lil fanart thing based on @lauwurens philip & co. college au (+ frances laurens) b/c its my FAV THING EVER!!!!!!!!!! literally this was so fun to draw + phillip & i share a name/nickname & i love it and yeah anyway this was fun


Oh simple thing where have you gone
I’m getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you’re gonna let me in
I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

Okay so i was super anxious because U was not answering to my pendulum and when i try to do it in the corridor i felt like my pendulum was reacting weirdly. Like if someone was holding it, was playing tricks. When i was asking a question it was always a maybe, then yes, then no, then maybe. Super weird. I was really panicked because as a beginner i never was confronted to a bad entity !!! Thankfully @deed333 come by private message and helped me a lot !! U was actually trying to reach me but a spirit was interfering and he was lost in my house. I was so scared because you know it was my first time, and a bad spirit seems always super powerful and all but i shield myself up and i felt like U was taking my hand like “you’re not alone sweetie, i’m here for you and i will help you” So i clean everything asking him to leave because it was my house, i draw a sigil to ward up my appartment and then i ask U to help them to leave if they didn’t find a way to go out. Finally i felt better even if my body hurts a bit (my stomach and my lower back, also i hear a whistling in my hears and my head hurt a bit) so idk if he attack me or if it’s the cleansing who did that. Well deed333 confirm me that the spirit went away so that’s really a relief.

Thank you again deed333 because without you i don’t know what it would happens !!! U say thank aswell

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question 12 of the qs for gif makers~ have a nice day and i love love love ur gifs 💕💕

12. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever giffed

tbh i don’t regret making it, but it’s sooo… yeah, it makes me feel embarrassed ahahah~~ the choose your favourite dessert~! (¬‿¬) gifset, aka vixx members’ butts as desserts lol

questions for gif-makers

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You know, I really really adore your art style. The colors too. You use a light palette that just works great. Your lines are clear and clean. And something else I noticed that I really like, instead of sharp points, you do curves. Like with your wind-up. Her shoes are not 'pointed' they are slightly curved just enough to make it flow. Idk, such a cute charm about your artwork, I love it, keep it up!

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🐝 FOR THE GERMAN SHEPHERD (idr his name cause I succ) and 🐝 FOR SMOL PAINTER BOI (Krypt'n c:) (-Kaffeetroll

❛❛I w-ish I h-ad m-ore f-riends… a-nd I w-asn’t s-cared to s-how f-eelings.❜❜

❛❛i er… do very muCh liKe older men.❜❜

For every 🐝 in my inbox, my muse will admit something they normally never would

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“Excuse me, Shinichi-niichan? Auntie’s been looking for you! Where have you been?” Who the fuck are you? Kid? You’re Kid, right? Borg? Fight her.

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pssst 46 and 51? <3 <3 <3

anything for you isi! enjoy!

46) things you said when you kissed me goodnight

“You’re going to have to leave at some point, Evi.”

Isak and Even are by the door of kollectivet. It’s 11PM on a school night, and Even’s parents want him home, much to his annoyance. He frowns at Isak, who raises an eyebrow, but still pulls him down for yet another kiss.

“Go on,” he says, pushing Even’s chest lightly. “Or you’ll miss the last tram.”

“Can’t I stay?”

“Evi, you know I would let you. But your parents will start thinking I’m a bad influence.”

“Mhm, and we can’t have that, can we?”

“I need the money, Even,” Isak jokes, and Even laughs quietly, moving towards Isak to steal another kiss, which Isak doesn’t refuse, because he never can with Even.

Go,” Isak urges Even when they pull apart. “Before I change my mind.”

“That sounds more fun, though,” Even hums, linking both his hands with Isak’s and crowding him against the wall, pressing kisses to Isak’s mouth, his cheek, his jaw.

“Eviiiii,” Isak grumbles weakly.

Even steps back after a while to admire the boy in front of him with a soft smile. Isak seems to take a few seconds to come back to his senses, but then he’s pulling a face at Even, and trying to push him out the door.

Even turns and gives him one last kiss, a tender, lingering kiss this time, one that says “I love you” and “I’ll miss you” and “I love you” again. Isak give Even a droopy-eyed smile, and Even commits this to memory, like he does every time he sees that look on his boyfriend’s face.

Even has barely been out the door for a minute when Isak receives a text from him.

Miss you already, baby


51) things you said when we danced in our socks

“Who knew you were such a dancer?”

Even is making Isak slow dance with him one evening, and discovering more endearing things to love about the wonderful boy in his arms. They’re in the kitchen, alone, and Isak thought that Even might take advantage of the quiet apartment in a different way to this, but of course he isn’t, this is Even, after all.

“I’m the master of dancing, Even,” he deadpans, resting his forehead against the older boy’s.

Even chuckles softly, letting his eyes meet Isak’s. “Of course. I nearly forgot.”

Isak doesn’t respond to this except with a grin, as they sway slowly together, Isak’s arms resting over Even’s shoulders and Even’s hands on Isak’s waist.

“I really do love you, Isak.”

“I really do love you too, Even.” It’s a given at this point, but Even still feels warmth spreading through his body every time he hears those words out of Isak’s mouth, and he moves in to capture Isak’s lips in a kiss.

“But we do have the house to ourselves,” Isak says against his lips. “And honestly, I think we’re wasting precious time here.”

“God you’re such a teenager,” Even pulls back and pretends to be annoyed, but knows he couldn’t seriously be annoyed with Isak for even a second.

Isak moves back towards Even, not ready to stop kissing him just yet. “You’re hot. I can’t help it.”

Even ends up letting Isak pull him down the hall to his bedroom, but only once the song is finished.


YA LIT MEME // Favorite Charater // Cassel Sharpe // Curse Workers

Lie until even you believe it - that’s the real secret of lying.

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"Power hungry bitch." Merrick said.

[what does your muse think of mine?]

send me in specific detail exactly what your muse thinks of mine. whether it be when they first see them, or when they’re lying in bed in the middle of the night and just can’t fall asleep. I’m genuinely curious


“Even that’s an understatement. What’s life without power, anyway?”

today is the super lovely talented radiant vikun’s birthday!!!! ;_; I tried drawing her beautiful OC Lotus!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN VIVIAN I REALLY HOPE YOU HAD A HECK OF A GOOD BIRTHDAY!!!

from ab style’s 1st photobook, via ifellforyoutao [if you want this photobook ab style will have a stock sale soon!]