i don’t know for sure who the evil genius was who said, “hey let us make the actual devil our protagonist of this tv show and then go in whole hog with the most perfect and fitting and poignant and well written love story for him ever,” but i would like to shake that person’s hand

i have never read the archie comics, nor have i seen riverdale (yet), but i’m already loving cole sprouse for expressing his disappointment that the show hasn’t made jughead asexual, which apparently he was in some of the comics?

“It seems to me that they’re not going to explore that angle. That’s kind of unfortunate, to be quite honest. I think there’s a lot of room for growth in that, and that kind of representation is quite interesting, and it’s needed, frankly.” (x)

Ok, I’m yelling about this on twitter for pretty much weeks now and I realised that sooner or later I’m going to do that here too, so:

- ever since I saw that villain from newest ‘One Piece movie Gold’, Gild Tesoro, on first sketches/drawings that we were shown by Oda, I was immediately like - …so..this is pretty much how a Dofladile offspring would look like…-

Because, seriously:

The glasses - the rings, flashy colors - Croc-like hair, pink-green color scheme, etc. It screams DoflaCroc fusion. Or as I like to say - Dofladile offspring. (…….)

- Then the trailer got released and it convinced me even further in all this. Examples:

Like fathers, like son. (….)

- Then, minus Crocodile-like hair and ascot, just how much this is Doflamingo:

just for example.

- Then, this face:

so Crocodile:

And so on. I mean, at this point I’m pretty much telling the obvious but whatever - to somewhat sum it up - he’s Doflamingo-like eccentric, while having expressions like Crocodile. While also having parts of the clothing-styles, or whatever kind of stlyes, of both of them. And that’s just for now, who knows what more movie can give us. (I’m so eager to see it, I can’t believe)

- And also, shipping-googles or anything shippy aside, I’m so glad Oda decided to make a villain that will be such an obvious combination of these two. I’m just so glad and I’m having so much feels and again I’m. so. glad.


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My hand slipped

There was something extremely satisfactory about pulling off quicks with Hinata when Tsukishima was on the other side of the net; it probably had something to do with the fact the Kageyama knew that Tsukki could tell when it was coming, but Hinata was still faster than him, and had no problems smacking that ball down over the net with his near freakish agility. It made Kageyama happy for reasons he couldn’t place – and not just because of the disdainful scowl that twisted Tsukishima’s expression, or the smug pride he got at continuously bluffing the blond middle blocker.

No, it was something else entirely, and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t tried to figure it out.

And then Hinata was smiling at him, his face split into a sunny grin and his fingers brushing sweaty orange hair out of his face.

“Kageyama that was awesome! It was like woosh! Pwahh!” he waved his hands animatedly as he talked, and Kageyama had to fight back the smile he could feel twitching at the corners of his lips, at seeing his boisterous happiness; Hinata had a goddamn smiling bug or something, he could make damn near anyone crack a grin at his antics and like hell Kageyama would admit it was endearing.

“Yes yes, now that we’ve covered that you can move at mach one can we please get back to this match? I have better things to do with my time than watch you pair eye-fuck each other on court,” Tsukishima drawled, rolling his shoulders and relaxing his stance. Yamaguchi snickered from beside him, mouthing out a quiet ‘nice one Tsukki’. Kageyama pinned him with flat steely eyes.

“If I wanted the opinion of a stuck up asshole, I’d bug Oikawa,” and hey, that was definitely the first time he’d come up with a comeback that quickly. Hinata choked on a laugh, Noya snorted from behind him and Tanaka howled on the other side of the net, earning himself an icy stare from Tsukishima himself.

“Whatever,” he snipped, brows furrowed in annoyance and his lips twisted in disdain. “Can we just get this over with?”

“Good idea Tsukishima, it’s Tanaka’s serve anyway,” Suga said with a hint of a smile on his lips.

Tanaka’s serve was admittedly more powerful than Kageyama would like to admit, and he was grateful to have Noya on his side of the net to effortlessly receive the ball. The ball shot up and Kageyama kept his eyes on it, flicking his gaze briefly over to Hinata to check if he was ready for the toss; however he wasn’t expecting brown eyes to be staring at him already, a steady intensity burning behind his chocolate irises that made Kageyama’s heart jump into his throat, and his chest constrict damn near painfully. Hinata blinked slowly and flashed white teeth in a playful grin.

“Faster” he breathed.

And Kageyama did just that.

The ball touched his fingertips and Hinata was already blazing a trail across the court; he hadn’t set a ball this fast to him since the first time they’d played together and Kageyama would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous – but then shoes squeaked and his hands flexed, and faster than anyone could react, there was a loud smack and the ball ripped across the court, forcing Yamaguchi shriek out of the way unless he wanted the receive Hinata’s powerful spike with his face.

The entire gym went into an eerie quiet.

Hinata broke the silence with a euphoric laugh, his grinning face lighting up the gym like the sun itself when he turned with bright, happy eyes to Kageyama. He allowed himself to grin back.

“Yes!“ he whooped. “Kageyama that was-”

“I know!”

“And you just set it and it went-”

“And then you hit it and-”

“We gotta do that again!”

And then Hinata was moving and was jumping far too close to him, and Kageyama had to shoot his arms out on reflex to catch him in case he fell, a few scolding word on his lips when they both froze. Oh. Everything felt hot, and Kageyama had opened his mouth at the same time Hinata did, their confusion manifest in the warm glow the seemed to burn through their veins.


Kageyama screwed his eyes shut, feeling himself fall backwards as Hinata collided with him, his confusion drowned out by the sudden feeling of weightlessness and scalding heat. Every part of him felt like fire incarnate, like he could flex his hands and incinerate the gym and hell if it didn’t scare him.

Then as fast as it came the feeling was gone and he was flat on his ass feeling a little more than disoriented.

“What the fu-” He snapped his mouth shut with an audible click.

That was not his voice.


He blinked. Why was Hinata’s voice in his head?

‘Because we’re in each other’s head stupid’


‘What do you mean what? Look!’

“Oho? My my King, I didn’t know you felt so strongly about Hinata,” and Tsukishima was on the other side of the net looking like the cat that got the cream, an awfully smug smile on his face and his gold eyes crinkling at the corners. Kageyama felt his temper flare up, and he swore he could feel Hinata’s mixed in there too.

“Wanna fight you blond fuckass?” And what the hell was that? He’d never even sai-

‘I told you we’re in each other’s head! I think we’re controlling talking too!’

“What the fuck does that even mean, Hinata?” he snapped, only realizing he said it aloud when everyone stared at him. He could feel his face burn in an uncharacteristic blush. “What?” the barked, baring his teeth angrily and scrabbling backward on the floor in confusion when Tsukishima finally lost the plot and doubled over laughing.

Noya was the first to speak.

“Woah! Asahi look they can do it too!” and the tall teenager scratched the back of his neck awkwardly as all the attention in the room seemed to shift from Kageyama to Asahi, Noya and back. This was ridiculous.

“What the hell do you mean I can do it too Noya-senapi?” and what the fuck was with the senpai. A sharp pain shot through the back of his head and Kageyama hissed angrily, threading his fingers through short hair in an attempt to soothe the sudden pain.

‘Serves you right jerk’

‘What the hell is going on Hinata!’

“You haven’t figured it out yet?” Noya questioned with a tilt of his head “You and Hinata fused!”


Oh no.

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