HUGE Congratulations to Stefan Kraft for what can only be called a perfect season

not only have you become the OVERALL WORLD CUP WINNER 

you have also become a double World Champion, making you the first Austrian to ever achieve that

you have won the Ski Flying World Cup

you have had an impressive podium streak, and 8 world cup wins

you have broken the world record with your 253,5 meter jump 

you have shown time and time again that you are one of the best and it’s been a pleasure to watch you jump, it’s been a pleasure to watch you succeed and i can’t thank you enough for this wonderful season

Krafti, you’re the CHAMP 

a brief history of the men in my life

there was the one who’s native tongue was deprecation 

there was the shitty artist who used my body as his canvas 

there was a thief  - he probably keeps my innocence in a jar; I’m sure he wasn’t happy to find out that he couldn’t pawn it

there was the one whom i was meant to be like

and the one who i was actually like 

there was the gardener who tried to plant a rosebush inside me but just got thorns

there was the one who got away; thank god

and the one who couldn’t handle me at my worst, but then again, neither can i 

there was the first one; and the last one

— i couldn’t tell you which was more unfortunate 

there was the one that gave me some hope

and the one that took it all away

there have always been men making camp grounds of out of my bones — 

but tonight i’m lighting a bonfire 

superbatfleck  asked:

i just want to say that the ending to your auror!derek fic still fucked me up like the ride was awesome but the ending was so sweettt and satisfying i still think about it from time to time

thank you so much!

 this fic was a long, long, time in the works. i’m not really sure what happened but there was a lot of life stuff that happened in the middle, and then i just got stuck, really terribly, and almost gave up but awesome people who kept leaving supportive comments and i was inspired again, so i’m really glad you enjoyed it. thank you for the sweet message and i hope you’re having a great day  ❤ ❤ ❤

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sportarobbie fluff: Robbie tends to get a little touch starved and when it happens, he usually "accidentally" brushes up against sporp for that physical contact and eventually the sportsman catches on so whenever robbie goes and does that he just swoops in, picks him up and nuzzles into him (and probably carries him around for most of the day)

It gets to the point where as soon as Robbie comes into town, Sportacus stands uncomfortably close *just in case*. Some days Robbie just rolls his eyes and goes home but, as we all know, some days are harder than others. Sportacus will be doing stretching with the kids or something and Robbie just slogs over and lays his head in Sport’s lap. Sportacus cards a hand through Robbie’s hair and tells the kids to take it easy for the day.

Bonus: The New Favorite Game among the kids is to tackle hug Robbie after a scheme goes wrong, before he can disappear back into his lair.

This is So Pure I’m so grateful for this idea.

I don’t normally post long personal messages on here but I have a lot to say about this band that’s honestly given me some of the best and worst times of my life. 

When I first joined the fandom it was early 2013. Best Song Ever had just been released and I got a call from a friend asking me to watch this music video “a few times” since she was helping in the breaking of a record. And I did. And with all things One Direction, one moment I’m watching music videos confused about which one is called what and the next minute (next month after hours of watching videos and finding blogs and reading masterposts and watching gifs with literal magnifying glasses and just generally falling down the rabbit hole) there I was, completely and utterly infatuated with five boys from the UK and so so fiercely protective of them, I managed to amaze myself even. 

 The shipping and eventually believing Harry and Louis were together didn’t start until later. It was one of my earliest introductions into closeting and bearding and contracts and management and going deeper than just the music aspect of a band. I never expected to get so involved and so attached and feel SO much for people that I’ve only even looked at through whatever screen and voices I’ve heard through speakers (I live in India and they’ve never been here and I’ll always be Bitter AF about missing TMH and UAN entirely but also missing the chance to watch them live in the two tours that followed). I never thought I’d feel sympathy towards two rich white boys but they deserve to love each other openly and freely because love is love is love and they should have that. 

 I fell in love with their music and their lyrics and the way they made me laugh in interviews and this blog is such a love letter to them, a letter of pure gratitude. (mixed in with some memes lol) When I was in a negative mental space, I listened to Happily and Strong and Through the Dark, when I felt bullied I turned to Home and Fireproof and Drag Me Down, when I was happy I listened to No Control, Wmyb and Kiss You and I Want (honestly even their teen pop boppy songs will always be Such A Jam). 18, Ready to Run, Perfect, Stockholm Syndrome, MitAM has got to be one of my favorite albums of all times across all genres. I love them like, I genuinely feel proud when they win awards and absolutely feel amazed with their charity work and squeal when they do tiny bits of fan service oh my god remember Niall’s like month of ot5 and then ot4 selfies that was such a treat. 

 Speaking of fans though. This has to be one of the most brilliant fandoms I’ve ever experienced. The artwork, the fiction(!!!!!!!!) the brains, the intellect, the drama, literally everything single thing that was made possible through a micro blogging website with a shitty mobile app. I can’t explain… I’m not eloquent enough but also, I don’t think anyone can ever explain what it’s like loving One Direction, feeling loved by them and having a large large society of people all across the world feeling the same things as you do, celebrating it and not shunning you for being passionate about a boyband of all things. It’s a blessing one that I am so honored to have witnessed and received.

OneD Day literally who the hell decided 8 hours of live streaming was a good idea and why did they never do that again. RBB and SBB, the Big Gay War, “have you ever gotten a girlfriend just for the winter”, the Wellington curse, who the hell wrote TIF and where are they now, JAMES CORDEN, Project No Control, when they randomly dropped Fireproof, oh god remember timeline posts, “Big Larries” LAIRPORT!!!!, AIMH, he got the dagger- he actually did that, If I Could Fly. “some people genuinely, like genuinely believe”, that one Much Music interview where H and L literally just held each other the whole time, H and L in Texas you know exactly which time I’m talking about, November of 2014 was the wildest week ever, Larents, The Hug that watered my crops and cleared my skin for me, the earth is literally blue and green, the white tshirt that they share, hahahahhaha the Calder triplets theory, oh my god remember how ugly and gross F*Z were ew, Harry’s Vine phase RIP, only posting in black and white, when Zayn left the band, like no one who wasn’t here would ever understand that. No one would understand why or how I’ve read two boys fall in love in a thousand different ways and why a lot of fan fiction in the one direction fandom is a better experience than most published literature I can’t explain this phenomenon to anyone and I don’t think I’ll ever try because so much of it will get lost in translation like people will look at me like I’m crazy and honestly all of us probably are mental but I blame those 5 boys (I’m so forever mad at Zayn but he was there for longer than he was gone and like. Veronica Malik okay cmon) 

I don’t know why I decided to do this today but I do know that it’s been coming on for a while now. I’m not going anywhere, Jesus I don’t think I have the self control to actually leave like Harry’s single is coming out next week and imma wannabe right here screaming along with everybody. But I have to try and go away for a bit. I think everyone here understands that. I always wanted to make it to the finish line and I feel like I will like the winds of change or whatever are definitely blowing through the One Direction fandom, I’m just not sure I want to be here long enough to watch them become villains so to speak. Like they are my heroes right now and I feel like it hasn’t been that way for a while and it’s not worth ending four beautiful years on a bitter note. 

I did want to say a Massive™ thank you to some People who’ve made my fandom experience amazing. It’s been amazing following you for the last many years (hahahahahahaha say that to someone in real life). I’m tagging as many as I can remember off the top of my head and then just everyone who’s here and reading this. I was never very vocal, I’m so much more content with just having the greatness thrust upon me at least in regards to my Tumblr experience and if I never come back at least you know the impact you’ve had on like one person’s life. Thank you for everything, I hope you get to be happiest in whatever you choose to do. I wouldn’t be able to walk away without letting you know in some form or the other that you’ve been an on going part of my fandom experience. Like it would feel wrong regardless of how one sided this whole love affair has been. I wish I could share nachos with all of you cuties and I wish I could hug every single one of you. 

@allegedlymags @verily-i-say @aaronbutterfield @scrufflecake @zarah5undercover @worshippedlove @lads-laddylads @since-he-was-eighteen @100percentsassy @gloriaandrews @srslycris @diggingandfluff @whisperedlouis @yourssincerelylarry @genuinelybelieve @alivingfire @birdonahotdog @otpwhatever @too-old-for-this-ship @tommosnips @bethaboolou @britishhusbands @parentinglarenting @16meets18 @thesefiveidiots @thebritishboyfriends @theboyfriendstagram @hazzzlou @nsfwboyfriends @boringangel @purestlarry @honestlea @drinking-to-supress-devotion @louisappreciation @alecanna @accidentalsoulmates @haydolce @nottooldforthisship 

I’m sure I’ve left out a hundred other people but honestly this is making me so sad I’m about to cry. I hope the end of 2017 looks different to what the start of 2017 looked like for our boys (but like, Steve should still be there, he’s a doll). Thank you so much. It’s been Incredible. Cheers to Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall and to all of you. (If you’re of the legal drinking age in your place of residence) 

Yours Sincerely, 

(lol, I’m not telling you my name, you’re all actual strangers on the internet)


170324 : Dallas shawol’s  were cheering  loudly  when Minho started to singing his part …thank you for supporting him :) 

#SHINee #SHINeeWorldV#SHINeeWorldDallas

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This is a really late thank you to all the people that wished me a happy birthday

it really meant a lot to me because some of my own friends forgot. Overall my birthday was filled with so much positivite. I hope that everyone had a good day. You all have a special place in my heart.♡♡

Now on to all the people that wished me happy birthday 

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Thank you guys so much, while I didnt respond to everyone, I read each one of your comments ♡♡ love you guys ♡♡

Sorry if I forgot to mention anybody - just comment if I did - 

Few explores, but loads of great support

The last time I thanked my followers, I stated I hadn’t been out exploring for various reasons but then committed to finding photos to publish from previous adventures. I’m surprised both at my fairly massive (and growing) collection and from the response to my recent uploads. I hope you’re enjoying the reposts on Throwback Thursdays, too.

I enjoy and appreciate the ongoing support, comments, and reblogs! Hello and welcome to the recent newcomers, too.

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Thanks again!

Thanks to everyone so far.

I’ve started at the bottom of Tumblr, trying to get noticed with my art. Since then I’ve learned a few tricks (like tagging my shit) and I’ve met amazing people. I’m not by the top yet but one day I will be standing there among all the kool kids. Together we will reach 300, which is my next goal after these 200+ followers.

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Let’s hope the road won’t get bumpy on the way to the top. ^w^

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Fake Ah Hand Holding: Gavin's cold hands, Micheal's warm. Ryan's big, calloused, and swallowing up anyone else's. Geoff's are shaky, unless you need him, the they're steady as the mountains. Jack's are soft and comforting. Jeremy's got tiny hands but he holds on tightest.


thank you so much anon, this is so great! and so true!!! to all of them, they’re all so true to each one.

Romano's characterization for you โ˜†

I hope it will help you with writing imagines with Romano!

So, the thing that is really important about him (and a lot of people forget about it) is the fact that he is mean and rude only towards men. But he is extremally friendly towards women. Fanfic writers forget about it a lot and write stories where Romano is rude to a female reader. Himaruya also mentioned that Romano protects women from the bad guys. It probably comes from the fact that male countries had always wanted to lay their hands on him and they were usually the ones who wanted to get rid of him.

It is also good to mention that he is even more of a coward than his brother, Feliciano. The only times he isn’t like it are the moments where he defends women in trouble. He is really confident when put in this situation.

It may also be surprising but as I read in 2011 Christmas Event, he is shown to be somewhat a hard worker even though he used to be lazier before it. Even Germany and Prussia complimented him.

It is also very surprising that Romano gets along with America very well.

He’s picky about his food (he won’t eat anything foreign, especially cheese or potatoes)

In Just 2 Minutes You Can Grasp the Exterior of the European Economy, Romano is shown to hate his mafia. They really influenced his character and may have ruined his view of the world. And due to him being a coward, he doesn’t usually talks badly about mafia.

He basically acts like “I don’t fucking care what you think.

A very important thing is also the fact that he is jealous of his brother. Because Romano was always in the shadow of Veneziano. It is especially show in strips with Chibi!Romano and Boss Spain. Romano thinks he lacks talent and is much worse than Vene.

Also, Romano’s clumsiness comes from his choreia. He had it as a child but Spain helped him overcome it.

Good luck!

@imaginehetaliadorks I love you, darling that is so perfect! Thank you, I hope that now I can write imagines for Romano

“Everyone should get to have an education, and it’s ridiculous that not everyone gets to. However, when you are getting an education you shouldn’t have to put up with things like bullying, or social anxiety, or depression, or all of these horrible things that happen to people who are in school. And if you do have anxiety or depression then there should be resources for you to get help with that.”