THANK YOU for following me and letting me be apart of your life

Steve Rogers in TWS: “Bucky?”

Steve Rogers in TWS: “Even when I had nothing I had Bucky.”

Steve Rogers in TWS: “He doesn’t know you. “He will.”

Steve Rogers in TWS: “Please don’t make me do this.”

Steve Rogers in TWS: “You know me.Bucky,you’ve known me your whole life.Your name is James Buchanan Barnes.I’m not gonna fight you.You’re my friend.”

Steve Rogers in TWS: *throws his shield into a river and simply refuses to fight back,letting Bucky beat the living crap out of him*

Steve Rogers in TWS: “Then finish it,cause I’M WITH YOU TILL THE END OF THE LINE.”

Steve Rogers in TWS: *drops everything and everyone to follow Bucky,probably all over the world*

Steve Rogers in AoU: *crickets*

Ok Hello!

Hi my name is Lilly and I’m pretty new to the Voltage fandom. i really want to follow people and stuff and make more friends. BreBre (aka the-spacebetween-us ) is like a godsend to me. And because of her i want to get out of my shell more. She has helped me over come so many issues in my life and i don’t know if i would still be here without her honestly. I still can’t believe someone as amazing and popular and friendly as her would even talk to me, I’m just soo blessed. okay sorry sorry well what i mean to say is that because of her i really want to be apart of this amazing fandom. So please LIKE OR REBLOG THIS IF YOU POST ANYTHING VOLTAGE SERIOUSLY EVEN IF ITS JUST OCCASIONALLY! thank you so much for your time, i would really like to make more friends and as BreBre always says LETS FANGIRL TOGETHER^^