so today I proudly showed a friend the first episode of Voltron

and then we watched the latest rick and morty and then seeing this 

I yelled FORM VOLTRON, feeling very pleased with myself, and then I

muffled my scream into the sofa cushion and finished my fit with

a demented kind of seal clap, thank you dan harmon, masterful, 11/10, 


So I just wanted to do a post to say thank you - THIS BLOG JUST HIT 10K!!

Thank you guys so much for helping me get schwifty every single day! I appreciate each and every one of you!!

I started this blog because Rick & Morty helps me in a lot of ways, it’s one of those shows where no matter what kind of day I’ve had I can put it on and laugh or connect with it in some way and it either enhances a good day or helps me to forget about a bad one. That might sound a little odd to some people but I rely on the show in a lot of ways, and whether you do too or you just think it’s a fucking cool show (which it is obviously) I just wanted to thank you for coming on this journey with me, counting down the days to season 3 with me, talking about the characters and plot points with me and reblogging and liking some of the shit I post on here!!

Stay schwifty my glipglops and if any of you ever need anything send me a message or an ask and if I can be of any assistance I’ll do my best!

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Dear Dan Harmon, thank you

So Community’s cancelled. I’m having trouble processing this. I can’t explain how much this show means to me but I’m going to try.

I always felt on the outside of every circle I’ve ever been in. I’ve never felt like I’ve belonged anywhere. Every friend I’ve ever had I’ve either liked far more than they have liked me, or they like me more than I like them. The former made me feel worthless, the latter unfathomably guilty. I have never felt I’ve belonged anywhere.

Community understood that, Dan Harmon clearly does too. It was a show that was built on that feeling: not belonging. It was about broken people wading through the darkness of the mundane and finding somewhere to belong. It’s gotten me through my darkest days; when things were at their worst, Community understood and it held my hand.

I have a lot in common with much of the cast, but particularly Britta. Like Britta, I’m a crappy activist, a crazy left wing nut job and a generally awkward human being. It feels like the only thing I don’t have in common with her is that I’m not a hot blonde girl. Britta felt worthless, like so many of us, but Dan Harmon created something beautiful out of it and showed us why she wasn’t and why she wasn’t the worst. Britta was the part of all us that believed, the part that wanted to make a better world but didn’t know how. She was the part that desperately wanted to help because she couldn’t help herself. Britta was the heart of the show and she was the part that showed us that no matter how much we may hate ourselves sometimes, we’re capable of so much and we’re worth something.

There are two moments when Community really epitomised this but neither are Britta moments. In fact, they were both moments with Annie. The first was from the season 2 episode Mixology Certification, when Annie gets drunk and pretends to be someone else because she doesn’t know who she is. I think this is something we can all understand, the desire to get out, and Community proved that for all the crap and baggage, who you are is not awful. The other is from my favourite episode of Community: Virtual Systems Analysis. Abed and Annie have been in the Dreamatorium when Abed admits he’s scared he will never fit in and everyone will leave him and Annie replies with this:

“Your simulations are nothing more than anxieties; you’re afraid you won’t fit in, you’re afraid you’ll be alone. Great news! You share that with all of us so you’ll never be alone and you’ll always fit in.”

It’s a beautiful moment. Community understood loneliness, the fear of abandonment and proved that we are not as alone as we think. I don’t think I need to say any more about it. It speaks for itself.

I know to some people this seems silly. It’s just a TV show, right? Well, if you have that attitude, I can’t change it, but for some people it’s more than that. Community was a place for the freaks to belong. It was a place where the mundane was spectacular, where everyone was broken but everyone was fixable.

Greendale is where we belong. And every time I hear that song, I’ll remember that there’s somewhere for me to belong.

Thank you Dan Harmon. You created something beautiful, somewhere we all can belong.


@mctinney My Review of Six Wineries by Mary Something

This is my review of six wineries by Mary 

Winery 1 is a bullshit winery, it’s not even a real winery, it’s full of shit instead of wine. I hate it. Someone should shut it down. When you pull up to the winery, which isn’t a winery, a guy greets you but he’s mean. Welcome to the winery, he says, but he’s full of shit because it’s not a fucking winery.

Winery 2 is just okay. It’s like, okay, there’s grapes and then there’s a place where the grapes get made old and turn into wine in barrels and there’s another place where you can put them in bottles if you want to take some home. I mean there was nothing really bad about it but also it wasn’t like blowing my mind, it was just the basic things I would expect from a winery.

Winery 3 was the best fucking winery that’s ever existed, there were seven people in every aisle of barrels all asking if they could help you find a barrel that you wanted, or if you wanted a better kind of grape, they would take you back out to the vineyard and help you find a grape. I still want to go back to this winery all the time because it was the best one. Also there was this guy and we made out, I’m not saying that’s why it was the best but I feel like the reason we made out is because it’s a beautiful winery and very romantic so I include that fact, I made out with a cute guy in the back of this winery, his name was Keith and he tried to take it farther but I didn’t want to do something I’d regret when I came down from the wine-high which is what they call it when you drink it.

Winery 4 was an interesting departure from a winery because it was up in the sky hovering on a platform made from some kind of rare earth magnet powered by room temperature fusion reactors that themselves were housed on the winery, so the whole winery was floating. I thought it was cool while going up to it in the balloon but once you’re on it, all you can see is clouds around you which is basically the same as fog, so you’re walking around in fog and you could fall off. Plus it seemed like they put more energy into the floating than the wine.

Winery 5 had great barrels but terrible bottles. The barrels were shaped like giant bottles, I think they do this because they know their bottles are bad so they try to put their strength into their weakness. Either that or it’s more insidious like they want to be able to confuse you, so if you complain about a bottle, they’ll be like, “you mean the big bottles made of wood,” well, no, asshole, of course that’s not what I mean but I can see how they could use this technique to prey on the naive. I am not such a person, I know my wineries so I give this place three grapes which is bad. 

Winery 6 I would have to give six rotten grapes, which is the highest score (two fresh grapes is lower, seven fresh grapes is worse because wine needs rotten grapes so fresh grapes are bad and the more you have the less wine you can make I guess). I know I didn’t give each winery a grape score except for the last two but that’s okay because the first wineries were kind of off the chart in various senses. These last two were just good old fashioned wineries, one better than the other. This one was the best but not as good as the one where I met Keith but whatever I’m starting to think that Keith was the reason I gave that other winery so much praise and as I’m writing this last paragraph I’m also looking at his Facebook page and his status is “in a relationship” so he’s either a lying piece of shit or he’s so lazy that he doesn’t change his status and either way I can do better.

My name is Mary I went to 6 wineries and these were my thoughts on them I hope your magazine likes this. I’m sorry also that my review doesn’t technically pass the bechdel test because I kind of ended up defining myself as a character by my relationship with this douchebag Keith who really wasn’t worth it. Wine is important, men are not, I’m not being reverse sexist I’m just saying wine is a better focus for a modern woman’s energy, my name is Mary, thank you for reading, I hope this is 4,000 words.

But, like, for real

Season 4 of Community was not great. It had its good moments, but holy hell, Community is my favorite show ever and it certainly wasn’t because of season 4.

So far, season 5 is reminding me of mid-to-late first season and second season when the show was the best television show in the world and I love it.


“If you need me I can always be found”

No matter how different each one of the Greendale Seven members are, there’s one thing they can always count on each other for. No matter what, they’ll always be there for one another.

So I’ve been in love with this song for… A long time. I held off on ever using it because I’ve always kind of associated it with Spike & Buffy (The reason I started vidding in the first place, shippers gon ship) after reading a really beautiful Reunion fic. I think a part of me will always have this idea in my head for a video with them and this song, but since the show ended it’s an impossible feat for me.

Long story less long, I heard this song again right after the show was Cancelled and started working on this. I always had hope that the show would find life somewhere else, but this was going to be my #AlwaysRemember video if it didn’t. Even though our hopes were answered by the wonderful Yahoo Screen, I still got a bit choked up making this, especially before the news broke that we were saved. This show and these characters really do mean a lot to me, and I’ve been so honored to have been able to share my love of them with you guys in this way. It may just be a silly sitcom to some of you, but to me its taught me the meaning of community and in the process its made me a part of one as well.

So to all the people who have commented on my videos, liked them, shared them, or just watched them, thank you and I love you