from me!)

I’m tagging:  @xaviersgift @wizardcigarettes @swagneato @harukuro @butterynutjob @l-p-r-o-c-k @cherikfilth @cherikandproud @x-mensavengers @gerec @anniehowlett @stripperbucky

Care to play along?

I was tagged by : @delanore-roosevelt​ 

Rules: Tag 20 followers you want to get to know better.

Name: Ashley

Nicknames: Ash, Shlee, Sis, 

Gender: Female 

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 4′11 and I’m very self conscious about it so stop laughing 

Sexual Orientation: Straight? Maybe?

Fave Color(s): Anything pastel omg

Time Right Now: 12:22 am

Average Hours of Sleep: Somewhere between 7 and 4

Lucky Number: 3! 

Last Thing I Googled: Writing prompts hahaha i’m so laaammmmmmme

Fav Fictional Character: Gon! from Hunter X Hunter (atm)

Number of Blankets I sleep Under: Literally 4 I’m so extra 

Fav Band or Artist: *clears throat* Hey violet, 5sos, Hammock, Troye Sivan,  Chris Brown, Halsey, Zayn, Roy English, The Maine/John the Ghost, Last Dinosaurs, Maroon 5, Matchbox Twenty, Melanie Martinez, Pierce the Veil, The 1975 and the list could go on for days. Someone talk to me about music!

Dream Trip: Australia!!!

Dream Job: no job

When Did You Create This Blog: When my other one got hacked less than a year ago and I’m still pretty salty about it 

What Do You Post About: angsty teenage girl stuff with the occasional reappearance of Calum Hood lol my blog depends on my mood don’t follow me

What Made You Decide to Get a Tumblr: My friend literally locked me in her car and wouldn’t let me out until I had so yeah 

Do You Get Asks on a Daily Basis: No:/ prolly bc I’m boring and change my theme every few days lmao halp

What Made You Choose Your URL: idk i was just feelin it

My Tags: @we-were-young-and-pretty @pluvilis @harmed @hoe-ccaine @and-let-live-again @fluffyhemmings @themhoodgirlz @avacahoe @alreadymissings @cliffovans @existentialcrisisxx @rea-dolly @peachfacee
@calumsarmpits @anarchyaustralia i know it’s not 20 but fight me bout it 

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Okay omg so you're honestly the greatest person I met on tumblr and you are so kind and amazing and accepting for my sad head cannons that you do inspire me to write and I just Needa share with the world that you are the Goddess of Joy and positivity.... And Suga/OiSuga but heY! I'm just really really happy we are friends you're amazing 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

GOD RUBY IM CRYING YOU MAKE ME CRY BUT IN LIKE NICE WAYS seriously, how are you so sweet? Thank you for your kind words, and for always brightening my day with your headcanons and conversation, and for being a wonderful friend to me. I am grateful to have met you! Just, thank you so much;; this is such high praise and I’m so overwhelmed. You’re lovely. Thank you 🌸🌸🌸