ALRIGHT! This next feature literally had captivated my heart in few ways fictional characters can. Like seriously, one of the best trolls I’ve ever happened across! But on to introducing this absolutely lovely troll, her name is Zariaa Avilon! Made by this absolutely wonderful mun known as , now I absolutely love trolls like this, it’s enough that this troll is absolutely adorable, but she doesn’t really adhere from the angry seadweller trope from what I can tell from the bio I’ve read! Cute bubbly seadwellers are really all I live for in life and this troll does an absolute perfect job at doing it, which in turn is a compliment to the amazing mun who made this troll! Seriously, it’s always great to see unique and cute trolls within this community! So, everyone make sure to give tiramakita a huge thank you for making such a great troll! As well as being an even more amazing mun with such unique characteristics in making ocs!

I would like to thank everyone who I follow. In December, I was depressed. I only wanted to wear black and pretend that I didn’t exist. But I stumbled upon a community filled with art and self love. Seeing everyone’s doodles and short hair cuts and mom jeans and selfies professing undying love for themselves helped me so much. I cut my hair and made myself write and doodle everyday and buy cute new clothes and a kanken. I know that this art community isn’t perfect, but all of you helped me become someone who could smile everyday. So thank you so much.