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One day Sabo meets the Whitebeard pirates. He tells them that ASLR stands for "Ace Sincerely Loves Riskua." Ace doesn't find out that Sabo's a windman until after he tries to set him on fire.

Actually, make that “Ace Secretly Loves Riskua”, Sabo tells them Ace had the S crossed out after he confessed. (Part 2)

Oh my god, oh my god. I burst out laughing when I read this, this is perfect.

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Oh shoot back at it again with that personality switch au

Omg going to be a year I do this gif and I finally can put it. YYYAAAAAA!!!

pic source (and last) LLfan



I wish even what going to happen, you going to continue to support me in anything.

I really want to thanks my friends for to be always with me and to not feel to be alone. I really have awesome friends who not give up when I feel UP and DOWN … more down moment. Wish you going to continue to be me friends in this years too. Many thank you for you

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Do I fogot someone … I wish not ^^ Thank you all of you and again

Happy New Year 2017

happy new year guys! 🎉✨i am so thankful for each of my followers , never tought i’d go this far & thank you to my mutual for being so nice & friendly omg hope 2017 will be a great year for you , with plenty of good memories , that all your goals will be reached! 💕


Kiss Art Challenge | 6 & 9 - Kiss on the lips(cute) & neck

Surprise kiss from the bf! (∗˘ ³˘)
Thank you very much for dropping a number in!!

5. things you didn’t say at all

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Here’s the thing: there’s really nothing that significant about the BONCAS.

Sure, it’s an awesome opportunity to celebrate the British internet community, and as always, Dan is touched and awed and utterly taken aback by the amount of support he and Phil receive from their own little community of viewers and fans at these kinds of events.

(Plus, it’s not like he’s going to complain about having a legitimate reason to own a sparkly silver suit.)

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“Calling International Rescue… International Rescue, are you receiving? We need your help!”

so this is what I’ve spent today on, only problem with uploading as 3x3 is that they look p small and a bit pixelly on the dashboard, so maybe consider giving them a click to get the full effect of Alan’s freckles ;) <33 x


I’ve been in this fandom for over a year now and it took me that long to get a t-shirt ; w ; As soon as I saw wristbands were back and there was a new pin I decided to order everything. My brother got a wristband, too. We match~

(PS - I am officially going to buy every SPG-related pin I possibly can. I love pins.)


6 Selfies of 2016! (aka, 5 times I looked to my left and the one time I didn’t)

I was tagged by @smolrogue (tysm Paxton!) 

I tag @ch-ch-ch-chuuya @really-america @queer-knight @blink-kid @waitineedaname & anyone else who wants to do it!



I know it’s not as important as the UK or the US but still, very well done everyone!
Thank you for requesting, tweeting, calling, voting, everything.

Let’s keep it up for next week!

They’ve just played it the song at QMusic, so go thank them if you’d like. They should play the song at 538 as well 6 o'clock Dutch time. 


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Let’s face it – as fans of Korean music, there unfortunately aren’t many places we can get merch that doesn’t scream “LOOK AT ME, I LIKE KPOP.” Speaking for myself, I’d rather wear a shirt out knowing I won’t have to explain “what’s Bangtang?” to everyone I interact with that day. Not that I mind talking about my tastes, but if people who wear Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, or Adele shirts don’t have to do it, why do I have to? Hopefully, you feel the same way.

There aren’t many sites and resources selling merchandise with subtle references to the artists we love, so I created my own. At first, I only planned on buying these for myself, since I have no desire to make a profit off of these (I already have a job, I don’t need two). However, it only seems fair to share it with other ARMYs as well :)

I created a REDBUBBLE so you all, if you’d like, can have merch with subtle hints to Bangtan as well. The six above are a few of the designs already on the RedBubble account, so feel free to take a look!

Each design is available as shirts, jackets, phone cases, table/laptop cases and skins, pillows, mugs, notebooks/journals, bags, and prints/posters of different varieties. I’m willing to slightly alter designs (colors, placement) if need be, and don’t mind taking recommendations. However, I put a lot of thought into the meaning and look of each design (many of them were altered drastically, and some are graphics I never continued, so I have done a lot of reflecting on each one), so the way they are published is how I intended for them to look. I hope you’ll give my work a glance!

Thanks for reading!

RedBubble: HERE


It might be a little difficult to marry all of you together, but there’s nothing impossible with all my love for you my dear followers~~ lololol
Seriously, all of your messages are so nice, you give me so much motivation! I’m honoured to have such followers ^^