Oh, boy. I just hit 1.6k today and that??? is a huge number??? I don’t – I don’t understand. How is this happening. How are there that many of you. How did y’all decide to follow a little nugget like me. How. I don’t….whoa.

     Anyway, I’ve been meaning to do something since I hit 1k, then 1.5k, then had my anniversary. Clearly that never happened, and I haven’t done one of these things in a while, so here we are! 

     I am honestly so in awe. I made this blog on a whim, thinking it would go nowhere and last 2-3 months, tops. But one year & two months later and I’m still here & going strong! I am so eternally grateful for each and every one of you, and I just wanted to give you a sincere thanks for your support of this dumb little angel & I. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so so so much! You’re all amazing.

     I feel terrible leaving people out, so please don’t take it personally if you’re not on here! Chances are I still love you dearly. Anyway, now that the sappy part’s over, here we go, I guess.

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I just thought you should know that you're absolutely gorgeous and I have a total girl crush on you you majestic little starfish 💖

Majestic little starfish omg!! 

Thank you, sweet angel!!!


Happy Birthday!

Silently comes at the boy,making sure that she isn’t notice,looks carefully around.Her eyes were set on his figure,it seems that the plan is working good,the boy didn’t even sense her presence,as she steps closer to him,stops and cover with her hands,his eyes.

Guess who came? Yes it’s me and Guess what day is today? Your Birthday ,one of the most important days of the year.Spend it as you want ,reflecting at the thing happened in this year and keeping all the good memories that came in your life.Don’t forget you are important and don’t let others to bring you down ,because they don’t know you.

And i don’t forget to party ,until you can’t stand up!Oh almost forget i brought you a present and cake!What is a birthday without a cake?


Beautiful Hara I missed you! so you come off from that hiatus and this mean that you’re feeling better ,thank you very much I really appreciate you and your kind words.I will make sure to share this cake with you because I can’t eat alone ,right?

-make a heart sign with his hand to the girl the bring his hand in front of and show two fingers making a peace sign-

I am so overwhelmed by all the love & support from you all. Thank you so much for your amazing words about my little angel Tinkerbell. Even though I am sad & heartbroken, it makes me happy to see all the love coming her way. Love you all! ❤️ #RIPTinkerbell 🙏

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Hey, so who are your celebrity crushes? :)

Oh, geez. So many.

Alycia Debnam Carey

Matt Czuchry

Casey Deidrick

Victoria Justice

Avan Jogia

Molly Burnett (who is Casey’s girlfriend and the most precious little pumpkin on the planet.)

Zayn Malik (but who doesn’t have a crush on him?)

Eliza Taylor

Scott Michael Foster (who is the love of my life probs. what a nerd)

Emma Stone

Idris Elba

Kit Harrington

Kristen Stewart (my child)

Sophie Turner

Masie Williams (who is 18 now so it’s totally not creepy for me to say that)

Natalie Dormer

Laverne Cox  

and like.. wow. SO many more. idek. hot people are hot.

In regards to my last post

In retrospect, I want to apologise for calling all of you little shits when it’s just whomever is sending the disgusting anon messages. The majority of you have been little angels, and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve helped me through- because know it or not, you’ve helped me through a lot of crap in the past year. I like to think I helped some of you as well, made you smile or laugh in some way…still though, I meant what I said in my last post.

Because I’m just fed up with the way that/these anon(s) are acting because of my relationship. They’re not only being cowardly scumbags by lashing out at Moose, but they also act like they know what’s best for me, and that’s not only insulting to me, but that kind of thinking also dehumanizes me. Do you think I can’t make my own decisions? 

They probably don’t know anything about me other than what’s on this blog- and believe me, I keep a lot of my personal stuff off of this blog. I have a handful of friends with whom I talk regularly with, and even then, not all of them know what my life is like off the internet. 

So my point is, to whoever is doing this: You don’t even know me, and yet you think you know what’s best for me?  Have you not been paying attention to how happy I am to be in this relationship? To be with Moose? Seeing them happy makes me happy, hearing them laugh makes me smile, oh and goodness, the way they make my heart swell with joy makes me feel like I’m floating in the air. I love them so much, and we’re happy with each other, and I dream of the day we get to meet in person. 

And yet you, whoever sends those distasteful anons to them, say I could do better? You must be out of your mind. How do you think I could do better? You? Because I disagree. Because if you really cared about me, you’d want me to be happy, and you wouldn’t attack the person who makes me that way, who makes me feel like the happiest and luckiest person in the world. And you’d understand that by attacking them, you’re hurting me too. 

So you obviously don’t care about what’s best for me, Anon. You’re just being an obsessive prick. Please…please understand what you’re doing is wrong, and leave my Moose and I alone. 

Please let this message get through to you, and please stop acting like a disgraceful twat. I want to believe you’re better than that. I want you to understand that Moose is my heart now. When they’re happy, I’m happy, and when they hurt, I hurt. And you hurt us both so much with your uncalled for attitude.

So please…I’m not asking you to approve of my decisions- I don’t need your approval. But I am asking you to accept them and move on, and stop sending them hate. Please.

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Kristoff caught it, but he didn't put it on. "Your staff is too soft." He replied, taking his own steady strides towards the king, keeping him close to the armoire. With a swift motion he used the gown as a rope and tossed it around Hans' legs and pulling up, letting the king's shoulders hit the doors and lifting so he was quite literally trapped. He leaned over with a coy smirk. "You however, aren't quite as hard to fluster."

Anonymously make me flustered

{♔} —- All the heat in his chest and fingertips suddenly rushed to Hans’ face, flushing his cheeks and pounding in his ears. He felt dizzy and–yes–flustered, for it was one thing to bandy words with Kristoff, but another entirely to be pinned beneath his strong arms.

Hans was almost ashamed of how effortlessly Kristoff overwhelmed him, both physically and emotionally. Like the ice Kristoff so often worked to his will, it took only a firm hand and steady arm to break the mighty King Hans, and lo–he was trapped against the armoire, back flat against the door and heart hammering, all too aware of Kristoff’s manhood pressing against his thigh.

He wanted those strong hands on his body. He wanted Kristoff to work him apart and make him moan, but he couldn’t admit it outright. It was a game, a challenge–just like so many times before.

“Perhaps…” Hans said, but his voice oddly strained, dulled by the heartbeat drumming in his ears. He swallowed thickly and tried again. “Perhaps I am easy to fluster… But unlike you…”

His eyes flicked downwards, where his knee was rubbing tantalizingly slow between Kristoff’s legs.

“I’m not quite so easy to undress.”

heyy so thank you kawaiisoosquishy for tagging me in the 20 beautiful people tag thing woo <3

so excuse the mess on my face, my hair and in my room ty

i tag : mintypetals lainichi xiuhangul tooxmanyxhusbandos bumkeyks-little-freak chanyolk-png dice-pixie what-a-lovely-loser my-special-maple do-i-look-like-i-caaaaare doyusoo naughtykpopnoona kpopandsomeothershit kissablekpop angelic-little-demons aph-yourmom wandererbird urize just-a-tiny-bit-odd justbloodyawesome scarlet-void lesternygaarded kawatooru grill15taco let-them-ship-cake

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I randomly came across a hate post about you, and i find it funny how wrong they are. As a graphic designer and someone who is a big fan of makeup, it's really laughable. Wowwow you overdraw your lips and up the contrast around your eye makeup, its all the power of contouring! Personally I enjoy your aesthetic and you shouldn't let their words get to you love. Just thought I'd give you a few quiet words of encouragement. Keep doing what you're doing lovely <3 have a nice night xxx

you’re such a sweet little angel! thank you so much for your kind words of support <3

Get to know me, then!

I was tagged by my wonderful lovely ladies bitchy-brokenmirandasmadeofstone & by my little angel llexis 

Thank you very much my dears ♥♥

Name: Marie

Average hours I sleep: I’m such a grandma, like 8 hours!

Last Thing you Googled: AZLyrics (for The Show Must Go On by Queen)

Nicknames: I have none :’(

Birthday: April 27th

Sexual Orientation: straight

Height: 1m56

Favorite Color: blue

One Place That Makes You Happy: my living room

How Many sheets do you sleep with: a big one

Favorite Film: The Lord Of The Rings (oh come on that’s one movie!)

What Am I wearing Right now: skinny blue jeans and green top with my very own dressing gown

Last Book Read: Dragonfly In Amber by Diana Gabaldon

First Word that Came to mind: Music

Last Thing you said to a family member: Dors bien

Favorite Beverage: water??? yeah party hard wi’ me

Favorite Food: absolutely anything that involves chocolate

Last thing I watched in theaters: Big Hero 6

Dream Vacation: New Zealand or Norway

Dream Pet: a huskyyyyyy

Dream Job: I’d love to take care of elephants in a zoo or in a reserve area

Well….. That was fascinating wasn’t it?? You regret tagging me don’t you? Haha Yeah I’m so boring I know. I’m tagging some of my fantastic followers multicoloradventures , alison45o , murderyoursoul , milymargot & myfinnnelsonpls

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hi i just wanted to tell you i was stalking your blog earlier and you are the most adorable little peach, and just going through and reading your posts made my day a little better so thank you💖

love u, angel ! ✨

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You know what's even funnier though like cas would've literlary given up and let the apocalypse happen. He fucking said that when Lucifer was already wearing Sam to prom or whatever, he said that to dean in front of the TV's in swan song. The only one who didn't gave up yet was dean he drove to sam. Cas would've just found another fucking alcohol store to get his little angel ass drunk! PS: sorry for typos and my poor english it's not my first language ;u; also much of love to you <3

Exactly, my dear anon. Castiel had given up at that point and questioned why Dean would want to go see Michael!Adam and Lucifer!Sam battle. 

LOL, “little angel ass drunk”

Thank you for the love, darling and no need to apologize for typos or your English xoxooxoxoxo

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ur so amazing and beautiful and i hope u have such an amazing life and when u look back on it in 50 yrs, u dont regret a thing xx :-) (im sry i may have drufnk a little)

Thank you so much angel I wish you the same ! And have fun !