Selkies (AD&D)

Selkies! Everybody’s favorite Celtic seal-women! …Well, they’re usually women, anyway. Women who put on sealskins that transform them into seals. Unless they’re seals that remove their skins to transform themselves into humans? Bit of a chicken-or-egg dilemma there. 
Though something I cannot ignore right now is that the art in this edition for selkies is nothing short of hideous. Lemme tell you, the weird misshapen webbed hands, the tiny legs coming out of that squat flat butt, that face, it’s just so unappealing. All you had to do was draw a seal, and then like some tasteful shot of a woman draped in a sealskin right next to it, with the connect between them fairly implicit, not this weird not-quite-one-not-quite-the-other look y’all got going on.

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